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Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by abcdef, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. abcdef

    abcdef New Member

    What do people know about Adiana? Has anyone had the procedure done?
  2. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    abcdef - please do not repost the same thing in more than one place. people will see it if you give them time. this is your only warning.
  3. abcdef

    abcdef New Member

    its only been posted in one place, the IUD forum.
  4. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    that is because the other post has been deleted. thank you.
  5. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Adiana is the new version of Essure. They use plastic like plugs. The FDA just gave final approval because they had too many pregnancys in the clinical trials. FDA made them follow the original women in the clinical trials another year. Don't know what following the women another year does if there were too many pregnancys in the first few years. It is still basically the same procedure other than they use plastic instead metal coils. You still have to have the follow up HSG test 3 months after placement.

    Conceptus the maker of Essure has filed an injunction against the maker of Adiana for patent infringement. This may be part of why the top execs of Conceptus appear to already be selling their stock. The maker of Adiana also has Novasure which can be used with Adiana and the word is that Essure is toast because of all the problems it has once Adiana hits the market.
  6. Nanny87

    Nanny87 New Member

    My doctor said Adiana was about 99% effective, just a little lower than Essures effectiveness. He also said that it was tiny and soft (its not made of metal like Essure) and women may find it more comfortable. Theyre both approved by the FDA.

  7. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Adiana has been approved by the FDA. FDA just recently gave final approval. FDA originally denied approval. Well not denied but made the company monitor the original women of the 600 and something that didn't get pregnant for another year before approving. I cannot imagine how following the ones who didn't get pregnant another year would make the product more effective but that is just my opinion.

    In May 2009 Conceptus filed an injunction against Adiana for patent infringement. I haven't found anything that says they can actually market Adiana until this patent infringement mess is cleared up.

    I certainly hope the Adiana will be much safer than Essure because I'm sure the doctors will soon switch because there has just been too many problems with the metal coils. I know that some doctors won't be able to switch until they can get out of their agreements with Conceptus for all the free incentives that they got as long as they performed I think it was at least 24 essure procedures per year.

    I truly do hope that Adiana will not hurt anyone like the Essure procedure has. I hope it is a sucess. I hope it is so no one else will have to suffer. I would suggest that being I didn't do any research on the essure and when I finally did it was too late. Ladies research the Adiana. You can find the results of the clinical trials. Don't rely on what the company says or even all of what they reported to the FDA in clinical trials. Doctors do not do enough of their own research, they are too busy and they like the Merckettes to come by and tell them the info and get all the free goodies. Research, research
  8. Nanny87

    Nanny87 New Member

    Kym4 - that is really good advice and that's why we have these boards! Everyone should investigate these products before they have a procedure done. My doctor did say that both Essure and Adiana are available today although very few doctors have Adiana right now.
  9. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Nanny87, I haven't found any court decision yet that allows Adiana to be marketed until the patent infringement case filed by Conceptus is worked out. I'm thinking it must be close though because the reps are starting to post on the forums about the Adiana. And yes ladies the company reps do post so that the info gets out about the product they are trying to sell. I know I'll get hammered for saying that but it is part of the new way to market products. There is another forum that a particular poster always talks about having the essure procedure. Some one can post about something entirely different and he/she will answer them and make sure that they say something about essure. Some of their earlier posts even had fancy writing and he/she even wrote Essure big. It is kind of funny except when you think about what if some one takes his/her advice and gets hurt.

