average penis size and large penis with technique

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by brianfighter75, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. brianfighter75

    brianfighter75 New Member

    CALLING ALL EXPERIENCED Wives, husbands IN TERMS of SEX, please answer...

    If your husband has a 5-6 inch penis....in what way can he be better at sex than a male with a 7-7.5 inch penis who also has GREAT sexual technique and 7/10 FOREPLAY?

    I know sex has many aspects to it, but how much will these many other aspects affect the overall sexual experience. but someone tell me if they...really are great enough for a 5-6 inch penis with equal technique to be better than the male with the larger penis?

    Is it really possible?

    I believe it is...I am 6.4'' with a ruler and 7' with a measuring tape that adjusts to my curves...the measuring tape is more accurate because the wives vagina adjusts to the curves.


    If your husband (with the comparatively smaller penis) pulls your thighs more tightly together (so your vagina seems smaller), would it feel as if you are having sex with a penis which is much larger than your husbands actual size? and...if you had your thighs pulled more tightly together and be having sex with a larger penis...surely that will hurt? + the man with the larger penis will have less angles to penetrate you + you won't be able to last as long as you would with the smaller penis with your thighs pulled more tightly together + you will therefore have sex less frequently...

    if you have sex with a male with a larger penis, than a male with a smaller penis...whilst having your thighs and legs spread far apart - so your vagina seems a bit less tighter, assuming both males had same technique, who will be better? Will any other factors whilst performing this sexual position make the male with the smaller penis better at the sexual 'session' if you like, than the male with the largest penis...


    With the positions that do not give as much pleasure with a smaller penis than with a larger penis, would it be just as pleasurable, if not more pleasurable if BOTH partners move together to give more force to the smaller penis...surely the larger penis + moving together will be painful, and last less long, be more sore etc etc.

    Code: Smaller penis = 5-6 inch
    Larger penis = 7-7.5

    Please give a detailed answer.

    Thank you very much, your views, your experience is appreciated.
  2. decentguy

    decentguy New Member

    Brian, your ruler-measured 6.4" is more than enough to satisfy the overwhelming majority of women with decent technique before you even need to worry about anything elaborate - it's well above average (5"-6") without being so big (again in the great majority of cases) as to cause the discomfort of "cervix bumping" in the event of full penetration. So relax, enjoy and find out what little tweaks turn her on in her particular case.

    From a purely selfish male perspective, I'd much rather be able to fit all the way in than to have to restrain that last joyful climactic thrust. But a lot of girls prefer the look of 7" or more. There's gains and losses for all of us, so we may as well just enjoy what we got, you can't win outright either way at the end of the day! [​IMG]
  3. Hehe right on decentguy. It might be nice to have a Dodge Challenger, but a decent mind-sided car will get you to work just as well.

    I'm about the same size as Brian. That seems to be doing the job, just like it does for the majority of the men in the world. Plus, I have fingers and a mouth that my wife seems to enjoy a lot. If you're feeling a little small, even if you're really not, get her plenty aroused first. Use your middle or index finger on her G Spot until you feel the area getting full. Then F the heck out of her, she'll be much tighter. There have been times when my wife has gotten so tight from G Spot stimulation that I could barely keep myself in her, and I'm not all that girthy.

    There are women that for whatever reason prefer a huge dick. Fine, buy her a big toy that you use on her once in a while. If that's not enough for her, then forget about her. You don't need a girl that makes you feel bad about yourself.
  4. pinkFlames

    pinkFlames New Member

    My guy's penis is 5.5 inches long and it rubs my G-spot perfectly when we're in the missionary position. I also have no trouble reaching orgasm when I'm on top either. I've never had to squeeze my thighs together to make it feel bigger or any other such thing. I've had a couple of sizable guys and they weren't anything remarkable.

    Also the vagina is a very adaptable organ. Provided the woman is aroused enough and the man isn't bashing her cervix, the size of his penis shouldn't matter. She usually adjusts automatically.
  5. brianfighter75

    brianfighter75 New Member

    Decentguy is a decent guy. Pinkflames and Deprivation overload, thanks I am clearly unexperienced with sex..ive never had sex before. I want to leave it for marriage because want the main driver to be love, i think that is what the main driver for sex is anyway.

    It's refreshing to know the vaginal mechanism if you like haha.

    So if you stimulate the g spot, it makes the vaginal passage tighter?

    Someone please answer the whole thighs scenario.

    Thanks a lot.


  6. MissAngela88

    MissAngela88 New Member


    Yeah, if you massage the g spot, it swells with fluid (thus making the vaginal canal tighter) and she could even ejaculate with vigorous stimulation. There are some online videos that demonstrate technique (if you go to redtube.com and put "squirt how to" in the search window, a tasteful lesson will come up).

    As to your initial question, I am married to a man who is about 8". He is about as large as I would like. I've had bigger, and it hurt my cervix. I've had lots of guys who were smaller, and all but one who was really, really small and thin was not satisfying. Your size is just fine, and it's really the girth that you should be measuring, as that is what gives the good "full" feeling. But honestly, there are so many other things that make a good sexual experience, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about as far as size.
  7. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    Re: average penis size and large penis with techni

    Stay true to your beliefs, and you'll marry a woman who feels the same way. If that's what you both believe, penis size will be no issue at all. If she has an extremely small or extremely big vagina, it may take some working things out to get it right for both of you--but nothing that people who are in love and both want to have sex can't manage. True sexual incompatibility, when one partner is average size, is extremely rare.

