Copper IUD and Periods

Discussion in 'IUDs' started by all4oldchevys, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. all4oldchevys

    all4oldchevys New Member

    Hi all,

    I got my copper iud put in at the end of May and had a period at the end of June where I thought I was going to bleed to death. I knew that was to be expected so I dealt with it.

    Now, for last month, I had a period that was so light and lasted a day I'm due again, but it hasn't started yet and I don't know what's up. I have cramps and I had them last month so it seems like it wants to start but never really does. I know I am not pregnant as I took a test last month after my one day period and then again yesterday, both definite negatives. I've never heard of someone not having a period (or having a light period) on the paragard. Any ideas??

  2. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    I had a copper IUD inserted in April. I've always had light periods, though for the first couple of months, my period was heavier with the iud--4-5 days, more blood than usual. Now, my period is back to being light, lasting only a couple of days. I don't even have cramps anymore. So I don't think your situation is unheard of, but not too common for sure.

    You may want to visit your gyn, just in case something else is going on...

  3. Wendy123

    Wendy123 New Member

    Hi there,

    After 10 years of Depo, I had my Paragard inserted a year ago this month, (bad cramps on the day and no problems after that)and have had fairly regular periods, none too heavy or painful from day one. They were starting to become regular every 3 to 4 weeks for 5 days, but this one was a full week late and lasted 1 day. Hardly what you'd call a period. I'm curious what's happened to you two since August, and what I might expect?
    P.S. lost 10 lbs since ditching Depo!

  4. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Congrats on the weight loss. Depo sounds awful, I wonder why it is still used?

    Me, I'm still having super light periods. In fact, my periods are great, especially since it signals the end of 10-day pms!! All is well, except for yucky pms.

    Oh yeah, I've had a consistent, 27-day cycle for a while now.

    Um, Wendy, did you take a pregnancy test? And week late and a one day period is suspicious. Then again, I'm convinced I'll soon become pregnant, IUD or not, and I'm always taking pregancy tests. You can just ignore my advice, since maybe I'm a paranoid lunatic!

  5. goodiegirl

    goodiegirl New Member

    Re: Copper IUD

    i just had a copper IUD inserted last Friday. Had horrible cramps day of and tapered off in one day. But, i have had spotting since insertion that has turned into almost a period. did anyone else experience this and how long does this last? fyi.. insertion was done at beginning of cycle, so its not a regular period. please help, i am running out of pantyliners!

  6. Tarsia

    Tarsia New Member

    Re: Copper IUD

    I think I only spotted for a day or two.
    But it's different for everyone goodie! Grab some more panty liners I suppose. :shrug:

  7. suska

    suska New Member

    Re: Copper IUD

    i had a paraguard iud inserted about 3 weeks ago (which was incredibly painful). the cramping was bad the first few days and then stopped. i've had almost continual discharge since it was put in... starting clear, and for the past week it's been akin to the discharge i have after my period. also, in the past week i've been having serious cramping EVERY afternoon... very frustrating. i'm still a week from when i expect my period to start.

    i've never had a baby, so maybe it's worse for me? i'm considering having it removed. i'm not sure i can handle this kind of consistent pain for several months...

    is there anyone who's NEVER had a baby before that's had a successful copper iud experience?

  8. goodiegirl

    goodiegirl New Member

    Re: Copper IUD

    right now I am frustrated as bleeding has not stopped and is stopping me from having intercourse with b/f. isn't this defeating the reason why i got this thing inserted? Might call the doctor if bleeding does not stop.

  9. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    Re: Copper IUD

    I remember spotting for quite a while after I had mine inserted. Be patient, your body is still adjusting.

  10. Wendy123

    Wendy123 New Member

    Definitely not pregnant! Just some adjustments in my body I think. I've had no PMS and no complaints. I loved being period free on Depo, but I'm happy now to be like a real woman if that's what I get!

  11. goodiegirl

    goodiegirl New Member

    thanks. let's hope by the weekend this is gone and b/f and i can have some romance!

  12. all4oldchevys

    all4oldchevys New Member

    Well...I was definitely not pregnant either, the next month my period came with vengeance. But, from what I've read online, when you're very stressed out it can postpone ovulation, and therefore, postpone your period. I've had the same problem again this month, took two pregnancy tests, definitely negative. I guess I've got to accept that this is the way my body is because I get stressed out.

    In replies to others...I've had my IUD for almost 7 months now, and the spotting definitely goes away, the period gets more regular and not so heavy after a few months. I really love mine now and am happy with my decision. Also, cramps have gotten better with time. It's taken awhile, but I think I've adjusted well...Good luck with the IUDs everyone, don't give up on them!

  13. goodiegirl

    goodiegirl New Member

    Spotting stopped after 3 weeks. So relieved! Let's see what next months period is like!

  14. summerlee76

    summerlee76 New Member

    All4oldchevies, thanks for that I am glad to hear you are happy with your choice now.
    I got my iud a week ago and have been bleeding since then. It is definitely frustrating since I had been taking my pill continuously for 3 months to not have a period. The only thing that concerns me is the bleeding is not like my regular period and I am still taking the pill until my pack is done so I figured I wouldn't bleed that much. I called my gyno and left a message, so hopefully he will call me back this afternoon...
    goodiegirl, glad to hear your spotting has stopped, but after 3 weeks, yikes! Missing the spontaneity of fooling around whenever...

  15. Flame7

    Flame7 New Member

    Im having the same experience. I had my gynefix copper IUD fitted on the 4th January, and had a few days of light spotting then period like bleeding (but no pain) for the past 2 weeks. My period is due at the end of the month, god knows whats going to happen then! [​IMG]
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  16. mollywobbles

    mollywobbles New Member


    I got my Copper IUD inserted two weeks ago. I started my period today (which was on schedule) but it seems to be lighter than it usually is. Has anyone else had an issue similar to this?


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