Anyone else trying to lose a few Part II

Discussion in 'Dieting and Weight' started by StLGaL, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. StLGaL

    StLGaL New Member

    Heres what I don't get though:

    "Mice fed a CLA-supplemented diet lost weight very fast, but also accumulated excessive amounts of fat in their livers "

    then it says this

    "Yet CLA didn't help rats lose weight they had gained prior to taking the supplement. But it effectively decreased the amount of fat that had accumulated in the animals' livers due to the weight gain. In turn, the rats were less resistant to insulin."

    Isn't that contridiciting what they just said ?
  2. skitelet

    skitelet New Member

    I have a friend who did Body for Life, she lost 50lbs just by following the eating plan. she has struggled her whole life and has a hard time getting herself in the gym. my mother actually started on this and told people about it

    one thing i want to add about any lifestyle change or "diet" is that when you stop "dieting" you need to keep up with exercise and healthy eating or the weight will come back. i have done this several times. i dont follow and specific plan or anything, i just use information from everything i know.

    low fat, low carb, high protein. when i do eat carbs i try to make sure it is a complex car, or whole grain such as oatmeal, brown rice, new potatoes or sweet potatoes though i hate sweet potatoes. i exercise 5-6 times a week as well, alternating weights and cardio.
  3. curcuma

    curcuma New Member

    They had different results with mice than with rats. So what it does to humans is still kind of up in the air.
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  4. D 4 A

    D 4 A New Member

    Im to lose 14lbs

    Lost 7lbs so far! YAY!!

    Whats everyones diet methods? Im sticking to low GI as its good for IR etc
  5. maryberry1987

    maryberry1987 New Member

    Well, thought I'd pop in. Weighed myself yesterday and I've lost 10 more lbs. My fiance and I are buying a treadmill next week, I can't wait!! I want to lose like, 10-15 more lbs. before the wedding, wish me luck!!
  6. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Good job, mary! See, get into some good habits and it will keep coming off. I wish we had a treadmill or elliptical, in the basement with a TV. Watch and walk.

    Having kept both kinds of critters as pets at different times, I can attest that they are really different creatures. Icky, I know. People say "it's the tail!" But mice and rats are both way better than hamsters, gerbils, etc. Friendly, intelligent, etc. I took a biology class in college that required weekly dissection of rats, which was hard because I had two at home at the time!

    But I digress... I'm on travel for work this week, and I think I'm mostly doing OK (usually so hard to eat well while traveling, but my travel partner is a fitness nut married to a personal trainer - that helped keep me inline!). We'll see when I weigh in on Monday. Seeing activity on this thread motivates me to do good this weekend, so I have good news next week!
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  7. curcuma

    curcuma New Member

    I think my next weight-loss plan will revolve around copious amounts of Fritos and coconut pudding. I will also perform 40 cartwheels per day. Also I will look to the left very often.

    Oh god I am so slap happy it isn't even funny.
  8. StLGaL

    StLGaL New Member

    lol...yeah well Id like to lose atleast 15 lbs before the wedding...ideally Id like to lose like 30 but then I think my dress would be way to big lol so I'd be ok with losing 15 atleast.

    I did it before so I know I can do it again..I got some slimquick Extreme today..I know I will prob get yelled at for that though but I just wanna give it a try and see if it can help me get started and give me a boost, it's not something Im going to rely on, I know its no magic pill.
  9. JoanieD

    JoanieD New Member

    Hi ladies
    Haven't posted on this thread before but I had a major reality check thanks to my sweet little Kylie. I was trying on a dress a couple of days ago because I have a wedding to go to and non of my previous dresses are fitting all that well. Kylie is in the dressing room with me and as I go to pull on the dress she says to me "mommy cover up your fat". If there is one thing I have learned about kids is that they are brutally honest when it comes to your appearance.

    Anyway I am 5'3" and about 160lbs right now. I am trying to be more active and eat smaller meals more frequently. I can't really limit carbs too much as I am only allowed 40 grams of protein per day due to kidney issues. I do choose my carbs more carefully than I used to though. I love veggies,fruits and whole grains so eating those things is easy. The toughest thing for me is not eating chocolate and not having my latte in the morning.
    We went to the local pool with the kids last night and boy my legs are sore but it felt good to play with the kids for some exercise.

    My goal is to lose at least 40lbs by this time next year. We a planning a trip to San Diego with the kids and I refuse to go another summer being to self-conscious to wear shorts.

    Good Luck Ladies!
  10. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Monday check-in: I only lost a pound last week. I missed 3 lunch workouts (my best friend was downtown for jury duty, so we went to lunch those days), and missed my Saturday workout for an all day training then had dinner with the parentals. But, besides missing all those workouts, I still made my afternoon exercise so it wasn't all that bad.

    I've lost 8-9 pounds since July. Not bad, but geez...I think I need to lose more weight than I thought. I'm not too sure number-wise, but I'm guessing I need another 15lbs more to go.

    I think I'm going to sign up for a marathon. Maybe a 1/2 marathon in the next 6 months, and then a full one in about a year. I want to ensure that I'll stay in shape even after I lose all this fat (and after vacation in October). I'm also thinking about setting my wedding date for sometime in March or April 08, and I do want to look fabulous for my wedding!

