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Reader's Stories About Female Ejaculation (Page 3)

I'm writing you a short note on my experiences with female ejaculation. In my experiences with women, although all have seemed to orgasm and reach satisfaction, all were not able to experience female ejaculation. Let me say at least not with me. The number of women I have been with may be a factor in how often I have experienced female ejaculation with them, I feel that I have been with enough to know that the figures of about half of all women and the different degrees of ejaculation you talk about on your site to be accurate. My experiences are from the male point of view. The first woman I was with that experienced female ejaculation had not experienced it before our time together. The first time was while I was performing oral sex on her. You talk about different degrees of force behind these ejaculations, let me say hers were always very strong and heavy. The first time, orally as I had said, I must admit I was surprised to say the least. I was fairly ignorant to the idea of female ejaculation, and to add to that, the force and flow she and I experienced initially confused us both even more. Obviously, face first, I was splashed with a mouth and face full of fluid. I know she was surprised and I would say possibly embarrassed. She did not know what to think, and for the most part nor did I. But we were both mature enough to talk about it and understand what happened. I can tell you from that first instant, I could swear to anyone with no doubt that it was definitely not urine. I have heard and read explanations saying that it is a release of the bladder and the female ejaculation is just that...urine. This could be no further from the truth. The fluid was very pleasant to the smell and taste. As our sex life progressed, it became an expectation. Orally, vaginal penetration, and later and the heaviest, anally she continued to ejaculate. It was usually always heavy and forceful and happened more times than not. Since this woman, my other experiences have crossed the spectrum of experiences you describe. Some women have ejaculated only during experiences where the sex and their orgasm were very much more intense than normally. I have also been with one woman who experienced ejaculation but it was with G-spot stimulation each and every time either by my fingers or sexual position which allowed my penis to position itself properly to stimulate that spot. But although it has been in varying degrees, the first women I mentioned has been the most common and intense of them all. On any given ejaculation, she would puddle the sheet immensely. I would go as far to say I could fill to different levels a common household glass. Anyway I came across your site, being sexually open-minded and interested, and with your invitation shared my experiences with you. Thank you for your time, and if in any way my experiences can add, support or in some way help your cause in explaining and educating others about the female ejaculation, I am happy to share them. Thanks again for your time.

I had to chuckle at the letters from the folks who keep soaking through the towels...Been there. After ruining one boyfriends mattress...I took precautions when it came time to buy a new mattress of my own. Buy an inexpensive vinyl curtain and cut it to a manageable size...then just lay your towels over this. This way, if you soak the towels through, you can still still contain the "puddles" on the vinyl. Who wants to think about changing the sheets in the afterglow of great sex. Just some practical advice from a long time gusher. Enjoy!

I have seen my Fiancee ejaculate. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. She has showered me during intercourse on many occasions, but it was always a dribbling of liquids. However once while I was stimulating her g-spot with one hand playing with her clit with the other she literally squirted on me. It did come from her urethra, but it was definitely not urine.

wow did i have a great time last nite with my boyfriend. for the first time i was able to ejaculate with another person, rather than solo. we got on the subject of where the fluid comes from and what it is made up of, definately NOT urine. The force that brought it on was as you describe, with much force. I was lucky enough to ejaculate and then orgasim. needless to say, i'm still humming from the experience today. now our goal is to bring on ejaculation without a vibrator. thanks for your website and heres to more happy orgasims!!!

I found your web site to be very informative and am glad I found it. I have been telling my gf about female ejaculation and the g spot and she thinks I just having some kind of fantasy. Now she can go to your site and learn that I wasn't full of BS. I had a gf once that was very much into stimulating her g spot and female ejaculation. I found it to be very arousing and sensual whenever she would do it while we were having sex. And as your article states she would have the most intense orgasms form doing it. If only other women knew and understood the whole concept of the g spot and female ejaculation. I can't wait to tell my gf about your web site and am hopeful that she will put it to good use. Thank you so much for publishing your article.

I would like to thank you for this very enlighten website. I have spoke with women that I work with about this subject. At the time, I did not know the name of what I experienced but I knew it was the ultimate orgasm. Some women that I work with tried to convince me that I just urinated on my sexual partner. I knew this to be untrue. I was destine to show them different. As I researched, I came across your website. I made sure that they all received a copied so that I can prove them wrong. They know now who was missing out. Thank you and if you have any further information.

