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Reader's Stories About Female Ejaculation (Page 2)

Many thanks for your essay on women ejaculation. Women ejaculation has been known by tribes in Western Uganda(incidently I originate from that part of the world) from time immemorial. The pratice is highly regarded both by men and women as producing exceedingly enjoyable sex experience. The more, a woman can ejaculate, the better the sex act. This has been known by great, great, great fathers and mothers many, nany years ago. How is the female ejaculattion induced during the sex act in Western Uganda? Off course the normal sex foreplay procedures are done. As soon as the woman's clit begins to wet, the man starts to slowly and gently 'tap' the clit with his penus. You completely stop, pumping the vagina, get the penus out, and concentrate on the clit. As the woman gets more excited, the frequency of the tapping the clit with the tip of the penus is increased. Sooner or later, a woman begins to ejaculate in succession. Talk to her and praise her as she does so and see what happens! More and more intense ejaculations will come. In some cases the fluid volcano can cover the entire hand, chest and the face of the man. The woman's entire vigina in and out is all wet. The man, in this excited state of the woman, you have to 'beat' the clit much harder and harder and faster! Continue the vibrations! Then you will see the bed become as if someone has poured a half or full litre of warm water! It is likely that in the process, the man will also ejaculate and both the woman and the man will totall 'pass out' and restful relaxation with utter beautiful satisfaction! To my knowledge, this sex method is not known to be practiced by other tribes in Uganda, apart from those in from the Western part of the country. In fact there are many stoties that once a woman not from the West, sexually meets a man from the Western Uganda, she won't leave him! She will want to come back for more. I have also had a chance to see a number of porno movies. In all the techniques I have seen so far, this idea of hitting the clit with the penus when a woman is in an excited state is missing. Now that I know about the g-spot, I will try it out in my next sex act and compare its effect with that obtained when using the Western Uganda style.

I have wondered long about this phenomena, without going into why, I have had the fortune to share this with many women over a 15 year period. Having discovered this wet orgasm with my wife, I proceeded to practice it on all i could!. I can say that 95% of the women I practiced on produced a wet orgasm often much to their amazement. Only the most controlled catholic could keep it from happening as she thought it was urine. I knew it wasnt. Sometimes we had to sneak away from a motel room because the matress was so wet. The best way, i dont think it can be done by yourself, one of lifes quirks otherwise we would be at it all the time, is for the woman to be lying on her tummy, and the partner inserts his thumb to stroke the sensitive area whilst the web of the thumb and first finger stimulate the clitoris. And yes firm pressure is required and starting slowly and by the end literally pumping. I can feel the vagina begin to swell and spasmodically contract as the orgasm gets closer. and by slowing the tempo strategically can make it last for some time. Needless to say the bed then gets soaked and in some cases the carpet as well. I have had several of my friends suffer from severe dehydration the following day I believe as a result of this. Ok maybe a bit from the champagne, but there is considerable fluid lost, which if not replaced must be a concern. I have personally experienced this with over 40 women even the most outwardly pristine and proper woman cant stop it. Unfortunately I could not say that my record is as good for a penile/vaginal penetration orgasm. Unfortunatley I did not discover this until I was 29 I am now 44.

I have been fortunate to have in my life so far the opportunity to know and 'study' three women who enjoyed this phenomenons. I have rather fond memories of my last girlfriend as she shuddered against me while it felt as if my groin was being plunged into a bucket of hot water. The fluid had no taste or odor, and whatever it was it dried up very quickly so there was really no down side, although we did invest in plastic sheets by the dozen (Hospital supply stores, gotta luv 'em) Your site mentions that the consensus is that the fluid originates from the urethra. Perhaps some of it does, but I have had my chin and chest soaked while my mouth was clamped firmly over the urethra. My attempts to document such occurrences with photographs or videotape did not result in enough clarity to impress the world of science, the logistics of holding down a squirming woman and making her cum while keeping a video camera focused on her squirting privates is not as easy as they make it sound in the Penthouse Forum. The only time I was able to get a fairly decent shot I had the camera too close and it just so happened the first large drop happened to be directed right at the lens causing the rest of the eruption to be illegible. What I HAVE witnessed, does not resemble any pictures I have seen on the web and looks nothing like the woman shooting the geyser you have on your front page. What I have seen is seen is copious amounts of fluid, the bulk of which is spraying most decidedly from the vagina. I say spraying for lack of a better word. Spray implies a mist, but what I have seen is more like very large drops going in all different directions. After a passionate evening I would always encourage my sweetheart to drink lots of water, for fear that she would be dehydrated. Immediately after sex I would survey the area and try to determine just how much water it would take to intentionally soak the place. I can honestly state that the answer at times would be nearly a gallon. I have no idea where such a tiny woman stored so much fluid, but I can state for a fact it was not her bladder.

