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  1. BunnyGirl19

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    I got to skip the 3-hour and my doctor is just having me monitor my sugars and if I start having high readings I may get meds. I had my highest reading of 102 tonight after going out with a friend and gorging on breadsticks, pasta, raspberry lemonade, and cake at the Olive Garden. I had far more sugars/carbs in my meal than in that glucose crap so you'd think it would be much higher considering the syrupy stuff sends my sugars through the roof. Oh well. I figure as long as my sugars are good with my meals it doesn't matter what something I don't/eat drink in real life does to me.
  2. Mrs.G

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    Well I can say this, I am definitely not starving myself or denying my body food. I eat when hungry, but I am very catious of WHAT I eat. I do not want to balloon up. My doctor was being honest with me, which is what I asked from the very beginning. They told me I was 6-7lbs over the high end of the scale for how far along I was in combination with starting weight/height.

    I know I don't eat the number of calories they recommended to me. But I don't see that changing. I refuse to sit down and pile in food just to reach a certain "number". To me, that seems extreme and rather dumb. Your body knows when it is hungry, so that is when I eat.

    I am 28w3d, still at a 22lb weight gain. I heard that sometimes you go weeks without gaining weight while other times you gain a lot in a short period.

    I know that this isn't the time to "Stress" over weight gain, which I've been trying not to do. However, I don't want to be negligent and eat whatever I want (junk food) just because. I didn't conduct myself in that manner before and I don't think pregnancy is a good time to start. :-/ I'm just hoping to keep my weight in check, that is all!

    What I find most interesting, but also heard was not reliable at all was the fundal height measurements. According to my doctor I was 3 weeks ahead. That to me seems like a lot! I've read it could be the position of the baby, she did an ultrasound showing her headdown and in the "normal" birthing position. I just found it crazy that I was measuring THAT far ahead. I go back on Wednesday so it'll be interesting seeing if I'm measuring ahead still and if so by how much!
    I'm just ready for August to get here!

    Thanks for all the input, I do appreciate it! I just wanted to be clear that I was not in any way shape or form denying my body of food. I eat about 1,400 calories a day, sometimes a little less sometimes a little more. Doctor said to eat 2200-2300, I just can't reach that number. I'd end up puking before I ever got there.
  3. TDG

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    BG--102 after olive garden! Thats amazing! lol. Just their peach tea alone could send me over 120! I have to take a LONG walk after enjoying anything like that. (damn you now that sounds soo good lol)

    MrsG--1400 seems pretty low for a pregnant woman, but I agree it makes no sense to set a certain number you need to eat(unless you werent gaining at all). You know your metabolism better than a dr and you clearly are gaining. It does make me think its more extra water weight youre packing tho, because IDK how youd be gaining too much fat with that minimal calories. I always measure way way ahead and my kids were all 6-7lbs so it doesnt mean you are in for a huge baby.
  4. BunnyGirl19

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    My doctor doesn't even measure my fundal height because my uterus is "rotated and off kilter" according to him. I'm up 13 pounds total so far, major water weight will be coming on soon given that it will be hot and I always bloat up in heat, and I also ballooned up at the end with RJ from water weight.
  5. Mrs.G

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    Little update....I had the one hour glucose testing done at 25 weeks and some odd days. I passed with an 88, doctors cutoff is 140. That was in the states.

    Here on the island, the doctor ordered the 3 hour glucose test because my fundal height was measuring 3 weeks ahead, I have hypothyroidism and she wanted to be sure GD was not a factor.

    So, I arrive at the hospital (which mind you the standards do not even compare to the states, sickens me just to look at it.) Anyways, I go in there for the test.

    I was advised by the doctor and a lab tech the test would be as follows: Initial blood draw & urine sample, drink the mixture then 30 minutes later blood draw & urine sample. 1 hour after that another blood draw, hour after that blood draw and last (5th) blood draw one hour after that. I thought, okay...I can do that. Looked it up online and what I found stated the same.

