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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Jenncfish, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Jenncfish

    Jenncfish New Member

    Anyone have a baby with acid reflux?? Sadie has silent acid reflux where she doesn't spit up, it comes up her throat and goes back down so it burns twice. She has trouble swallowing sometimes when she drinks and SCREAMS when I try to feed her.

    The doc said try different formula like soy and different nipples. But I knew that wasnt' the problem, she did the same thing on soy and I tried every bottle ever made. Babies dont scream because they don't like the nipple. She would scream as soon as she saw the burp cloth coming.
    It broke my heart, so I took her to after hours doc appt the other day and they finally are treating her for reflux.
    I have her on Zantac three times a day, which she gags on because it tastes so bad, and I have to give her Alimentum formula and thicken it with rice cereal. She still screams, but it has only been one day on meds so far.

    ANyone else going through this or know anyone??? How long before the meds start working and she stops screaming??

  2. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    Jenn, my son had acid reflux. He would cry for 12 hours at times.

    He had the same, where it would burn up and down.

    Pediatric zantac didn't completely fix it, but it did help. Took a few days though, and he had to use it until around 8 months.
  3. Jenncfish

    Jenncfish New Member

    thanks Dolly,

    Sadie only cries when she eats....but it kills me! I hope she starts feeling better soon.....did u use any other meds?
  4. mckinney

    mckinney New Member

    Jenn, my son has reflux and it's been a struggle getting the docs to beleive it wasent just spit up, I have him on the zantac three times daily as well. He hates the way it tastes, and I was told to mix it in with his bottle. He dosent have silent reflux though he has the drink a bottle sit a few minutes and then cover everything in sight with vomit. It's horrible and it sounds like I'm exagerating but I promise I'm not. He is six months old and barely weighs 16 lbs. He has lost two pounds in a month. We had him on alimentum before but it seemed to me like he vomited just as much and he would scream like it really hurt when he did it. I now have him on the Enfamil A.R which is already thickened with rice starch and we still have vomit but not so much screaming. Good luck, hope everything works out for you. We take A.J back to the doc this coming wednesday and we have high hopes for him to have gained a little.
  5. BethnConnor

    BethnConnor New Member

    Jenn, My son Connor was diagnosed with Severe GERD when he was 2 months old. Connor would scream alot and I changed formulas and everything nothing worked. He ended up in the hospital though because he projectile vomited one night and aspirated and so that was extremely scary. Anyways, come to find out they ended up doing a PH Probe on him putting a tube through his nose to his esphogus and tested him for acid reflux because he was spitting up so much and sometimes projectile vomiting an entire bottle. He is now on Zantac and Reglan three times a day. These two meds are for acid reflux they help a ton. Plus he has 1tsp of rice cereal in his bottle for every ounce of formula. His gastro specialist said children with acid reflux need that extra weight in their bottles to help coat their bellies. It works. Talk to your pedatrician but see if maybe trying putting some rice cereal in the bottle might help.
  6. Jenncfish

    Jenncfish New Member

    So many babies are getting Acid reflux....I never heard of it till now.
    I put 1 TBsp of rice cereal for every two onces of formula and I had to put her on Alimentum with the Zantac three times a day.
    I am scared to put the Zantac in her bottle because she doesn't finish her bottles. sometimes she drinks 7 oz and sometimes 3 1/2 oz. It has been two and a half days now with no signs of improvement yet. We go back to the doc on Mon. I don't think this exspensive-a formula is working. I read lots of people have to switch from Zantac to something stronger. Prevacid is only once a day, and I hear it works well for babies, I will ask the docc about that.
    I feel so bad for all of our babies!!! They are so young to go through this pain. It's not fair.
    Beth, that is horrible what happened to Connor in the hospital. You must have been going crazy!!

  7. amber1

    amber1 New Member

    jenn my baby to suffer from acid reflux and he to is taking zantac 2 times a day, like your baby he dosent spit up , i change formula to (enfamil gentlease lipil)he is doing much better now ,good luck...
  8. BethnConnor

    BethnConnor New Member

    Yeah I was Jenn. It usually takes a like 1 week to see some improvement. That is how long it took for the medicine to start helping Connor. He still spits up though because his Gastro specialist said that because he has the diagnosis of Severe Gerd that he will still spit up. It won't be as bad and the medicines job is to help the acidity in is belly and to protect his esphogus and to reduce the acid in his belly. It won't cure it just aide it. I also have Connor on Soy Formula as well. Easier to digest. That seems to help some. I think it is just a matter of our childrens digestive systems maturing. They say between 6 month-12 months of age most babies grow out of it. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Keep me informed on your babies progress. Try giving the zantac before meals instead of with her bottle. I always give Connor both his meds in a bottle with like 1/2 ounce of water. He takes it with no problem, then like 15 minutes later I give him his bottle.
  9. Jenncfish

    Jenncfish New Member

    The meds with water is a good idea.
    Now Sadie is eating completely fine with no crying!! It's a miracle. It took four days on the meds, with crying more than usual, and then she woke up Monday morning and starting eating without any problem! I can't believe it. It changed just like that!
  10. Jenncfish

    Jenncfish New Member

    I spoke, or typed too soon, yesterday Sadie did great with eating. But today she cried when she ate and she hardly ate anything and she cried for two hours before she went to bed. She has never done that before. I could here her reflux for the two hours she cried, I can hear her swallowing and noises from her stomach and then she cries. Now I have no idea what is going on. I hope tomorrow is much much better.
  11. saab

    saab Member

    hey girls what are the symptoms of acid reflux. A for the past 2 days has been crying in the evenings and sometimes refuses his bottles though his signs show that he is being colicky , i am wondering if he has acid reflux bec he just doesnt want to burp .
  12. petal4

    petal4 New Member

    Ethan has just started suffering from reflux, after every feed he burps and brings up milk, I know it hurts him because his winces in pain and moans for about 20 seconds.
    I've read that some babies with reflux begin to not feed well, its apparently because they know they will bring up acid after and it puts them off far it hasn't put Ethan off.

    My friends little boy is 17 days older than Ethan and has had reflux for a long time....she took him to the doctors who told her that they only give meds in severe cases in which babies stop gainng weight due to not wanting to eat. So far her son is gaining well so there's nothing she can give him.

    Lets just hope there is a cure for it soon!!

    Hayley xx
  13. Jenncfish

    Jenncfish New Member

    My doc gave Sadie meds because he said she wasn't gaining enough weight and in pain. She just starting spitting up a little bit and would refuse the bottle. She started out a little fussy with a little bit of pain, but withing a couple of weeks, she ws screaming at the sight of the bottle! Ask your doc if you can use Mylanta to help with the pain if they wont give meds.

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