I was reading your site today and i have a question. you see this one day i was fingering my girlfriend just like and normal time except her roomate was like 10 feet in the other direction, we were being sneeky, well she said she couldnt cum because she was nervous she was gonna make noise. so after the roomie left she jumped on top of me and it took about 5 seconds for her to cum, and suddenly i felt this warm wetness all over my shirt, and she seriously unloaded some major stuff. since then it has happened 2 or so more times and i absolutly love it.

How wonderful to see your web site where in you explain the process of female ejaculation. My boyfriend was recently stimulating me inside of my vagina with his fingers. He found my g-spot and with vigorous stimulation managed to get me to ejaculate. He said he had never seen this before ("in real life" is the term he used). That he was "fascinated" by it. He became totally enthralled by it. I must saw though that it can be quite copious as you said. As for it being confused with urination, one need only taste it to know..this is not urine. I could go on and on about it...

I am involved with this wonderful, sexy guy who turns me on to no end! Last week when we were together, we had the most mind-blowing, out of this world, love fest! I mean it was out of this world! Put me into orbit! I have had orgasms with others before, but no way did I ever have multiple orgasms or did i ever ejaculate. My man made love to me that nite. His tongue slowly licking my cloitris, then his fingers..oh his magic fingers rubbing my GSpot... his hands playing with my nipples, then biting them, carressing my breasts. I started to squirm and moan, each time louder and louder. He drove me completely over the edge. I arched up and it happened! I actually ejaculated! He did it! He got me squirting so much, it just gushed right out! All over the bed, thru the sheets, the comforter...All over his arm. This happend over and over again. I could not stop! Then he turned and entered me...and the sheer pleasure on his face when he came inside me.. It was totally unbelievable! What a great feeling this was. I cannot stop thinking of it and anxiously await the next time and the time after that! We have fun together and enjoy each other very much and this was the icing on the cake. I am truly lucky to have someone like him.

Last year my 'then boyfriend' turned me on so much I began 'gushing'. It shocked me - had no idea what was happening. Well, initially it was a turn on for him, until I couldn't shut it off and sex became rather a messy business. Since our breakup I was scared to get intimate again. Well I did the other night and once again, as I was SO turned on, I couldn't stop the water works - talk about niagara falls, I felt FANTASTIC but my gushing was excessive - YET AGAIN. Is there any way to stop what has been started? I shouldn't complain but wish I could shut it on and off. Seems maybe the only way now is if I'm with someone who doesn't turn me on - how sad is that???

I am so happy I found your web-site. I have been infatuated with female ejaculation from the first time I saw it on video. I recently met a girl who can do this. All I have to do is suck on her nipples and massage her G-spot and she flows like a water fountain. Is there anything else I can do to make these orgasms more intense.

I wish to first of all thank you very much for putting up a site like this . It is simply wonderful . i have been obssessed with this subject for a long time and thanks to you my search is now over .I had the pleasure of reading some of the experiences of some readers and i realize we have a lot of things in common. Now to my own experience with my lady partner. The issue of female ejaculation has come up several times in our conversation several times and needless to say she has never believed that it was true she can ejaculate during lovemaking . Her impressions changed when last night for the first time in the 5yrs of our marriage during our lovemaking she squirted so much that we ended up sleeping on the floor. initially she felt like peeing but i told her that is not possible considering her state of arousal and did encourage her to let go . since then our relationship has taken on a new dimension . she admits now that she enjoys me with more than ever before and i am looking forward to wet session with her tonite. thanks

