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Your Dreams

Are you convinced your dreams are trying to tell you something? If you think there's a message hidden in your dreams then Charmaine may be able to help you interpret it. She provides dream analysis for a number of newspapers and magazines and is now helping Aphrodite's readers understand their dreams. You can email Charmaine for help and read her weekly interpretations here.

Sadly, Charmaine passed away earlier in the year. RIP Charmaine.
We have not yet appointed a new dream analysis specialist.

Dreams About His Ex
September 16, 2013
Q. I've been in a relationship for about 7 months now and at the beginning, my boyfriend kept going back with his ex-girlfriend and then that stopped then he was texting her etc and she would contact me calling me a mug and telling me everything. We've split a couple of times as well. Anyway recently, I have been dreaming every night random dreams but wherever I am, her face is there and pops up in random places, and I had one dream where she pulled up in her car and he got in and they drove away, her face also appears in my head in the day as well and I'm constantly angry she's under my skin. Please help me as to what this means.

A. Both your guy and his ex have behaved badly and that's why she's haunting your dreams. This type of dream usually indicates insecurity in a relationship but in your case, you've had good reason to be concerned. The fact that you're angry with the ex all the time is actually giving her a lot of power. If you and this guy are now seriously together, there needs to be better boundaries. Talk to him about this. Meanwhile, care a lot less about the girl and she'll gradually disappear from your dreams.

Night Terrors
September 10, 2013
Q. My daughter that is 11 has suffered from nightmares pretty much her entire life. When she was 3, she had night terrors and then from there, it was the occasional nightmare but for the last couple of tears, it seems it has gotten worse. She claims she sees dead people or zombie like people in her dreams and she dreams of very violent things like being murdered or having an intruder gun down her family. Tonight he told me that in her dream, a little girl ghost was annoying her, picking on her, poking her and stuff. When she told her to leave her alone, the ghost told her if she wants her to leave then kill her brother! And that happened 3 times in her dream. The ghost was looking at her through her little brother's window. I don't know what else to say but I am so frustrated and exhausted with all these dreams. Is there any way you can help me? She has been a very difficult child with attitude problems already and this is raising my concern to a high level.

A. All children have nightmares, more so than adults. Night terrors, of course, are an extreme form and can be very disturbing to both child and parent. It's unusual for a child to have the same recurring dream. The ghosts/zombies represent fears so try to find out if there's something in her life that is troubling her - could be at school, a particular person, the future, anything. Is her brother younger? Perhaps she's worried about him for some reason. 11 is a very difficult age for a girl so try to be patient with this current situation. She could very well grow out of it but if not, she might need to see a therapist.

Trapped On An Island
September 4, 2013
Q. I keep having a dream that I am trapped on an island with everyone†I know and love. We all build a skyscraper to live on and life is good. My boyfriend and I get married. But then my new husband starts having sex with my mother. My husband and I have twin children, a girl named Ohio and a boy named Sumner. But then the island starts to flood and the water goes from one level to another of the skyscraper and we're running with our kids up each level. Finally, it gets to the top and we have to swim out. Somehow we find a little beach where everyone has small inflated lifeboats. I'm carrying my daughter and my husband is carrying my son. But when I try to get on the lifeboat, one of my friends is on it and it sinks if†I bring anyone else. So my husband tells me to give him our daughter and that he'll find another lifeboat. So†I give him our daughter and my friend is by my boat and starts drowning. I become hysterical and she gets sucked under water. I'm watching my husband and children and he's looking around for a boat and then our eyes meet and he gets sucked underwater with the children and they drown, i start screaming and try to dive in and find them but then†I wake up.

A. Sounds terrible. It's probably just a classic anxiety dream, reflecting your natural fears for your family. First it starts with your new husband being unfaithful with your own mother! Then there's a flood and finally your family drowns. Now, water in a dream represents emotion so your dream is all about feelings, perhaps doubts about your marriage, family's safety etc. They literally drown in your fears. You need to find out why you're so insecure and do something about it before your emotions take over your waking life as well as your dream-life.

August 29, 2013
Q. I don't know if there is an age limit to email you but I just wanted to tell you a dream I have had when I was little. I am now 16. I had this dream all the way until I was 10 and I've had it every few years from then on. In this dream it was really dark and I was in a black room. There were voices telling me what to do and all I remember is such an uncomfortable feeling in my mouth and throat. Like someone was forcing me to eat things like knives or sharp or hard objects. I would wake up from the dream and still have the feeling for hours. I've never told anyone and I'm not sure what it means at all.

A. All dream enquirers are welcome. After all, we all dream, whatever our age. In fact, children dream more vividly because they're more open. This dream seems to be trying to tell you something rather than imparting a message. It's interesting that you still have it to this day. It's not a happy dream - black room, darkness, scary voices. Is there anything in your childhood that happened which you could relate to these symbols? It may not be fun to remember but if you do, you will free yourself from the past and this unpleasant dream.

