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  1. cilipadi

    cilipadi New Member

    Oh my god. Girls, come to this site. It has many information and very friendly page of gelatin food.
    Desserts gelatin, Meat gelatin, Dairy products, confectionery products, bakery products, all for gelatin. Very good page to use.

    Dear feng shui gisela or hitomi, the soy bean protein, we drink and eat protein base food to capture gelatin in our body is it?

  2. imagae

    imagae New Member research is showing that Wild Yam Extract
    mixed or straight as a massage oil promotes BIG TIME growth..I just ordered a bottle from Greenbush.

  3. fengshui

    fengshui New Member

    dear hitomi, so happy u r here. i really want to thank u for all ur info, help and encouragements.
    everytime i thought of giving up, i read thru ur posts again it'd always helped me. i am confident to recommend ur method to anybody as the NBE really works!!!!
    thanks again!!
    U R truely an angel!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  4. cilipadi

    cilipadi New Member

    dear fengshui, thx for the links for bai mu er information. Now i understand that collagen is linked with gelatin and we need protein also. [​IMG] thx

    dear hitomi, what did u ate most?
    dear imagae, I ate yogurt yesterday night and GOd i love em.

  5. fengshui

    fengshui New Member

    hi, girls, thank u all for sharing this with me.

    wildfire, it was like that for me, too. it comes(bigger) then it goes. but everytime it will take less, more and more will stay with u. it will get bigger as u saw results so soon, it took me 2 months just to see a better shape.

    debbied, i can say i've never missed a day of massage and boobie soup, sometimes i get lazy, too. if i can't do it in the morning, i do it at night. if i am really too tired, i still do it for 5,10 min or so, and mainly do the knuckles massage. it took me 8 months to get here, so, don't give up, i believe u will see results soon.
    Hitomi said that usually after 2 months, the "chi" flows more "smooth", it will be a lot faster.

    congrates!! falcon, ya, don't wear a tight bra, it will slow down the gorwth, and don't wear bra to bed. in the daytime, sometimes i "knock" around my boobs lightly to help the "circulation".

    great job, cilipadi, now ppl know what to eat now!! the "feet" problem is solved!! :p

  6. imagae

    imagae New Member

    I wonder if dissolving a packet of Knox gelatine in chicken broth would be's essentially the same thing...right?

  7. fengshui

    fengshui New Member

    imagae, what is Knox gelatine? and where can i buy it?
    i tried to put some dried seaweed(i use the type for sushi) into my feet soup, it turned out a lot more creamier, i wonder if i get extra boost for that? i am going to try it for a couple of weeks and will report my thought. [​IMG]

  8. cilipadi

    cilipadi New Member

    dear feng shui, bout the dried seaweed, my grandma has been cooking the feet soup with it for two days. It's really a lot thicker than usual, but I don't know bout the boost. Will hope to hear from you soon. =) I just bought lots of jello and yogurt (yogurt creamy type and yogurt drink from the shopping mall). Everything I check has gelatin *smiles*.
    Happy growing everyone.

  9. wildfire

    wildfire New Member

    Hi fengshui , thanks for the advise, i really think NBE will work for all of us.

    Cilipadi thanks for the food link, will go shoping for yogurt and jello lol.
    Happy growing ladies:)

  10. pansyclub

    pansyclub New Member

    Falcon: I have noticed some fullness in my breast after only 2-3 days. I also got my herbs from greenbush, just waiting for my period to start then I will combining chinese remedies with herbs.

    I agree with that alpho Soymilk tastes very creamy, a lot like milk. I love it!

  11. debbied

    debbied New Member

    Hi all,

    It's so wonderful to hear such support and advice!

    Thanks for the gelatin links!! I'll have to do that as I can't bring myself to eat the chicken feet soup. I know, I'm a whimp [​IMG] Is there other stuff I can eat that will have the same effect?

    Fengshui, I do get lazy sometimes but I always massage SOME. I am wanting to start taking the herbs but I want to make sure I take the correct ones. I'm going to do saw palmetto, red clover, evening primrose and apparently wild yam is another good one. I'm going to rattle around like a baby rattle with all these pills in me!!

    I know I like to joke, but in all seriousness, it's so nice to have this place to come to and talk to all you girls about this. We all seem to understand each other. It's like we're family!

    I was on breast gain plus for one month, haven't taken anymore, and during that time I started the massages and boobie foods. I have noticed my boobs are fuller, not larger though. And, they seem more lifted. I'm giving credit to the massage for that.

    Take care and talk to you soon!

  12. debbied

    debbied New Member

    Hi Gisela and Hitomi! Welcome to our little group of boobie growing women :p

    We all appreciate your help and advice! Keep it coming!

  13. pansyclub

    pansyclub New Member

    And I forgot, Welcome Hitomi!!! [​IMG]

  14. christi

    christi New Member

    Hi!! i'm new to the forum but i feel like i already know you all from your many, many posts [​IMG] i just want to say that its really great to have something like this so that everyone can share their experiences and not waste anymore money on pills that dont work etc, etc. i've used luvtrak, quick bust, mirifem and was thinking about trying bgp until i found this forum. THANK GOD FOR YOU GIRLS! mirifem (i thought) worked for a little bit but then for some reason i felt like it was making me shrink...(not a good thing at a 34A lol). anywho out of boredom today i decided not to let the rest of the pills go to waste so i cracked some of them into cocoa butter and did some boobie massages [​IMG] i smell terrible woohoo!