I am a 62 year old woman who has always enjoyed sex. My current lover and I have been together for 19 years, and he absolutely loves the copious fluids that come out of me during orgasm. I first read a small article in the newspaper back in 1973 about female ejaculation, and I was so happy to find out I was not a freak. I had asked my doctor about it, and he said it did not exist! As recently as 1999, I heard Dr. Dean Edell say on the radio, that female ejaculation was impossible. He said there was no physical place in a woman where ejaculate could come from! I was furious, and wanted to write him a letter to tell him he was wrong!!! The only information I have to add to your website is that I purchased those small flannel-covered, rubber crib sheets they make for baby cribs. It protects the bed, and is easy to throw in the washer after beings soaked with "love juice". My guy says it tastes sweet, and now he knows why they call it a "honey pot". Also, it gets better and better with time, and the fluid has increased as I have gained more experience. I intuit that all women probably have the ability to ejaculate. It takes the right lover, to whom you can open psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Being able to really "let go" to your core, after perfect stimulation, is the key. I feel so grateful to have experienced this ultimate pleasure most of my life, and will continue to do so. I believe this wonderful release is healthy and keeps me young and vital.

Your website has provided a great deal of valuable information for my wife and I. We have been married for 15 years and on at least 20 occasions her wonderful pussy has squirted its heavenly juices all over us. She has been extremely self conscious about this though and each time has been very embarrassed. I have tried to let her see how incredibly turned on it makes me. It is awesome to have her squirt all over me while I am fucking her but the best is to have her squirt in my mouth while I am eating her out. She doesn't believe me that this is incredibly sexy. When we first met we were making out in my car and I was vigorously fingering her. All of a sudden she began trembling held onto my shoulders and screamed as she flooded over my hand and onto the seat. It was incredible and I have been fascinated by it ever since. Your website has opened her eyes to how great this is and that she is not alone. Now she gets so turned on by this whole scene that she is proud of how strongly she can squirt and is saying she would like to compete on how much and how far she can squirt as compared to other women.

I am a man in his thirties, and have had different girlfriends in the past who I've performed excellent cunnilingus on...but none of them "came" like the ways you talk about. It was just a body-shaking thing. UNTIL TONIGHT! I was providing my lady with the hurricaine tongue, and as she started to moan and grasp the side of the bed like crazy, a little dribble of "stuff" was being expelled from the clitoral area. Then the big one hit...I almost drowned! It had a unique taste and consistency, and it took me a few minutes to realize what had just happened. Her only words were "Good Lord". She then thanked me graciously with a pat on the head, and then fell into a coma-like sleep while I lie awake in the dark, smiling. This is going to be tattooed on my brain for life.

salut ma belle!! je suis un fan et j'aimerai bien que tu donne un peut de temps pour discuter ma chere et si jamais tu accepte, je serai l'homme le plus heureux de la planette et le plus verile je suis algerien de 38 ans et je suis ingenieure en metalurgie et je suis fouss des femmes qui ejacule et je serai tres bref car c'est un peut defficil de me comprendre en francais mais je sais que tu va la traduire !!!merci de m'avoire ecouter ma belle!!!!

Great informative site for people who are new to this or anyone who is curious ! I am a 36 year old man who has had 2 lovers now than could ejaculate. The first was my now ex-wife from when I was 19. We had an outrageous sex life. I honestly believed it could get no better. We both had very bad backs at the time and used to use a heavy duty massager on each for pain relief. Well one day playing around I put the massager between her legs. She was dressed, and the vibrations were so intense that not only did she have an orgasm but she ejaculated about 4 seperate times ! Her pants were soaked, I was young and had never seen that before so I did not know whether I was turned on or scared I broke her ! (ha ha) Anyway because it was so enjoyable for both of us we expanded on this and concentrated on doing it more often. Later we got divorced for other reasons. I used to fantasize about her years later. That squirting turned me on like a wild man ! Than 7 months ago I met the woman of my dreams. We have an awesome sex life that has progressed to limits I never thought possible. But no ejaculation. Then about a week ago, after 7 months of having sex we decided to get good and buzzed one night. So I made a few drinks, a few more and a few more. We were pretty buzzed and decided of coarse that we were both ready for the bedroom ! Well after about 15 minutes of her giving me oral sex I returned the favor after some foreplay. While giving her oral sex I could feel her inner walls squeezing around my tongue as I jetted it in and out. Then I licked her clit for a few more minutes and BAM.. She ejaculated all over me. Wave after wave of luscious juice came squirting out. I thought I loved her before but now I even more ! It drove me crazy we had sex for hours and hours with her repeating the ejaculation ! Now almost everyday I get her to do that in different ways, different positions and we both love it ! Anyway wanted to drop you a line and let everyone know it is VERY REAL and VERY TRUE ! Every man should be so lucky as to have a woman who can squirt back at him !