I'm also fortunate to be with a woman that squirts. I never knew it was that common, as I have been with numerous women on the past. I guess I never really question the orgasm, but reveled in it. I love the feeling, from my point of view. Thanks for the web site and info.

Thanks for publishing this site. Thanks to your site, I was able, with my husbands help, to have the experience female ejaculation. Your site and others like it, have opened my eyes to the joys of love making.

I've been married to my wife for 14 years and during the past year she's ejaculated for the first time. She has done it three different times so far. It's always came when I was stimulating the clitoris orally and the g-spot manually. It takes a lot longer to build and her pre-climatic behavior is distinctive from clitoral orgasms. I can say that the amounts definately exceed one cup, two is probably more like it. She describes it as the same sensation she gets when her "water breaks" before going into labor. Afterward she is totally exhausted and literally unable to move her lower extremities - again something she relates to how she felt following delivery (btw she's given birth to 6 children). Last night she ejaculated long enough that I was able to get a towel and she it emit from her urethra. I personally think there is some urine mixed in, but definately she was not simply peeing.

am glad to know i am normal ...what ever that is... but at least i am not losing my mind and thinking something is wrong with me.....thanks for the info it was a learning experience and the page was great i passed it on to others as i know they will pass it on ..again thanks for the info and hope to see more .....

I've just come from another website that said that when a female ejaculates, it would only be a drop or so, and if it come gushing, then it would definately be urine. Well, that's a view that both my partner and I would reject. I first ejaculated a couple of months ago when he orally stimulated the head of my clit. We searched about it on the 'net and pretty happy to know that it's normal, and upon knowing, I sprayed like crazy! We both drank the juices that come from my ejaculation, and though I never drank urine before, but surely the taste is not urine, and also the smell. There is a hint of amonia in it, but not much. I would usually ejaculates after intercouse, but only with oral stimulation on my clitoris. My partner would then lick the head of the clit, and I'd just come gushing, and I can ejaculates about 10 times in a row with just a flick. And like what the other women said, sometimes a towel won't be enough, even though my partner always try to gulp my juices as much as he can. It's a wonderful feeling, and it is even more wonderful that your man appreciates and really proud of it too. Like he always said, "You're not a REAL man until you can make your woman come.. "

It took me too many years to discover the depth of my sexuality. About a year ago, I discovered that I was capable of this"female ejaculation" phenomenon. I find it absolutely amazing.....ot to mention the joy my partners have experienced. I was astonished the first time it happened......through stimulation with a rather terrific vibrator. Of course, I immediately shared my discovery with my partner......what an absolute turn-on it was to him. I spoke with my gynocologist about this and she claimes that about 10% of all females are capable of this.........however, it takes a woman who is very tuned into her own pleasures to be able to share this with her attentive partner or by herself(which is ok but not as much fun).

I am 33 years old and have experienced ejaculation on a number of occasions. The first time it ever happened I was 19 years old and made to feel very dirty and humiliated. The guy simply exclaimed,"You peed on me!" and began laughing. Needless to say I tried not to let that happen again. It would be almost a decade later that I would experience that again. Again the remark would be something like ,"Damn what was that?!" Well, I did not know. Eventually I started to read and came across an article somewhere that mentioned female ejaculation. I was not only stunned, but relieved. I was not abnormal. I am sure you have heard this all before. Last night, I was talking to a good friend after an impromptu, very satisfying conversation that led me to orgasm. Afterwards, we began talking and he asked me do I ejaculate. I was flabbergasted!!!! This was the first time ever that a man had ever asked me that. I was floored that he even knew of the term. As you can imagine, this is an intelligent man who is very aware of and sensitive to a woman's needs. This opened up the door for the first time in my life for me to actually talk openly to a man or anyone about this. He suggested I research online and I came across your website as well as others that were very informative. The other sites were very clinical in nature which was good because it verified from a medical standpoint what I was experiencing. But somehow, to hear from another woman that this was something that others experienced, and was not only normal but a great thing really helped me. My friend told me it was a wonderful gift to be able to do that and just the thought that I did ejaculate made him appreciate me even more. He really made me feel special. He's great! I never thought I would have to nerve to write to a stranger about something so personal, but I was compelled to e-mail to tell you thank you. Thanks to your website I got validation. Your website was informative and sensitive to a subject that has many woman feeling confused.

