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2 January 2006
Orgasmic Spells From The Magic Wand
by Katherine Burnett-Watson

Everyone loves orgasms, right? Sure we do! So why does it seem so hard to have one? And is it some huge cosmic joke that the ďin-outĒ way men and women have sex seems designed entirely to promote male orgasm, while our most sensitive of spots is placed just a little too far away from all the action?

Sure he can let his fingers do the walking, but honestly, how often do you end up in the situation of ďjust a little to the left, a bit slower, gently, gently...Ē And donít even get me started on the state of some menís manicures Ė hang nail anyone? Ouch!

But before I become guilty of man-bashing, (and loving them the way I do I wouldnít want to do that), how many of us would be guilty of the same thing if the situation were reversed? Would we be able to find the ďlittle man in the boatĒ if it wasnít our boat we were rowing?

And what about solo expeditions? Manual masturbation is lots of fun but for girls who like to take their time coming to orgasm - or find it hard to get there - repetitive strain injury isnít. And not everyone has the manual dexterity or gymnastic abilities that some vibrators require.

But never fear, the girls at Aphrodite want to let you in on a little secret. Weíve found the ultimate pleasure machine designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. Itís called the Magic Wand, and boy, does it live up to its name! We love it for many reasons, not least of all because itís designed to look just like a back-massager rather than a foot-long porn-star penis. No scaring your boyfriend with an extra dick in the bed, and no questioning glances from your roommate as theyíre rummaging through your drawers to ďborrow that topĒ. Now letís get to the specs!

The Magic Wand is 12 inches long, from the tip of the vibrating head to the base of the handle, which makes it easy to hold and manipulate. Many vibrators designed for insertion have controls at the base of the shaft, making it difficult to see or reach them when you want to change the speed, and often mean getting sore hands and wrists from the convoluted way you need to hold them for use. The Wand is used for external clitoral stimulation, and its design means the handle can be held upwards, and with the two speed controls positioned in the middle of the handle, itís very easy to operate.

We think the Wand is superior to other clitoral vibrators because of its strong and steady vibrations (itís operated from mains-power, not batteries) and (this is the bit we LOVE most!) its tennis-ball sized vibrating head. Most clitoral vibrators weíve seen seem to be as small as the clitoris itself, as though pin-pointing vibration directly onto the clitoris was the best way to achieve orgasm. Boy, what were the manufacturers thinking? I mean, just because you enjoy a back rub doesnít mean you want a finger prodding you right in the middle of your spine.

The Wandís large head delivers vibration around the clitoris and vulva simultaneously, reaching many sensitive bits all at once. While this is most definitely a good thing, Iíve found that as good as the Wand is, it can be a little too good, with the strong vibrations being, ahem, a little too strong at times. This is why I recommend starting on the lower speed (always a good place to start with vibrators in general) and if this speed isnít quite doing it for you; go up to the higher speed. One of the Aphrodite girls uses a wash cloth between herself and the Wand, to dampen the sensations a little. Iíve also found that using the Wand through your clothing is a fun and quick way of masturbating, which is especially good if you live with nosy roommates or want some mess-free fun.

ďBut I like penetrating vibrators!Ē we hear you declare, (well maybe thatís just the little voice inside my head, but humor me). The Wand also has an attachment that can be bought separately called the G Cap G Spot Vibrator Attachment. Designed to slip on over the Wandís vibrating head, the attachment has a soft 4 inch shaft that can be used as a G spot stimulator: it fits on the Wand in a way that you can hold the handle upwards while using it. The G Cap can also be used as a penetrating vibrator without stimulating your G spot, and as a clitoral stimulator that offers more ďaccurateĒ stimulation than the Wand on its own.

Although Iíve raved about the Wand, there are a couple of drawbacks, albeit minor ones. As Iíve mentioned, the vibrations can be a bit strong for some people, which can be a bit of a turn off. Also, the fact that it runs on mains-power means you canít throw it in your backpack for a naughty camping trip, (unless youíre heading to a log cabin with power) and you need to be near a power outlet to run it unless you want to leave a tell-tale extension cord trail. Its size, although fantastic for ease of use, can be a little cumbersome at times, but experimenting with the best way to hold the Wand while using it should iron out any problems you may have.

But above all, the real reason we at Aphrodite love the Magic Wand so much is although itís a great toy to use by yourself, itís even better to use with your partner. We like the fact that itís couple friendly. Itís not penis-shaped, or flesh colored, so itís not sending the message that youíre looking for a dick substitute. Itís not four feet long and as wide as your fist (although toys like those do have their time and place, whether itís anytime in your place is another thing). It gives a killer back and shoulder massage if you and your partner want to pleasure each other non-sexually, and itís ideal for leading to something a bit sexier if youíre feeling in the mood. And after a shoulder massage from the Wand we bet you will!

If your New Yearís resolution is to have more fun in the bedroom, the girls at Aphrodite recommend the Magic Wand as a belated Christmas present to yourself.

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