I went to your web site and was really happy about what your doing. I'm a 18 year-old male and I've known about female ejaculations for quite soom time. It's something that really gets me excited and I'm surprised to see other guys who are into the same sort of thing. For me there is no greater feeling than having a girl orgasm like she never has before because during sex, a guy is going to come regardless, so its good that a women can get her's too. :-)

First, i wish to thank u from the bottom of my heart for ur site, i am 37 yrs old and have been dping this since high school, I have always been accused of 'peeing' and my soon to be X accused me of being 'incubus-succubus'. ad then therefore I always tried to keep from 'gushing' cause it made him happy if I did not! I have literaly been kicked from bed for doing this and as u can imagine, it was not a good feeling to have. I cannot tell u hpw happy i am for ur site, i was even at one time thinking of doing one of my own! u have no idea how great it is to discover the vast numbers of women who piosess this rare and unique talent. i call myself a RAIN WOMAN! I did have a smart partner once who pushed a wadded up towel at my bottom and thus, saved the bed from being soaked. I, too can cum many times and seemingly soak everything on the bed but this wadded up towel method really helped. Now I am motst indeed fortunate to have a loving man who truly understands my sensuality and he loves it! He likes my taste, says it is sweet and it is my nectar for him! Agaon, thank u so very much for this informative site. Happily RAINING AWAY!

Let's give some credit to the pioneers... I first discovered female ejaculation in the mid-1980s when I was social chairman of my college fraternity. The duty fell to me to rent the movies every Wednesday for our weekly "porn and violence night", which usually consisted of some bad Charles Bronson movie and whatever interesting porn I could dig up at the local video store. One day I discovered a porn starlet named Fallon (no last name - big surprise) who would spray huge streams of liquid whenever she masturbated in her videos. Her "gushes" would only happen when she was masturbating, although there was always another girl there to catch the flood. My buddies and I became infatuated with her and with her unique gift, but the time being what it was with AIDS at the top of the news, and being at a rather conservative Southern school, none of us could find any women who were willing to talk about it, let alone admit to being able to do it. I managed to dub copies of several of her videos (most notably the "Rainwoman" series), and I treasured them for years. As the 90's progressed, I showed the videos to several girlfriends, and received responses from "That's fake" to "That's so gross! She's peeing!" Still no luck. Then I met the woman of my dreams. She was sexually adventurous from the start...our first sexual encounter was a threesome with her best friend. I showed her the Fallon videos, and she said "I bet I can do that!" With that she began to rub her pussy (with my help) and within five minutes she sprayed all over my living room carpet. She had NEVER ejaculated before. During sex with her only previous partner, she had felt the urge to push but had held back, fearing that she was going to pee on him. Even while masturbating, (which she did often, both alone and with girlfriends,) she feared wetting herself or the bed. The Fallon video was like a wake-up call to her. A ray of sunshine. Finally she could let go and really experience her full orgasmic potential. From then until now, she began to spray both with me or by herself every day, sometimes several times. Three years later, we met another adventurous couple and began to play around. My wife (we were married and had two kids by then), demonstrated her ability for them, and they became obsessed with "hitting the jackpot," as they called it. My wife "initiated" both of them as they each in turn brought her to orgasm orally and received a faceful of warm juice. We then turned our attention to the other woman, who had never ejaculated in her life and also had trouble "letting go." With my wife's guidance, within two weeks, she was squirting streams five feet off of the bed, much to the delight of her husband. Unfortunately, we moved to another state shortly thereafter, and haven't repeated the experience since, but it may never have been possible without Fallon, my inspiration. If you or anyone at your site know where she is now or how to send her a message, please give her my thanks. Because of her I will continue to enjoy my wife's wonderful ability.

I am a 50 year old woman that has just in this last year learn to squirt. I did not know there was even a thing like this. When I was marred I did not do this. My boyfriend and I have great sex on a daily or more bases and we do it all the time. We have to put down towels and fold them in half to try not and get the bed wet before we go to sleep at night and in the morning . When we first did it I thought I had wet but he was very pleased but I did not know what it was but he did. I aim so pleased that I can please him and myself at the some time.

