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    Yes you can take 5-htp with B6...almost all natural meds for anxiety and depression are recommened to be taken with B6 because B6 aids in all of these crossing the blood brain barrier easier. Don't over do B vitamins because they can cause a rise in heart rate which in turn can start a panic attack. They say depression comes first then anxiety but soem say opposite. I never had depression that brought on anxiety...but after having anxiety for so long now itcan bring about depression....and not the because I feel sad but more that I am frustated with what anxiety does to me and how it make me retreat to the safety of my home....but I have the strongest urge to go out and conquer it but some days can't. Where as the depression that most get is the urge to stay home and not have a desire to go out. At leat for me this is what I see to be hwo it works....but everyone's situation is very different.

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    oh and about making you sleepy...yes it can do that but just like any pill...like I was on xanax and it made me sleepy if I sat around doing nothing but if I was out an about and being active I was fine. It will make you sleep pretty soundly at night but I always had very weird dreams....not scary at all...just weird..almost funny at times. I also had a lot of drems that dredged up past events and situations. Sometimes our dreams are a way for us to sort out what is going on with our lives..just during our waking hours we don't pay our "real" thoughts much attention so they come out in our sleep.
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    I'm taking 50 mg w/breakfast, and not every day. Some mornings, you wake up knowing you don't feel like yourself. Maybe you didn't sleep well, or had wierd dreams...that's when I take the htp. I don't take it every day, only because I'm really trying to let my body heal naturally. (45 days pp) But hey, some days we all need a little help. It's not drastic, just leaves me a little more flexible, able to handle what may come without a meltdown.
    AND, if that doesn't work, (grin) there's always my cherished 1/2 glass of wine with dinner!
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    i've only just started taking 5HTP, but i've noticed that for about an hour after i take each dosage, i feel pretty bad...i get lost in my thoughts and feel sad. and then a few hours later i'll feel better than i've felt in a long time. is this normal?
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    That's interesting, mozart, that's not something I experienced. Give it time, that might change, but keep a close eye on yourself [​IMG]
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    Well, been taking the 5HTP for just over a week now. Not sure if it's helping yet; I still feel very low but my mind isn't going 50mph anymore, so that's something.

    Also, I've had a really bad fever this week and I've felt totally crappy, so that hasn't helped my mood. I

    'm taking 100mg before bed, and it is helping me sleep.

    I just feel so sad that this depression has hit me; I've never suffrered with depression before, and I refuse to take anti-depressants, as I know people who've been taking them for years and can't function without them.

    I'm gonna stick with the 5HTP and start exercising again as soon as I get rid of this fever - I find that exercise is absolutely the best thing for keeping the depression at bay.

    I've just sat and watched the DVD of my wedding nearly 2 years ago, and I want to be that happy, carefree girl again. If I could turn back time I would NEVER have had that implant put in. It has turned my life upside down. Anyone reading this considering getting one, DON'T, DON'T, DON'T!

    I'm just terrified that I'll never recover.


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    loopylou--you WILL recover [​IMG] Trust me, I felt the same way 2 months ago. I've been doing 5HTP for 2 months, exercising, watching my sugar intake (hypoglycemia/low bloodsugar can really affect your mood) and keeping myself busy. This board is sometimes a godsend for me--it lets me channel all this anger and passion I have about being a victim this way into hopefully helping other people who are going through the same thing.
    You're doing great! You know what works for you--you're noticing a difference, you're vocalizing your concerns instead of internalizing them, you're keeping track of your thinking patterns. All of those things are key in recovering and leading a normal life. You ARE recovering, and you're doing it right now [​IMG]
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    Rowanthe, thankyou so much for your kind message.

    I know deep down that I will feel better soon; I also know that since having the implant removed I've had more good days than bad; it's just freaked me out a bit this time because I'm not even due my period so it's not PMS. I know what triggered it off tho; I went out two nights on the bounce the other weekend and got totally pissed, and my mood didn't pick up after that.

    I'm also quite stressed as my little girl hasn't been well lately with bug after bug, and I've got the added pressure of starting work again nect week after a five-year break, as well as passing my motorbike test. This minging weather doesn't help either! In the past I would have took all this in my stride, but low serotonin is a ***** isn't it!?

    There seems to be some websites out there that say that low serotonin doesn't cause depression, it's just a symptom of it. If that was the case than a) how come SSRIs seem to work so well for some people, and b) how come most of us on here had no depression before we went on the hormones (which kill serotonin)?

    I am now of the opinion that most doctors don't know their arse from their elbow half the time, especially when it comes to "women's issues".