Back With His Ex
July 13, 2013
Q. I'm recently dating someone. He doesn't go to my same school anymore but we're still together. In my dream he was still at our school and he was avoiding me and kicking it with his ex. By the time lunch came, he saw me and told his ex girlfriend that he was going to come with me. I'm not sure what this means. Can you please help?

A. Your dream reflects a certain insecurity you have about the fact that you're not at the same school anymore with your boyfriend. Maybe you think he's keen on other girls at his school. The most important thing in any relationship is trust and trust means feeling safe whether you're with that person or not. Your dream answers any doubts you might have because he chooses to be with you in the end. Trust that and don't worry.

Crush In My Dreams
July 11, 2013
Q. I was wondering if you could help me - I've recently been talking to this girl I met up with her a few times and stayed at her house twice. There's been no sexual tension though we've kissed once, but lately she's been in my dreams rather a lot. Last night we were both sitting on a bed but we didn't talk, she was texting someone else and I was watching a film. She then started to draw a picture on paper of a star, I don't know if this is any good but I hope you can give me a brief idea of why she's always in my dreams, thank you.

A. I would like to suggest that there is sexual tension, at least on your part. That explains her appearing in your dreams so much. Dreams bring up unresolved feelings and issues, things we may not be aware of in waking life. You don't say how much you like this girl and if you want her to be more than a friend. Your behaviour and hers in the dream you describe is very comfortable and relaxed so if it is a picture of the future, it looks good. A star is a very positive symbol so if you do like this girl a lot, take it further.

Insecurity Played Out In Dream
July 8, 2013
Q. I'm having crazy dreams that my friend had sex with my baby's daddy and then my other friend had sex with him too! Please help.

A. Why are you seemingly so insecure about your guy? You call him your baby's dad but are you actually in a relationship with him? If you're not married, maybe that's why you are unsure of him and your future with him. Dreams never lie. They may be confusing to decipher but once you see their message, you can make the necessary adjustments in your life. If you want more commitment from this guy, tell him honestly. These dreams clearly indicate that you're not happy with the current situation.

Deceased With A Message
July 2, 2013
Q. My daughter was dreaming that my husband's best friend appeared in her dream to give her a message that he got a feeling her father is going to die soon, then he shakes her hand and tell her that he is going to see her [my daughter] on Christmas day. My husband's friend died this year in a bike accident. Can you please help lay out this dream for me.

A. When a deceased person appears in a dream, they usually carry an important message, especially if it's not a loved one who has simply come to say goodbye. However, there's no need to take this spirit's words totally literally. It could, for instance, just be a warning about your husband's health, and it certainly doesn't mean your daughter will die on Christmas day unless it's 60 years or more in the future. This dream could even be a representation of your daughter's fears. If so, she needs to work on her anxiety with therapy, yoga, meditation or the like.

In-law Nightmare
June 21, 2013
Q. Last night I dreamt that my fiancťís in-laws are getting him ready for his wedding, but I am not getting ready too. As if heís getting ready for someone else. They donít say anything to me. When I asked, they say that it's not me getting married but†someone elseís wedding. Then the dream changes to me having a fall out with his dad. And I'm very upset and crying and want to take my stuff and leave. We are due to get married soon but everything is just stressing me out because we only went to the church and thatís it, no other arrangements. In my dream, his mother tells me that we must go for pre marriage classes on 15 September which is a day before my birthday. We are planning on getting married 29 September. What could this mean please?

A. Everything in this dream points to anxiety and normal pre-wedding nerves. It's better to come out in a dream than in other more negative ways. A lot of people experience anxiety dreams but often they're not clear. Yours is very clear - fears about your fiancť marrying someone else, your being left out, fighting with your future in-law - it's all there. Another contributing factor is your concern over preparations for the wedding. Well, that's easily fixed, isn't it? This dream is telling you to face up to your fears, take action and get some plans happening. I'm a great advocate of pre-marriage classes so I suggest you take the advice offered in the dream and book some of those too.

Ex Had AIDS In Dream
June 21, 2013
Q. Tonight I had a dream that things were going good. I had my own house and me and my ex were together which I don't have any desire for. One day he had come to me and told me he had aids and after he said that, I wouldn't let him in my house. He slept in the car but didn't realize that I was rejecting him. I told him I was going to the hospital and I kept driving but never seemed to reach my destination. My son wasn't in the car when I got to the hospital but I wasn't panicked. I walked inside the hospital and they said they were no longer open and that I had to go to the new one so I drove again, all this time being in panic, wondering if I had this disease or not and what would become of my son. I couldn't find the hospital so I went back home and my boyfriend asked if we were still going to be together. I said no and he started trying to break the door down but soon he went away then I drove to find the hospital and finally did. When I got there, there was a Chinese woman with a boy and girl and they were telling me it was going to be all right but I ignored them and then I woke up.