I was reading Cosmopolitan approximately back in 1987. Dr. Josephine Lowndes was commenting on women ejaculating. I learned this can be done. After passionate kissing, fondling my ladies breasts, she was standing. I knelt down, one nipple in my mouth, generous amount of lubricant on the fingers, massaged her clitoris with my thumb, inserted my forefinger into her vagina, up and around to her "G" spot, and continued massaging everything. Her nipples began swelling, her clitoris hardened, her labia became engorged, and her "G" spot began swelling to an amazing size, as she became more excited she released a cupfull of love juice. Then I reloaded the lubricant, moved to the other nipple, she continued getting excited, and I massaged her "G" spot, very slowly. I continued until she released another load of prostatic fluid. I had put two towels on the bathroom floor and it soaked through. I moved back and forth on the nipples, until her vagina was completely engorged, and when I penetrated her, her vagina was swollen to a wonderful maximum, and I inserted my penis into a crowded vagina an hour after I had begun. Men do not take enough time or are not patient to take the time to discover the wonder of a woman's sexuality. This lady was over sixty, and thought she was frigid, but relized she was a hot cookie. She died after bi-pass surgery, a complete loss in my life. Not all ladies ejaculate with this procedure, maybe 80% of women can relax to squirt their fluid. I know men want women to swallow their ejaculate.... But can a man swallow his ladies load. I am searching for a new partner, and I will be ready to give her all of my knowledge and pleasure.

It happened about five years ago. Me and a girl-friend of mine were masterbating on a bed together I was sticking my fingers in when i felt a sudden rush from my urethra. It came out like a geyser, we didnt know what to think of it. We just went along with it. That was my first ejaculation. About a month ago i was with the same friend and we were together on my bed playing with little "toys". She came for the first time, she ejaculated like crazy and i even got a little taste of it when some squirted in my mouth. We laughed and kept at it for a while, then i came the to of use together ejaculating was a great expierience and i hope every one else will enjoy it too. thank you annie for this great web site, it tells all women out there that there is more to sex than just men.

Every website and book I have ever read that talks about female ejaculation refers to it as something that happens during g-spot stimulation. I actually find that I can very rarely ejaculate through anything but clitoral stimulation. I can occasionally just breathe deeply and mentally work myself up to the point of orgasm, and I can very, very rarely ejaculate during intercourse, but the only sure way to ejaculate is through clitoral stimulation. I thought for a while that I was weird, but my ex boyfriend claims that almost every one of his sex partners has been able to ejaculate, and it was almost always during clitoral stimulation. So perhaps there is more to the phenomenon than we think. I'd be interested to know what the actual chemical makeup of both male and female ejaculate are, but I have no earthly idea where to find that sort of information. Also, I find that while ejaculating is fun and sexy and a real turn-on for us both, as well as providing a lot of lubrication, the biggest, most intense orgams I have are _not_ accompanied by ejaculation. They only happen during intercourse, and are probably due to stimulation of the g-spot, but they never, ever are accompanied by ejaculation. Ejaculation is fun, but I think of it as cumming rather than having an Orgasm, with the capital O.

I'm a 36 year old female. I've been ejaculating during orgasm since my teens. I had no idea why, and had a considerable amount of shame attached to it. I spent years trying NOT to orgasm "too much". I spent 12 years of marriage trying not to "squirt", yet never being fully fullfilled; always wanting more, even after hours of sex. During my marriage, I rarely let my husband preform oral sex, as I had less control over my orgasm. I found that during intercourse, I could emotionally remove myself at or during orgasm, thus "stopping" the gusher, but not during oral sex. After my divorce, I eventually dated again, and was lucky enough to find a man who not only loved sex as much as I did, but was a great communicator as well. He was also adept enough to get around my defenses to preform oral stimulation. I was swept away and gushed all over. It drove him wild. Afterward, we discussed it at length, and he was considerably interested in this phenomenon. We both did research on the subject. I went to my gyno-ob, and she told me that female ejaculation was a myth; that I was experiencing a mild secretion originating from the Bartholin's gland. I tried to tell her that this was a large quantity, accompanying orgasmic spasms. She suggested I was urinating. I assured her that it had no color or urinary odor, nor did it feel like urination and that it left white residue on the sheets. She got uncomfortable, skirted the issue and left the room. So much for screwing up my courage and laying bare my soul, eh? In any case, my partner became almost obsessed with this phenomena. He found that I could ejaculate up to 40-50 times per session, with multiple, clitoral, vaginal and g-spot orgasms. We also discovered that after 10-15 gushing waterfalls, I'd get dehydrated, so we learned to take water breaks. We figured this out after I passed out a couple times. After 10-15, during orgasm, I'd actually feel my sinuses dry out and hear a mild "pop", my throat would go dry as I gushed, followed by mild dizziness and disorientation. This was my sign that I needed water. In any case, thanks to his acceptance and enthusiasm, I actually went from shameful acceptance to secret pride in my unique abilities. He made me understand that I was blessed with my ability to reach orgasm and ejaculate, which allowed me to give myself over emotionally to fully to experience sexual fullfillment, which led to stronger, longer, wetter orgasms. Even soaking the bed, the truck seat, the sofa, the carpet, whatever, became just a sign of passion. I became so comfortable with my sexuality that I could even have an orgasm while giving him oral sex, without any tactile stimulation to my own organs at all. Needless to say, I owe this man a lot, but I owe you a debt too, for providing a site that is so informative, with testimonials from real people who are like me. I can't tell you how good it felt to hear the word, "cupful". It's so nice to know you're not the only one! Thank you!