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    ha ha ha yep id agree that they dont know there arse from their elbow. I took a whole course in school on womens health issues and looked at how many of the clinical trials and basic textbooks that inform doctors are based on MEN. Womens issues are allways peripherial, this may be changing but there are many Docs out there who are still clueless and lack a fully informed education grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Ok so off that tangent....question for you all suffering (or have suffered) from anxiety. Did you ever get this really weird disascociated feeling...like your seeing the world through a fog. I swear sometimes everything just seems so sureal to the point where it freaks me out. This often accompanies a bout of anxiety before or after. The only way to explain it is as if I was walking on stilts far above everyone else and seeing them through a foggy lense. I feel like Im so fragile up there above them all like the slightest push could topple me...........Its like being stuck in a reality that feels like a fun house mirror, you know those wobbly ones?
    Ugh its a creepy feeling even typing about it is hard. Ive been doing some research on anxiety/panic and have found that what Im feeling is called Derealisation and depersonalisation and it is a major signel of anxiety. The 5htp doesnt help with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also notice a shortness of breath, like my ribcage cant possibly expand enough for the air I need, the 5htp will help but only if I take it like a freaking Nazi evry 4-5 hours and if I miss one pill I feel like #$@%! Is any one else feeling like this???? Ive had anxiety for years and the pill made it waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse for sure. But I hoped for more imrovment coming off and know Im thinking that the pill may have been a smaller trigger than I though. Im in therapy but I am this close to singing up for Paxil becuase I have days that are so messed up. Im in a new city and trying to get out there to meet peeps and find a job but this whole walkin on stilts, seeing the world through dirty glass, cant get enough air thing is really making things difficult!!!!!

    I know this forum is for contraceptive issues not anxiety, hell Im a moderator! But I dont know where else to post this. I found some forums on anxiety but they weren't checked as often and one of them didnt have moderators so there were real @#$holes posting rude comments.

    You ldies have been so helpful in so many other areas of my life I though Id ask yall about this...sorry to dump

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    Cami I know exactly how you feel...I have had the same issues and not much helps for the depersonalization except keeping your mind busy enough that you stop noticing it after awhile....most everything in anxiety is like that though...after awhile of ignoring it really well one day you realize you don't have the symptom anymore. Try to stick with the nautral alternatives...starting Paxil is opening yourself to soooo many other issues. Yes it does work well for some...but it may make your anxiety way worse...and once it has done that its hard to come back from those icky feelings. Then when you decide to come off...look out if your sensitive to meds it is hard. Again we have to go back to NO pill is going to make anxiety go away. It will only calm it down(maybe) enough for you to work on the anxiety. IF you can stick with the 5-htp and work on your anxiety you should get the same result. Anti depressants are the #1 prescibed med right now...yes we live in a stressful world more so than say 10-20 yrs ago but it seems like Dr throw anit-depress at just about anything now a days. My own pharmicist is a wonderful person...he gives me the low down on everything...his wife has a stressful job and went to her Dr and he gave her a anti-depressant. Well she felt way worse and her husband(a pharmicist) told her to stop taking the pills...the Dr had actually told her she was depressed and she told him she wasn't at all..no crying , not withdrawn, none of the things that are the list for depression she just said I feel very stressed so he thought the pills would help. They say with a comparison of getting angry and having anxiety is it better to be angry because at least you expell the negative feeling where as anxiety you just stew in your own juices. As far as the breathing you must practice good breathing...if you actually took a correct breath you would be surprised on how your supposed to do it. Like anything with practice you will be able to correct your breathing. Anxiety is ALL mind over matter. Your mind creates theses scenarios for you to RESPOND to and you once you respond more and more your body thinks to send out more scenarios for you to react to and....you do. You have set up a vicious cycle and you mind loves it cause it controls all of it ....with anxiety YOU must take back those crazy thoughts and re-work them. Now all of this sounds like so much work..it is...but it is mostly done w/o a whole lot of thought. It takes awhile to move away from anxiety...it never happens overnight( I have had it for 1 1/2 now). But it's your bodies way of insuring you learn the coping methods now so you don't have to go to this extreme in the future. Let me know if you have anymore questions....I am in no way a professional when it comes to anxiety but I have been through quite a bit with it and had at some pretty extreme issues with it so I only speak from experience and a LOT of research.
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    I appreciate you post pumpkin, thank you. Glad too know Im not going crazy...but see I was diagnosed with CHRONIC anxiety as in Ive had it since my adolescent years...Im 25 now! Its just so exhausting! It comes as goes Ill have phases in my life where I can controll it but right now, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Its controling me! It is just so hard to do the things I want to do feeling like this! But I know you are right, its all things my therpasit have told me too but IT IS a lot of work, almost easier said than done at time.


