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19 July 2013
Experiments cast doubt on reality of sex addiction
Sex addiction has been blamed for ruining relationships, lives, and careers, but UCLA scientists say that the affliction may not actually exist...

4 June 2013
Promiscuous women rejected as friends
Young women judge promiscuous females more negatively than more chaste women and view them as unsuitable for friendship, finds a study from Cornell University...

2 June 2013
HPV-related oral cancer risk is low for spouses, say experts
Partners of patients with mouth and throat cancers related to infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV) appear to have no increased prevalence of oral HPV infections, say Johns Hopkins researchers...

5 March 2013
Brain gets new reproductive wiring during puberty
Brains add cells during puberty in regions where it was thought no new growth occurred, leading scientists to speculate that the new growth is to do with mating and reproduction...

23 January 2013
Sex-with-an-ex: everyone's doing it
Researchers say "sex-with-an-ex," when couples break up yet remain sexually involved, appears to be common amongst young adults...

23 November 2012
Designer vagina clinics promoting pudendal disgust, say critics
An analysis of websites promoting "designer vagina" procedures found that the quality of information provided for women is poor, inaccurate, and reinforces negative feelings known as pudendal disgust...

25 July 2012
Movies predict sexual behavior in adolescence
Adolescents who watch movie behaviors like drinking or smoking are more likely to drink and smoke themselves, but until now, surprisingly little research has examined whether movies influence sexual behaviors...

27 April 2012
G-spot real, suggests anatomical evidence
The existence of the g-spot has been a hotly debated topic since the eponymous Dr Grafenberg claimed he had identified a small mass of erectile tissue around the female urethra...

12 January 2012
Elderly women most sexually satisfied
The majority of women in a new study report that sexual satisfaction increases with age and also that frequent arousal and orgasm continue into old age...

13 September 2011
Brain scans reveal diverse female orgasmic repertoire
The idea that the clitoris is the only source of female genital sensation has been directly challenged after new brain scans revealed that stimulation of the vagina, cervix and nipples strongly activated three separate areas in the brain's sensory cortex...

21 June 2011
Women lead in sexting stakes
A new study reveals that women are more likely than men to engage in sexting and that more than half of the people in the study had cheated online while in a serious relationship...

9 June 2011
Self-esteem, autonomy associated with increased sexual enjoyment
A new study is the first to use a representative population sample of heterosexuals to find a relationship between key developmental factors and sexual pleasure...

4 May 2010
The Pill found to have "significant adverse sexual effects"
Women taking hormonal contraceptives were at the highest risk of female sexual dysfunction, according to a new German study...

5 January 2010
G-spot remains elusive
Researchers say the G-spot may simply be a figment of women's imagination, after an in-depth probe failed to find any evidence of its existence...

29 September 2009
Orgasms linked to positive genital image
Researchers say that women who feel positively about their genitals find it easier to orgasm and are more likely to engage in positive sexual health behaviors...

3 March 2009
Warning sounded on genital piercings
While men can rely on a little blue pill to improve things in the bedroom, women are turning to more extreme measures to enhance sexual intercourse – despite the dangers...

18 November 2008
Women's sexual behavior not affected by weight
A woman's weight does not affect her sexual behavior, say researchers who instead found that overweight women are more likely to report having sex than "normal weight" women...

15 September 2008
Surprise! Alcohol and risky sex linked
Having five or more alcoholic beverages at one time has been linked with risky sexual behaviors such as multiple partners and anal sex...

5 September 2008
Walk THIS way!
Sexologists say they can infer a woman's history of vaginal orgasm by observing the way she walks...

8 May 2008
What's A Sex Crime Between Friends?
The vast majority of unwanted sexual experiences at college are perpetrated by someone the victim knows, in direct contrast to the stereotype of the perpetrator being a stranger...

2 April 2008
Penetrative Sex: Less Is More
According to sex therapists, satisfactory sexual intercourse for couples lasts from just 3 to 13 minutes, contrary to the popular fantasy about the need for hours of sexual activity...

16 January 2008
Female Sexuality Hard To Pin Down
Psychologists find support for the notion that female sexuality is relatively fluid and that the distinction between lesbian and bisexual women is not a rigid one...

19 November 2007
Genital Arousal Disorder Related To Stress
Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, a condition marked by persistent sensations of genital arousal that are unrelieved by orgasm, is likely related to a number of pre-existing stress related illnesses...

15 June 2007
Sexy Dreams On The Increase
Compared to 40 years ago, women nowadays are having many more dreams of a sexual nature...

5 June 2007
Sleepsex Disorders Get Categorized
Researchers have just completed a review and formal classification of a wide range of sleep-related disorders associated with abnormal sexual behaviors...

5 February 2007
Brain's Reward Center Short-Circuited During Menstruation
Changes in sex hormone levels during a woman's menstrual cycle affect the responsiveness of her brains' reward circuitry...

7 November 2006
Why It Feels Good To Be Bad
Social norms are far more likely to shape our attitudes toward risky behaviors than dire health warnings...

6 November 2006
Sex Around The Globe
Have you ever wondered how your sexual behaviors rate against those of the rest of humanity? How old you were the first time, how many partners you've had, and how often you practice safe sex?

2 October 2006
Steamy Camera Shoot Explodes Sexual Myth
Researchers have discovered that women become sexually aroused just as quickly as men do...

