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Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by MissThang, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. MissThang

    MissThang New Member

    I had the Essure Procedure Done Back on Feburary 2, 2008. It was VERY painful when they done my right side. I wanted to kick that doctor in the face it hurt so bad. Since then I have had Emminse pain, cramps and spasms. I have bled Ever since then, sometimes light and sometimes I drop HUGE blood clots. When the bleeding is at its worse I am very anemic and Very dizzy. I have bled ever since I got it except for a week and a half this summer. I am not happy about my outcome at all, I have not found alot of support for people who had bad experiences. I think Essure was a bad Idea and I want my sex life back with my husband
  2. kym4

    kym4 Member

    MissThang, Look at the thread on Essure on this website that has 33-34 pages. The first 10 pages appear to be women talking about the new procedure and considering having it done. The rest have alot of women with bad experiences.

    The docs don't want to admit problems for what ever reasons. Most all the posts I've read that some one has problems, the docs blow them off. Having had mine removed due to pain, I can really sympathize with you. You probably will have to change docs. Do you live any where near a major hospital? I went to a major hospital and they removed them. I work in the health care field and have always had the utmost confidence and respect for health care workers and I can assure you that it has really hit me hard that I would be treated so callous. The pain was not in my head, one of the coils had perforated my tube and uterus.

    If you go to a new doc the worst thing you can do is bad-mouth the other docs. It makes them not want to get involved. Just tell them what you have had done and that you hurt real bad. Ask for xray or ct scan to make sure devices are in place. I had to insist on xray and even the xray showing that the metal coil was bent and looked twisted, I was still told that couldn't be what was causing my pain.

    There are other women on this thread that xrays did not appear to show any problems but when they had them removed it turned out that the essure's were the cause of the pain. It takes a long time but read the other Essure thread starting about page 20-33
  3. Kelly Duarte

    Kelly Duarte New Member

    I am 34 years old and had the Essure procedure 4 years ago. I regret doing it. Ever since I had it done, I have had a lot of stomach cramping, bloating, gas, and heavy periods. I explained to my doctor about the symptoms and he said they were not related to the birth control. I have never had problems like these until I had the procedure done. I recently had a D&C and a hysteroscopy done because of a polyp found in the uterus which my doctor says is probably the cause of my heavy bleeding. Well, like I thought, my pain has not gone away and I'm getting pretty frustrated with not feeling good about 3 weeks out of a month. I am not sure if Essure is to blame for my problems because I don't know if it would cause my intestinal tract to go wacky, cause gas with unbelievable pain but it is quite a coincidence that it started after I had the procedure done. Does anyone have any advice????
  4. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Kelly, I am sorry for your pain. Try another doc. You could be experiencing pain for many reasons but your doc shouldn't blow you off. Try a regular doc. If your pain is just from gas they may can do some endoscopic tests or give you some sort of meds that would help. I cannot say that your pain is from the essures or not but you should insist on some one helping you to find out what is the cause. My pain was different. I felt like something was poking me, like a thorn in my side. Read the other thread on essure. It is very long. The first 10 pages are women talking about the new procedure and considering having it done. The rest have some good and some bad. I believe I remember reading about some one who thought something was wrong with her gallbladder and when they did an xray, it showed that the essure metal coil had migrated and lodged in her sigmoid colon. I don't remember what symptons she was having but it would be worth looking at.

    Don't let them blow you off any more. It may be the essures or not but there is no reason for you to keep suffering. Keep changing docs till you find one who is willing to help you. Let us know how you are.
  5. MissThang

    MissThang New Member

    My problems have worsened this week. When I sit on the toilet about 1/4 of a cup + blood runs right out. I cant deal with this anymore. I am going back to the doctor this week. The doctors see the same thing everyday and they think everyone is a hypochondriac or something. I figure they will tell me I am crazy again, but I am going to try anyway. I have never been sick, or had a broken bone, or surgury in my life. I have had 3 kids natural, with no problems. MY PROBLEMS STARTED WITH ESSURE.
    Since then my body feels like i am falling apart.

    An the whole ga thing may be true. About a month ago I went to my famly doctor because I was sick at my stomach, ALOT of pain and gas, And my stool was just blood and water. I had no infection present so he gave me seroids. I was off work for 2 weeks. No i think maybe this could have been associated with my essure? Maybe mine has migrated or perforated something.
  6. NervousNelly

    NervousNelly New Member

    I have been looking all over the net for someone who has had bad experiences with this procedure. I seem to be one of the few who didn't have a good experience and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. In fact it has been a terrible experience.

    I had it done about a month ago. The pain of the procedure was more than I expected but it was manageable. Once that part was over I was relieved.

    I passed out alone in the exam room afterward (that is a whole other issue).

    I don't have faith that my doctor is looking out for me (and at this point I wonder if he did it just as a cash making adventure instead of for my well being).

    I've had discomfort in my left side. It feels like a poking/pulling sensation down low like maybe the fallopian tube? Every time I take a step I feel the sensation. It isn't so much as pain as it is discomfort. But my lower back hurts like when in mild labor (like right after the procedure was done) and that feeling radiates down my legs. It's the worst case of PMS I've ever had. It feels heavy and crampy for days before I actually start my cycle.