    935 am: I give a blood sample and urine sample then I drink the bottle of nice, HOT yuckiness. They don't refridgerate, which made it taste HORRIBLE.
    They said okay at 1005am we'll draw your blood and you'll do another urine sample. I thought...alright, all is going well.

    THIS is what actually took place.
    935: Urine sample & blood draw, drink the nastiness.
    1005: Urine sample & blood draw
    1035: Blood draw
    1105: Blood Draw
    1135: Blood draw
    1205: Blood draw

    I should have had the 3rd draw at 1105, 4th at 1205 and 5th at 105pm. But no...they clearly had their own agenda.

    Doctor calls today and says I am borderline, so I will be treated as though I have GD.
    What I'm wondering is since they didn't do the test correctly/didn't draw labs at the right times could that be a factor as to why my levels were elevated? I think so, but what do I know.

    So, now I am told to cut out sugars, cut down on carbs, exercise more. I don't eat sugary things hardly because I wanted to watch my weight, I don't think I over eat on carbs. I track my food intake daily along with exercise. I maintain around 1400-1500 calories. I just don't even know what I'm doing wrong or anything.
    I have to have weekly growth scans of the baby, fundal height measurements, weight and a bunch more tests for my thyroid and crap.

    I'm just beyond upset at this point. I'm highly considering just leaving and flying back to the states 5 weeks early and get this mess sorted out. I don't trust that the test was done correctly, and I just feel like my care is going down the drain here.

    Any input, suggestions or anything? I'm researching GD and trying to come up with daily meal plans. :-/
  6. BunnyGirl19

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    If you drank the syrup at 9:35 you'd be drawn at 9:35 pre-syrup, 10:35, 11:35, and 12:35. And on the 3-hour if you fail the fasting or 2 or more of the total readings you are consider failing ir possibly borderline depending on what each individual number is. And interestingly, the cutoff number your doctor gave you is a higher than what I was given. Are you having to monitor your blood sugars fasting and post meals? That is also standard for borderline and GD here even if you don't take meds for it.

    Having GD has nothing to do with what you are or aren't doing. It's about your pancreas. It has to process 4x as much during pregnancy as it does not pregnant. I have no risk factors besides being over 25 and I am still diagnosed with it. I eat a high protein, low carb diet and minimal processed sugar products. My blood sugars are great with my normal diet but my body can't handle the syrup when I'm pregnant (it was great not pregnant). If you want to watch your diet and minimize carbs you'll need to increase your protein and fat intake (your body will burn either carbs or fats for energy and fats don't cause blood sugar spikes like carbs do), increase veggies as well, reduce fruits (the majority contain a lot of sugars), and pretty much cut out grain products (pretty much straight carbs/sugars into your system).

    And you are seriously only eating 1400-1500 calories a day?! That's on the low end for a non-pregnant woman and would be fine without baby's needs. You generally require an extra 350 calories a day for baby (especially in the third trimester) and I have yet to see a guideline showing less than 1800 calories a day for a pregnant woman. I know my doctor would @$#%^@ a brick if I said that's all I was consuming. LOL

  7. Mrs.G

    Mrs.G New Member

    The time for the draws is what I was given by the lab tech, my doctor and read off line.

    They did the urine sample and blood draw at 935. Then I immediately drank the stuff. I was told I would be drawn again 30 minutes after drinking the mixture, which would be 1035. Then 3 draws following that one each an hour apart, totalling 5 blood draws. The manner of which the people at the hospital did it was not even close to what the lab tech and my doctor said. So I'm slightly confused on what the heck they were doing. And wondering if that could cause readings to be slightly elevated since they basically drew blood too soon (every 30 minutes, instead of every hour) and didn't even do the last draw.

    My doctor in the states was very pleased with my results from the one hour as I got 88 and his office cut off is 140 others use 130. So, either way I more than passed. I thought I was in the clear...