A. I'm not clear if your ex actually has AIDS or if it was just in your dream. Either way, I get that you don't want to be back with him so your dream depicting this was just a bit of closure for you. Your search for the hospital represents a seeking for answers. It goes on and on and you meet many obstacles along the way. The Chinese woman is a messenger and she supplies the answer you kept looking for. Funnily enough, you chose not to hear it! If you really are concerned about AIDS, get a blood test and put your mind at ease instead of just worrying about it. I'm also interested in your dreams of family who abused you. It's very good to release any old hurts in this way so you can achieve forgiveness and peace.

Dream Crush
June 17, 2013
Q. I'm a married man, my best friend is female. For as long as I can remember, she has been in my dreams, even before I met her. In my dreams we are living together normally like we are married, or I'm extremely panicked running around looking for her, or we are having sex. She is the ONLY person I have dreamt about sex with. She for as long as she can remember has always had me in her dreams, every dream. I'm just always standing in the distance watching protectively over her. I'm never there if she is having nightmares.

A. How intriguing. It's highly unusual to dream of the same person in every dream. And you're also saying you dreamt this friend into being! That, of course, is possible and you obviously did it without even trying. I think she's your soul-mate as well as your good friend. It doesn't have anything to do with your marriage. Don't feel guilty about the sex dream because in dreams, having sex is usually a symbol of connection rather than desire. As you both dream of each other, you must share the same feelings about each other. This is further reinforced by your protectiveness over her in her dreams. She clearly sees you that way. That's also why you're never in her nightmares because she sees you as a positive force only. You have a strong bond with this woman. Be glad as it's a true gift.

Dream Of Being Mugged
June 11, 2013
Q. My name is Sara and I'm 28. I have severe anxiety and this dream has made it worse. I just started a new job. I dreamt that I was pulling up to what appeared to be a drugstore and got out of the company vehicle. As I was heading across the parking lot, I started patting my shirt pocket looking for my pen for the papers that I had in my hand. When my pen appeared, I noted my work uniform and looked up to see an older black gentleman in a ski mask that wasn't covering his face running at me with a knife. He asked me for all my money but I didn't have anything to give him. He pushed me against my truck and I think I woke up right when he stabbed me. Please help me, ease my mind.

A. This dream was created by a combination of your anxiety and the fact that you've just started a new job. Is there anything you're particularly concerned about? Your attacker represents something or someone that is a threat to you that you might be frightened of. Try to identify what this might be and relax your thoughts about it. In dreams, when something very nasty is about to happen, we often wake up. It's our subconscious protecting us. Dreams should not add to our anxieties but rather help us release them. Let them do their job for you and don't worry too much about the details.

Loved Ones In Dreams
June 6, 2013
Q. My little boy passed on last year, I used to dream about him a lot, but recently he stopped appearing in my dreams. Do you know of a reason why? I also dream about incidents which come true. Once my boy came in my dream and showed me his father was sick and it really came true.

A. It's lovely to have visits from loved ones who pass on. As time passes, these dreams will fade so don't worry why or be too sad. It's about letting go, as hard as it is. I'm so sorry you lost your son but please try to hold onto the happy memories. When he did visit you, he gave you the benefit of supernatural knowledge. Not all dreams, of course, show actual events from the future so take it all lightly.

Baby Death
June 4, 2013
Q. My husband and I had a dream only weeks apart and we just told each other about it. It was that our 1 year old son drowned in the tub. Then last night I had a dream he got electrocuted! What does this mean? I am completely stressed now.

A. It's always interesting when people experience shared dreams, It usually happens between people who have an emotional and spiritual bond such as you and your husband. Perhaps you are both a bit anxious about your son's wellbeing and your united fears came out in your dreams. It doesn't mean something bad is going to happen to him. Of course you can be extra careful with him, especially in the bath but don't overdo it. Stress will only make you unhappy and it's not helpful.

Marriage Dreams
May 29, 2013
Q. Please help. I keep on dreaming that I am getting married (my wedding was in Oct '11) I dream that I am getting married but then start to cry because I am not getting married to the man I love. What is this dream trying to tell me?

A. Have you had any second thoughts about getting married since October 2011? Dreams often reflect inner doubts and other emotions. Can you see the man you marry in your dreams? Is it your waking life husband? If it isn't, do you know the dream groom? Did you have to choose between two men to marry? All these details will help you figure out why you're having this dream especially as you keep having it. Please don't worry that this dream is suggesting that your marriage is in trouble. As you're a newlywed, you may simply be adjusting to married life and these dreams are merely reflecting this anxiety. Relax.

Fishing Dream
May 26, 2013
Q. My fiancť and I have been trying to conceive for some time. Last night he dreamed he was fishing and I dreamed I took two pregnancy tests with two pink lines. My cousin - that I barely talk to - told my sister to make a bet I was pregnant. It's too early to test. What do you think about this dream?

