Do guys care if we shave?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by Madam, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. leia

    leia New Member

    I don't shave but had laser hair removal done when I got my tatoo. The reason was strickly for the tatoo not because my husband liked it better that way. I don't think I could deal with the PMCS of shaving, just go to a spa and let them zap it away. My busband does say it is easier to do oral now with no hair down there. Plus when you have a field problem and have to do hygene with just baby wipes it sure is a lot easier hairless.
  2. New_Explorer

    New_Explorer New Member

    What if you catch sight of a woman who forgot to shave to the bikini line ... who has a full lacy trim of hair along the swimsuit line and a little running down her inner thigh?
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  3. Lexxa

    Lexxa New Member

    Makes sense to me. I noticed that too.
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  4. tassiedevil1977

    tassiedevil1977 New Member

    I shave but mainly because it's my own personal prefernce. I like it mainly because it's cleaner. I shave the entire lot, but I do have problems with ingrown hairs from time to time. I have only had 1 complete wax and it hurt like a b@#*h!!! My boyfriend has said he doesn't go much on the complete shave that he would like the "runway strip" and I politely told him at the time if he didn't like what I did with MY pubic hair that was his problem, and asked him if he had any idea how hard it is to shave a straight even line of hair. I have since given some thought to getting another wax (OW!!) and getting her to leave me with the strip, then I can simply shave around it and keep it trimmed. But I dunno, I am very stubborn when it comes to doing things because other people want you to, and don't really think I'm going to do it. When it comes down to it, if your partner doesn't like you the way you are, shaved, unshaved, half shaved, whatever you choose, then that is his/her problem and not yours. You shouldn't change any aspect of yourself to make someone happy, they should accept you the way you are.
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  5. FeelingBetter

    FeelingBetter New Member

    I agree to some extent, but when you are with someone you care about, you can try things simply because he wants to try them. You may be suprised and discover that you actually like them too. [​IMG]
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  6. Cassie900622

    Cassie900622 New Member

    I shave it all. How do I prevent the little red bumps? Also it grows back so fast. Any tips ladies? I think I'm going to go get it waxed but scared of how much it will hurt. And I shave because I want to, it makes me feel cleaner
  7. tassiedevil1977

    tassiedevil1977 New Member

    I use moisturiser or something like baby oil after I have shaved and don't seem to get the red bumps. But I do still get ingrown hairs from time to time like I said. Waxing does hurt, but only for a few seconds, there is much more painful things to go through, I'm sure breaking a bone would be one of them and I definately know giving birth is more painful!! hehe.
  8. curiouswonder

    curiouswonder New Member

    I have been with a man I shaved for-and refused to have sex with me until it grew back! I have been with a man who wanted it silky smooth. (Kind of confusing for women who are trying to figure out what the norm is in a dating scene.) My husband prefers trimmed, the front silky smooth, but a little protection around the lips. He'll have it any way, HAIRY or clean. But gets more excited and thinks more about it after its freshly done. I do get wetter and hornier after I trim. I prefer a trim, and would love to go further, but too time consuming. I refuse to shave, way too many ingrown hairs, so I just wax the front and get beard trimmers for the rest. If worse comes to worse, I can take a razor to the must-do-now areas.
  9. MarriedMan

    MarriedMan New Member

    What if you catch sight of a woman who forgot to shave to the bikini line ... who has a full lacy trim of hair along the swimsuit line and a little running down her inner thigh? [/QB][/QUOTE]

    What would I do? Probably get a hard-on . . . and drool.
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  10. p_sanders29

    p_sanders29 New Member

    I shave mine for both me and my husband. When we first got together it was for him. But now I do it for me. baby oil or lotion helps keep the bimps away.
  11. Tarsia

    Tarsia New Member

    I've been shaving since high school (about 10 years now), and haven't had much problem with bumps or ingrown hairs. The occasional bump, but even that is rare now. Sometimes I let it grow back for a chance of pace.

    I don't shave everything - just lips and up above the clit and the edges up from there. The rest I keep trimmed. I find it feels much sexier and wetter without all that hair. But hey, it's all personal preference.

    Unfortuntally getting as close a shave as I prefer is rough, but I at least go over things every few days. Better and more comfy than not.
  12. Robin Hood

    Robin Hood New Member

    We have noticed that sex (both oral and intercourse) is noticeably better when she has had a brazilian. These are pricey and somewhat painful, so she is looking into laser for a permanent solution. I don't think this is sexist. She hates for me to have a beard, so I shave my face everyday for her. We both do things for each other to heighten the pleasure in our sex life. This is just one example of it.
  13. wannabe_bold

    wannabe_bold New Member

    "i wanna try it though.. think i shouldnt? im worried though that it will be itchy when the hair is growing back again.. and i am also worried that i might have chicken skin.. know those big pores? can ihave it with just one try?? "

    I tried shaving once. not the whole thing just enough so that i wouldnt be uncomfortable walking arounf in a bathing suit.. but it just itched like mad! so im always really self consience.. my BF has never said anything about it.. but i really wish i could at least trim.. any tips?
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  14. hot_marty

    hot_marty New Member

    Its hard to keep it shaved and not have stubble, unless you shave upwards then it shaves smoother but then it hurts worse and red bumps appear. Its painful but worth the results.
  15. EnoughAlready

    EnoughAlready Active Member

    For me, the secret is to keep shaving. Your skin will get used to it. At least mine did.
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  16. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    I think I would rather wax than shave. I have tried the shaving, very time consuming.
  17. SM02

    SM02 New Member

    EA is right, you're skin has to get used to it, both boys and girls.

    Men don't care! Are you nuts?!?!?! They are lying if they say they do [​IMG]
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    SM02 - did you see the posts about using cheap conditioner instead of shaving cream? I'm going out this weekend to stock up on Suave 89 cent conditioner and shave away. Hey maybe I'll go blonde (NOT).
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  19. SM02

    SM02 New Member

    My shaving cream is just as cheap as my conditioner.

    Why would you peroxide your hair because you shaved your cha cha?

    Hey!! Don't shave it, bleach your pubes!! (OK, I think that might be wierd and painful/dangerous)
  20. wannabe_bold

    wannabe_bold New Member

    [/QUOTE]For me, the secret is to keep shaving. Your skin will get used to it. At least mine did. [/QB][/QUOTE]
    well i guess since my bf is going to be gone for awhile ( tear) i can try it out.. see if i like it and all.. and if it still reacts the way it did before... or i just decide i dont like it.. he will never know lol

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