    I really do only consume between 1400-1500 some days I eat more than that but most days I do not. If I were to eat more than that I get sick. My entire life I've always consumed way under the recommended, I eat when hungry but cannot sit down and force myself to eat if I am not hungry....if I do I end up puking it up, it is as though my stomach is full and there isn't room so it has to go somewhere....up is where it goes.

    My doctor did advise me to increase my calorie intake to 2200, I've tried and it doesn't work. This was at my 19 week appointment.
    I am not taking any medication for the borderline GD, nor am I testing. Keep in mind this is not the states where I am at and they do things a little funky here. I was just told to cut out sugary crap (which I did a long while ago) and cut back on carbs.

    I'm just really confused by this entire thing. I will be getting a growth scan done on the 6th, so that will hopefully tell us some information. Depending on how that appointment goes I might just change my ticket and head back to the U.S. a month early instead of messing around with the doctors here. I want to be sure that my pregnancy is progressing properly and if there is concern then I'd like to be back home where I can seek proper care.

    I've been trying to research GD but I've never had to track what I eat or limit and or cut out things so it is all very new and somewhat confusing for me.
  8. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    My doctor doesn't even measure fundal height because unless your uterus is positioned exactly right it can be off. At the beginning of this pregnancy he said my uterus was tilted and slightly twisted so there is no point in measuring my fundal height as it would be wrong. I get growth scans all the time anyway though so we'd find a problem. So far I measure one day behind gestational age.
  9. TDG

    TDG New Member

    I highly recommend heading back to the states to see another dr. That sounds like a whole mess of BS. Or if you really dont want to do that then get a blood sugar monitor(does require prescriptions in the US for the pokers and strips) and take your blood sugar first thing in the AM, and 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner. They need to be under 120. If they really think you have GD then you NEED to be monitoring your blood sugars daily. That is very scary they arent having you do that and shows the lack of care youre really getting. Carbs have nothing to do with calorie intake, and are in a lot more than 'unhealthy' foods so you may be eating more carbs than you think. Fruit and fruit juice as just as bad as candy/pop for carbs for example. If you were in the US they would send you to a nutritionist to get a better understanding of food and how it relates to GD. And like BG said IF you have GD it doesnt mean you were already eating bad or doing anything wrong. Its caused by the pregnancy and just because the crap they make you drink failed you doesnt mean your normal diet is causing high blood sugars...but you need to be monitoring them or youll never know! You can be eating pretty much no carbs and still have high blood sugar with GD which is why they need to be watched no matter what. Its very different than normal diabetes in that way. With my first pregnancy I was eating way less than the 'allowed' carbs, exercising, and using insulin and my blood sugars were out of control. I had to do nearly daily nonstress tests until the dr decided he had to be evicted or hed end up stillborn because the placenta was dieing way before my due date. Its not something to mess around with..you need to know what your blood sugars are really doing to know how the baby is doing in there.
    And fyi--hypothyroidism causes smaller babies, not bigger ones. Ive always measured way way ahead even tho my biggest baby was 7 lbs so whether you have gd or not, measuring ahead should not have been enough reason alone to do the 3 hr test(unless the u/s showed the baby was way big..altho those can be off by a pound too!!) Id find another dr and/or test your blood sugars at home to determine if you actually even have a problem.

    If you do infact have GD and have any questions feel free to PM me. After 3.5 pregnancies in 5 years all with GD Id say Im about an expert now. [​IMG]
  10. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Mrs G if you do cut back on carbs, make sure to increase your fats and proteins. That is a very low caloric intake for pregnant women, and you might inadvertently make it lower by cutting things out.

    Do you know what your numbers were for each of the blood draws on the three hour test? The 1 hour screen is basically worthless, I wouldn't put too much weight into it one way or another.
  11. Mrs.G

    Mrs.G New Member

    I am going into the office on Wednesday, so I will get a copy of the test/results. I'm going to speak with my husband tonight, he said yesterday maybe returning to the states would be the best thing.
    I don't want to risk my health or that of my baby and everything I've read about GD says you should be monitoring; yet they aren't having me do it because I am just borderline. That concerns me, if I am even close then I would like to speak with someone to put me on the right track, help me with my diet and overall just do everything to the best of my ability and have constant and consistent monitoring of the baby, incase something goes wrong and they need to step in and do an emergency C-Section or something.
    The doctor did say, if it is GD and it goes untreated that can cause a stillbirth, so we want to avoid that. Well, yeah clearly I want to avoid that.