A. Fishing in a dream is what you would expect - trying to get something. It can be, for example, fishing for information. Knowing that you and your fiancť are trying to have a baby, it's clear why he was fishing in his dream. Then you dreamed you did in fact get pregnant. Unfortunately, this doesn't automatically mean it's true in your life right now. It can be just a result of you wishing so hard. Fishing and wishing! The important thing is not to sweat it, regardless of the meaning of this dream. You're more likely to get pregnant if you relax and let nature take its course.

Dream Left Me Heartbroken
May 21, 2013
Q. I just woke up from a very bad dream. I dreamt that my boyfriend married another girl. A girl that isn't familiar to me, or maybe to us. They were getting married & I saw their gifts with specific people's names on it. For example, I saw my boyfriend's uncle's name on his wedding gift. But in my dream my boyfriend didn't even love that girl, but they are still getting married. He even tried ways to divorce her! My dream never tells me why they were getting married in the first place... The dream left me with fear and heartache. My relationship between my boyfriend & I has always have been strong. We even planned to get engaged in three years' time. But I'm afraid that what I dreamt will turn out real. Is this dream telling me about my future? Please help me!

A. Short answer - probably not. It's sad how many people take their dreams literally and get scared or worried out of their minds. I get a lot of mail similar to yours. It's usually caused by anxiety. You say you have a good relationship with your guy but think hard if there's any area in which you feel insecure. Maybe he's not very expressive of his feelings. Maybe you would prefer to marry sooner. Whatever your hidden fears are, they're creeping into your dreams and showing you emotionally upsetting pictures. What made your dream worse are the precise details. No wonder it seemed so real. But I don't think these events are showing you the future. Focus on the relationship in the present and don't let fear take you over.

Sexy Dreams Of Ex-spouse
May 12, 2013
Q. I have been fighting with my son's father for about a year now. He often goes back and forth with how he treats me and how he acts in taking care of his son and being kind to me. Recently he has been so disrespectful, borderline psychotic, and threatening to take my child away from me. I am a spiritual person and instead of going back and forth with him, I just let him email and message me and don't respond. He insults me and says a lot of hurtful things that I know are not true. What is weird is I keep having recurring dreams that we reconcile with each other and even in a sexual manner, like we have sex, back together, and all is well. This is not my desire at all and I will soon be making moves to have him removed from our lives to the best of my ability with my lawyers. Please tell me what this means!

A. It's always difficult in your kind of position and it sounds like you've been trying to make the best of a bad situation which is to your credit. You've done exactly the right thing in not responding to his negativity. Nevertheless, it seems that you haven't managed to reach a positive solution. So, I can understand your puzzlement over this dream. Yet, to me, it's very clear. Your dream is a classic case of wish-fulfillment. You may not want to be back with your ex but a part of you must want things to be pleasanter between you. That's all it means. After all, you must've loved him once so in the dream, you're able to relive those happier times. I wish you luck in resolving everything.

Dreamworld Meets Reality
May 9, 2013
Q. Normally my dreams are faint and I rarely remember them, except last night I had a dream which was extremely visual and scared me a bit. I've been talking to a good friend now for two years and he lives about 400 miles away, we are meeting up in 30 days and yes I'm looking forward to it. Last night in my dream, it started off with me being welcomed into his home by his sister and her partner who I know quite well. Soon after, a bald man called Mark walked in and after speaking to my friend, I found out it was his dad! And he sent me a photo which was a spitting image of the man in my dream, only thing is I have never met him. I then woke up and fell asleep again to be watching my friend walk through roadworks towards me and there's no roadworks near his house. Finally I woke up and fell asleep again to be lying on grass with him surrounded by both our families. Please help explain why my dreams are suddenly so clear and what they could stand for.

A. Some people are natural recallers and remember their dreams clearly a lot of the time. Obviously you're not one of those so when you have a really vivid dream, it usually has a meaningful message. A lot of strange things can happen in dreams. I've heard many examples of it over the years. You saw a man you never met in a dream and I once had a client who saw a whole detailed room only to see it in reality a few weeks later. Mystery? Yes, some things can't be explained rationally but it's nothing to be scared of. If this dream is a prediction of the future, it's a pretty nice one!

Dreams Of An Old Flame
May 5, 2013
Q. I was wondering if anybody can tell me what my dream means. I keep dreaming about this one girl for more than two weeks now and we dated in real life four years ago. So I was wondering why I would have dreams where she comes to my work and we would make out or meet in town and hold hands and walk around. We are always happy in my dream but I haven't seen her in real life for four years now. What can it mean? Please help me. It's driving me nuts.