While reading all the letters on your site, I found myself with tears in my eyes. So many of these stories were MY stories. Unfortunately, I have always been very embarrassed and self-concious about my squirting ability. However, my husband, bless him, has always been enthralled with it and encouraged me to go for it. I have become fairly comfortable letting go with him, but, since we have become swingers, I have had a bit of trouble doing so with others. What do I say to prepare anyone else I am going to be with? What if they still have the perception that it is urine and that they are getting a golden shower? One thing I have discovered however, is that men seem more comfortable and accepting of female squirting than women do! Go figure! I just might send a link to this site to my husband and to any of the other new partners we will be with in the near future (beforehand). At least they will be forewarned! Thank you so much for this informative, eye-opening, honest site! I will hold my head up high from now on. And I know my husband will tell me "I told you so, *****! Guys love it!"

I want to thank you for your informative website. I'm not sure if your site is intended for females only but the information is definitely beneficial to males such as myself lacking the knowledge in this area. My girlfriend and I have recently entered the "sex" part of our relationship. When she suggested that I use my finger(s) to arouse her "g" spot, I honestly told her that I haven't got a clue where in her vigina that spot is located. She tried to show me but it was difficult. That's when I knew I had to research this topic to better please her.

My wife and I have recently purchased some new "toys" including the eroscillator. Originally, we were not very satisfied, but, as she experimented more, she has fallen in love with it. Last week, while reaching her orgasm, she started to squeal, "there is something warm and wet coming out of me!" There was quite a bit and you could hear it, or at least I could cause I was so close! ;} I knew what it was, but she wasnt so sure. 2 days later, it happened again, TWICE! The first time, it was just a little bit. However, the second time, it was as if there was a faucet running! It didnt shoot like a stream, but it did POUR out of her! ( would this be considered gushing?)

I am not a woman but I thought I would share the most erotic thing that I have ever seen. I was seeing a girl for a while and we decided to have a sex marathon of sorts. I wanted to make her cum 10 times. She came fairly easy so it really wasn't a stretch to try to have her achieve 10 orgasms. It was the 8th orgasm that she actually squirted. I had a finger in her butt and one in her pussy; she started really moaning and panting. I thought I was hurting her so I took my fingers out, she shouted at me to PUT THEM BACK IN, which I did gladly and promptly. After a few more minutes, she arched her back and spread her legs and she squirted. It was the singularly most erotic thing I had ever seen or experienced. I made her cum 2 more times after that but she never squirted again. To this day, if we happen to chat I always bring up orgasm number 8. I have done extensive research regarding the G-Spot and female ejaculation. I have read material, bought G-Spot vibrators, etc. But I have been unable to make anyone squirt again (bummer). I will keep trying though - it's great fun. I am a handsome guy and I have no problems meeting ladies, but I have unfortunately never met another woman who could ejaculate. I will keep searching however and hope someday to meet that special lady.

So glad to find this site! I too never knew I could ejaculate until about three years ago. My fiancee and I were making love when he finally had just told me he loved me. I squirted all over him and the bed. It scared me at first, not knowing what it truly was. We studied it on the web and soon found out. I do have to say, we go through many sets of sheets and towels every week but it is worth it! He says he loves to feel my warm liquid coming down his penis and flowing all over him. I never knew what sex was about until I met him! We are turning 50 this year and just expect more of the same but better!

