Anyone Due in August '07??

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  1. lesley007

    lesley007 New Member

    Tiff-thanks for the congratulations earlier! I love your dreams, especially the first one, breastfeeding one baby after another. Breastfeeding is one of the craziest things about becoming a mom to me. It's just such a new and different experience...I cannot imagine it, but am very excited! It's good that the McDonald's cravings are over. I am not to the point of craving or having any aversions to food. I'm eating a lot though. My cramps finally seem to be subsiding, but I was still tired this morning, and I am very bloated. Was anyone else very bloated around weeks 4-5? I want it to go away!!

    I had a 54% chance of a girl, but I couldn't answer many of the questions...I will take again later. Fun quiz!
  2. Jenncfish

    Jenncfish New Member

    I am definitely having weird dreams..everytime i fall asleep, even for a nap i start dreaming right away.

    Usually my dreams are sexual!!! I have never had sex dreams before and now I am sleeping and dreaming about the best sex ever with my hubby and other men too! Guys in high school who i never even thought about! It's really weird, but I will wake up very horny in the mornings sometimes which my hubby gets a kick out of:) If I dont' wake him up he gets upset at me:)I also dream that i am pregnant in everydream, but not showing the dreams and i never know if i am having a boy or girl in the dreams...

    i am nine weeks and i dont wear a belt anymore either. i use to wear one everyday to help my pants stay tight but now, its really uncomfortable. i think my food are adversions are slowly going away:) ya:)
  3. Lily_Blossom

    Lily_Blossom New Member

    Seriously, I am SO sick! I can't keep any proper food down at the moment! I had some grape nuts for breakfast, and a little bit of porridge... it came up about half and hour later. I am the type of person who NEVER throws up. The last time I had a stomach flu, I think I was like 8 years old. I have to make sure that I wear my hair back constantly. Also, my husband is going to buy me a bucket to get sick in, as I have to run up the stairs to get to the bathroom!!! It is SO annoying. The worst part is, that my husband always yells to me "Are you throwing up again?" RIGHT as I am getting sick! Like I can answer him!!! LOL. THEY JUST DON'T GET IT!!! But... I am grateful in a way that I am getting sick, because I know that the pregnancy hormone is going strong! My mom was so lucky, she got nauseous, but she never actually threw up. She said her morning sickness always wore off around 13 weeks. Gosh I hope that is true! I just keep drinking TONS of water. I don't want to get dehydrated! BUT.... I am SO scared that my baby isn't getting any nutrients.... as I can't keep hardly anything down?? I manage to keep my Pregnancy Vitamin down though, as I take it at night, and that helps. Anyone know how things work?? Is the baby getting enough nutrients???
  4. mm31

    mm31 New Member

    Tiff-I know what you mean. Although, I'm a little better because I'm not actually throwing up. But, I don't feel like eating at all and when I do I feel terrible! My mom told me to try sipping on regular Coca Cola. So, today I'm doing that and eating saltine crackers. So far, it's alright. I also try to drink apple juice just so I feel like I'm getting something, somewhat healthy! Sorry you are sick. Hopefully it's done soon!

    Congratulations to the newly pregnant ones!!
  5. brown eyed girl

    brown eyed girl New Member

    Hi girls!

    I visited my doctor two days ago for my "official" first visit. I had a second ultrasound (I had an earlier one at week 7 due to a small amount of spotting at week 6), and everything appears to be going along as normal. I saw the heartbeat again, and my doctor pointed out the head as well as the arm and leg buds. Amazing!

    I have also decided to have the nuchal fold test, which is a non-invasive test you can have between 11 and 13 weeks to hopefully rule out Down's Syndrome and also I gave some blood to see if I am a Cystic Fibrosis carrier, even though I am 99% sure I am not. I figure I should probably know anyway...

    Anyone else given any thought to genetic testing? I am not over 35 so I don't think I will have amnio at this time unless there is a need for it, but I figure some of the more non-invasive testing would be okay. What are your thoughts about this and what are you all planning to do???
  6. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Allison, I don't know what I'd do. I guess I'll have to wait and see what they say. It's probably best to know sometimes and it's up to the individual to find out if they want I guess. Good luck with that. I'm glad that you were able to see the heartbeat, it must feel great to just know that something is going on right in there and how amazing it is to produce such a miracle.

  7. starrkitty2006

    starrkitty2006 New Member

    Hi Brown Eyed Girl

    I am currently 14 weeks going into my 2nd trimester. I have a Dr.'s appointment on MOnday and I am also doing some the genetic testing. That is great you are testing for Cystic Fibrosis. I have a cousin who has Cystic Fibrosis. I have already been tested to see if I am a carrier since it runs in the family. Thank goodness I am not. I do believe test in the non-invasive way of testing and leave the amnio for if needed. Anyway talk to you later. I am due in July. I think I am like the only one so far. [​IMG]
  8. brown eyed girl

    brown eyed girl New Member

    starkitty2006 and Gutterflower,

    Initially I thought I wouldn't do any testing, but since some of these tests are non-invasive, I figure I should do it. The staff at my OBGYN's office seem to encourage it, although ultimately it is up to you. CF doesn't run in my family, but I figure it would be nice to know if somehow I am carrying the gene anyway. I don't know- maybe I'm crazy. When my Mom had me and my brother, none of this stuff was available, and she didn't worry about much at all during her pregnancies. Sometimes I wish we lived in a simpler time, but then again technology and advances in science are a good thing too....

