Allergic Reaction to Detergent

Discussion in 'General Health' started by mckinney, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. mckinney

    mckinney New Member

    Ok, so I had wanted to try the Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, I've used Tide forever and the Arm and Hammer was on sale, the scent was heavenly so when I put on my clothes I just loved it. Well, a few days later I start developing these itchy red bumps on my feet and ankles, wrists and all the way up my arms and around the area where my pants sit on my waist. At first I thought maybe I got mixed up with some chiggers (aka redbugs, these insects found out in the country that leave itchy bumps) while tromping around outside, so I stayed inside for a few days and used hydrocortisone cream. Well, needless to say I got more itchy bumps and they are just driving me crazy to say the least.

    My husband suggested maybe I was allergic to the new detergent. I use my MIL's washer and she used the same detergent. Well, everyone except my FIL was itching from it but I was the only one with the bumps. I immediatly stopped using the Arm and Hammer and went back to tide about a week ago and havent developed anymore bumps but the ones I do have still itch like crazy and wont go away! I have tried oatmeal baths, creams, allergy meds to no avail. I'm going to get some calamine lotion but if that dosent work I dont know what I will do. Anyone have any suggestions for relief? Going to a dermatologist isent a option as we dont have insurance on me and we cant really afford it.

  2. youngal

    youngal New Member

    pure x is a good brand and it cheap my husband has skin problems. oh rewash everthing

  3. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    We use purex too. Even tide bothers my husband.

    And I agree, rewash everything.

    If you can get some gold bond lotion, that is good for the itch.

  4. BethG

    BethG New Member

    don't forget to rewash your sheets and towels too!

    If you get Gold Bond lotion, make sure it's the gold bottle. They have a light-scent formula (white bottle) but it doesn't have anti-itch stuff in it.

  5. Shels

    Shels New Member

    The red bumps are hives, in case you didn't know. (Although I'm sure you did!) I stupidly wore a t-shirt from Old Navy without washing it first and got a horrible case of hives from it. Hang in there, they will eventually go away. If the hives are still bad, make sure to rewash everything you had washed with the Arm&Hammer and then take some Benedryl. The antihistimine stuff will help. Oh yeah and any anti-itch lotion will help too. Do you have any witch hazel? I used that recently on my fire ant bites and it worked wonders!

  6. Bran.Muffin

    Bran.Muffin New Member

    Well darn.

    Guess you just can't do laundry.

    Ever again.

    Probably can't wash dishes either.

    You'll probably have to hire a full time, live in maid.

    Named Hilda.

    Poor you.


    Just kidding of course. The cause of contact dermatitis can be very difficult to isolate. Good Luck.

  7. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Shels, I didn't think about witch hazel. After about 12 days, I'm STILL trying to get rid of my last bout of poison ivy. Maybe I'll try some witch hazel on the patches. *sigh* I'll try anything at this point.

  8. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    I JUST got over a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics with full body hives from my neck down to my feet where swollen and ITCHY!! I could not use hydrocortizone cream since it is early pregnancy and the hives did not go away untill I finally broke down and listened to my DR and took Claritin once a day benedryl 50mg every 6 hours and Zantac( it is a secret antihistamine ) 2 times per day..... ( I am scared to take meds, lol ) but this combo had almost all of my hives gone by morning and the next day completely gone!!

    Hope they go away soon I feel for you!

  9. Jessucka

    Jessucka New Member

    Benadryl. The doctors always tell my guy to take this when he breaks out with PI or any othe rskin irration.

    And try the calomine. He uses that too and those seem to help him the most.

    We also have to use PureX b/c he is super sensitive to degergents as well.
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  10. Shels

    Shels New Member

    Beth, the witch hazel worked great for me. You'll laugh at my desperation, I had nothing in the house for bug bites and then I found these Tuck hemorroid pads we had gotten free with and order from and those are mostly witch hazel. I stuck those on my foot and noticed relief immediately. I ran out after that and bought a bottle to have on hand. Great stuff!

  11. mckinney

    mckinney New Member

    Thanks for all the input guys! I'm currently taking zyrtec which seems to help some and I have rewashed everything. I've been in the process for days smelling everything in my drawers and closet to make sure it dosent smell like the arm and hammer. I actually have some tucks in the med cabinet because my sister lectured me to get them when I was pregnant because after a vaginal birth they help to ease the pain...I had a c=sec go figure but luckily I still have the tucks, I'll try them out tonight and I'll see about the purex detergent too as well as the gold bond, I knew gold bond helped with itch but in my frenzy I guess I forgot. I have some zantac too, I'll try that as I usually have heartburn anyway! Thank you all for your help!!!

  12. Absy

    Absy New Member

    Whew, I KNOW the feeling-- I have really sensitive skin! [so sensitive that if the SO has stubble and rubs against my neck, it gets all red and itchy!]

    Laundry detergents are filled with chemicals, dyes and it could have been a litany of ingredients that set off the reaction.

    My advice, once everything has calmed down, etc-- is to switch to a detergent that isn't so nasty, something like Seventh Generation or something like it ..and by all means-- test a sock with it first! [​IMG]

  13. dari'smom

    dari'smom New Member

    go figure I would be the one allergic to purex ,I bought it because it was 2 for 1 and it smelled so good,like lien and lillies it was the Natural Element and I got the hives the first week but thought it was nerves from my new job or a food reaction but then I noticed it wasn't on my hands ,face or bottom of my feet but most under my arms and legs where the clothed rubbed was really bad itchy bumpy some almost look like little white heads and itch sooooo bad , now I'm rewashing everything but the benedryl makes me really sleepy so i got the spray and the non drowsy Alavert but i'm so miserable I have bruise every where from scratching. So glad i found this forum to vent thanks you guys. I hope this is my problem.

  14. StLGaL

    StLGaL New Member

    It's kinda weird you say that, b/c I too have been itching like crazy, but the only places Ive really had redness is under my armpits, my inner thighs,buttox where moisture is, but I to have been using the Arm and Hammer..damn I wonder if thats the cause, but I dont have hives,and Ive only had redness in some areas. My DH didnt have any issues either...the armpit itch though Ive had before the arm and hammer and the inner thigh but seems like Ive been more itchy than normal, all over but maybe its just winter dry skin I dunno, but maybe its time for me to switch back to Tide.


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