  15. debbied

    debbied New Member

    Hi Christi and welcome!

    That is just too funny!

    Ok all I need your help. I just went shopping [​IMG] Which happens to be one of my favorite things!! Anyway, I purchased Saw palmetto berries, not the extract, red clover, wild yam. And, I'm already taking the 1000mg of evening primrose and gelatin pills. What dosage of these do you guys think I should take? Isn't if funny how none of us know each other, but yet, we trust each other for advice? I think it's great!

  16. wildfire

    wildfire New Member

    hi debbied,
    i,m taking fennel and sawpalmetto, i start a slow ramp up. could you pls say whay mgs each herb is in, then i could give you a method to ramp up on the herbs. and also you ake the herbs by spreading them out throughout the day, for example : one of each in nmorning afternoon and night. allowing 5-8 hours within each dose. well tell me the mgs they are in then can help you more.

    take care

  17. cilipadi

    cilipadi New Member

    dear imagae, I just found out some info on what to rub onto our chests for massages to make it grow, and how to sustain the growth that we received.

    "The amount of cocoa butter used is directly proportional to the augmentation of the breast's size. It has been found that approximately 50g of cocoa butter per breast enlarges each breast from an A size bra cup to a B size bra cup. For such an amount, the application time for the applicant, at a younger age of approximately 30 years old and under, was approximately 11 consecutive hours of application of the cocoa butter. This was before theapplicantts discovery that Vitamin E would sustain the augmented breast size, and so the breast would reduce to the same breast size as before the application of the cocoa butter. However, at an older age, approximately the age of thirty and over, the applicant had found that response time of the body to the application of cocoa butter took significantly longer for the breast to augment in size. At the age of 35 years, it would then take the applicant 4 to 6 hours to absorb about 7g of cocoa butter."

    It is said that 18:1 (cocoa butter to vitamin e) proportion is used. Just rub softly onto the "globe of breasts area" I've yet to understand this, but i think it is all around the place on breasts that we want to grow. And to sustain the growth obtained from cocoa butter, we used Vitamin E. I got this info from the link of massages that pansyclub gave earlier. I think it is a good try. I will go and buy cocoa butter later with vitamin E.

    Oh ya, you are all welcome for the gelatin links. *smiles*

  18. cilipadi

    cilipadi New Member

    COCOA BUTTER - Stimulates the circulation in massaged areas, and strengthens the nervous system and eliminating functions. It is especially useful for massaging babies and young children gently along the spine. It helps body development and guards against head congestions. For increasing the size of underdeveloped breasts, massage around the glands under the arms and below the breasts. Direct massage of breasts with cocoa butter combined with alum water has been recommended by Edgar Cayce to decrease their size. You may use melted cocoa butter on its own or as part of a massage-oil mixture.
    In addition, you may add various aromatic oils either just for their fragrance or for any additional healing effect. The olive oil should be extra-virgin and the peanut oil cold-pressed, both having been stored in a cool and dark place. You may also squeeze some vitamin E oil capsules into the massage oil. A small amount of the oil may be lightly warmed before applying it to the body. I am not in favor of using polyunsaturated oils as massage oils as these become easily rancid.

  19. cilipadi

    cilipadi New Member

    Q) How may I develop my bust?
    (A) The natural development as comes from those activities through the better body building will be of helpful force. But if there is the desire for a greater development, we would massage the mammary glands, - not about same, but under the arm and down the side, you see - with Cocoa Butter, about three times each week; then about the glands themselves about once a week.

    (Q) What can be done to develop the bust to off-set angular line of my body?
    (A) Massaging the mammary glands with cocoa butter; not the bust but the glands. Massage always upward, not down not around but upward. This means commence at about the waist line under the arms, and especially the patches where there are the mammary glands, and where the emunctory patches supply nutriment to the glands.

    (Q) What explanation for right breast being larger than left, and how remedy?
    (A) This is a nominal condition that exists in most individuals. If there is the desire for increasing the lesser, massage the lower portion with Cocoa Butter. If there is the desire to decrease the other, massage with Cocoa Butter adding the water from alum in same. Do this each evening

    For the mammary glands and around the breast, to make them more firm and not so large - and yet make for a different activity to the whole body, we would massage a compound into the glands prepared in this manner:
    To 2 ounces of Cocoa Butter (dissolved), add:

    Oil of Butterfat..........................................40 minims,
    Alum Water, almost a saturated solution....10 minims.

    Stir this well together. Once or twice a week massage the glands around the arms and around the lower portion of the breast, upper portion, and massaging thoroughly around the edge - will make these more firm, relieve this strain, the burning sensations that have arisen at times after and during the menstrual periods

  20. imagae

    imagae New Member

    Wow Cilipadi! thats a ton of info! thanks!

    Fengshui, Knox Unflavored Gelatin can be found in any grocery store in the jello isle. You kinda have to hunt for it but believe me , it's there!
    It is usually sold in a few packets per box.


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