    Okay, enough of that! I am going to go browse websites of cute baby furniture to get my mind off all this serious stuff!!!!

    -Allison :)
  9. fate1499

    fate1499 New Member

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the boards. Just browsing around and saw this site. Looks like you guys have a nice lil community here! I am due August 14th, so I guess I'm about 7 weeks along.

    This is my second pregnancy and I'm THRILLED!! I'm 26 and the first preg was when I was 20. It was an accident so of course it was a huge shock. This time, I really wanted this and had tried for about 6 months.

    There have been some differences so far between the two. With the first one, I just knew I was pregnant before I was even a day late. I took a test (EPT) and it was nearly flashing positive at me. This time though, I took a total of 6 urine tests and 2 blood tests. It wasn't until the last urine that it showed a faint positive. I took the blood test to be sure and the hcg was at 51 (which is hardly pregnant). By this time, I was already about 3 weeks late. He asked me back a week later and did another blood test. This time, it was at 1200. Phew!! Finally...

    So, I'm definitely pregnant. My first appointment is on the 10th. With my last pregnancy, the doctors didn't check on the heartbeat until the 2nd appointment. I'm hoping they check earlier this time. Just to confirm that there is really life inside of me.

    PS... how in the world do I watch a topic??
  10. Lily_Blossom

    Lily_Blossom New Member

    Hello everyone! Welcome fate1499!!! Brown eyed girl congratulations on your second successful ultrasound!!!!

    Ok so here is an update with me. No spotting anymore, yay!!! But I have been having a lower back ache and some light cramping. I am 8 weeks 6 days along, tomorrow will be 9 weeks, yay!! Anyone else have an achey back and mild cramps???

    I haven't vomited for a few days which I am happy about. All I crave at the moment is Subway, but I can't eat it, because pregnant women are not supposed to have deli meats, because of the risk of it carrying some sort of dangerous toxins. Has anyone else heard this? Because if ANYONE has never had a problem with Subway and being pregnant, I am going down there to get a foot long, turkey and ham sandwich on honey wheat bread, with green peppers, extra pickles, olives, salt and pepper, and lettuce!!!! LOL.

    Let me know about the lower back/pelvic cramping, and also the deli meat issue? FREAK I want SUBWAY!!!
  11. Jenncfish

    Jenncfish New Member

    I asked my obgyn about lunchmeat and she said i can eat it but not in excess and to have fresh meat like from subway, and never prepackaged subs or old lunchmeat at home:) so i had subway yesterday:)

    anyone have a pinced nerve in their back? i do, and it kills to bend over and then stand back up!!!! i have to sleep with a pillow behind my back all night
  12. Lily_Blossom

    Lily_Blossom New Member

    I have sciatica problems anyway, so Jenncfish, I know what havin' a pinched nerve feels like, and it isn't fun. May I recommend sleeping on your side, with a pillow between your legs?? It really helps me. Also, have your DH rub it for you after a warm bath. It should really help. Camomile tea is also known to help muscle spasms, and it is perfectly safe during pregnancy. I have been drinking it to try to combat some of my cramping!!!

    OK.... I am off to go sweet-talk my husband into getting me some subway!!! YUM!!!
  13. mm31

    mm31 New Member

    I've pretty much had the cramping (real low on one side) and sometimes in my back, since I found out I was pregnant. I was worried and even went for an ultrasound at 5weeks to make sure it was OK. So, I know what you are saying. Mine seems to go in waves. Sometimes it really kinda hurts and sometimes I don't feel it at all.

    I am going to the Dr. in about an hour for my 8week ultrasound. I'm so excited, and nervous!!

    Glad to hear about Subway! I haven't been able to eat much besides dry cereal and Saltines. But, Subway almost sounds good!
  14. brown eyed girl

    brown eyed girl New Member

    Tiff, I also have minor lower back pain and some cramping, which I think is normal- the uterus stretching I guess.

    They told me to heat up deli meats before I ate them, but I've had Subway in the weeks before I went to my first doc's appt. and I would have it again. I think it's great to be cautious, but sometimes I wonder if we go just a little overboard. Oh well, better to be safe, but I WILL be eating Subway too!

    mm31, good luck with your ultrasound. It's so exciting!!!

  15. mm31

    mm31 New Member

    Hi again!! Had the 8 week scan done and baby is beautiful! Strong heartbeat and all! I am so relieved!! Due date is now August 16th. My son's b-day is the 28th so they will be pretty close!