How many men, who consider themselves "extraordinary lovers", haven't a clue about the wonders of female ejaculation? Even sadder, how many women so deserving of this exquisite rush of exploding sensations and hot streams of luscious honey never will? I'm no more than an average-looking 53 year-old guy, but when I discovered this ultimate dimension of pleasure, lovemaking was forever enhanced. The woman I'm with has come to experience this absolutely all-consuming rapture. It didn't happen at the outset of our relationship; only after she came to realize that I was truly focused to care about maximizing her pleasure and on expanding her orgasmic boundaries. I suggest to any man not fortunate to have yet witnessed this phenomenon to take the time to explore; use the fingers and the tongue to probe, to penetrate and to heighten the sensations she will feel. When you begin to feel the increased lubricious response she'll begin having, you'll marvel at the experience of your own excitement building. Take the time to let these sensations increase night after night. When her shuddering and throbbing transforms into her thrusting and arching herself closer to your mouth and hands, you are nearing nirvana. Don't be surprised if you begin to feel her push outward followed by hot jets of her juices squirting your face. Last night we soaked five folded towels. As a matter of fact, I'm about to wash a hamper full of wet towels from this week alone. I smile all the way from the rinse cycle to the folding of those clean, dry towels awaiting their next use.

I have been involed with a man older than I for about 18 months and in that time I have been to places that I never knew existed. In my marriage and relationships after I became single again, never have I experienced anything like what this man can make my body do. I had orgasms I think...... but he can me gush to the point that we are both soaked and last night I actually arched my stream over his hand. What a feeling of total release that was. I have never enjoyed making love like this before and he is the best lover I will ever have. There will never be a man that can bring me to heights like this and noone will ever come close. I am grateful that my sexuality was brought to life and the feeling of ejaculating is one of total extasy for me. I hope that more women can experience what I experience when I make love to my man. Good luck out there and yes even at 40 it can happen to you too!!!!!

I am 60 yrs old and have - for some reason just started to squirt. At first i told my husband that i peed. It also ways happens just as i am cumming - and - BANG - It starts comming out of me. Most times i leave a wet mark on the bed about the size of a pancake. I come every time i make love at least 3 to 4 times. I dont squirt everytime i make love. It happens maybe once a month. How can i make it happen all the time? I love the feeling of it-as does my husband

I'm glad that sites like this exist. My first sexual experience with finger stimulation of the vagina as a teenager really upset me because I thought I had wet myself and although the boy didn't make much of it I was mortified. From then on despite an active sex life I never had an orgasm. After several years of marriage I started on a quest and went for hypnotherapy & sex councelling. Nothing until the birth of my second child and then boom, a G Spot. If I'd have had it before I'm sure I'd have known about it, you just cannot miss the sensations it brings. I ejaculate several times and sometimes the folded bathtowel is just not enough to save the mattress, it is a phenomenal feeling and it has given my husband real pleasure giving me such obvious extacy. It really enhances our lovelife and although it means that an out of the house quickie is a bit of a no no in case I'm left standing in a puddle I wouldn't change it for the world! I can now have several and multiple orgasms ejaculating madly and I can even have them after we have finished "active" sex with just kissing. It's fantastic. And I only had to wait until I was 35!

A couple of days ago my girlfriend and I had sex which was great as usual then we took as shower together. I of course got excited again and wanted to come again. This though she got out of the shower and started to masterbate which always turns me on. She was very aroused as I was. Wanting just a little more visual stimulate I asked her to contract her vagina in and out. She did and a little bit after she started to do it she started to dribble and then started to squirt. She kept going for like 2 minutes on and off dribbles and squirts. She soaked the bathroom floor and took two towels to clean up. Well I was and so was she totally amazed that she could do that just by contracting her vagina. Well we have tried it now several times and she is able right on que to ejaculate every time. It is not urine though comes out from the ureathra and does not smell like urine. I have tasted it is like water with a little bit of salt might be the best way to discribe it. Well it has totally made our love life even more exciting though it was very much so in the past but now one more door that has been open into our intamacy of our love for each other. So the reason I wrote was that maybe her techinque, contracting her vagina so it moves in and out, might be a good one for someone that is trying to ejaculate or an easier way. I don't necessarly think that she needs clitrous stimulation though she is very aroused when she does it. Well hope this helps someone or a couple discovery what we have discovered. Love the website and I think it is a great way to educate women on the matter.

