1 Year after ESSURE, nickel allergy, no insurance.

Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by moonchild, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Odd, I have had many of the same symptoms as others, but have never connected the issues to these implants until researching here. I always tried to come up with excuses: rashes on my hips and torso: change in fabric softner? Winter dry skin? Heat rash? I quit wearing jeans all together a few months ago thinking that maybe I was itchy because they were slightly tighter than before the last baby. Nausea: hormonal issues? low blood sugar? Cramping and sometimes sharp pains in groin, especially during intercourse or physical activities: my mother had cysts, maybe me too? ovulation maybe felt different because of coils? Low energy: Well who has energy when they have a baby, 2 three year olds in the house and home-schooling two older kids? But then I read some posts here and decided to try the old nickle on skin test, and within 2 hours, had a perfect, round raised welt. I tried to discuss these issues with the surgeon's office. They "Have NEVER had to deal with a patient with nickle allergy. You know the only way to get them out is a complete histo... blah blah..Do you have insurance to cover major surgery?" sound familiar? So, what now? Will my body ever accept these with an allergy? Can you supress the allergy with anti-histamines? Will I ever be able to have them removed without insurance? I am lost...

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    Sorry if I have too much to say, but I just wanted to give a bit more history: I did tell the staff that I was sensitive to metals, which they didn't even ask until I was given the shot and in the stirrups. I said I couldn't wear any jewelry that wasn't pure silver, and even got a nasty reaction to my wedding ring, which claimed to be sterling. They said "Oh, well you wore jeans today, you should be fine." The procedure was extremely painful, the surgeon said it was because I had "fluff" in my left tube. What does that mean? I was very dizzy and nauseated, bleeding heavily after, and continued bleeding for 3 months. I called and asked about the bleeding and BAD cramping on the left side, and was told "That's normal, it is all part of the healing process." So, when I went back for the HSG, I mentioned my issues again, and was told that everything was fine, take 800-1,000 mg ibuprofen every 4 hours and eventually the scar tissue will do it's job. The cramping was worse after the HSG, so the nurse called me in 10 darvocet. I came back for a "consult" a couple of days later, because I was still in pain and very queasy. He told me that it was probably my tube contracting around the coil. I asked if that was normal... he said "I don't really know. I am making this up as I go along, I have never really had anyone with complaints before. Lets just give it a few months and see if it resolves on its own." I asked what to do about the pain, and told them that the massive amounts of ibuprofen made me even more queasy. They proceded to make snide comments, as if I was drug-seeking, and I left in tears. I have tried benadryl, leg cramp pills with quinine, calcium and magnesium supplements, heating pad (which I kept thinking was giving me a heat rash.) I think I have been patient, but this has been a difficult year, and my husband is feeling neglected because I am not as interested in sex. I love him very much, and enjoyed a great sex-life before, and do my best not to wince and cringe when he hits the wrong spot, but this all seems pretty unfair. I wish I had done much more research on this subject before... hind-site 20/20. Thanks for letting me vent, and any info. to help me with this situation would be greatly appreciated. I live in Arkansas, and my research hasn't turned up any useful resources yet. Thanks!!

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    If you don't have any insurance, are you eligible for Medicaid or anything like that? I haven't heard of anyone getting much relief from anything other than removing the coils which is usually done by either removing the tubes or some sort of hysterectomy. Unfortunately they are all major surgeries and quite expensive.

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    I have family planning medicaid, but according to the office staff, all it would cover would be a pap-smear and breast exam. I'm not sure if I want to waste my annual appointment at their office, they don't act like they have any sympathy, or solutions, since I am "the ONLY person" that has had any problems.....

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    I don't know if there is much you can do... I would try calling the manufacturer of Essure and tell them that your doctor never told you about the nickel in them and never asked you about an allergy and that you tried to inform them in advance and now you are having all of these problems.

    I _doubt_ they will do anything, but it's good for them to keep getting angry phone calls from people having problems.

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    I called the company to complain, I am pretty certain that they didn't keep a record, I asked "don't you need my contact info" and the lady on the other end sighed..... She told me that I need to talk to my doctor.... thank you for calling Essure....click. Pass the buck seems to be the trend in this dilemma. I also made a report to the FDA, they are sending a more detailed questionaire in the mail. They were actually very nice and professional. I hope all of us survive until a solution comes around. Thanks for responding... It helps to know you're not alone in all of this.