A. When you suddenly dream of someone out of nowhere, it usually means they're thinking of you or something important is happening in their life, either good or bad. Whenever this happens to me, I always check in with that person. But I gather you're not in touch with this girl anymore so it's more difficult. As you've been having this dream for two solid weeks, there's definitely a persistent message. Can you try to make contact with the girl just to ease your mind and satisfy your curiosity? If not, watch out for any other clues in your dream to see what could be the reason for the presence of a person from your past. It could be that the girl simply represents a longing for love, romance or younger days.

Love Lies Bleeding
April 30, 2013
Q. I had a dream that I fell in love with a guy and I was at his house. I could tell he loved me loads and that made me feel really good however, whenever I would look for him, I found it really difficult. Even though I knew his house, every time I would look for him, the house would just get bigger and the pathways would change. Sometimes I would come across another room and his sister would be there but every time I would see her, I would notice there was something sinister about the guy I was in love with and I felt something was being hidden from me. My mum was there with me and a girl I did not recognise and sometimes they would call out my name and I would keep trying to hide my love for the boy. Anyway, once I got to his room everything was good but then I noticed he was missing fingers and had deep cuts in his hands which started bleeding and I felt it was my fault as I had questioned him as to why he had lacerations on his hand and upon his explaining, they started to bleed. Once the bleeding had stopped, I kissed him to tell him I felt sorry and that's when I woke feeling really guilty. Please explain what this dream means as I hardly ever remember my dreams and I'm not in a relationship currently nor have I ever been.

A. This could be a dream of the future or on the other hand, wishful thinking on your part. Houses represent the person so if you were in the guy's house, you were trying to find him, both in the context of the dream and perhaps, in waking reality as well. Are you looking/hoping for a boyfriend? The tricky past is that in the dream, he's hard to find and you're not sure of him either. You don't want to commit to him. You even blame yourself for his injuries. That could indicate ambivalent attitudes about relationships. If that's true, the dream message is clear. Sort out your feelings so you can bring love into your life. If you don't usually remember your dreams, that makes this one even more important.

Headlines About Family Deaths
April 26, 2013
Q. I keep having the same dream every 4 to 6 months. I don't know why though. The dream is that my family and I wake up in a scary looking place. We are inside and all around are newspapers hanged up on the wall and each one has a different family member's name on it and how they are going to die. It really scares me because I don't like to think about how I die or how my family dies. Can you please tell me what it could mean?

A. I'm glad you told me your age because it does make a difference to how I interpret your dream. Children tend to have more scary dreams than adults because of their vivid imaginations and teenagers so also but because of emotional intensity. Had something happened recently to rock your sense of security about your family? If nothing specific has happened, then it must be coming from your fears for the future. When a dream keeps coming, it's definitely got a message so if you want it to stop, you need to find a way to stop being so afraid. Try to get hold of my book, `Teenagers and stress' where you can learn techniques to deal with the everyday worries of your age-group. I'm sure this dream is not actually predicting death. Everyone dies but there's no need to think about it especially at your young age. Have fun and enjoy being a teenager.

He Left Me!
April 22, 2013
Q. I hope you will be able to help me. Last night I had a very frightening dream. I just need to know if I have something to worry about. In my dream I could see our house and everything in it very clearly. My boyfriend came home with another woman and told me to pack my stuff and leave and that this other woman was moving in with him. I remember telling him that I don't have boxes to pack my stuff, so, as this other woman unpacked her stuff, they gave me her empty boxes to pack my stuff. My boyfriend asked me to remove everything that was mine and all the things that we shared together like the sheets on our bed and so forth. I remember packing all my things in our room then went on to the tv-room and started packing up there. My boyfriend then came into the room and I was crying and begging him to "please don't do this" I grabbed him and hugged him and told him I love him and don't want to leave. I remember telling him a few times, "please don't do this." I was terrified of losing him. But while I was holding him, he said he loves me too and started kissing me and we ended up making love in that room, the other woman then disappeared. When I woke up from this dream, I was shaking and crying and so scared of losing my boyfriend. I just curled up close to him and finally went back to sleep. Please help me!

A. No, you don't have anything to worry about. I'm sure that this dream is a product of some sort of insecurity in yourself. It's asking you to examine your feelings for this guy and find out if you have any reason to doubt him. My feeling is that it's coming from you. Our dreams tend to bring out our feelings, not other peoples. What's particularly interesting about your dream is that it poses a dilemma and then solves it! Your boyfriend obviously chooses you in the dream and the other woman disappeared. So, there's your answer.

Dreams Of An Affair
April 16, 2013
Q. I wanted to know if you could help me describe my dream. I had a dream in which my boyfriend tells me before I go to work that he has another woman. And that he is having a relationship with her but that there's nothing to worry about because he will always be with me. Then I get mad but answered that if he has another woman I should have another man too. He gets mad and he says that there's no need for that, that his other woman doesn't mean anything to him. And that he doesn't want another man in my life. I get out of the car to go to work ending the dream saying that if he does not leave that woman then I would have to find someone for myself too! I really hope that you could help me please!

