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    I never in any post said or suggested that the transcripts were altered. I would appreciate you pointing out where you think that occured.... What I did say was that the conspiracy advocates chose not to mention transcripts from later that day that don't support the conspiracy folk's position.

    Only a very small minority in the fringe element believe that the government planned this attack. If it is a coverup, they have indeed managed to keep it extremely quiet. I know you believe that the mainstream media is bought and paid for by the right but if any of them uncovered a true conspiracy, they would be shouting it from the mountaintops and the various media outlets would be fighting amongst themselves trying to get the scoop.

    Your debate has raised one question for me though....If you really think our government planned this, then what are you doing ranting about it here??? If that is what I believed, I would be picking up arms and actively resisting. Overthrow of the government would not only be my main focus but it would be my entire focus. I wouldn't be able to post because I would either be in jail or dead as a result of my resistance.
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    "All of the items listed on that website have been disproven over the last decade."

    Says who?

    "As an example, the transcripts discussing additional bombs were from conversations shortly after the explosion when there was a lot of confusion. As I said, there were some bomb scares during that time that proved to be false. What the conspiracy advocates choose not to include are the transcripts mentioning that these were false alarms or the news media later retracting some of the initial reports. Doesn't fit in with their agenda I suppose to include this information....

    This is what I mean: where can we find these transcripts you claim are intentionally excluded?

    ...UGH...I can, again, site credible source upon credible source that explains what corporations own who and what. Would it matter to you? No.

    They HAVEN'T kept it quiet, which is why they want to privatize the internet: limit informatrion.

    Our press is owned by the same corporations that more or less run everything on a transnational basis. It's a public relations agency for corporate crooks, so it doesn't exactly behoove them to sabotage the pay masters who own the medium to begin with. Our press doesn't have free reign to "report" whatever suits them. Have you ever heard of Project Censored? I've already linked to it here before - you clearly missed it. Go look it up. Go look at any of the links I've provided in any number of threads, and explain how you already know about it from MSM.

    And I'm here talking about these things as an exchange of information and ideas. If you want to help wake people up to what they're not being informed of through their press/media, you go where the people are uninformed, which is generally anyplace you find lots of people debating, yet the horrors of the day are oddly absent from the discussion ...hence, you get the feeling that they don't know,or realize, cause if they did, they'd be talking about it. Does no good to preach to the choir cause they already know.
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    Again, if I thought my government was behind something like this, I would be doing a lot more than just talking about it on a website!

    Finally though I see what you are trying to say...it isn't the government that you feel is behind this. Our government, along with our press, is simply a pawn of the evil multinational corporations. This is all being driven by one or more villianous CEOs bent on utter and complete world domination. And the majority of us Americans and the rest of the world are just ignorant sheep to stupid to understand the claims of the chosen few who know the real truth. Those select few who aren't bought and paid for by the corporations.....now I see your point. My question is just this....if it is this big, how can you ever hope to win? Anything short of a complete world revolution and replacement of our capitalistic system could mean that the evil business types stay in control......

    I think this is the point where I need to step away from this debate. We will never convince one another of our positions and website sniping gets old after a while. I just don't feel this is the best place for this discussion. I realize that you will view my walking away as some sort of victory on your part but in reality it is just a matter of choosing to place my time and resources where they can do the most good....
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    How so?
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