I have been married for 30 years and while we have always had a good sexual relationship, it turned into great when I started to "ejaculate". I have been "squirting" for about 4 years now. I always felt a need to urinate and would get up in the middle of sex several times, now I never get up. I climax constantly. Our bed is always soaking, but this is not a problem with plastic sheets and several towels. I usually put down 3 beach towels and change them once or twice during our lovemaking. It is difficult to have spontaneous sex but I wouldn't change it for the world. I used to think that it was urine, but there was never any smell or color, my husband has always been convinced that the liquid was different.

I am beyond explanation. my daddy (thats what I call my man) has brought me to such a ecstasy level . I never had such knowledge of this squirting bliss. he is so mental and physical to the point of no return. he has blessed me so sexually. he has actually made me realize my clitoris . he stares at it making it pulse for his orgasm. The whole time we have sex I cum so hard I feel like I'm going to pass out. Meaning the second he puts his cock in me I start to cum and I can't stop. He doesn't just make me squirt, I gush several times, not knowing how much pleasure and pressure I can take before I pass out. I thank heaven for his connection to all my intimate abilities. I am so obsessed with him and our sex life it consumes my entire mind. When he looks into my eyes and brushes against me my pussy clit sticks strait out, and fiens so bad to get the ultimate cum/quirt session. he is so perverse and sexual in my head and in person my pussy clit hurts for him. I am beyond satisfied he drains all my cummy squirty fluids, always bringing me to the next level of cumming. Every time its ecstasy. when I cum/squirt its like a warm explosion of power releases from me the size of an ocean for however long I can stand it. Thank you for your site for us special women with such special men..

At any rate.....Im proud to be a GUSHER! lol Actually, one man who had a very curved shaped cock made me gush like crazy. I swear more than a quart. I even collected it once and I was astounded. Another man did this tome with his fingers instead. YOWSA! I was in heaven! Its all linked to emotion for me and I wish I could just overcome that. I am passing your site on to all the men I know! Thanks and it was well done!

For years i would clench my muscles as tightly as i could so that i wouldn't "leak" from there, or i would prepare by bringing a towel to put under me first when i was alone, it felt so good to be able to let go, i also masterbated on the toilet alot, so that it could just go in the flush, it isn't pee, i know that now, i didn't then. Then i met a wonderful man who was not only aware that women were able to ejaculate, he expected me to do so every time he touched me, either my clit or my g spot, i had only ejaculated by rubbing my clit before, hadn't experienced the g-spot one, ohhhh, was a happy discovery for this girl let me tell you. it is the finest feeling to be able to release like that, just let it trickle out or shoot it out in gushes, i love it all....he brought home a gift for me one day, a shower curtain and 7 huge beach towels, with incentive like that, who am i to argue?

I would have never believed it but it happened to me! I recently started dating someone new and now four months into the relationship I experienced female ejaculation. It has happen three times and at first I was totally embarrased. I thought I had lost control of my bladder, but my boyfriend told me what happened. It was not as intense as a clitoral orgasm but lasted longer and it only happens with finger contact. I just had to write and let you know, this happens to everyday women and boy are we shocked!

My wife and I only recently discovered she can also ejaculate, like one reader said almost a cup full per orgasm. It gives me the ultimate pleasure to massage her g-spot to make it possible for her to multiple orgasms. I want to advise every man to educate himself to to be able to find his wife's g-spot, I can assure them the reward is greeaat!!! for both of them. Are there any free short video clips of female ejaculation to down load and where. Thanks for your web site.

It happened one evening while my ex-wife and i were enjoying an especially hot session of anal sex. i was slowly stroking in and out of her ass when she started to have an orgasm. sensing her impending orgasm, i buried myself especially deep within her ass. as she started to cum, the contractions got harder and harder until she was practically screaming. all of a sudden, i felt this huge spray of fluid gush out of her spasming pussy. she literally soaked my balls with this hot gush of pussy juice and soaked the sheets underneath us. she came and came and came for what seemed forever. this caused me to unload a huge amount of come in her ass at which time she unleashed another flood of juices all over my thighs. as i withdrew my spent dick from her quivering body, the poor girl started shivering and crying. this was the first of several times that my ex would ejaculate, always during anal sex. only once or twice did she ever ejaculate while having vaginal sex. occasionally, she would ejaculate into my mouth while i was performing oral sex on her and massaging her g-spot while sucking her clitoris. this was always a treat for me and i tried to get her to do it as often as possible. however, fucking her in the ass was always a sure-fired way to get her to cum so hard that she ejaculated. man, i sure do miss her.