A. I get a lot of letters about infidelity but as I always say, these dreams shouldn't be taken literally because they, more often than not, are only a reflection of the dreamer's fears or insecurities. Have you got any reason to feel this way? Interesting that he said he'd never leave you and the other woman means nothing to him. It's almost as if your dream was scaring you and reassuring you at the same time. Are you a strong-willed girl? I had to laugh at you saying you would get another man. Not what I would recommend. Two wrongs don't make a right. I really don't think you have anything to worry about but if unsure or the dream persists, talk to your boyfriend.

Dreams That Foretell The Future
April 8, 2013
Q. My mother and grandmother have had some psychic or medium abilities and many times they can see something or they dream of something and it will happen fairly quickly. My mother has proven to me many times that she has these abilities. My grandmother for example, has had this dream where someone had a very bad car accident in a black car. That's all she indicated, no more, no less. Needless to say a cousin of mine wrapped a black mustang around a pole 2 states away, and my uncle (her brother) totaled a black SUV less than a week of owning it. My grandmother recently had a dream that her deceased mother was holding her and telling her how she missed her and said; "Don't worry, I will be coming for you soon. You and Kaela." Kaela is my younger cousin (about 23) and my grandmother has had many health issues and has been on dialysis for over a year now. What do these dreams mean? Could they hold truth to them?

A. I hope I can offer you some insight too! I agree with you entirely that a lot of things are possible which we would find hard to believe. I could tell you many, many examples of dreams that have foretold the future such as the examples you gave of your grandmother's. I myself have experienced it. Those of us who have very powerful dreams are natural recallers who have an investment in what our dreams tell us. Everyone is psychic but we have to choose to tune into this ability. As to the dream your grandmother had, don't take it too literally. In the dream-world, time is not linear so when her mother said "soon," that could be another 30 years! It was actually a reassuring dream. I'm sure there was some truth in them. Keep believing.

I Met The Man From My Dream
April 2, 2013
Q. I have been having a recurring dream since 2005. It is always of a man I've never met. The man is standing at a distance and nothing else is happening except me looking at him. I can see the outline of a figure, his face and nothing else. The first time I dreamt of him I was already in a relationship so I shrugged it off. As the years have gone by, in my dream I keep getting closer to him and he becomes more and more vivid. The last time I had the dream I could see his eyes and smile. He was also extending his hand to me. I can never touch him in my dreams but I am also not trying to and I don't try to walk any closer. It seems that each time I dream of him, he shifts forward. Whenever I wake up from the dreams, I feel calm and have inner peace. I can feel the warmth off his smile, it's so realistic. I never wish for the dream, it simply happens and I forget about it later. The most interesting part about my story is that I've finally met the man standing in my dream. I moved clear across the country to an unknown location 6 months ago. This guy and I tried a relationship and it failed. I know I barely know him and I can't say I love him because of that reason. What's odd to me is that it physically hurt to be apart from him. Whenever we were apart, we argued. Both of us have stated that we feel drawn to each other. We also both know that neither of us are emotionally ready for a relationship. We are also not ready to settle down either. At this point, I'm not certain we can be friends even though we both really care about the other. I just want to understand my dream. Whenever I was with or talking to him, I had deja vu. Where ever we went, what he said, what he did or was going to do - gave me deja vu. My deja vu always was about him. Remember I live in an unknown location and I still barely know him.

A. These sorts of things really do happen. If you've had precognitive dreams, you would know that all kinds of inexplicable things are possible in the world of dreams. When we dream of a stranger, it often is someone we might meet in the future. In dreams, there is no time or space. As the dreams got clearer, he really was physically moving closer. Your inability to form a relationship when you did meet almost sounds like karma. Many awkward or difficult relationships we have can be traced back to a past life with that person if you believe in reincarnation. The deja vu part and the way you feel when apart would attest to that explanation. Regardless of that, you are wise to know that you are not ready to commit to someone. It would be good to remain friends but let that develop naturally. Don't try to analyse the dream logically. It is what it is. Dreams are so interesting because they're so mysterious. There's no special message with yours - they just were a precursor to this man entering your life and now that's happened, you'll dream about other things!

Haircut Nightmare
March 25, 2013
Q. This dream was odd and it happened right before my morning alarm rang. Can't tell you where I was because I have no clue. All I can remember is that I was apparently going for a haircut and when I looked at myself in the mirror, my hair was all frizzy, dry and ugly and the left side was completely short up to my earlobe. I had the look of panic and shock in my face, then my alarm rang. It was really scary. I currently have medium length curly hair.

A. We have different types of dreams at different times of the night. Amazing, isn't it? The ones that happen just before we wake up are usually the ones we remember best. We bring the dream back with us to waking reality, so to speak. This dream says that you have an issue with your appearance. Are you insecure generally? I don't think it's specifically about your hair. Ask yourself how you feel about your physical looks. If you're too vain or too self-critical, try to work on it so these scary dreams don't happen again.