    The more I research, the more I really want to just change my ticket and head back to the states. I'm going to see what happens with my appointment on Wednesday. She is going to do an ultrasound to check the growth of the baby.

    Is there anything else I should ask specifically? I'm going to question the test and the results. This is all entirely new to me. First time being pregnant and then to have this on top of that when I thought all was well is just really stressful and freaking me out!

    I appreciate the advice and input, I really do! Thank you all very much.
  12. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Borderline can change into something serious without any wrong doing on your part. You cant control your pancreas and placenta. Thats why you need to know what your daily blood sugars are doing or youll never know there is a problem until its maybe too late. I would ask this dr about getting a home blood sugar monitor. You may not need to go to the US, or change your diet or lifestyle at all, your daily blood sugars will tell you if theres any real problem or risk. In the US the standard to do the one hr test is around 28 weeks, so just because you passed it early doesnt mean anything, GD will generally start/get worse toward the end of pregnancy. The 3 hr test is more accurate, but if you were only considered borderline and they didnt even time everything right than you may not have any problem at all. If your daily blood sugars are bad you could always get to the US later for better monitoring and care, but since you may not even have it or might just be borderline and nothing more, I think just getting a home monitor is the best step right now. I would think thats less of a pain than going to the US just to repeat the 3 hr test. The US dr will either repeat the test or make you home monitor, so demanding a home monitor down there would be a safe next step.
  13. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    I have to agree that daily monitoring will be your best bet right now. You may also want to ask to be referred to a nutritionist if you don't really understand the ins and outs of a diabetic diet. Counting calories means absolutely nothing. Your main concern is carbs, and like someone else said, just because you are eating "healthy" and even "low-calorie" does not mean that you are eating "low-carb." Everyone's body reacts differently to different foods which is why you need to monitor. Being high once in a while isn't a big deal, but if you are consistently high then you know you need to make a change. For me, grapes were my worst enemy when I had GD. Even just a few would make my sugars skyrocket. So you really need to start monitoring and figuring out what foods make you go high so you can avoid or at least limit those. For me, my sugars needed to be under 95 in the morning (fasting) and under 135 one hour after eating. My fasting numbers were always high which ultimately ended me up on insulin before bed. Good luck!
  14. Mrs.G

    Mrs.G New Member

    I'm going to try to get everything here to monitor my levels. I might have to try ordering it from the states and having it shipped here. I know that monitoring my levels is the only way to know what is going on or to know if something is wrong...it is just extremely hard to locate things here let alone get prescriptions to obtain these things. They dont have stuff on hand and it takes forever ordering. It is just one big messed up..mess at the moment.

    I have been watching my carbs and sugars, I keep track of them. If there was a decent nutrionist here (or one at all) I would look into going, however, this island really lacks the healthcare.

    I called my doctor back in the states, he wants to see the results from the 3 hour test, the growth scan and the other blood work. And from there will make a decision on whether I am to return stateside or not. I just don't want to take any chances and I suppose coming back here was taking a chance, but I thought everything was okay. I didn't know this was going to happen otherwise I wouldn't have come back here.
  15. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Mrs G., I wouldn't put a lot of stock into the ultrasound you get now, as far as measuring the size of the baby. The bigger the baby gets, the less accurate the ultrasound gets in terms of its ability to measure size. If they think the baby looks a little big or small, but there is no other sign of a problem, I would not freak out about it. A lot of times if you think they have GD, they are looking for a bigger baby, and I think it can bias the way they interpret the ultrasound.
  16. Mrs.G

    Mrs.G New Member

    I called my doctor in the states and he said, babies grow at different rates and she could measure big right now and then her growth could slow down so it is really hard to say. But he wants me monitoring blood sugar levels to see if there is a problem. So, I'm on a mission trying to find a glucose monitoring thingy mabob, no luck so far. I'm waiting to hear back from some pharmacies and another doctor. Hopefully I can find one before the weekend is over with.

