**Due in Oct / Nov / Dec 2009 - Part 2**

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  1. gutterflower

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    Labby try and tolerate it for as long as you can hun!!!! That's the only way it'll be effective. I had my first one done at 39 weeks and then my second one done at 40 weeks 2 days and was in labour 12 hours later.
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  2. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Okay ladies, Ive been googling this everywhere, and can't seem to get an answer. DH and I went for a walk tonight (approximately 1.5miles) and about 10 minutes into my walk, I had an all over abdominal straining pain. It was all over my belly from down low all the way to the fundus and on the sides as well. It was not excruciating, but definetly uncomfortable!! I don't think its BH contractions or contractions of any sort because it lasted all the way until we got home and I sat down. There was no pattern, nor did it come and go. Anyone have any idea what this might be?? Maybe I was walking too fast? Straining myself?? This happened the last time we went walking as well. It seems to come on when I go for a walk.
  3. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Nessa - I don't know exactly what it is but I get that too. I notice it mostly when I change positions or stand up from sitting or laying. My whole belly gets rock hard and it doesn't really hurt, just feels really tight, but many times it won't ease up until I sit back down and relax or change positions again. I figured it was just BH, but like you said there is no pattern and it doesn't come and go. I also notice it if I do a lot of walking and/or standing. It never really concerned me too much since it normally doesn't hurt, however lately it has been getting more uncomfortable. Let me know if you find an answer to what it is!

    As an aside, I did notice during my NST today that I am having more/stronger contractions than I did last week. Normally the machine will be between 2 and 10, maybe spiking at a 12 when there's movement. Today it was registering more in the 10-15 range spiking around 20-25 when she would move. I'm not sure if it could have anything to do with the way the transducer was hooked up to me or if things are getting a bit more active in there, but I'm not really feeling the contractions yet.
  4. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Labby, is the NST where they make you have contractions and then see how the baby responds, or is that the plain old stress test?

    I still havent found the answer to my question and its driving me nuts. Like I said, no pattern or consistency. It starts about 5-10 minutes into my walk, and then doesnt go away until I sit down, which is about 30 minutes later (takes us about that long to walk 1.5miles).
  5. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Nessa - the plain old stress test is where they make you have contractions. The NST just measures the heartbeat and I have to push a button every time I feel movement - they don't do anything to make me contract. They look for the heart rate to increase with movement which makes for a "reactive" test which is good. If the heart rate doesn't increase, or drops too low, then they will send you for a stress test where they will give you oxytocin (I think) to make you contract and if you get the same result then they will most likely induce labor or opt for a c-section because the baby is stressed. Luckily she has been scoring a 10/10 on all of the bios and NSTs so I haven't had to go down the route of an actual stress test...and hopefully it will stay that way!

    BRIANAAAA New Member

    Nessa - I think i might know! I just asked my doctor about pain and tightness i was having in my stomach (particularly after light exercise, or being in one position for too long) and he told me that because im short, and carrying rather big, there is extra strain on my ligaments causing an excess of round ligament pain throughout my whole stomach rather than just my right side.

    For me, a few times, it has gotten pretty painful - where i actually cant walk any further... but after i lay on my side, or prop up sitting against a pillow, it generally goes away. Sometimes it can last for up to an hour.

    I dont know if that helps you - but maybe!

    Babys room is def. getting there! We are getting very excited. I found out my shower wont be until Nov. 13th... which is exciting, but feels so far away! I know it will pass quickly. Ill be 36 weeks at that point! Wahoo!!

    Hope everyone is doing well- you have all got to be so anxious now! [​IMG]

  7. Kelleigh

    Kelleigh New Member

    Still no baby, doctor's appointment this afternoon. I'm anxious to see what goes on there, if anything! I hate when my doctors are vague when I have so many questions... but, I hope to have my induction get scheduled today at the very least!
  8. StLGaL

    StLGaL New Member

    good luck Kelleigh..hope baby comes soon!
  9. sapphire

    sapphire New Member

    just a quick note to say hi and that I'm sorry I'm way behind on posts! I had to come and drop in though. Hopefully soon I will properly catch up, but I am thinking of all of you!
  10. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Thanks Brianna!!! I had a feeling it might be related to round ligament pain. Ive been plagued with that since the very begginning, and it can be veeery painful!!!