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    Glad you reported to the FDA!

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    So, I am curious... has anyone tried the herbal remedies to reduce scar tissue in fallopion tubes? Do you think the tubes could possibly fall out on their own if the scar tissue breaks down?????

  9. moonchild

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    Well,I have one more issue now.....I am 10 days late for my period. Nausea has been going on throughout this year, so I don't think of it as a symptom, but nursing my 15 month old is getting uncomfortable, and I have more mucus discharge now, and I have been uncomfortably dry for the last year. My itchy rash has gone into overdrive.... I had PUPPP with my last 2 pregnancies... an allergic rash/hives throughout the entire 9 months. What are the true statistics on pregnancy after ESSURE? I see a lot of info about women who post about their post-essure pregnancies, but the info on the web still says 5 out of every 1,000.

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    Hello everyone. I am new to this site so I am guessing that I am posting the correct way.
    I have ESSURE. I hate it. I believe it needs to be off the market. I have had it since Sept. 2009 and ever since I have been sore, achy,sharp pains,light headed( feeling I will faint now and then ) My whole body just hurts. I started seeing a doctor about my symptoms (did not even think anything about essure) a couple months after essure. My dr. ran test after test and could not tell me what was wrong except for inflamation....Well why do I have inflammation?? He said it could be caused by lots of things. Well He treated me with advil but nothing...I kept going back with more and more symptoms that developed along the way. Finally I started doing some reasearch on essure and came across these and other blogs. I decided to talk to my Dr and have an allergy test. I did...and it was positive. I have to have it removed now..(thank God) but its expensive and far away from where I live. This thing is causing so many problems. I understand some women like it, but I don't and many others are having some very crazy dangerous complications and something needs to be done. I have reported it to the FDA and have written many letters to some lawyers. I never thought I'd need to sue anyone for anything but this is wrong and needs to be addressed. If not taken off as a list of b/c options..it needs to at least have requirements, like allergy test and MANY risk and reactions forms to be signed- for those brave women out there that would still like to risk it! I would love to hear from anyone that has and dislikes the essure, has had removed or wants it removed. I know this is so long, but it doesnt even touch my entire essure story from day one...I had it bad, but from what I've read, some of you have had it much worse. God Bless all of you out there and I hope everything works out for you. I am planning to have mine removed Feb 2011..I would do it sooner but funds are low right now...and ESSURE told my Dr that they were unable to help pay for my removal. Go figure..if they did, they would be accepting some sort of fault.

  11. iampam

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    moonchild, have you taken a pregnancy test yet? There are no true statistics for the real pregnancy rate of Essure.

  12. moonchild

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    My hubby is getting me one today. I kinda hope that I am just stressing myself out. We have 6 kids at home right now, and my 1 year old weighed 10 lb 15 oz at birth. I am not a big girl, my usual weight is around 145. I still have an extra 10 lb, that I'm not worried about until the baby is weaned. All of my babies were over 9 lbs at birth, but the last one did me in at almost 11, so we decided to get "fixed."(I hope)

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  14. moonchild

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    Well, my silly old man seems disappointed. I think he wanted some bragging rights for getting past those horrid coils. He is 50 years old, wasn't supposed to live past 16, and was told he would never have kids because of Uremic poisoning, experimental kidney surgery and several surgeries on his baby making parts. He loves proving those Dr.'s wrong. We both would like to adopt, once some of these others grow up and move out, but I didn't really want another one from this body. So, back to the other issues.... Has anyone out there found any relief from allergic reaction to these hideous coils besides removal? I like trying natural remedies as much as possible. Calendula lotion seems to be helping a little with this itchy rash, but it never really goes away. I hate taking benadryl because it makes me bitchy and tired. I swear I can still feel my tubes contracting around the coils often as well. It feels like muscle spasms, and then sharp stabbing pains for a few hours, then back to mild spasms almost every day. Man, it is annoying.

  15. kym4

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    I posted on another thread about nickel being listed as a carcinogen. You really need to have them removed since you are allergic to nickel. Your body will likely keep responding to what it has determined is a foreign substance.