Visit From Deceased Aunt
March 18, 2013
Q. Shorty after my auntie died I had a dream that she came to me and told me to come with her (she had passed in my dream). I went with her where she took me to the conservatory in my house, she opened the door and took my hand! She then told me to look at the sky... it opened up and started showing bright colours of red, pink, yellow and green! I then asked if she could show my sister. She replied that she didn't have enough energy left in her. It was such a moving dream... one I will never forget!

A. This is indeed a beautiful dream, one to cherish so I hope you don't ever forget it. It's a very special connection. Deceased loved ones come to us in dreams for many different reasons - to reassure us, comfort us, bring messages, offer us insights and so on. My assessment of your dream is your aunt wanted to show you `the other side' and how glorious it is with many bright colours. This may not be a literal picture but symbolic of your aunt perhaps telling you she's in a good place and for you not to worry. When you asked her to show your sister, she said she'd run out of energy which tells me that spirits can only stay with us for limited periods. Just be grateful for the gift your aunt gave you.

Strange House
March 10, 2013
Q. Over the last few months or so I keep having dreams that people are trying to attack me in a house. The house is usually my sister's or my mother's house. I do not live with either of them but have done in the past. People are trying to get to me in the dream and I can see them outside trying to get in, sometimes Iím trying to protect others from getting hurt too. Iím also having more and more dreams where Iím trying to find a toilet where I can urinate but they are either dirty, filled with faeces or are all open plan and people can see me sitting on the toilet. Iím constantly scanning the room trying to find a decent toilet to use. Iím also having a recurring dream where my boyfriend (of 3 years) is reunited with his daughter that he hasnít seen for 5 years due to a fall out with the mother. The mother is always nice to me in the dream upon meeting her and seems happy for things to resume as if nothing ever happened. It always seems that I'm the only one approaching her and asking for him to regain access.

A. There are two parts to your dreams but they come from the same basis. In dreams, a house is you so why do you think you're under attack in your waking life? Are you usually the protector of the family? Searching for a toilet and not being able to find a clean one has to do with a situation in your life that is `revolting' to you and you desperately seek a solution. Finally, again, in the final set of dreams, you are managing a family issue. Recurring dreams always have an urgent message. It seems obvious what the underlying theme with yours. You put yourself out too much for others, take too much responsibility and are too protective. These are all fine traits but not in excess. Based on the private details you sent me as well, I'd say you're uncomfortable in your current arrangement so take heed of these dreams and make the necessary changes.

Dreams of "It"
March 4, 2013
Q. Can you please help me interpret my dream? I have this dream every time I have an argument with my girlfriend of 5 years, and last night it happened again. I dream that there is someone brushing against me and I start getting goose bumps, but only on the one half of my body, the side I feel this movement. Then just as if the person or being had just walked past me and then the next thing you know is that "IT" is sitting on top of my chest and I can't sit up, I can't scream. I'm helpless. Then I wake up, but last night took a strange twist. I got up after it happened went to the bathroom with a cigarette and I actually felt it brushing past me again, but I am totally sure I was 100% awake and it gave me the goose bumps on the other side of my body! What could it mean, please can you help me? Could it mean that I need to get something off my chest or what? But what could it be that I need to get off my chest?

A. The "it" could be a spirit. There's no need to be frightened as such occurrences are more common than we know. People see spirits sitting on their beds in the middle of the night, for instance. Even during the day, there are often reports of the sensation of being touched/brushed up against. At night, everything is exaggerated and it's hard to tell if what you're experiencing is in fact a dream or actually happening. If the entity sat on your chest and you couldn't breathe, it would definitely be scary but it might just have wanted to make contact! I don't think it had any special meaning about your chest as such. Then it followed you into the toilet when you weren't sleeping which is what makes me think none of this was a dream. One point I need to mention is that you're having this experience always after a fight with your girlfriend is not a coincidence. Maybe this spirit is telling you to stop quarrelling!

Baby Boy Dreams
February 25, 2013
Q. I had a dream that me and my younger sister (who is actually pregnant) were pregnant. She gave birth to a girl. Then I went into labor but would not deliver until my husband arrived so I walked around the hospital until he found me and told him to take me back to my room which was our address number but it was too late so I went into an empty room and gave birth standing up to a boy and took him into the hallway to get help from a nurse. I donít want a kid so I donít know what this dream means.

A. Pregnancy in a dream can mean other things such as a project, business venture or fertility in the financial arena. It doesn't mean you will actually be having a baby someday and if you say you don't want one, there's no reason to think differently because of this dream. The whole birthing experience in your dream sounds bizarre, unlikely to be based on waking reality at any rate. Another thought I had was that you might be engaging with your sister's pregnancy. Are you two very close? It will be interesting to see if she really does have a girl. Either way, there's nothing to be concerned about in this dream.