    I have been noticing a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. Not painful at all, just noticeable. I had a whole lot of them as I was trying to get to sleep last night. It starts out as a ticghtening sensation in my lower abdomen, and then spreads up and makes my whole tummy rock hard!!! Hope its a good sign!!!
    Also posted a 37 week gut pic in the baby bumps thread.
  11. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    I sooo wish i was in all your shoes right now. It went by sooo fast and unexpectedly for me. good luck to all the future mommies on here!!
  12. Kelleigh

    Kelleigh New Member

    So, I got checked for dilation today, and I'm 1 and a half centimeters. That and my cervix is softened up, so all good news to hear. Doctor said it's best to go into labor naturally, as I fully agree and am not amped to get induced at all -- so he said we'll see how this week plays out & if still nothing by next Wednesday, we'll discuss the induction. Getting very impatient, but I know it's only a matter of very little time now.
  13. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Labby... No matter what your doctor says, I think plenty of the midwifery tricks work to help labor along. I think the body has to be ready and moving in that direction. So, sure, maybe those methods aren't as powerful as the strongarming drugs and techniques of typical obstetrical care... [​IMG] OK, little soapbox tangent there, sorry. But you know what I mean. There's obviously no harm in lots of walks, sex if you could get it (seriously, show him an article on prostaglandins, lol... it's sex with a purpose, like back when you were ttc!), nipple stimulation (I hear this is esp helpful), eggplant parmasean, etc. I would avoid the cohosh and the castor oil, but so many of the tips are harmless... It can't hurt and it might help.

    Nessa... I'm glad to hear things are looking good right now! I feel like nothing is imminent at all. I have an appt today, and I'm not expecting an internal. I feel like I have a ways to go. I get that exact same pain when I go for a walk too! Not terribly uncomfortable, just a little "achey" and tight all over, stops when I rest. I'm short too, so maybe Briana's doc is right and it's related to RLP, although I always thought of RLP as just down low, not all over. But like you, I haven't really worried much about it. Honestly, I want my uterus to be practicing contractions, so it will be all ready for the big game! [​IMG]

    Kelleigh... I'm glad your docs have that attitude. Letting nature take its course is much better most of the time, and first-time moms are often "late." Glad to hear things are starting to progress, though!

    Hi Sapphire!... I know how it is to be busy. I'm SO freaked at work right now with all I have left that I really must do. So, um, why am I on the computer!?... Gotta go...
  14. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    MW, eggplant parmesan is suppose to help bring labor?? Haa!! I never knew that! One of the doctors that I work with asked me how much longer till I have my baby, and I told him "any day now". He told me that castor oil worked for his wife, but I sure wouldn't want to do it, and then it not work, and then be pooping all day long!!! Uggggh!!!

    BRIANAAAA New Member

    Hey everyone!

    The past few days i've been feeling really down, VERY tired, and overall icky. I've had diarrhea (sorry tmi) and a lot of pain in my abdomen. I went to the dotors Tuesday about it, And they told me (this afternoon over the phone) that i have E-COLI!

    Immediately i was terrified it would effect my little boy in some way, but they assured me with antibiotics, everything would be alright. They did tell me however - to be conscious of early contractions, because poisonings like e-coli and infections can cause preterm labor!

    Wow! No wonder i've been feeling so icky lately. [​IMG]

    Anyways - i looked today and did all of my research on circumcisions for infant boys - and just wanted to know if you ladies had any feedback for me - or info from previous children.

    Good luck Kelleigh - hope your day comes soon!