I am a 26 year old female. I first heard of female ejaculation about 5 years ago and didn't believe it. I just found your site and now I know the myth to be a fact. I even found a few tips on how to achieve it. Hopefully soon I will be able to do this, but I'm not sure I can because I have never had an orgasm during penetration. I can have a clitoral orgasm and that has only happened over the last three years. Before that I never had a single orgasm. Hopefully all the tips and tricks will work. Or at least some of them.

I would like to start off by telling you, If It wasnt for your website I wouldnt feel as good as I do right now..I am 32 years old and have been with my husband for 16 years...When we first got together and started having sex, I couldnt have an orgasm... after about a year.. while having sex, I am able to flex my muscles comtinuously and while doing that, I felt this overwhelming sensatiion to push... as I pushed, this liquid poured out of me, I was so embarassed, Thinking I peed all over my husband..He just continue to smile as I layed there embarrased..This went on continuosly... When I was ejaculating I would soak a comforter, blanket, set of sheets and a mattress pad..I was in total shock... It was a wondeful warm sensation, but a mess to clean up afterwards, but well worth it. I thought only men ejaculated, I thought women only had orgasims, Until tonight... My husband and I were talking about how we made love lastnite and how he knows I feel abnormal because of the soaking syndrome... He begged me to go online and look up female ejaculation..and Im thankful to have found your site..For now I feel like a complete woman. Thanks so much,

I want to tell you how frustrating it is being a US trained ********** educated MD and not having any of my peers believe me when I tell them about this subject! I was fortunate enough to have my first girlfriend ejaculate 17 years ago and since have been able to teach 100% of my partners how to do it- needless to say they all enjoyed it tremendously- but even when I have my girlfriends tell my peers of their experiences- Doctors simply dont believe it exists most of the time- with the exception of some who think it is an anomaly- I know it is real and that virtually any healthy woman is capable of it.

I am from a country where talking about sex is a taboo. The sexual intercourse is performed in total darkness and silence only between husbands and wives. Women, showing any interest in sex are looked down upon. Extra marital relations between men and women are dangerous if found out. I am a well educated married man, lived most of my life in that country and have recently migrated to the freedom, USA. About ten years ago a divorced woman with three small children started working in my office, back home. She was an ordinary looking girl of 29 years age, very friendly and helpful. I became very sympathetic to her and soon we got involved in sex. She was something else in bed. For the first time in my life I experienced a woman who was capable of ejaculating. In the beginning I thought it was urine but it had no odor or color like urine. She used to orgasm four to five times during our love making session and each time gushed lot of the liquid. We ran out of sheets and towels. When I discussed this aspect of female orgasm with my friends nobody believed me. I still have contacts with her. Your site has given me great insight in to this phenomena of female sexuality. Thank you.

my name is ****** and im 18 yrs old. i have came across your web site a few weeks ago and cant get enough of it. its soo interesting to read everyone stories and see how much i can relate. anyways a few months ago i was masturbating.normally i just did so with clitoral stimulation but this time i did that and started rubbing my g-spot. as i came close to orgasm, instead of just taking in the orgasm, i felt the need to push out. as i pushed out all this warm, wet liquid started gushing out of me. i was in total shock. prior to this day i have heard about female ejaculation but i didn't think i could do it. i proved myself very wrong.ever since that wonderful day i have been so infatuated with me being able to squirt/gush. its such a turn on to me(even though my sheets are just getting very ruined and my moms wondering why i have so many used towels in my room). its so worth it though. i have not yet be able to experience this with another person, but this has completely changed how i view my sex life and what i now can expect out of it. thank you so much for making a site thats so informational to people who are able to do this or who are just interested in this topic.

I have been brought up in a country where female ejaculation is a norm rather than an exception, in fact it is so widely know that girls talk amongst themselves who can ejaculate more that the other. If anyone has ever been to a small Central African country of Rwanda then they would know the sheer beauty of the Tutsi Girls - fair, tall and slender and since pubery, their mothers actually use some animal fat to pull and stretch the labia minora and also stimulate the clitoris, and enlargen it. This is a custom so as to give maximum orgasms and large volume of fluids when ejaculating so as to please themselves as well as their husbands not to divorce them or seek other females who may ejaculate more.The girls are also made to drink a lot of milk and a certain juice made from sorgham to enhance the fluid volume. I have made love to several Tutsi Girls and the amount of fluid the produce is amazing and pretty hot too, they cum non stop especially when the head of the penis in a semi erictile stage is rubbed continuously and at hight speed between the two stretched labia minora and the oversized clit, there is a continuous gush of this ordourless clear and warm liquid that almost engulfs the whole bed,man they are just amazing, and a tutsi girl who is not made to ejaculate is not considered beautiful. You men should take my ward for it if u ever visit Rwanda then go for the ultimate sensation in female ejaculation, it is real and it exists in abundance there, but reemember always use a condom.