Gay Friend
February 20, 2013
Q. I keep having dreams about my friend, that we are having sex in his bed and his dad walks in and starts talking to us and he says, "Thank god, I was starting to think Steve was gay. I'm glad, really excited."

A. Have you wondered yourself if this friend is gay? Sounds like you are just friends but perhaps you want more and that would explain this dream. It would be what we call "wish-fulfilment." If this isn't the case, then maybe your subconscious is telling you that this friend really is gay and needs your support. You could feel this out with some well-placed questions. I'm not sure what the last sentence means, if his dad said it. I can understand his father's feelings and that may be part of the problem. If you've had the dream a few times, try to follow its message so it won't keep bothering you.

Demonic Voice
February 11, 2013
Q. I really need to know what this dream is about. This girl in the dream was my friend and I was her only friend in the world. She said she felt safe and secure while she was with me, and she always wanted to be with me. She then told me how "pathetic and idiotic humans are" and I agreed sarcastically. It was there her voice changed to a demonic voice; she grabbed a hold of me, and tried sucking me into her mouth. I then noticed she was trying to steal my soul. I was able to fight her and get away and wake up soon after, however, I felt extremely exhausted and felt as though I was frozen.

A. I'd like to suggest that the girl in the dream is actually you. Characters in our dreams are often facets of ourselves. You are indeed your own best friend and therefore, you would feel safe and secure. Do you agree that humans are stupid in waking life? If so, your `friend' was simply expressing your own opinion. It seems a harsh judgment and if you truly believe it, ask yourself why. What has happened in your life to make you feel that way? Then your friend turned nasty. The bit about her trying to suck your soul out of you is particularly interesting because it indicates a message - if you are too cynical about life, you'll lost your soul. Take heed.

Losing a Baby
February 7, 2013
Q. I keep having the same dream about my baby girl who died at three days old after being born at 23 weeks. In my dream, she is alive and about 8 months old and has breathing apparatus on her face to give her oxygen. What does this mean? I have this dream about 3 times a month.

A. So sorry you lost your baby. I'm afraid your dream is a classic case of wish fulfilment. It shows your child being cared for and surviving which unfortunately didn't happen. Your subconscious mind wants it so much to be true it keeps bringing this image over and over to your dream-life. Do you think you grieved properly after your baby died? I think you need to work through a full bereavement process, or your dream will continue to recur. You might enjoy seeing your baby so regularly but it's stopping you from having closure and letting her go. Of course you'll never forget her but you have a right to renewed happiness too.

Dreaming of Reconciliation
January 29, 2013
Q. I need help with a dream I had I felt like it was telling me something. My husband left me a month and a half ago, he said because we would fight a lot and that he couldn't live like this and he didn't want our kids to see that. I've been dreaming about him lately and in my dreams, he comes back, in another dream, he tries to come back but I'm already his ex-partner. What does this dream mean?

A. You are still suffering from grief caused by the loss of your marriage. At times of extreme emotional stress, our dreams tend to be more vivid and intense. Your dream spells the confusion you're obviously going through. He's back, he's not back. I don't believe this is a foretelling dream, in other words, showing the future. The best thing you can do is decide if you want to work on your marriage and improve your relationship. If you do, have a sit-down with your husband and see how he feels. Find out why you fought so much and work out a plan for a better future. Don't worry about your dreams in the meantime. They're just processing your churning emotions.

In The Bleachers
January 8, 2013
Q. I had a dream last night that I was walking in a bleacher stand (like the one you would see at a school football field) with an ex-boyfriend of mine and in the bleachers just a few rows up from me was my ex husband. I was smiling, and laughing and I remember feeling so pretty. The wind was blowing and I could feel the breeze blowing through my hair, it felt so nice. Well, sitting to the side of me was this lady, who I didnít know. She held my hand and told me that I was going to experience exciting things from jumping from cliffs to exploring great things. I looked at her and said, "will I be happy?" And she said, "hold my hand," then I woke up. Iím not sure if it means anything. But it felt so real and I could feel the breeze in my hair and I remember thinking this feels so good. I have been going through a lot of emotional and relationship problems. This year has been the worst year of my life.

A. The emotional content of a dream is the most important aspect, much more so than the details. For example, if you were happily playing with a tame lion as opposed to being chased by a wild lion in terror. So, the fact that you were so light-hearted in your dream bodes well for any message it might contain. Dreams that feel very real tend to be more significant as well. The lady represents your own inner wise woman so do take note of what she said to you. She could also be one of your spirit guides speaking to you through your dream. Either way, her prediction was very positive so give thanks and accept the gift. I don't know why your exes appeared but it depends on what your relations are like with them. If good, their appearance adds to the general positivity of your dream.

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