    How's everyone else doing?
  11. why

    why New Member

    Well last week I did my body comp and I have lost 2% body fat, lost another 3lbs and lost total of 4 inches!! I can really see a difference in my clothing, now a 14 is a bit big for me, well I have at least an inch extra around the waist. I was a lazy bum this weekend and did not work out, will have to double up today cardio and lower bod.
  12. why

    why New Member

    Remember ladies expecially if you are working out you may not show too much of a weight loss but do your measurements and if possible your body comp. I figured I would have lost more lbs but loosing 2% body fat and inches is more exciting them loosing another couple lbs. Even if your scale does not say you are loosing yet your clothes fix looser then you ARE loosing/building :)
  13. FiFi

    FiFi New Member


    Thought I'd pop in and share, I'm 5'7" and 186 pounds!! I can't believe how big I've managed to get! [​IMG]

    About 2.5 years ago I got sick of always being a bit chubby and went on a mad health kick, running 3/4 times a week, doing an exercise video once a week and eating 1,400 calories a day with one day off a week. I lost 2.5 stone (35lbs) and was a toned size 10 (USA size 6).

    Then I met my boyfriend [​IMG]

    Nearly two years on and I've heffed up all over again, but worse! I've NEVER been anywhere near this big, I'm squeezing in to size 14 (USA size 10) when I can, but more often than not I'm reaching for a size 16 (USA 12) [​IMG] I know this isn't majorly obese or anything, but I got sooo slim and now I've ballooned!

    Been on a diet for about 5 weeks now, lost 6lbs approx. It's easy-ish during the day to watch what I eat, I find a good method is to buy a packet of low-fat ham and some thin sliced wholewheat bread, carrot sticks and berries and keep it all in the fridge at work, so I can snack on fruit/veg if I get desperate and have a healthy lunch rather than the button-busting cheese baguettes and Krispy Kreme doughnuts I used to have every day [​IMG] The greed! [​IMG] Also been running and swimming quite a lot.

    But the evenings are hard, I just want a big plate of pasta whilst slobbing around in front of the TV!

    Good luck everyone, lets keep each other posted on our progress!


    Original weight (shudder!): 192lbs

    Current weight: 186lbs

    Total weight loss to date: 6lbs

    Target weight (not ideal but realistic!): 164lbs
  14. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    why... thanks for reminding everyone about the potential "plateau" of improving both diet and exercise! I was a competitive athlete through college (so, training 3+ hours/day those years!), and I've had to admit the opposite phenomenon... My weight has increased, but not really enough to illustrate the reality of my increase in body fat % (But, at my peak, it was really low - now it is just average). I'm starting out this week down about 2 lbs from last week... not enough to get happy about, but good considering I hardly got to work out at all and was eating out every meal last week (on work travel). I feel I'm on a better track lately.

    K/D Mom... aren't you also ttc these days? Or, just not preventing it? I will be ttc soon (maybe even this month, based on one 'oops' the other day!), so I'm really annoyed with my high weight. Not exactly how this former tiptop athlete imagined entering her first pregnancy!

    Welcome, Fifi... sharing the numbers in public is tough, but motivating!
  15. JoanieD

    JoanieD New Member

    Yeah we are not really preventing so I feel like we are trying but my hubby wouldn't say that. I figured it would not hurt our chances for me to shape up. I have only ever been this heavy when I was pregnant so it is annoying to me as well.
    Good Luck!

  16. why

    why New Member

    Hi FIFI you and I are about in the same size frame. I am 5'8 and now I am 185. There was a time when I was 205.....

    My meal plan (for this week) is as follows:
    8:00 oatmeal and ham
    10:00 either a protein shake or ham and yogart
    12:00 wheat tortilla, turkey breast cheese rolled up, veggie
    2:00 turkey and triscuts or bean burrito with cheese
    6-7:00 dinner
    8:00 fruit and cottage cheese

    Some good dinners have been:
    -extra lean ground beef cooked with Italian seasoning and diced can do over brown rice or wheat pasta...

    -stir fry...chicken breasts with soy/teri, california blend 1/2 a serving of rice or pasta and load up on the veggies and chicken....

    You can still have your pasta I am a pasta-holic lol! But just have to limit the amount I eat. If I use more veggies and protein with a smaller portion of pasta I still get the pasta taste and still feel full...just without the excess carbs.

    Check out this link, under recepies there are tons including pasta and other dinner options...


  17. why

    why New Member

    LOL! just like me!! We have not been trying to prevent it for 4 years so I guess we are kind of "trying" but now I am really trying with temps and Ovulation calenders exc. My DH is the same way he won't say we are trying but geez we are NOT not trying loL!

    Good luck and much baby dust!!!
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  18. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    MyrtleWarbler, may I ask what sport you did in college? I played water polo during school, though it wasn't (and still isn't) a collegiate sport for that college. I still play on a masters team now, mostly with men, and they definitely keep me on my toes!
  19. FiFi

    FiFi New Member

    Went for a run AND a swim last night... I'm shattered! I don't think I've done a full hour's exercise since gym class at school, and even that was just crap table-tennis or standing about freezing on a muddy hockey-field! Felt good for it though, even if my body doesn't!

    Why, thanks for those meal tips, your diet sounds pretty good, I read something similar where you're supposed to have 6 meals a day, none being over 200 calories, every two hours. It sounded ok but my big problem is portion control, I just love eating huge meals and I don't ever seem to get completely full unless I absolutely stuff my face! If I have a meal with my sister she will eat about half a plateful of pasta and feel totally stuffed, whereas I can just keep on going! I eat about 300 grammes of pasta at one sitting, the recommeded amount per person is 75 grammes! Argh!
  20. FiFi

    FiFi New Member

    Also, can I moan for a sec? Where have all the normal sized people gone??! I don't know what it's like in everyone elses neighbourhood, but in London all the girls are stick thin and tiny and petite, or model-tall and stick thin! I feel like a giant cart-horse walking down the street next to them, and when I was running yesterday I felt like John Travolta in Hairspray! Why are there no normal, mid-height, a-bit-plump-but-generally-ok girls anywhere? I feel like a freak!

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