    Ill keep yall posted

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    I have always since a child been a worrier too..always get myself worked up about something and then usually once I did what I was worried about I was fine...and would look back and be happy I pushed through the worry and ended up having a good time. Mine comes and goes too...just this last bout with it has been hard and stuck with me...I just turned 30 and I think that has a lot do with mine...a stressful job that I had...birth control pills..etc. I think it is phases we go through in life especially when there are a lot of changes and growth.
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    Cami--have you tried SAMe? it might be a better fit for you, if 5HTP doesn't work.
    My understanding of serotonin and depression is that it's like a continuous feedback loop--you're depressed, have low serotonin (no matter which one comes first), so you don't take good care of yourself and are stressed out, which lowers your serotonin and depletes your B vitamins, which keeps you depressed, which keeps you circling........So I don't really care which one comes first [​IMG] I'm sticking with the "whatever works" theory.
    Loopylou--yeah, the drinking probably did it--I get LOW after a night of drinking, haven't done it in a while because I noticed that about myself. It's also recommended that if you're taking 5HTP you don't drink alcohol, at least within 6 hours of a dose.

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    With Sam-e you just have to be careful with the dosage because it can also cause anxiety....especially racing heart and palps so if that is something that bothers you already make sure you don't over do the dosage
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    It's such a comfort to read all of your posts lovely ladies. I've always been a huge worrier too & put a lot of pressure on myself- getting top grades at university, always being kind to all my friends and family, being a good, faithful & honest person etc. This has often meant that in the past, I've spent all of my energy making other people happy, but very little time looking after my own self esteem. Last year my depression/anxiety levels were so low that I spent a lot of the year getting drunk by myself, smoking cigarettes and taking sleeping tablets. One night I got drunk, took sleeping tablets and then ended up cutting my arm with a steak knife in a drunken haze. I woke up in the morning to find a bleeding wound and was so mortified. I tried to hide it, but soon my friends found out. They were in complete disbelief. On the outside, I've always tried to maintain a happy demeanour (whilst suffering internal anxiety) so my friends never realised how depressed I was (I drank secretly). They sent me to see a mental doctor & this helped a little. However, it wasn't until I had problems with my veins, that my regular doctor told me to go off the pill and consequently, I gradually started to feel less anxious, more self esteem etc. It was a miracle- I was so puzzled as to how I suddenly gained the strength to stop drinking. After talking about it with my b/f, we realised my depression correlated with the 6 years I was taking the pill, Dianne 35. It was such a strange thought- to know that a pill had controlled my moods for this long. So anyway, I discovered this forum a few months after going off the pill and can't THANK you enough for helping me on the road to recovery. Whilst I've been off the pill for some time now, I still do suffer from anxiety. Chronic depression runs in my family (both my grandpa and mum have been on antidepressants) and im thus considering the ideas of natural anxiety deterrents. I still find it hard to spend considerable amounts of time alone (especially now I've stopped using alchohol or cigarettes as a bandaid) & get that racy, rapid breathing, stressed feeling. It's not overwhelming anymore, but if there is a way to keep it under control, I think it could help me. I'm still in a long process of getting over the pill! Thanks for the insights into 5HTP. I am unwilling to pay more money to the untrustworthy pharma companies for antidepressents (after Dianne 35 caused depression and vein problems) so any advice about natural forms of birth control/anti-anxiety agents are very welcomed....

    Sorry for the ramble- that was actually the first time I've really written or spoken about the rollercoaster of a year it's been...

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    Hey messalina--welcome to the club! it's not a fun club to be in but I think we're doing pretty well as a support group [​IMG]

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    yes, welcome messalina and thanks for sharing your story....I know from experiance it takes guts. Hope we can be here to help you when times get rough and good luck with the 5htp!
  18. Messalina

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    Thanks Rowanthe & Cami- it's very reasurring to talk with other girls that have experienced similar things. I'm thinking of just trying the 5HTP occasionally, when my moods are at their worst. Is it okay to use at random times? Maybe twice a week? Also, I've been beginning to think that this kind of stress we are all experiencing is something more than just a chemical imbalance of serotonin. I think for me it could be a kind of spirtual void
    (if that makes sense to anyone)? I am not religious, so life (and death for that matter) is pretty daunting when you don't believe in any 'way of living' or 'afterlife.' I spend a lot of death & fearing the inevitable death of loved ones, so obviously this causes a lot of anxiety! Yet, it's hard to say which comes first- the anxiety from a chemical imbalance or a chemical imbalance from the anxiety. Maybe the 5HTP might help to clear the mind so that we can think about these things more logically (without crazy anxiety/emotions)?
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    Messalina-I know all too well how you feel. I've often felt like there was something missing, that there was a void. Nothing I did made the feelings go away or made me happy. I would often chastize myself for feeling so "depressed" because I felt I had no legitimate reason to be so down. I started taking 5HTP and did so for about 2 months. I loved that it uplifted my mood but began to feel sleepy during the day (I took the 5HTP right before bed) during the 2nd month. I just switched to something called Mood Enhancer I got from GNC and love it. My mood is still up, I feel peppy, and don't desire a nap all day long.
  20. Arielle

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    Hi there
    quick question, can you take 5 HTP when you are taking Horome imbalance pills and Vitex and Vitamin B6? Can you take it all the time or is it just best taking it before going to bed? How much is the recommendet dosis?


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