Do Many Women Enjoy Fellatio?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by cybersurfer, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. cybersurfer

    cybersurfer New Member

    I know a woman who claims to enjoy fellatio more than anything else, and to have done it with many men. Is that unusual or is that common?
  2. SweetestTea

    SweetestTea New Member

    I think its like any other like in the world, to each his/her own. I do enjoy it, but haven't done with with many men. I dont think that's safe of discriminating (cant share the best of you with everyone).
  3. Tarsia

    Tarsia New Member

    Well, I wouldn't say it's my absolute favorite thing, but it's in the top of the list. And pretty much any man I've been involved with sexually has had me perform it upon him.
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  4. Slvrtide

    Slvrtide New Member

    I agree. I really do enjoy it a lot! And now that I'm with my BF I enjoy it even more because seeing him react is amazing.
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  5. Tarsia

    Tarsia New Member

    Ooo.. yeah. *purrrs* I love how my boy reacts to the oral attention. Gets me all good-n-eager!

    And there are certainly times where I'll just sort of.. play with him. Either orally or manually. Not really going for getting him off.. just exploring and enjoying and learning. He encourages me to do so. No complaints here!
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  6. Slvrtide

    Slvrtide New Member

    Oh I do exactly the same thing! It's a lot of fun just to take your time and explore. I've figured out things he didn't know he liked that way.
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  7. pillalips

    pillalips New Member

    It's only enticing when I initiate it. It really turns me on know that I turn them on! It sometimes works as a mild form of foreplay [​IMG]

    However if he demands it or expects it, then it becomes almost repulsive.
  8. pinkFlames

    pinkFlames New Member

    I love it to the point that I have orgasmed on a few occasions due to a combination of the mental thrill and the physical sensations of him rubbing on my lips and palate. I love exploring the different textures of his penis and scrotum with my lips and tongue. I also like either watching him cum inches from my face or swallowing. If it was left to my preferences only, I would go down on him at least 60% of the times we're together.
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  9. thorn22

    thorn22 New Member

    My SO loves giving me head, purely for the enjoyment of seeing my reactions, as some others have already mentioned. I have no complaints!
  10. MissAngela88

    MissAngela88 New Member

    I really love giving head. It used to take a while for me to get comfortable enough with a man before I could really let go. Now that I'm married, I find that I enjoy it more than ever.Sometimes I won't be that in the mood for sex, but I'll start going down and it makes me crazy.

    I wouldn't go as far as to say as it's better than sex, but it makes sex *way* better. [​IMG]
  11. eveningstar

    eveningstar New Member

    I love it but to say "more than anything else" is pushing it. I really really enjoy it but I also like the other acts as well.
  12. Miss Malice

    Miss Malice New Member

    Add me to the "Love it" camp. You are good at what you enjoy, and let's just say that I've never had a complaint, but I've had more than a few "Holy F*CK's" LOL. For Steak and BJ Day, my last guy was looking at the website (he didn't know it existed until I told him) and there was a link for directions on how to give good head. He looked me up and down, then looked back at the screen and said "Yeah, you SO don't need that..." LOL.

    For me, it's not completely satisfying sex unless I've given a good BJ.
  13. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    I kinda love it also [​IMG] It's satisfying to me to make him feel good that way!
  14. lea

    lea New Member

    i enjoy giving it, but sometimes i feel inadequate because i can't always deep throat or swallow, which seems to be REALLY important to my significant other at this juncture in time.
  15. Unwritten

    Unwritten New Member

    I don't enjoy it, however i have a jaw problem and my right TMJ (jaw joint) dislocates anytime i open my mouth to wide and by to wide i mean like an inch. sooo....that might have something to do with it [​IMG]


  16. Kaliaunna

    Kaliaunna New Member

    I like it... not as much as I let on, though. I don't like doing it unless I'm really really into the guy, if I am, it's actually fun. I aim to please so I love giving head, and moans from them are a bonus!
  17. Legal Eyes

    Legal Eyes New Member

    I definitely love it. I view oral sex as a very intimate act, and I love sharing that with my SO.
  18. thelittleone

    thelittleone New Member

    ...i am a true lover of it...specially with my BF...always thought i was bad at it, but he constantly assures me i am good, and seems to think i keep getting better at it...never really given any prior to him...but i thoroughly enjoy it with him and would do it at any there is a sense of satisfaction to give him such an enjoyable experience...well he assures me is enjoying it LOL [​IMG]
  19. Tonglen guy

    Tonglen guy New Member

    God,where were you all when I was in college?
  20. upch

    upch New Member

    BJ's are one of my favorite activities.
    I like to straddle his leg and grind while doing it. That way we both have pleasure.

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