I am so relieved to know that there are other women out there like me. My boyfriend always makes me "squirt." In fact, we always have to prepare before intercourse. He puts two or three towels folded a few times in the bed or wherever we are going to make love. I have ruined more than a few sets of sheets and comforters with my female ejaculation juice. I love that fact that I can do that, I can do it with or without my boyfriend. At first I was embarrassed and I thought it was pee because it came out with such force. I can actually hear it as it gushes out of my body. Sometimes the towels don't work, sometimes when my boyfriend is on top there is a puddle down by his feet at the end of the bed. It all depends on how into it we are.

This really is a wonderful site. I have been masturbating since late adolescence. Immediately I found my g-spot, though I didn't know what it was at the time, and eventually I found my clitoris, though this has only happened within the past year or so. I must admit that g-spot orgasms are much more intense than clitoral orgasms. About six months ago, I ejaculated after manually stimulating both my g-spot then my clitoris. I was completely freaked out! I had no idea what had just happened, or if it was normal, or if I had just urinated. Thank you so much for this very informative and gentle website. I like the academic and emotional nature of the articles. Please everyone, get the word out on female ejaculation so that women of the next generation will not only be comfortable with their bodies, but with what their bodies are capable of.

My girlfriend has this phenomenon and it is a great turn-on. She can actually ejaculate without even touching the G-spot. The only bad side of this is having to sleep on a soaking wet bed afterwards. Its still worth it though. She can ejaculate up to a cupfull (although I have never collected it to see) but it can be a lot of fun. I have seen her shoot as far as 10 feet. It is amazing. Let me know if she is one of the "lucky ones" that has the ability to cum a lot like this. Thanks for the info.

I had this wondeful experience about two months ago, however, I had no idea what the heck it was. I thought my lover was having an extraordindarly pleasurable day. Up until a few days ago we never spoke about it. He knew it was me and I thought it was him. We happened to be watching a episode of Sex In The City and it prompted him to ask me the question, "did you ever have a female ejaculation"? I said no, I'd never heard of it. He mentioned to me what happend two months prior and we decided to get on the net and do some research, low and behold we found your site immediately and came to the conclusion that's what happened. It was a wonderful feeling, I remember saying to him how warm and "wet" extremely wet his cum was. I didn't know at the time that wonderful feeling was initiating from me. We were kind of sad that we missed our "first" female ejaculation. Since we read your site, we have been trying to make it happen again. Thank you, know we are in the know and are more intune to what pleasures our bodies.

I had only experienced female ejaculation once myself before my current partner. We call it girl-pee. Before I met her, she had never had an orgasm, she was married to a man. Now she's divorced and lives with me and ejaculates on a regular basis. In fact we have extra sheets that we put down before we make love. She can soak through a down comforter when she is hydrated. I think it's wonderful. It feels really good for her and I'm glad it happened with me because I'm an open person, and a health professional, and I helped her feel good about it. I can't imagine what would have happened if it had happened with her ex-husband! She probably would have believed the whole stress-incontinence crap. Horrible. What's next, cutting off the clitoris! Oh yeah that only happens overseas....eck. I'm glad that mainstream media is starting to explore the vagina, including sex and the city, the vagina monologues and your web site.

my name is ****** and i have just " come across " your website. it makes me very happy to know that there are other women who are willing to discuss the subject. i'm finding that many of the women i know will simply not discuss it, although i have discussed it with several male friends. and i have tried to educate people as i go along, although i am learning more every day. i first learned about the g spot orgasm about 3 years ago, when a male friend showed me a demo video on the subject. my boyfiend at that time and i tried it, and we did have success. then 2 years ago, another boyfriend of mine bought me a g spot vibrator. this is a fanatastic way to achieve this, as i do not currently have a man in my life. the only problem is, when i orgasm this way, no amount of towels will save my mattress! but i am not complaining. in my case, i have several " mini orgasms " as the ejaculate does not come out all at once. then i move on to a clitoral orgasm. and i find that after the whole session, i feel completely satisfied, whereas if i just have a clitoral orgasm, there is still a feeling of dissatisfaction. and no matter how many clit orgasms i have, that feeling of non completion is still there. it does make me happy to find out that this is not an incontinance issue, for a long time before i learned about this, i thought maybe it was. i don't mind if you put my story on the website, as long as my email address is not given out.

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