D-Club of NBE part ll

Discussion in 'Archived Discussions' started by fengshui, May 30, 2006.

  1. wildfire

    wildfire New Member

    Hi deb, nice to c you back.
  2. marion

    marion New Member

    Hi!I am new!I am glad I found this forum!You are a great family!I hope we will all reach our goals!I am 20years old.The last days I have started massaging and eating booby-friendly food.
  3. cilipadi

    cilipadi New Member

    dear debbied,

    if you've found out a way on how to do hypnosis, pls let us know. TQ for the information, i really appreciate it. [​IMG]
  4. CatL

    CatL New Member

    Hi all, I gave in to 4 scoops of ice-cream today, which I know is not good for BE. Oh well... I have been eating meat and eggs and milk, and seems that this kind of BE diet is not really good in long-term, as there are not much fibre. Have been having constipation for 3 days now. I did eat apple and banana but does not seem to help. Any advice?
  5. Falcon

    Falcon New Member

    Hey girls!! [​IMG]

    Okay - so the herbs seem to be making the skin around my belly button puffy. Seems like some water retention. I plan to nix the herbs from my routine. I'll stick with the FG though along with EPO and collagen and see what happens.

    I'm not a fan of belly fat. I'd rather have a six pack and smaller boobs [​IMG] Did I just say I'd rather have smaller boobs????? Somebody check my temperature... I think I got that flu poor debbied had!!!!

    In all seriousness - I'd rather find a routine that works without making me grow a tummy.

    I'll keep you posted!!! :p

    Bye bye herbs.....
  6. Amazedgrl

    Amazedgrl New Member

    Hello girls!!!

    I am new to this forum and i would like to say how amazed i am by so much information you have been sharing... i've started reading all your threads 2 days ago ( well most of them, there were so many:p )like you i have small breasts [​IMG] and would like to try NBE. [​IMG] when i read your progress it gives me hope [​IMG]

    Unfortunately, i did not get to know the existence of this forum before i ordered breast gain plus which i received today. i have become quite skeptical from reading some threads on how breast gain plus is a scam but since it is hard to get a refund i've decided to give it a try. however, i'd like to know if is it necessary to do a detox first before taking the pills?? and if the heating pad works as well? [​IMG]

    cheers !! [​IMG]

  7. debbied

    debbied New Member

    No I haven't a clue how to do hypnosis:) I just thought it was an interesting post.

    I agree with Falcon. I, too, have gained weight around the middle. I want bigger boobs, not a beer belly!!! So, I have stopped everything as of yesterday except fenugreek and saw palmetto, epo, and the gelatin capsules. If it doesn't go down some after that, I'll stop all of them and see what happens. It could be my diet, I just don't know! I do know that I haven't been able to eat hardly anything in the last few days but I have been taking my herbs, and the belly is still there.

    Falcon, honey, take your temp., go home and lie down. This too shall pass..............
  8. Gisela

    Gisela New Member


    That's great! [​IMG] By that time I'm sure we are in D-Club already. hahaha [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Everyone feels diferently after CHI massage done. As long as you DO it correctly: firmly pressing inward then down , to both side and back in. After
    360 rotation you should feel like your arms almost
    fall-off otherwise you do not massage well enough. [​IMG]


    Here is the link to see Eve's Pix:



    Unfortunately taking FG will cause you LOOKING fat around your tummy however someone reported that once stopped FG then the SWOLLEN gone, too. [​IMG]

  9. Gisela

    Gisela New Member


    you can buy FG powder in some Chinese herbal stores and Indian stores (cuz FG is the main ingredient of Curry Spices), or try GREENBUSH on line, their service can't beat: neat and fast! [​IMG]


    I bought FG and Fennel powder, EPO from them.

  10. Gisela

    Gisela New Member

    Marion & Amazedgrl:

    Welcome to our forum. [​IMG]


    Please leave your stats so we can help you better when you have problems. [​IMG]


    Since you have ordered BGP already, you may consider to add Saw Palmetto cuz in BGP there's
    no SP.

    As to detox isn't necessarily to everyone if you keep good life style. Although some think that liver-cleanse helps NBE to start. [​IMG]

    After massage, put on the heating pad for 20 mon is VERY good cuz it can promote prolactin to more estrogen receptors!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

  11. Gisela

    Gisela New Member


    I have some tricks for loosse "uh-uh"

    1)Every morning drink 2 tea spoons of OLIVE OIL that's what my Italian friend told me, I tried it be4 it works!!! [​IMG]

    2)Right now I usually drink one cup of warm water plus some squeezed lime juice in the morning, I have no problem to go bathroom TWICE a day! [​IMG]

  12. Gisela

    Gisela New Member


    Finaly you are back here, I saw you in some other Thread... hehehe :p

    I like the info you posted. I always believe the attitude is more important to start NBE. Now I talk to my twins everyday by saying: I luv U! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  13. Gisela

    Gisela New Member


    Unfortunately I have to say cuz breastfeeding let me have very saggy boobies [​IMG] but I never regret!

    Breastfeeding is giving lots of benefit to your kids rather than Formulas can provide, there's no other milk can replace mother milk!!! [​IMG]

  14. Falcon

    Falcon New Member

    debbied!! I would love to go home and lay down............. by the pool!! [​IMG] :p

    Gisela: Thanks for the info about the FG hunny. If the belly swelling goes down when stopping FG, does the booby swelling go down too??? [​IMG] How about fennel? Does it cause tummy swelling??

    debbied: Did you hear that?!?! FG is no good for our bellies!! Crap!!!! [​IMG]
  15. Gisela

    Gisela New Member

  16. Falcon

    Falcon New Member

    Thank you Gisela! Good info! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  17. Gisela

    Gisela New Member


    I found this exercise very helpful for our boobies
    even recommmended in TW BE forum, too:

    Stand facing a wall at arm's length. Place palms on the wall. Push against the wall as if you were pushing it away, without bending arms at the elbow. Hold for eight counts and relax arms for eight counts. Repeat this eight to twenty times a day.

    I've been trying for a week now, only using my right hand to push wall cuz R boob is smaller. [​IMG]

    It's worth a try!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

  18. jesslynn

    jesslynn New Member

    Falcon- for water retention, in F2F Lucille suggests dandilion or parsley as diuretic herbs because phytoestrogen causes mild bloating. Eating celery also helps if you don't want to spend a ton more $!

    Debbied and Cilipad- Lucille is sending me her hypnosis for free since I never saw results from her program, so I'll let you know about that and try to get it to you.

    Fengshui - I buy FG in liquid extract form so it's easier to lather on and heat up under a heating pad! Most health food stores will have it in their liquid herb section.

    And thanks Gisela for giving me the link to Eve's boobs! hahaha they are pretty perfect!
  19. Falcon

    Falcon New Member

    Thanks jesslynn!

    Gisela - will FG extract in booby lotion cause tummy swelling? Or is the swelling from the FG capsules?

    The squishy-ness is not enough for anyone to notice, but I know the difference, and I want to stop it before it gets any worse.

    Thanks sweets!
  20. Gisela

    Gisela New Member

    Hi, Falcon:

    IMHO the FG extract in your Boobie Batter won't cause you SWELLING like FG cap cuz the potency of your Boobie Batter far low than in Fg cap you taking internally!!! [​IMG]


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