    Once I get one, I think it will help to put my mind at ease and I will have a better understanding of what is going on.
    Iwill keep ya'll updated and will probably be back with more questions after my appointment WEdnesday and whenever I manage to get this machine thingy to monitor levels.

  17. Mrs.G

    Mrs.G New Member

    GOOD NEWS: I have located a blood glucose monitoring system. It was not cheap by any means, but I've got it and I'm ready to go. Now, I just have to figure out exactly how to use it, when to use it and what my levels should be.

    Are you supposed to test just after the three big meals of the day? (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or do you test after you eat anything, including snacks. I'm clueless.

    I don't eat at scheduled times. I eat whenever I happen to wake up, then I snack when hungry, I eat lunch whenever, snack and then dinner whenever! Nothing is consistent. Should I start eating meals at the same time of the day?

    Any and all information on what to do would be greatly appreciated!
  18. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Yes it is very important to eat at regular intervals IF you have GD. Its about keeping the blood sugar at a healthy level...not too high OR too low. Timing doesnt have to be exact, but spacing things out and not skipping meals is the important thing.
  19. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    I will try to remember everything from when I had GD with Olivia, but it was over 2 1/2 years ago so I may not remember everything.

    I had to test 4 times a day - First thing in the morning (<95), and then 1 hour after the start of each meal (so if you take your first bite at 12:05 then you test at 1:05). Those readings were to be <135. With GD you are better off eating smaller meals and snacking in between. And like TDG said, trying to evenly space them to be about the same time every day is important and helps with your tracking and remembering to test (my meter had an alarm in it that I would set as a reminder). When I saw the nutritionist they laid out how many grams of carbs, fiber and protein I was to have per meal/snack. The fiber and protein help to slow down the breaking down of carbs which helps keep your sugars lower so you want to maintain a balance. I seem to remember 60, 30 and 15, so I think it was 60 carbs for the bigger meals, 30 for the daytime snacks, and 15 for the evening snack. My evening got messed up though because I went on insulin to keep my morning sugars low, but then I ended up needing to eat a big bowl of ice cream to keep from being high in the morning. I lost weight my ENTIRE pregnancy with Olivia and ended it weighing 4lbs less than where I started. I think weight had a lot to do with my having GD, and by losing it I think by the end I no longer even really had it which is why the insulin was screwing me up and requiring higher carb snacks at night. I was definitely not your typical GD patient and it seemed to throw the doctors off.

    When you have GD you then need more testing. From 32 weeks on I had to go in twice a week for non-stress tests and biophysical profiles to measure fluid and such. At 32 and 36 weeks were growth scans. At my 36 week appointment they estimated Olivia to be 6lbs 13oz and expected her to be about 8lbs at birth if I went to my due date. She came 5 days early and weighed in at 6lbs 10oz, so 3oz less than what the estimate was 3 weeks prior! With Caitlin I had a growth scan at my 40wk appointment. They estimated her to be 8lbs 3oz. She was born at 41wks 3days and weighed 8lbs 15oz, so that one was a bit more accurate than Olivia's, but you still can't totally trust them.
  20. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, I got ridiculous weight estimates from one scan to the next, generally weekly ones. The only person to even be close was the medical student who delivered me. She felt my belly and said he felt like 5-1/2 to 6 lb. He was born at 6 lb 2 oz and bloated from all the fluids I was given. He was down to 5 lb 8 oz at 6 hours after birth.

    My GD testing guidelines are to test fasting when I wake up (doesn't have to be immediate, but within one hour of getting up), and then 2 hours after each meal (starting time of meal). Fasting should be less than 95 (ideally in the 80s) and two hours after meals less than 120.

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