Circumstantial Depression due to stress?

Discussion in 'Mental Wellbeing' started by broadwaylife, Apr 5, 2008.

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    I'm someone who tends toward melancholy, but I'd never say that I've been clinically depressed (although it does run in my family). Right now though, I'm about to go through some enormous life changes (finishing my masters degree and moving across the country), and the stress has hit me over the past week in a major way. Deep despair and depression are the only words I can use to describe it. I know that it can be attributed to the stress in my life, my fear about the future, and my difficulty with dealing with change- I know this and that it will pass but it is unbearable right now.

    I have been weeping profusely on and off for the past five days, and not sleeping well. I wake up in the middle of the night extremely itchy, as if there are bugs crawling all over me. I thought I had fleas in my bed until my mom told me that this is a typical symptom of anxiety. Because of this I can't sleep well, which surely aggravates the problem.

    My boyfriend, whom I live with, also left for a two-week trip to France, and being in an empty apartment, sleeping alone...just typing this makes me start to cry again. I know he'll be back soon, but for some reason it is hitting me HARD. To the point that I've started to research codependency.

    I'm trying to keep motivated and get out of the house- I try to work out every day and spend time out of my apartment. Even so, I had to rush out of the grocery store yesterday because I was about to break down and didn't know why. I feel better when I'm out with friends, but when I get home alone it all floods back. It doesn't help that my class load is light right now, so I don't have any structure in my daily life to keep me motivated or keep me consistently around people I know. I'm trying to create structure for myself but all that I want to do is sleep so I have fewer hours in the day to fill. The thought of having to go through this every day until my bf comes back just makes it worse.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to cope with this kind of depression and anxiety that comes out of life change? I have faith that it will diminish once my body has the time to process it, but right now it's awful. I don't want to go on anti-depressants because it's not a constant problem for me, but I'm curious about homeopathic remedies. I'm thinking about going to a counselor at my university this week. I wish I could today, but it's saturday...

    I should mention that at 25, my periods are only just becoming regular (and I'm in it right now), so those hormonal shifts probably aren't helping.

    Please help.

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    Hmm, I've been depressed myself before. Not clinically depressed, but deeply saddened. How I coped with it? Well, I made an effort to actually make myself happy. Sometimes I'd allow myself to cry and 'get it all out'. It's easier said than done, I know, especially with someone you don't know personally, but if I were you . . .

    I'd start taking a good multi-vitamin. Work out. Work out more. Exercise is known to release endorphins which help you feel good (though you may know this already). Go for a walk even. You don't need to restrict yourself just to the gym. Use bright lighting and be around bright, vibrant colors such as yellow, maybe even some red. Blue if you want to feel more relaxed.

    As for the grocery store, maybe you just have an intolerance of crowds. I know I do.

    Have you considered you might have Restless Leg Syndrome? If you feel like you have bugs crawling all over at night, and it's ruining your sleep....I know that getting less than 6-7 hours of restorative, uninterrupted sleep can make you irritable and depressed.

    Maybe check into it?

    That's probably a lot of it right there. Maybe you are suffering from PMDD? Extreme PMS.
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    How about getting yourself to a doctor right now before this gets any worse? What else is going to have to happen before you act on this? See a doc this afternoon, luv. As in, RIGHT NOW.
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    I went through something similar at Christmas, I could practically have written your post. I was in the house on my own and keeping myself busy, but crying ALL the time I was on my own, and eventually I got to the point where I was having to hide myself crying in public (like at the works christmas lunch!).

    I figure it is your body saying "enough! can't take this anymore!" and asking for you to do something about it. TG is right - your body is telling you this is enough. You have the knowledge that other people in the family struggle with depression, don't risk that being you.

    I rang my dad, and he said just come home. I left a job to do that and hence had to give it up but it was what it took - I needed to be around people who cared for me, and to take the pressure off. I chose to do that my quitting the job that I was doing part time with my studies, and fortunately my parents were in a position at the time to support me a bit more so I could do that.

    Look after yourself!

  5. shopaholic85

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    it kinda sounds to me you have anxiety, which is what I have, and it causes depression, I'm currently on a anti-depressant, and have gone to anxiety seminars. Anxiety has many symptoms such as:
    stomach pains/nausea
    chest tightness
    blurred vision
    muscle tension, weakness,twitching, or heaviness
    racing heart
    cold chills/hot flashes
    internal trembling/ shaking
    unable to relax
    difficulty breathing

    making dire predictions about the future
    always expecting the worse
    feelings of inadequacy, alienation, loneliness, anger at oneself
    thoughts of losing control
    Negative circular thoughts
    excessive concerns about not being in control

    difficulty sleeping
    Avoidance of being in public

    If you find yourself doing something or somewhere and your a about to feel like your going to break down, try yelling STOP in your head , as loudly as you can to interrupt the thoughts you are having that are making you feel like breaking down, its good to do this a couple of times over. then think to yourself a few ( 3-4) thoughts that will help you gain control again, like :

    If I lost my cool, I'll be embarrassed
    I'm going to be in control this time

    Then try and clear your head, take a walk or do something you find relaxing, they call these options, its a good thing to write a bunch of options down for different situations and keep it with you, then if you have to do this process again somewhere else you will be able to remember more options to clear your head, and that will help you to feel in control and to feel less trapped.

    if you've gone through the process and you still feel like breaking down, try it again, with different thoughts and options.

    and if it makes your feel better again after the process reward yourself, it doesn't need to cost money, it could just be a complement to yourself, or you could buy yourself your fav magazine etc.

    I've done this a few times and felt that it really helps me. Another thing I do is if i start to feel bad at home i'll go lie on my bed, turn off the lights and put on some relaxing music like ocean sounds, nature sounds, soft piano music, etc, then I will try and let go of what it is i'm thinking about, it usually only takes a few minutes for me to get back to normal, but it is different for everyone.

    a good thing to remember is that meds are a good option, and it doesn't need to be forever, it will help you with whats going on in your life right now, and you will be able to heal yourself with a more clear mind, then if your mind is continuously jumbled with negative thoughts.

    If your really worried, I would go talk to your doctor, or see a therapist. it really helps.

    good luck!


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