  16. acw

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    mommyof5, keep in mind that Essure/Conceptus is not going to accept responsibility and pay for removal since they've already stated that you shouldn't have Essure if you are alergic to nickel. Unfortunately, they probably have their butts covered legally on that one. But you should continue to pursue some sort of compensation from your doctor, who should have checked for a nickel allergy prior to doing the procedure on you.

    It's not the product that I'm upset with, but the doctors who seem to be negligent in providing adequate patient information and taking the proper precautions with regards to the risks. Especially the nickel allergy, when Conceptus explicitly states that.

    I believe that it has its place as a birth control option. Nothing out there, permanent or temporary, comes without risks and we all have a right to weigh those options. But it seems that many physicians have been lax in helping make an informed and safe decision.

  17. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Yeah given the severe reactions many women have had, it seems like a nickel allergy test should be mandatory before they are implanted. Conceptus should require that of their doctors!!

    Unfortunately you can develop nickel allergies over time, so it wouldn't be a perfect solution, but at least a step in the right direction.

  18. moonchild

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    OK, new story...I was taking out the trash today, and noticed a faint blue line on the HPT I took yesterday. We celebrated the - symbol yesterday by having a couple of drinks, and I took my zoloft before bed, and ibuprofen to help with this never-ending crampy feeling. Now I am obsessing about that line. I am thinking that it is probably an evaporation line, but the fact that it was blue did worry me. I wonder where to go from here. It makes me so angry that this is even a concern at this point, after being told that I would never have to worry about contraception again. There are blizzard warnings in my area tonight, and I am not sure that we will be able to get out to buy another HPT for a few days. Should I act as though I am pg, and quit taking my zoloft and ibuprofen, or continue with life as usual? This really sucks! I don't want to feel like a 16 year old in trouble or an obsessive TTC woman looking for any glimmer of hope in a little blue line.

  19. iampam

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    You can't trust a pregnancy test after the time limit has passed!! It was almost certainly an evaporation line. Here's a story about this [​IMG] http://www.peeonastick.com/hpt/cautionary.html

    Having said that, you should probably test every few days until AF comes. If you ovulated later than usual, and the Essure failed, then you could get a negative test and then a positive a few days later.

    I don't know what to tell you about the zoloft. The odds that you are pregnant are still pretty low, so you have to weigh the costs/benefits. If missing it for a day will screw you up for awhile then that may not be the best idea.

    You could try a heating pad or other more natural remedies for the cramps. Tylenol is pretty safe in pregnancy and that might at least take the edge off the crampiness. Oh also try drinking a LOT more water... on the slim chance that you are pregnant, it seems like most of the cramping in first trimester is aggravated by dehydration, and your body needs way more water than usual. If you're not pregnant, drinking extra water won't hurt anything [​IMG]

  20. moonchild

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    Still obsessing...... are my nipples bigger? Darker? Checking my cervix.....hmmmmm softer? My hubby thought I was a 'tard when I showed him the faint line..."You are NOT pregnant." Checked my temp...(98.9) I am snow-bound and in a blizzard....yes, in AR. So, maybe I am bored enough to obsess, and can't get to a store to buy another test yet. Nursing never did work for contraception for me, ask 2 of my kids if they exist... I am drinking water constantly because the wood stove makes me thirsty, so I can't blame the bathroom trips on being pg. I wake up hungry and queasy, but the queasy feeling I still blame on the Essure... I have been queasy for a year now. After I got the negative on the other test, my left side cramped like crazy for about 4 hours, and I was sure my period would start that night. But, here I am two days later, checking the TP..... only clear mucous....Why oh why do I ever have to worry like this?? Essure was supposed to fix this! I wake up in the middle of the night, can't fall back asleep. I am STUPID.... like baby-brain: forgetful, spacey, losing the phone and other things throughout the day. Nursing is getting more painful, and the baby seems to want to nurse forever at a time. Also, I feel like I'm getting hot flashes... hot and sweaty, then cold and need thick socks. I am aggrevated to no end....hope this is just PMS, or maybe early menopause. My mom hit menopause in her thirties.. Thanks again for letting me vent. It is kind of nice to bounce my thoughts off strangers.... you don't know me enough to judge me as crazy, or a 'tard. Some of you may have gone through the same feelings, or maybe someone in the future will read this and it will make it easier to know others have felt this way. Anyway... those are my thoughts for the evening!!


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