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Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by Hanes, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Ok, so I think I am going to be having a dry stretch(even more than normal) with the wife coming up soon, a lot of stuff going on that I wish not to explain but she deserves some slack for all that is going on. Anyway, sometimes I just need a release and can get off quickly without any visual stimulation. But, other times I need some visual stimulation. So, wondering if there are some really good free amateur sites to view some hot scenes. I know about youporn, and that was pretty good but got the feeling that some of those folks were not really amateurs but pros. I really prefer the more normal folks. I also have kids at home so want sites that are not going to bring a virus with it or bring pop ups. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
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    you could try pornhub
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  4. Lucky Girl

    Lucky Girl New Member is a free site. You can get extra stuff for a fee, but I've been a basic member on there for some time now and I love it.
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  6. I've heard of . I think it's supposed to be amateur. But when I comes to porn sites, who knows what's real.
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    I have a friend who really enjoys There's a free site and a pay site. I'm not sure but I think the free site only allows you to view pictures? He says he likes it because the women there are real and not that fake plastic airbrushed look with the fake boobs and fake tans and fake nails, etc. He really hates all of the fake that is in regular porn, so his preference is for as amateur as possible.
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    go to it's a community based site that aggregates porn from around the web. You can meet people and stuff but the best thing is you can check out what's called "video collections" where users save videos they see and like .. you can find collections and videos you are interested in.. is another good site and their videos get added to fantasti.
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    I second the vote for I also much prefer amateur porn and so far that's the best site I've found for it. I'll be checking out some of the other suggested sites, though! [​IMG]
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