I am at present a 46 year old female. I have been able to ejaculate as long as I can remember. I'm glad that some one has finally decided to write about this subject as I have had my feeling hurt very badly by men when having sex. They would jump up getting scared I guess and say why did you pee on me. That hurts my feelings. I now and have in the past 20 years told men before I go to bed with that I do ejaculate. Most men think they understand until I go to bed with them. Then they either get scared off or RUN back for more. The last male partner said he knew what I was speaking of and I still got my feelings hurt so bad that I cried. He said I urinated on him. I saw on your site that it can come in just a few drops or cupfuls. Well I fit into the cupfuls group. When excited I ejaculate more than one time, sometimes I do this I was told as much as 20 times.The more turned on I get the more I ejaculate. Once with a man while he saw sitting between my legs playing with me I ejaculated and it hit his chest so I fit into the force group also. The man I loved that died use to when we'd rent a room on a trip would get a room with 2 beds one for sex and one for sleep. More females and males need to know that this is true and not urination!!! This is the year of 2002 not 1800's wake up world. All this is when you get right down to the bare facts it is having pleasure with the g spot and control over the muscles that are used to push a baby out with. So women out there if men said you urinated on them then just tell them to piss off (:-).

I am, by far, no expert on sex or female ejaculation. From my experiences, approximately 1 in 20 women with whom I have had sexual relations experience this phenomenon.

  • A 48-year-old married woman from the Midwest. When I was inside her, and she had an orgasm, I could feel the sudden hot wetness all over my genitals. It was a wonderful amazing feeling. I told her I loved the smell of our sex. The bed sheets were always soaked after our sessions. I didn’t realize what was happening at the time (female ejaculation - I was ignorant of the phenomenon). She did tell me, however, that her husband was always disgusted afterwards. Before sex, he would make her prep the bed by putting down towels. She was responsible for carting them away and showering immediately after sex. She feels guilty about having an affair with me (I was 27 years old at the time), and doesn’t talk to me any more. Her husband, having committed spousal rape, has driven her to celibacy and shame.
  • A 25-year-old Venezuelan from the East Coast. I met her when I was 30 years old. A wonderful brown girl who had a ceiling mirror and liked “white guys” because of the contrast of skin tones (I know, I know - this is an irrelevant fact). When we started having sex, I felt the onrush of heat and wetness again. I told her that I loved this feeling, and that I rarely experienced it with a partner. She then told me, almost embarrassed, about her “female ejaculation”. I told her that I thought it was amazing. Previous lovers had been disgusted with her, and one had accused her of urinating. Once she was comfortable with me and knew that I was happy with her, the sex was more uninhibited.
  • A 29-year-old network engineer from the South. I was 31 years old when I started seeing her. Although there are no outright cases of ejaculation, there was one time when she was riding on top of me where I think my penis hit a special spot that just soaked my groin. It only happened once, and it never happened again. It wasn’t discussed.
  • A 19-year-old student in the South East. I am 33 years old now, and am having some really wonderful and exploratory sex with a new partner. Our first sexual episode was oral sex. I was performing cunnilingus on her with three fingers inside of her vagina and curled up and back. I could feel pressure building up inside of her and feel/hear the liquid making its way down some tract in her body. She was about to ejaculate, Several firsts: 1. I predicted that she was going to ejaculate, and I didn’t know this fact about her. 2. It happened during cunnilingus. 3. She had no problem with her own ejaculation - no embarrassment - total comfort. It was a gusher. A geyser of fluid shot down my face, chin, and chest in three full blasts of hot liquid. It was wonderful. And I told her so. She seemed nonchalant about the ejaculation, but she was totally drained by the tremendous orgasm. She did mention that she had never came so hard in her life.

Thank you SO much for this website! I just spent and incredibly sensual weekend with a new lover, he had never experienced a "gusher" before! I have sent him a link to your site with a sweet note thanking him for being part of such an incredible experience! You see, this lovely man made be gush almost immediately every time he entered me, never before have I had such an amazing experience! I feel like a kid in a candy store...at age 50 no less!!

