Effectiveness of Diaphragm without spermicide?

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by katiemk1230, May 25, 2012.

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    Hi all!

    I hope I posted this in the right place, I'm new to the site. So, I'm wondering if anyone can give me info (personal experience, links to scientific studies, etc) on how effective the diaphragm is sans spermicide? I've been using the diaphragm on and off for a few years with great success but recently the experience of using spermicide has become akin to douching with sandpaper - and the effects can last days. Fun times! My partner hates condoms, and I despise hormones, so I'd *really* like to stick with this method...just without nasty chemicals. I know there are more natural spermicides in other countries, but sadly the U.S. likes to ruin women's sex lives, so that's not an option for me either.

    Any advice or input is greatly appreciated. Gracias! [​IMG]
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    Hi Katie,

    I'd really like to recommend the yahoo diaphragms and caps group to you. There are very knowledgeable women there. I have seen them discuss where to get natural spermicides from difficult locations before, I'm pretty confident you should find an answer in their archive discussion.

    And as far as I know, there are no real studies on diaphragm with or without spermicide. But as the diaphragm does not create a vacuum or underpressure or any kind of tight seal, I would find it dangerous to use without.
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    If you have a credit card and internet access, you can buy Contragel from Canada. It's one of those non-irritating natural spermicides, and while it's not sold in the U.S., it can be shipped to the U.S. All that matters is that it's on the market in the country you're buying it from.

    You could also make your own natural spermicide out of aloe vera gel and lemon juice. The Yahoo Diaphragms and Caps group has a recipe for it. Posters there who've used it say it works as well as chemical spermicides.
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    You could try charting to track your fertile times, and only using spermicide or a condom or having him pull out during that time, and the diaphragm alone during the times you are unlikely to be fertile.

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