    Just be cautious. I just don't like seeing people hurt. There is so much deception and confusion out there and I know I don't have it all right but I learned a hard lesson and will never again blindly trust anyone with my health.
  10. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    To me it just seems like a bad idea to have any sort of material permanently placed inside you, especially in an area that is involved with a lot of moving, i.e. bending, stretching, twisting; and that it's soft tissue it's being placed into, not something solid like bone. It's not something I would ever consider having done personally.
  11. Nanny87

    Nanny87 New Member

    Kym4 - I saw my doctor this morning and Adiana was definitely approved by the FDA and is being used today. I'm not sure about any lawsuits.
  12. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Nanny87, I know it has been approved by the FDA. If you will research and key in Conceptus infringement Adiana, you will find that there has been an injunction filed by Conceptus to keep them from marketing Adiana. I haven't found where there has been a decision about the so called patent infringement that Conceptus alleges. My point is that Conceptus is very worried about Adiana. Also is that I'd research Adiana and read those clinical trials carefully because it is not metal but it will still have all the "IF" factors that the metal coils have. I'd make sure I researched and found the report where the FDA made them follow the women another year because of too many pregnancys occurring. As with essure, adiana used 600 + women in their clinical trials. So keep in mind very few doctors are going to have experience with this procedure. Keep in mind that essure has only been performed on about 290,000 women worldwide according to Conceptus financial reports.

    Everyone just needs to really do their research and be cautious of the company, doctors and people who push a procedure so hard when there is no long term information on that procedure.
  13. seangenny

    seangenny New Member

    I had this done going on 5 years ago.I am one of the lab rats. Everything has been fine up until now. For the last week i have felt very sick to where I cant do anything without getting sick. I have a feeling that I might be pregnant. Has anyone else had this happen or heard of this happening???????
  14. kym4

    kym4 Member

    seangenny, They have only recently gotten FDA approval for using Adiana. So there have not been many Adiana performed if any (Concetpus litigation read above posts) except for the women in the clinical trials. You can find the FDA ruling that made Adiana wait another year before approving the procedure for the general public. There were too many pregnancys early in the clinical trials. I am beginning to see more posts by women who have gotten pregnant with the essure so ladies be careful. I hate to say it but most doctors are relying on what the sales rep tells them about a procedure or a drug. Keep in mind these sales reps are very good at selling products. They are not like some store salesperson. Their job is to convince doctors that their products are better than others. It is sad to say but most doctors aren't doing any research themselves, they get their info from the reps. Research, research.
  15. KMK

    KMK New Member

    I had adiana done on 11/3/10 and so far only MILD cramping. My doc was part of the trials and said most of the failures were due to doctor performance. He did not have any complications or pregnancies during his trials.
    Chose adiana because I have had fibroids and with adiana nothing is left in the uterus so future procedures can be formed with ease. (Essure leaves part of coil in uterus)
    I will have the test in 3 months to see if it worked...
    So far it had been quick and painless.
  16. kym4

    kym4 Member

    KMK, I only looked into Adiana because I saw some posts on another forum arguing about which procedure was better. I have no personal experience with it so all I can say is that it seems logical that Adiana might be a better choice since it does not have all the risks.

    Best wishes

  17. KMK

    KMK New Member

    Just had my first period after adiana procedure...did not notice any changes physically but want to mention mental PMS was totally out of whack. Not sure if this was related to having the procedure but definately had PMS (mental) like crazy. Anyone else experience mental PMS after procedure?
  18. KMK

    KMK New Member

    Ugh....I hate to even post this because I was so excited about the procedure.

    I have not felt right since the procedure. As I had posted last month my mental state prior to my period was crazy. Felt GREAT the week of and after my period.

    Getting ready to start again and am going nutso again. I have had dull cramps since the procedure and it gets very tiring. Probably a level 1 pain (out of ten) but after having cramps day in and day out it is very frustrating. Experiencing nasauea daily. Frequent headaches, fatigue. I have not confirmed it is from the adiana but can't figure out anything else. No I am not pregnant...LOL. I think it is hormones. I am 39 so could be menapausse? Who knows. I will keep you posted. Go for 3 month test Feb 3.
  19. kaycha

    kaycha New Member

    me i had it done 11/09 and i am 10 weeks prego
  20. roz

    roz New Member

    I had mine done in October 2010 and a year later almost to the day I juste found out I'm pregnant. After more research it is clear this is not a very reliable procedure. Just reported to the FDA and I'm hoping they take it off the market. if you are considering having the procedure think twice about it. in my opinion it is a very unreliable.

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