I am writing about ***,... she got five ago her very first female ejaculation.... I had been playing with her clit for a while with my tongue whereas I was massaging her gspot and vigina with the vibrator I just purchased for her.... Sue was beautiful.. she was eyes closed like in a dream.. I had no clue she would come like that.. Yet.. at some point my face was covered with liquid. Sue stood up panicky ... "I just pissed on you she screamed".... No I answered... "This is what you call female ejaculation!"... My shirt and my face were covered of it... So was the chair she was sitting on ...!' Need less that she has been laughting about it for the last 30 minutes.. claiming "man.. that is the best orgasm I ever had''.... Thanks to your site.. It helped me show her this was normal...and great.. Need less to say that I am kind of proud to have enhance the quality of such lovely woman.. myself..

In the past 2 months I have begun dating a woman who experiences (actually we experience it together) female ejaculation. Over my years I have been with many woman (no brag just fact), but this is the first woman I have ever experienced this with. I first heard of female ejaculation about ten years ago when speaking with a female friend (non sexual relationship) and in the course of a conversation she told me that at orgasm she secreeted about a cup of fluid... I had no knowledge of what this was. I have since over the past couple of years learned of this but still had no clue what it was, other than it happened. This site has been terrific! My girlfriend really didn't know what this was all about either, and is a bit embarrassed by it. I, on the other hand, am TOTALY aroused by it! I love the feeling of the warm liquid on me as we make love, and when she is on top it rolls down my abdomen.... I enjoy stimulating her with my hand and watching it squirt (no major gush, just a slight squirt). I believe I found her her g spot (which was only a term I had heard before I read your site) strictly by my enjoyment of feeling inside her. Now I will pay more attention as I feel around inside her... I am almost jealous of her orgasim as it is obviously far more pleasurable than mine, not to mention how often she can explode! I am looking forward to seeing her today and being able to give some explanation of what this is all about.

I have been involved with several women, and managed to find one who ejaculated (seems so crude to say that way). Unfortunately, she was ashamed of it, and my encouraging her to freely let fly only pushed her further away. I have tried to share this level of enlightenment with other girlfriends, but they either couldn't go there physically or were frightened or irritated by my offering and quickly moved away. When these situations happened, I made a point to observe closely what occured so I could understand it all, and I have since come to this conclusion. I think the reason this phenomenon is still relatively ignored in the mainstream has to do mostly with the currency of emotional control between men and women. I think for a woman to let go far enough to allow that level of openess to exist between herself and a man is somewhat rare and unusual. Trust is definitly a large part of it, and the ability to relinquish control. Several of my female pals have confided in me that they could never marry, let alone have a relationship with a man they had such a deep physical connection with. The loss of control was too much. And having a guy around who wants that level of closeness would be distracting, irritating and difficult. Easier to have a lunk who just wants to get his rocks off, as long as he keeps up his part of the bargain. Most men seem to be interested in just that, too - the quality of their intimacy takes a backseat to quantity. It may not be their fault - they're wired that way. I think many women can be just as apathetic, too - as long as they have a sex life the quality is irrelevant. Sometimes, I wonder if lesbians might have a better handle on this - female ejaculation seems to be a prevelant topic in their circles. I think it's commendable to seek that level of intimacy regardless of the gender of your partner. And given the current indications of intelligence and caring sensitivity of men these days (I don't see much),turning to another woman is understandable. A more thourough explanation of the physical and biological realities of human sexual behavior can be found in a book called 'The Anatomy of Love'. I can't remember the name of the author, but she's a credentialed professor and the book is a must. I highly recommend it. Finally, I have to confess to some disappointment in my relationships, and although there are other reasons for that, I feel the lack of true intimacy is at the core. I know there must be some woman somewhere that can go there. I envy the man whose lover comes like the ocean. I miss it terribly. Please tell them how rare and precious they are. And thank you for a wonderful website!

I'm very happy to have found this site. Just last night my wife and I were in the middle of some particularly hot sex, and we noticed that everything was embaraassingly wet. She thought I was peeing in her, and it almost ruined our fun. But I remembered seeing ejaculation videos at one of the stores we rent at, and despte continued discomfort (mental) we kept going and were able to talk about it. It's actually been going on for quite some time, and neither of us knew what was happening. Frankly, I thought I had some kind of incontinence problem. But now, I feel lucky that my wife can get comfortable enough to ejaculate. And the wonderful thing is finding such a community, so that maybe we can both be positive about this in the future.