    Whenever you have sex for the first time--whether it's the first time ever or the first time with a new partner when you've had sex before--it takes some experimentation to learn what feels good, and what both of you really want. Unless you're about to get married, I wouldn't worry too much about technique. When the time comes, if you and your bride need tips, come back here!

    As far as your very detailed questions about penis size go.... I never measure. I expect most women don't either. I know that my love's is a good size for me--and I'm just experienced enough to know that other men with different sizes could also be good for me. Of the three men I've had sex with in my life, two have penises about the same size (probably 5 - 6 inches, but I couldn't say for certain), and one noticeably smaller--and while the experience with each was different, it had much more to do with the whole man and what kind of lover he was for me than with penis size. Bigger or smaller didn't mean better or worse. I'd say a man's penis size is no more important to the sexual experience than the color of his eyes.
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  8. decentguy

    decentguy New Member

    I love the closed thighs scenatio (though it doesn't do much for my staying-power!), and I think girls enjoy the added sensation too, whatever your size (maybe it's impossible with some girths, mercifully I wouldn't know!). So if you can get into a comfortable position for it, go for it!
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  9. pinkFlames

    pinkFlames New Member

    Yes I should add that I have at times closed my thighs for the purpose of variety and different sensations but never to accommodate a penis that was too large or small. I agree with decentguy in that provided communication is good between your future wife and yourself, you'll find the positions that work for you and go from there. Most of the fun of sex is in the experimentation.
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  10. decentguy

    decentguy New Member

    Yes, on reflection it probably isn't the best way to make the most of a guy's inches if that's the intention, given the way we fit together: my enjoyment's probably a little more selfish... oh well, I'm allowed once in a while. [​IMG]
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  11. eveningstar

    eveningstar New Member

    Imo, if you are abstaining from sex for love when you finally do have sex, it's probably gonna be awesome!!!!!! [​IMG] Goodness that woman is gonna get it! Hehehe
  12. brianfighter75

    brianfighter75 New Member

    Re: average penis size and large penis with techni

    Haha, thats right! Just out of curiousity, how can you actually make the most out of a guys inches? or is that just by communication with the marital partner? - erm...i seem to be a little impatient ha. What positions got the most out of your/your husbands inches?

    Yeah, hopefully the sex would be great eveningstar, all of those years of anticipation and mystery, coupled buzz of the moment...:)
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  13. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    Re: average penis size and large penis with techni

    brianfighter75, I commend you for your beliefs and for saving yourself for your future wife.

    Myself, I could never commit to 'buying a car without taking it for a test drive' first, however, I admire your resolve.
  14. decentguy

    decentguy New Member

    Re: average penis size and large penis with techni

    Her on top? That way she gets to use as much of it as she wants. Not my particular preference, but if I must... [​IMG]

    Missionary's pretty good for it too... yeah, all the boring ones. Oh well.
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  15. Slvrtide

    Slvrtide New Member

    Re: average penis size and large penis with techni

    I agree but I have nothing but respect for people who stick to their beliefs!
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  16. OlderMan

    OlderMan New Member

    Re: average penis size and large penis with techni

    Brianfighter, I think wide open positions are best for making the most of the size of someone who can penetrate fully. I am 6" with girth slightly smaller than average at 4 5/8". Size doesn't matter; compatibility does. I've been with about 50 women. Two or three were so tight that I couldn't get in or could barely get in, which didn't work well. Two had huge vaginas and I got lost inside. So, except for the 5% on either side of the bell curve, all were compatible.

    I LOVE it when a woman pulls her knees up high with her thighs apart, so her vagina is fully open and available. I can appreciate the beautiful look, her wonderful scent, and I can sink all the way in - whether she is on her back, or knees, or on top. I am lucky than I'm not so big that I can't slide all the way in to the hilt, because that is the best, communal feeling. I also like my girth because I'm not thin but not so thick that I can't move around in spiral motions or change angles as she needs.

    Bottom line: your size is fine. Once you learn to drive that thing properly, the ladies (or one special lady) will be more than happy to go for a ride. The most important thing for you to do is to pay attention to what she wants and needs, and respond in a dynamic, loving way during sex so that you both enjoy each other. She has erogenous zones all over her body and so do you.
  17. Re: average penis size and large penis with techni

    Is the woman okay with waiting? Usually once someone becomes sexually active they don't really want to stop for too long. How long until you marry?

    I don't think it's realistic for religious parents today to expect their children to wait until after college to get marred, while at the same time expecting them to be abstinent. For most people sex is a need. We're driven to find a mate because we need love, companionship and sex.
  18. docilej

    docilej New Member

    Re: average penis size and large penis with techni

    Don't know how true this is, but I once heard a woman say women don't mind being in a relationship with a modest sized man, but during their lifetime they need to experience (at least once) a guy who is hung like a horse-- just for the experience, something they can put on their resume, and to have for fodder when dishing with their friends.
  19. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    Re: average penis size and large penis with techni

    not true for me, i can say that at least...
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  20. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    Re: average penis size and large penis with techni

    Me either.
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