Do Many Women Enjoy Fellatio?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by cybersurfer, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. gardengrl

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    I love it. There are times that I can feel myself dripping from giving head. However before my husband I was only giving oral to get oral. Giving was a means to an end. My husband’s reaction triggered the change in my opinion. He loves it and expresses it quite clearly which was a change from most of the men I had dated. So now it is one of my favorite things.
  2. sacrebleu

    sacrebleu New Member

    I honestly don't think many women do. Unlike men, there's no big thrill. There ARE exceptions, but generally, I believe most women would be content to never do it again, if they ever did it to begin with.

    Exceptions for nymphos (I love you!), and women trying to make a guy thing she digs it.

    The opposite is true of cunnilingus. Most guys love it, very few dislike it. From what I've heard.
  3. gardengrl

    gardengrl New Member

    I have a number of friends who enjoy the giving of pleasure. I also have a number of friends who feel powerful when they give fellatio. I didn’t really love it until I was with a man who was free enough to vocalize his enjoyment. I also have mentioned to men that they perpetuate the idea that it is negative. We have all grown up in a world where the idea of “suck my d*ck” is derogatory. The person performing fellatio is seen as subservient. I know that personally I have felt free to explore that aspect of my personality only when dealing with a man who truly sees women as his equal. Before dating my husband I was unwilling to put myself in the subservient role b/c I was unsure of how it would play out in our relationships. Now many years into marriage I am willing to meet my husband at the door in a corset and heels with dinner cooking in the oven because, he knows that the next day I may ask him to meet me at the door in boxers with a cosmo and dinner in the oven. (wishful thinking, getting babysitters two days in a row)
  4. Doug Steponin

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    I don't like it anymore. I don't think its safe. It bothering me too much. I most often avoid it.
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  5. OlderMan

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    DW hates it and won't do it. She was abused that way by an uncle at the age of 5, so it is repulsive and scary to her. She also says none of her girlfriends like it and could go the rest of their lives without ever doing it again.

    A shame...


  6. PGell L

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    lea, you said you can't, yet, deep throat or swallow. Your man should have some patience. You look very young, and it takes some experience to be able to DT. As for swallowing, some women like it, and some don't. I LOVE to go down on my man, and love to DT (he's a good 8.75 inches long, great stuff, that boy) but can't seem to swallow, not even after more than 20 years with him. When he asks me to (Guys say a LOT of weird things when they are really horny) I find I can hold the stuff in my mouth and grab a Kleenex (we keep a full box on the headboard of the bed at all times, we refer to them as "Cummies" As in, "Oh no, we're out of "Cummies!" Will you please buy a box when you go to the store.") then just "place" the stuff in the Kleenex afterward, and throw it away, in a discreet fashion. He really doesn't seem to care by then.

    To DT, the more horny YOU are, the easier it will be. Afred Kinsey and Masters and Johnson (sex researchers) found that the gag reflex becomes VERY dulled the more aroused one is, as you become more aroused, it will become easier to DT, but don't take more than you are able to comfortably. (Actually gagging will make you NOT want to do that again any time soon.) The ability will come (LOL) when you gain experience.

    Good luck and have a good time practicing.

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