    Sapphire - i hope to hear from you soon! [​IMG]

    Nessa, MW, Labby You are sooooo close now! Im a bit jealous! hee hee [​IMG]
  16. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Briana, we decided not to get Jasper circumcized. We just feel that the skin is there for a reason and worst case scenerio he's got to have it removed for medical reasons later on in life. Also DF isn't circumcized so DF felt strongly that his son should look like daddy.

  17. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Briana- We did have our son circ'd it was about 24 hours after he was born and when he came back it was as if nothing was even done to him, they explain how to care for it in the hospital and keep lots of petroleum jelly on the penis and the diaper to keep it from sticking. We did have to have it pulled back over the head once after coming home and he did cry but just for a minute. It is pretty common in the US to have this done and still may not be for everyone but to me the health benefits out weigh all else, plus I do not want him to feel different from others as he grows up or be embarrassed of himself. Just my feelings on the subject [​IMG]

    You are all getting so close!!! As hard as it is rest as much as you can because you will soon miss it!!
  18. Kelleigh

    Kelleigh New Member

    I'm more than close, I'm 4 days past due today!

    And I am beyond ready. I just want to get it over with while I'm feeling as ready as I am, haha.

    Still no contractions. We'll see what today brings though.
  19. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    I wondered if anyone would notice that and ask! I had never heard it either till recently... if you google it you'll see the story about a restaurant that has quite a story of women going into labor after eating theirs, and even gives a gift cerf for a free meal if you don't! In all seriousness, supposedly it's the basil and oregano, which are known in herbal/aromatherapy circles to have the potential to boost labor. That one seems like a stretch to me, so I added it as more of a joke, but seeking out some well-prepared (fresh herbs) Italian meals near my due date doesn't sound too bad regardless! [​IMG]

    Briana... Oh my, I'm sorry to hear about your infection! Take it easy until you get it all cleared up. I'm not much help with the circumcision decision. If we were having a boy, I think we probably would b/c DH is and seems to prefer that. But I do really believe there are good arguments against it as well, so it's not an easy decision. There was a long thread in the main Pregnancy forum, look about halfway down. Some people feel very strongly either way, but overall it was a good discussion.

    Kelleigh... Hoping you have a very eventful weekend!! [​IMG]

    Sapphire... Loved all your baby bump updates! Even though you've been hanging out in this thread, I also can't believe you are already 30 weeks! Wow!

    My half-sister wants to come up to visit over Halloween weekend, which works well for her and then November gets busy. She has an open invitation (she's a good visitor to have around at that point, 4 kids of her own and a very easygoing personality), but what if I'm overdue and no baby by then? Odds are, I would have the baby by then, but no guarantees. As long as she knows that!

    Full panic mode at work (I think I've sait that a bunch of times, lol!), so must go...
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  20. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Briana - sorry to hear about your sickness! That's awful! At least they have a diagnosis for you and can treat you so you should be feeling better soon! As for the circumcision decision, it's definitely a matter of personal preference I believe. Before we knew we were having a girl DH and I talked about it and decided we would have it done for the health benefits and also because he is and would want his son to be as well. I know people who have recently had boys and opted to not have it done, which is becoming more common around here. When we went to meet with our pediatrician someone asked about the topic who was having a boy, and this particular pediatrician was for it, but also said it is ultimately up to the parents.

    I posted a 37 week bump picture, and I'm definitely seeing a difference from 36 weeks, so I hope that means she's dropping! I have been feeling more discomforts in my lower pelvic region that feels almost like menstrual type cramps. Hopefully that is consistent with her making her way south!

    MW - I'm starting to freak out about work too and my boss isn't helping! His wife had a baby a little over a week ago and he took 4 weeks off so I most likely will not even see him before I go out! He is still available by email, but takes days to get back to me! I need to have this program deployed by the time I go out and it's all ready for testing but he hasn't gotten back to me yet on who should even do the testing! So I'm highly doubting it will get tested, bugs fixed and deployed before I go out. Oh well, not much I can do I guess!

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