I am 41 and have been married for 5 years ( my first) I have had over 50 sexual partners before I met my husband. Making love with my husband is the best, because I know how deeply he loves me and I him. Just over a month ago, we were making love and suddenly I gushed all over him and the bed. We both realized what it was and just wonder why it has suddenly started happening. Who cares, it is wonderful and has added a whole new dimension to our lovemaking. The only advice I can give to anyone who wants to ejaculate is to push instead of clenching when they're aroused, this generally works for us. I have come all over my husband's face several times and he loves it.

I came across your website and absolutely love it. Both my girlfriend and I enjoy sex very much and she is talented when it comes to squirting. Only recently did she start doing this and ever since then we both crave sex more and more. We will have sex at least 3 times a day and I cant get enough of it. I will lick her and lick her till she cums and squirts all over and into my mouth as well. Its now a fetish for me to taste her delicious flowing juices. I'm now addicted to it and cant help but licking and fingering her at the same time. Sometimes she will gush and other times she will just flow, but either way, I cant get enough of her. Anyways just wanted to thank you for having such a great site and sharing with the world this phenomenon!
M & D

So glad I found your page because SUDDENLY after sooo many years of sensationless sexual contact -probably stemming from childhood rape. A GYN practitioner prescribed self love so that I could be in a place that does not unnerve me while trying to find my pleasure. I have found that I not only have sensation but that I have boocoo female ejaculation - SURPRISE ME (I was prescribed a eurithral sphincter contraction interuptor which was a test to discover whether I was incontinent or having ejaculation. No urine in the mix.). Perhaps it is because it has taken 41 years to find that my body has response in the first place but . . . Prior to this sudden finding of the ejaculation factor I had started having incredible clitoral orgasms without ejaculation occurring. The problem now occurs that NOW try as I might - I seem to have PREMATURE FEMALE EJACULATION. I have tried to find someone somewhere who can educate me on why I ejaculate and loose the pending orgasm ???? But I am generally treated like well I'm just F---ng nuts and what's the big deal? I spend time in DAILY practice of controlling it but I real desire to have the orgasm as it would occur with the ejaculation. Is that too much to ask? Perhaps there is technique (Keigel doesnt help) or an herbal aid that you know of that can help to delay the contractions until the orgasm is ready to emit???

I came across your web site and wanted to drop you a line to tell you of my experience with ejaculating. I have a loving and caring husband who has been bring me to orgasm with ejaculation for years. I used to be very embarassed about it and thought I was losing bladder control and finally talked to my gynecologist about it. She told me that I was probably correct however, there was a chance I was able to female ejaculate. I laughed in her face, but she set up an appointment to have my husband come in with me and stimulate me to orgasm in her presence to examine what was occurring. He stimulated me to orgasm with his fingers and tongue and she measured the amount of fluid and also sent it for analysis. When it came back, she told me I was female ejaculating and how truly lucky I was to have a man who knew how to bring me to that level of pleasure (I have been known to lose conciousness when I cum at times when he really gets into it). Since then, my husband and I have become swingers and he has shown more than 8 women how to orgasm harder and better and be able to female ejaculate. One of those women was my gynecologist, who also gave him pointers on how to better explain what is happening, and another was my own mother. She had discovered what we were doing and expressed a certain amount of curiousity, so for her 50th birthday, my hubby spent 4 hours bringing her to nearly a dozen orgasms including several where she ejaculated. (Of course for his 30th she returned the favor with me joining in) Since then, not a month goes by when he doesn't go over to her house at least once to help her "with a problem" Thanks for shedding light on this subject.

I've known for awhile that I could squirt but not to the extense of gushing. I discovered that recently and I think i've been able to do it quite well. My question is, is there a smell to it? my bed was drenched and the stuff had a light yellow color to it and it had a smell but not urine. it was a weird sweet smell.

I'm glad that I found your website, I'm a 33 year old female who was married to my first husband for 16 years. I did not have my first orgasm until I was 22 years old. I was very shocked to know that a woman was surposed to even enjoy sex. I guess my husband was prepared to keep me in the dark forever. He was not one to talk about sex so it was never discussed. I have always been curious about sex but I really didn't have anyone to talk to about it except girlfriends, and all I would hear is how wonderful it was. I couldn't understand why it didn't feel that good to me until oneday I was playing with his body massager and touched my clit with it and fell in love. My dreams had been answered. I didn't tell him for years what I was doing because he wouldn't have understood and to my guess I was right. I kept playing with it for years enjoying my free time alone until it burnt up. I didn't know what I was going to do now because I couldn't tell him that I needed a new toy, so I went to a friend for help. My friend went to a toy store and picked me one out. I was happy again. When he found out, he would hide the batteries from me when he would leave for work;so I always tried to have some spares on hand. Needless to say I finally had enough. I divorced him and I'm with my soul mate that is as sexual as me and I'm learning new things everyday. I'm a squirter and proud that I have a man that loves it as much as I. It feels great to finally be myself sexually and not be deprived as no woman should ever be.

