2nd Colpo & Biopsy This Week!!

Discussion in 'Reproductive Health' started by PrettyInPink520, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. PrettyInPink520

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    I am going in for my second round of colposcopies and biopsys today. My last colpo showed an area of dysplasia between CIN 1-CIN 2 but because of my age (I am 24) my doc decided to use the "watch and wait" procedure to see if the HPV would clear itself.

    I have had two ASCUS paps and have been HPV positive both times.

    I am very nervous and scared for this second set of biopsys because I am afraid that the lesions have become larger and I have recently found out that my S.O. has genital warts and has been misdiagnosed for over a year!

    Although he has a mild case of g.w and has been using Aldara (which didn't work that well and recently had them cryo'd), what are the chances with unprotected sexual intercouse that my HPV may have worsen? and what is the next step? I just want to rid myself of these abnormal paps.

    Thanks in Advance!!
  2. BethG

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    Hi PrettyinPink! I had a couple colposcopies and 1 biopsy myself, but it was back in the early 90s when I think treatments were a bit different. I ended up having cryosurgery on my cervix and have had normal PAPs ever since. I don't think you can be "cured" of HPV (seems to me we had a debate about this though once on this forum). I think I saw the slide for a pap test a couple of years ago and it was labeled as HPV positive or something. Anyway, I haven't had a problem since so just wanted to throw out that reassurance.
  3. BJ99

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    I had medical resistant bacterial vaginosis. Had been on several antiboitics before that was cleared but still had bad paps come back. Which came back with dysplasia which was 'grade 2' at time of diagnosis but they did the wait and see approach for the next pap which was 3 mo later. At the next pap it came back 'grade 4' (they told me grade 5 was cancerous). So they sent me for a boipsy which came back as dysplasia but they insisted within a week they wanted to remove the effected area. They immediately (within 7 days) did the Leep procedure...when I questioned why not freeze as I had heard other people had done they said because it was at a point where they thought freezing wouldn't get it all. (funny, found out later my mom had something similar in the early 80's and they didn't get it all had to be re-frozen again later).

    I had paps every 3 months for the next year and then 2 a year the year after and then back to yearly after non-recurrance. That was in the late 90's...no return as of yet.

    I definitely would not get totally freaked about it, it sounds like they are doing everything by the book.
  4. kris1980

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    ok i had biopsies & LEEP and cautery to get rid of my dysplasia. I'd say not to worry about the biopsies that they are just doing standard procedure.
    I was also told i had stage 3 to 4. And i had repeat biopsies every 6 months for 2 years then i had paps that all came back normal every 6 months for 4 years- now i'm finally back to yearly visits. (this all started in summer of 2002)
    However, your current BF has genital warts and you may have contracted a new strand. That is what i would be concerned about. Not to make you nervous and i don't even know if its possible to have 2 strands at the same time.
    This is something i would mention to my gyno asap.
  5. MichelleG

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    i have had SOO many biopsies and coloscopes, found out two years ago about my first abnormal pap, and that there were low grade lesions growing (turns out to be hpv) it took me almost 2 years to have it clear up, everytime i went in for one it stayed the same..very thankful about that. I went for my last coloscope in may and had my first NORMAL one [​IMG] . So no more for me, i had to go every 4 months to check up on it..now I finally am back to a yearly pap!
  6. Raunchy-Row

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    HPV that causes cervical cancer and HPV that causes genital warts are two separate things, I believe. I've had the genital warts and my pap has always come back normal. As long as your boyfriend is treated and not giving you the added frustration of having to have the warts dealt with as well I think it shouldn't cause an added problem!

  7. PrettyInPink520

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    Thanks everyone for your wonderful words of advice! I greatly appreciate it. I guess it doesn't help either that I am a compulsive "google'r" and will look up, and read about everything and anything. I think the main thing which I have read and that I am scared about is having a LEEP done, which I've heard can cause pre-term labor and some women even need a cervical cerclage placed as well. I guess because of my age (24) that makes me the most worried because when the time does come to start a family I am scared thinks will go wrong due to scar tissue on my cervix and whatnot (if I were to, in fact, have a LEEP procedure done).
  8. kris1980

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    prettyinpink- i had the LEEP- i had 3/4 of my cervix lazered off. And the other was cauterized. Almost my entire cervix is scar tissue. I was basicly told by my gyno that when the time comes for me to give birth- i'll probably need a C-section.
  9. PrettyInPink520

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    Kris1980- I know this probably sounds awkard but that is what I am afraid of... have a potential C-section due to cervix scarring. However, I hope when the time does come for you that you have an easy, uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery! :)

    Take care!
  10. kris1980

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    yeah, but i'd rather have to have a c-section than a diagnosis of cervical cancer followed by a hystrectomy, radiation therapy or chemo....
  11. PrettyInPink520

    PrettyInPink520 New Member

    Very true!! You definitely put this in better perspective for me. I'd take a c-section over a hysterectomy or cervical cancer any day.

    Thank you!

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