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  16. starrkitty2006

    starrkitty2006 New Member

    This thread has turned into quite the popular place. I am not due in August I am due in July. I hope you don't mind me tagging along here cause I don't think there is anyone really due in July. Anwyays I hope all is doing well. I have Dr. Appointment on MOnday. I am not sure what this one entails. However, I sure have a lot of questions to ask. Anwyays I hope you all have a great weekend and talk to you soon! [​IMG]

  17. Lily_Blossom

    Lily_Blossom New Member

    Hey Starkitty! Of course you are welcome to join us!!!

    SO...... I ate SUBWAY last night, and it was worth every bite!! It was so good, and it stayed down HOORAY!!! LOL!! Something about all the crispy veg (especially the pickles) sounded wicked good, and believe me, IT WAS!!!

    Browneyedgirl, I too, agree that I think doctors go a little over board with things. I am glad of course, but I am sure women in all different countries eat certain things like blue veined cheeses and stuff, and they are perfectly fine. I happen to love feta cheese, but I will stay away from it, just to be safe. I wont eat Subway often, but I don't mind satisfying the craving every once in a while!

    So, I found out something a little scary. I have NEVER been vaccinated for RUBELLA?? I found out, I was never vaccinated for anything but tetanus and diptheria. My parents were on the band wagon in the early 80's that vaccinations would cause autism, so they waved all mine! I am American, living in England, for those of you who don't know. It is kind of scary, because I am not immune to certain diseases, and I never even knew it! The other day my mom was like "Oh By the way..... you were never vaccinated for Rubella."

    So... I don't know if the risks are high for actually contracting Rubella these days, especially in England, but I hope that everything will be ok, as there is nothing that can be done about it now. One more thing to worry about for me now, joy.

    Anyone elses nausea come and go, worse on some days than others??? I don't feel sick at all this morning, but some mornings are worse than others. I don't get it. Somedays I am sick all day, throwing up, other days I get sick in the evening. Other days, I get sick in the mornings, and feel better in the afternoons.

    Ok, my book that I have written here is over! Talk to you soon girls!!!
  18. brown eyed girl

    brown eyed girl New Member

    Hey Tiff! I wouldn't worry about vaccinations even though you are living abroad, esp. because you are living in a developed nation. And, like you said, there is nothing you can do about it now anyway!

    I have the rare feeling of nausea, mostly when my stomach is empty, but honestly, I have been SO lucky in this aspect. At first I was worried because I did not feel as sick as many of the other PG ladies were reporting, but two ultrsounds later and seeing the baby's heartbeat, I guess I am okay. I've also spoken to some women who never had it either and had perfectly healthy babies. However, if I eat too much at one sitting I do feel uncomfortable. I guess that's why the doctor suggested 4-6 SMALL meals! Oooops....

    Yes, I will also heed my doctor's warnings and stay away from feta cheese etc., just because they obviously know more about these things than I's a bummer because I really like brie a lot!!!

    -Allison :)
  19. Jenncfish

    Jenncfish New Member

    hey tiff,
    thanks for the advice, i have been sleeping with a pillow between my legs and i think my back is getting much better:)

    Seems like everyone here likes subway:)

    anyone have a really bloated stomach? i feel so fat and my jeans are tight now...about 10 weeeks pregnant now also

    anyone know how many ultrasounds we get? i had one at 8 weeks but my neighbor said she didnt and she was only going to get one ultrasound through her whole pregnancy except she had a few minor complications which turned out fine..

    I would die if i only got one ultrasound!!!

    i also got sick for the first time this week where i actuallly threw up:( i gag when i brush my teeth, and one morning i actually started throwing up iced tea i had drank in the middle of the my hubby hears me heaving in the bathroom and comes to check on me..what does he get to see??? lol
    his butt naked wife standing over the sink spewing out brown crap!!! good thing his contacts were out and he couldnt see much:)

    anyone else have really gross tasting saliva at night through the morning time? it tastes really sour and i have to keep gum in my mouth all night so when i wake up i can chew a little and taste something good otherwise i gag!! its so weird!!
  20. fate1499

    fate1499 New Member

    Tiff... Um, I've never heard such a crazy thing about deli meats. My biggest thing is Blimpie and I eat it all the time. So... hopefully thats not true because I'm going to have a very hard time giving it up.

    Jenn... I think the number of ultrasound depends on who you go to. With my 1st pregnancy, I didn't get my first ultrasound from a doctor until I was about 1/2 way. Then I got another one for the Down Syndrome test and another when I went into pre-term labor at around 7 months. I ended up finding a woman who did them from home and got quite a few of them done before the doctor did. I found out it was a girl waaaay before the doc told me!

    And about not eating certain things like feta cheese, etc. I don't think it's that bad to do something like that when you're not eating it all the time. I mean, how much feta cheese do you have to consume in order for it to be harmful??

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