    The whole reason I had the procedure down was because my cycle was fifteen days long and clotty and heavy (ugh...TMI!). I was told, since I'm not on any bc pills or otherwise, by my doctor that I should do this procedure b/c the uterine ablation he wanted to do for the bleeding would make any potential for pregnancy a hazard.

    I was done having kids. The essure procedure seemed simple and safe enough so I opted for it under the doctors advice.

    Between the passing out after the procedure and getting a huge scar on my face b/c no body was there to catch me (I've since learned that passing out is one of the side effects) and now this discomfort that only seems to be getting worse...I'm wishing I hadn't had it done and just told my H to get fixed (as we'd already planned).

    I'm frustrated, discouraged and completely disillusioned with my doctor. I don't even trust the doctor enough to return and am trying to find a new one who can do the follow up.

    I just wanted to take care of one problem and now I have multiple problems. :-(

  7. Kelly Duarte

    Kelly Duarte New Member

    The more I keep reading about Essure and the bad experiences the more I keep wondering if my discomfort is from the Essure. My problems started when I had them put in and they have gotten worse over 4 years. My worry is that they won't be able to take them out or worse yet that the pain won't go away if and when they are taken out. I have read those who've had pain on their right side or left side and mine is on my left side and it comes when my period comes. My periods have gotten heavier and clottier and more painful as the years have gone on. It's almost like you can feel yourself ovulating. I would think that after having a D&C and a transvaginal ultrasound that my doctor would've been able to see if the coils have moved down the tube or not but maybe you can't see something you're not looking for.
  8. jessie_1984

    jessie_1984 New Member

    Hi everyone. I was looking up bad things about the Essure and come across you guys. I got the Essure done on October of last year and it was my biggest mistake ever. I really wish I got the tubal ligation but it's too late for that. I have been bleeding,cramping for almost a year and I never get a vacation from it either. Along with the cramps is the big clots that are constant. I have three children and didn't want anymore, and my Dr. made it sound so great. I decided not to go to him anymore cause I don't think he was thinking about me just his pocket. The other Dr. I went to tried to put me on birthcontrol pills and I explain to her I've tried all of them they just make me sick. So she prescribed me the Ring i'm just don't know about it though. I'm just wondering if anyone has done anything about this like legally. If you know please let me know. I can't afford to get them out or for any surgical procedures. I just thought everything was gonna be taken care of, after I got it done..never though this would happen.
  9. Temptress Tally

    Temptress Tally Super Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe you shoulndt be on anything since your body doesnt agree with all that you tried, rather have your husband have a vasectomy since you dont want anymore children
  10. kym4

    kym4 Member

    NervousNelly, Join the club. My doc didn't explain things to me. I only began to search because I had pain. My doc tried to convince me that pain was in my head or from something else. My pain felt like something poking, it would get worse as I moved around. I changed docs. New doc removed essures without doing hysterectomy and I no longer feel as if something is poking me. I was convinced to have the essures because of having an ablation. I have since found that at my age (45) that along with the ablation my chances of getting pregnant were mighty slim. In all reality, I didn't need the essure metal coils. Some could argue the point and I think I'll research to see if I can find any statistics on how many women over 45 get pregnant.

    Kelly, There is another thread about essure on this forum, look it over because there are some women who have had the essures for awhile and their pain was worst during their cycle. There was some who have had them for quite awhile and have since had the metal coils removed. I had two ultasounds and it did not show essures out of place. I finally had a regular xray and it showed one of the coils twisted and even then the doc tried denying that the coil could be my problem.

    MissThang, There are also reports of allergic reactions to the metal coils. If you are allergic to cheap jewerly, you might be allergic to the nickel in the essure metal coils.

    Jessie, I found one docket that looked like some one was taking legal action. I do remember reading that a woman called Conceptus the maker of essure and requested financial help. I don't think they helped her but it couldn't hurt to try. I owe alot of money because of this so called easy, cheaper procedure.

    This whole ordeal has greatly upset me. I have lost confidence in docs, especially ob/gyn docs. I work in the health care field and mistakes do happen but I have never felt that any one would intentionally hurt some one. I am so glad I found this forum, it really helped me when the doc was trying to convince me that it was all in my head. I never thought that docs could be so uncaring. This site helped me to stand up and demand that something be done. I cannot stress enough to keep changing docs till some one helps you.
  11. SHAY0423

    SHAY0423 New Member

    I would have really said that my experience with essure was a positive one until yesterday. MY COIL CAME OUT!!! I had the procedure done in April of this year (2008). I had very slight pain and uncomfortability. Recovery time was great. I went in August to have the HSG done and was informed that all was blocked. My husband and I were so excited because we have 4 children and knew that we did not want anymore. Well, last night after experience heavy cramping my coil was expelled. I am so upset and so scared. I do not know if any damage has been caused by this or if my tubes were even blocked in the first place. I am sitting here wondering when the other coil is going to fall out. I did call my doctor last night and the doctor on call seem to not be too concerned. She said that my tubes my still be blocked but it is our bodies natural reaction to try and get rid of any foreign objects. Whatever! I have to call my actual OB/GYN on Monday but I am really not pleased with this whole thing.
  12. Jessica83