Your site was like a breath of fresh air to me. I am 45 and single. I have been experiencing female ejaculation for about 10 years now. Unfortunately for me for the past 10 years, I have been seeking answers to the questions I have had about this thing that goes on with my body from time to time. Went to the doctor, and was not given enough info to feel ok with what was going on. You see, I have times that i have one continual orgasm, spontaneously. I can be at work in a meeting, cooking, at the store, basically any time and in any situation. I actually have to wear feminine protection because it is so contiual. These experiences have lasted up to 3 consecutive weeks. My entire body feels like i misdt of an orgasm. Well, needless to say without knowing what is really going on with me body I find it hard at these times to focus and sometimes function. These experiences happen without any physical contact at all. I have asked all of my friends did they experience the same, and i have yet to find anyone that has, they are all very envious, and I realize it is a blessing, but not knowing and not understanding was driving me crazy. I am now learning to calm down and relax with this wonderful blessing that I have been given. THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE!

Great site! It's good to see someone making an effort to educate the millions of sexually incompetent males in the US (of which I was one). I had no idea that a woman could "squirt" just before or during orgasm until I started dating this girl years ago. When she was sure we'd end up in the sack (girls are always the first to know!)she would drop little cryptic remarks about our impending tryst like, "Do you like waterfalls?" or "Do you like playing in fountains?" I had no idea what she was eluding to and thought them innocent questions. Needless to say I found out what she was talking about the first time I brought her to a glorious gushing orgasm. I wasn't stunned or shocked or anything, but I was curious to say the least. She explained what was happening (with a huge smile on her face) and that not many women were comfortable enough doing it to let themselves go like that. She found out how to do it through masturbation. Information on the phenom wasn't easy to come by in the early 90's when I did not own a computer, so I spent hours in the library on the subject (if I was lucky enough to find some documentation that is). Even my buddies had no idea about it. This girl is EXTREMELY comfortable with her sexuality and her ability to ejaculate, so much so that she could do it almost any time with the right kind of stimulation. I was soon (I don't want to say obsessed) very interested in this activity, and would just watch her demonstrate as a prelude to sex. I've seen some girls on the Internet and on DVD doing it (some obviously fake) and very few could match her volume. She could do it two or three times during a lovemaking session and it would always be A LOT (I never measured her output to know for sure, but I went through more than one mattress with her). Thanks again for the wonderful site and the information on it. To all those guys who've yet to date a "squirter"...you have my deepest condolences.

For me, I never had experience about female ejaculation before, but I surely wish that I could make my girlfriend to feel it. There is something in it, which really fascinates me, it's both sensual, and warm feeling. But I'm worried if I can make her to feel that, she might be really embarassed, you see, I know that she is generally pretty shy about herself. When I ejaculate, she always feels so happy, and she always moves glides hand on my stomach coated with my semen after she's been touching me, but you know, she might not know about this, since she has been virgin and I'm her first (and hopefully the only) sex partner. I've been wishing to bring these topics gently up, but she don't seem to like to talk about it. She is somehow really sensitive and shy, and I must say I really understand that. There are some things what can be discussed only under warm blanket and in romantic mood. Well, I wish many happy orgasms and ejaculations for you all! Keep loving your partners, in your own, warm ways.

I've been married for 18 years and recently began to ejaculate. It feels incredible, but it has been uncomfortable for my husband. I am a sexual abuse survivor and it took awhile for me to be able to "get out of my head" and really enjoy sex. Obviously, we've accomplished that! The problem is that my darling hubby hates being "wet"! Even being sweaty or having wet feet drives him crazy. Last night, I was on top and riding my way to heaven while he's getting drenched and turned off! What a bummer! We had a great talk about it, tho' and he was able to explain it in a way that didn't offend or hurt me. We will often do a different position (sort of a "K" shape), which means that when I squirt, it mostly goes down onto the bed (HUGE wet spot!!) but the sensations are still getting in the way of his enjoyment. Any ideas??? (Maybe he'll just get more comfortable with it in time.)

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