Concerns After Essure Procedure

Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by hopefullj, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. hopefullj

    hopefullj New Member

    I recently had the Essure Procedure done two weeks ago and thought that this would be pretty simple after discussing it with my doctor. He did mention the risk of irregular periods but did not mention constant bleeding after the procedure. I was expecting my period a couple of days after the procedure and figured that the bleeding was due to the fact that my period arrived. I stopped bleeding for about 2 days and then started bleeding heavily (clotting) and have not stopped since then. The bleeding is not as heavy w/clotting but a constant flow is beginning to worry me. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow but wonder if anyone else has suffered from this. Will it ever stop. The constant bleeding is like a birth control method in itself since i am not able to have or enjoy sex.

  2. kcokhy38

    kcokhy38 New Member

    I never had any problems with bleeding. I didnt have a period for 6 months before my surgery, then after the surgery I started again exactly when I was supposed to. I have started every month like clockwork. I had a bit of spotting after the surgery but he said that was due to the pill I was taking. I had to take a pill that didnt cause blood clots since that was why I went off of it. Good luck with your appointment. I wouldnt say that I am sorry I had the surgery done, I am not having problems. Good luck.

  3. smwifey

    smwifey New Member

    I had the Essure procedure done on Tuesday (3 days ago). I know they tell you that you can go back to your regular activities the next day but I am still really hurting on my right side. He had trouble getting the coil in that side so I'm not sure if that is why I am hurting or what is going on. They said it was a success but now I am wondering about their definition of success. ANyone else had pain for several days after the procedure? They didn't even give me anything for pain. I have beeneating Ibuprofen like candy for the last three days.

  4. Threemoons

    Threemoons New Member

    Me three RE concerns. Had mine put in on the 23rd (last Thursday). It hurt like all holy hell; I just got a muscle relaxant injection and they really had to "dig around" to find my right Fallopian opening.

    I felt fine on Friday and by Friday night the spotting had stopped, or so I thought.

    Sunday I started bleeding a LOT. The doc who was covering for my ob-gyn said that this was "normal for some people" due to the "instrumentation" in the uterus.

    Well, now I noticed more cramping especially when I lie down or sit at an odd angle--almost like stabbing. Could I be feeling the implants?

    Also still bleeding. It seems to get lighter at night but when I wake up, I get torrents of red watery blood. What's going on?

    Has anyone else had this and had everything work out in the end?

  5. m0u5y

    m0u5y New Member

    Has anyone had a positive experience with this? I've been looking for permanent alternatives and this seems like it's horrible. It sounds like you're victims of some dirty bomb and you've got shrapnel stuck in your abdomen!

  6. bestin

    bestin New Member

    mou5y- I have had the procedure a while back and had no problems. Actually went to lunch with friends right after and picked my kids up from school. Every woman is different and every doctor who does it is different. I would assume that it's like eye lasik surgery - there are lots of good stories, but you always here about the bad ones on forums. We need to hear and know of both.
    I have recommended it to quite a few friends and they too are really happy....but again, it was the same doctor.
    good luck with your decision.

  7. kym4

    kym4 Member

    mou5y, I do not recommend this procedure. There are too many if's with this procedure. You can really set yourself up for numerous procedures in having this done. It is like shrapnel in your body.

    The biggest sign that this procedure is not working out to good is the fact that from what I have found in some SEC (Securities and Exchange) documents is that it appears that the top execs of this company have already started selling their stock options. I am no legal expert on the sale of stock and some of the wording but it does appear they are selling out. Look it up and read it and let me know what you all think. I have found more info indicating that this is true but the most verifiable seems to be the SEC report.

  8. Gemini Tiger

    Gemini Tiger New Member

    I had Essure done 2 days ago by an Essure certified physician. It was done in the hospital (the doctor's office isn't set up for the surgery) with general anesthesia via I.V. I remember nothing. She could only insert one tube on my right side. My left tube was spasming, or it may have a blockage. She will try again in about 3 weeks to insert a coil into my left tube. If that doesn't work, she will perform tubal ligation at the same time.

    I have had no pain at all, no cramping and a tiny bit of spotting. I have taken no pain meds and feel perfectly normal today.

    Although I researched Essure prior to the procedure, reading some of these stories scares me, especially the ones with complications 5 years down the road. I'm even thinking I just go for the tubal ligation and not put the second tube in or even just stay on the pill! Time will tell what I decide to do.

    Right now, however, I am very happy with the fact I am not suffering ANY effects from my first insertion.

  9. erb1

    erb1 New Member

    mOu5y, I just updated in another thread that I had the HSG completed last week, and so far so good. I had some discomfort when he placed the right coil, but it went in as expected. Soreness lasted a few hours, but I returned to work after both the procedure and the HSG.

    They allowed me to take a pic of the HSG, everything was where it was supposed to be.


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