6 September 2006
For Women, Sex Doesn’t Sell
Magazines like Cosmopolitan have got it all wrong, say researchers who reckon that sex bores female magazine readers...

10 August 2006
U.S. Teens Exchange Sex For Money Or Drugs
A survey of adolescents across the country has found that around 1-in-30 of them have exchanged sex for money or drugs...

14 June 2006
Female Response To Erotic Imagery Surprises Researchers
Researchers measuring electrical responses in the brain were surprised to find that women’s brains reacted in much the same way as men’s when shown erotic imagery...

8 May 2006
Sex After 40 A Rare Event For Single Women
Single, divorced or widowed women over 40 may find that having an active sexual life in middle age is not as easy as it appears in Desperate Housewives...

27 March 2006
Low Sex Drive – Says Who?
There have been an absurd number of studies done on female libido, mostly coming to the conclusion that every kind of woman - whether pre-menopausal, pregnant, peri-menopausal, menopausal, or post-menopausal - has a low sex drive. Well, listen up pharmaceutical companies; don’t waste your time with testosterone. You know what gets me turned on? The sound of a vacuum cleaner, when I’m not operating it...

22 February 2006
Sexual Spark Remains Throughout Life
Despite myths to the contrary, many older women can and do stay sexually active well into later life, with sexual satisfaction still an important part of their lives…

Female Sexuality And Pornography
(13 February 2006)
Over one billion adult movies were sold in 2005, but how many of those titles were bought by women? The answer is, very few. Pornography for women – it’s almost an oxymoron isn’t it? Why doesn’t porn make women feel sexy? Where are the adult movie directors and producers who create movies with women as the target audience?

Orgasmic Spells From The Magic Wand
(2 January 2006)
Everyone loves orgasms, right? Sure we do! So why does it seem so hard to have one? And is it some huge cosmic joke that the “in-out” way men and women have sex seems designed entirely to promote male orgasm, while our most sensitive of spots is placed just a little too far away from all the action?

29 September 2005
Single Women Have Fewer Sexual Difficulties
A just released sex survey finds that married women are more likely to have sexual difficulties than either single women or married men...

26 September 2005
Study Finds Big Rise In Female-Female Sex
A new survey investigating the sexual habits of American men and women has found a large increase in the number of women reporting same-gender sexual contact...

Sexual Equality: Big Issue or Big Distraction?
(9 September 2005)
Many women today believe feminism has outlived its usefulness. We can dress how we want, sleep with who we want, drink what we want and even belch, fart, vomit and curse if we want to. We’ve finally got equality, haven’t we? In many areas, that’s probably true, but female sexual equality is still a sticking point with the feminist old guard who say that women are still conforming to male sexual expectations. And it’s not hard to see what they’re complaining about...

Bad Sex Linked To Thoughts Of Submission
(20 July 2005)
Psychologists believe that women automatically associate sex with submission, and the association lowers arousal and reduces the quality of their sexual experience...

Surprises In Sexual Attitudes Survey
(20 June 2005)
A new survey of sexual attitudes has found that 25 percent of women have sexual intercourse before the age of consent and that women are twice as likely as men to regret their first experience of intercourse...

Self-Mutilation Linked To Risky Sexual Behavior
(14 February 2005)
In young women, self-cutting is strongly associated with risky sexual behaviors such as not using condoms...

Mental Health Problems Common Amongst Lesbians
(1 December 2004)
Researchers say that 43 percent of lesbians suffer mental health problems because of discrimination...

Sex Life Not So Lively For Obese
(15 November 2004)
A new study shows a striking difference in sexual quality of life between obese and normal weight people...

Sex And Drugs And... Suicide
(13 September 2004)
Teenagers with behavior patterns involving sex and drugs have significantly higher odds of depression, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts...

Anal Cancer On The Increase
(12 July 2004)
Anal cancer is on the rise in both sexes, and changing trends in sexual behavior combined with tobacco use may explain the increase...

A Short History Of Female Ejaculation
(10 January 2004)
New insights into the controversial topic of female ejaculation suggest that it really does exist and is not just poor bladder control or incontinence...

Cunnilingus To Blame For Recurrent Yeast Infections
(22 December 2003)
The presence of yeast in male sex partners does not make women more prone to recurrent yeast infections but certain sexual activities do...

Bachelorette Parties Getting Wilder
(1 September 2003)
Raunchy bachelorette parties signify a shift in how women and their sexuality are viewed in society...

Sexual Behaviors Of Women And Men Similar
(3 July 2003)
A new study suggests that men and women might not be as far apart in sexual behaviors as previous research has shown...

Female Sexual Arousal Surprise
(16 June 2003)
In contrast to men, women have a bisexual arousal pattern and tend to become sexually aroused by both male and female erotica...

Cautious Kissing Advised For People With Allergies
(17 February 2003)
A woman who experienced a severe allergic reaction immediately after kissing her boyfriend has prompted a warning from hematologists...

Sex Survey Reveals Top Turn-Ons To Be Police And Firemen
(19 December 2002)
Arrest me officer, I've been a bad girl. Police and firemen are the men-in-uniform favorites in this survey that also looks at penis preferences and female erotica...

Oral Contraceptives And Sexuality In Women
(22 March 2002)
A San Francisco State University study on the effects of oral contraceptives on sexual interest and behavior of university women revealed unexpected and unprecedented results…

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