    Jessica83 New Member

    Honestly, I'd go into the ER. There might be internal hemorraging you're not aware of, and the doctor on call didn't sound much knowledgeable: in fact, if the coil found the road free in order to slide out o your tube, there's little chance you're completely blocked.
  13. kym4

    kym4 Member

    I think that the body's natural response is to expel anything foreign. This is why I believe that this is going to prove to be a bad procedure. There are just too many if's associated with the essure metal coils.
  14. Heyihavenoidea

    Heyihavenoidea New Member

    I have had mine for 1 year and 8 months- i dont know what to do- i have no sex drive and it is driving me nuts- I also have this foul smell that i cant get rid of-no matter what i do... i go to the dr..nothing...this is very depressing:( i have a discharge- man - i think its urine...i tell my dr..he checks me out...nothing....:( I feel that I have messed up my body [​IMG]
  15. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Do you have any pain with your periods or are you having urine leakage? I also had infection and some nasty foul smelling discharge. I had my metal coils removed due to pain but I have started with some sort of urine leakage that I did not have before. Doc said it was just age but why is it happening now and not before. It's only been a few months since original procedure and procedure to remove them. So it's more like a big coincidence that urine leakage started after procedures. I was told that a woman who has numerous children are more likely to get condition. It makes me wonder if by having procedures increases your chance of having bladder problems.
  16. Blonde

    Blonde New Member

    I wanted sterilization because I have three children and a stepson and I am in college getting my Bachelors degree.On October 13, I met with my doctor. She was very short with me about the two options I had. She said I could get clamps put on my tubes where she would have to cut through my belly button or I could have the Essure porcedure which was non invasive and less recovery time. When I tried to ask her about the procedure she handed me a brochure and left the room. They scheduled me for October 15. I was so nervous because I had never had surgery or anesthesia. They gave me liquid valium and some other pain medication before I went in to calm me down. I had a few questions for the doctor before they put me under, like rejection rates and the like. She said there was nothing to worry about and she had never had a patient reject the implants. Later that week I got on my computer to do some research on the product because I had (and still am) very crampy and uncomfortable. I found out that they were made of metal. I am metal sensitive. I told my doctor that I did some research and discovered that they were made of metal. She said "Most patients don't know they are made of metal." I then told her that I was a metal sensitive person (which I know is in my file somewhere, I alwasy tell the dr.'s I see at least once). She went on to tell me that I'll be fine and there is nothing to worry about. She said that she will just keep an eye on it and monitor it (no worries).
    Needless to say I am now seeing an alergy specialist to find out if I am specifically allergic to these metals and what I should do next. I have not found one person who is metal sensitive and had this procedure done. The maunfacturer say's that this procedure should not be done on metal sensitive people. I know what metal does to my skin and I'm scared to find out what it's doing inside of me.

  17. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Your doc saying most people don't realize the coils are metal may mean she didn't realize there could be a problem or she flat didn't think it would be a problem.

    I am reading all sorts of different ways docs are handling the essure metal coils. The company is protected because the docs didn't do procedure according to labeling. The docs are protected because it is your word against theirs as to whether they informed you of all the risks.

    I would request my medical records and request everything. Request consent forms, insurance forms, patient questionaires,
    (this might contain info about your telling doc of your allergy), request lab, xray, pathology, history and physical and nurses notes. You will probably have to pay for records but it would be worth it if you find yourself in the unpleasant position of needing surgery to have these things removed.

    Even if you are not allergic to metal coils, if you continue to have pain it still could be from the metal coils. Almost every post I read where some one is having trouble with the metal coils the docs blow them off. It is really sad.

    Keep changing docs till you find someone to help you. Research and research hard. Know your facts. They keep quoting the success rate of these things but it is from the original fda clinical trial and if you really break it down it is not as great as they say.
  18. acw

    acw New Member

    Ironically, my doctor was very quick to blame my pain on the Essure coils. He immediately suggested laparoscopic removal of the coils, and possibly a hysterectomy. I wasn't totally convinced.

    I sought a second (and third) opinion, and got mixed reviews. Long story short, I decided to go with a different doctor who recommended a laparoscopy to look for other causes of my pain, and if none were found he would do an LSH to remove the coils. I'll give it some more time to heal, but I'm not sure that my pain has resolved. Mine may have been a case where the Essure coils were falsely blamed.

  19. Heyihavenoidea

    Heyihavenoidea New Member

    I have slight pain with periods and I am like 1000% sure its a leakage-never had any of these problems before- I have an appointment on the 21st of November to discuss having this removed.
  20. Heyihavenoidea

    Heyihavenoidea New Member

    Hey Miss Thang,

    How are things for you now. I am praying for you hope your ok..

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