Essure Class action law suit

Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by gwendolynrain, Mar 10, 2011.

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    I deleted the law firm's details as the firm mentioned have contacted me to stress that they are NOT involved in a class action.


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    I have to call them today..I sent an e-mail last week and they left me a voice-mail saying that they would like to hear my story!! I am 7 weeks post-op (from a hysterectomy) and am feeling so much better than I did with the essure coils!! Still healing and have to pay attention when my body tells me to slow down but over-all..I'm doing Great!!

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    Hi, any updates on the class action?. I am interested, I got pregant after the essure with a confirmation test done, and also I had done a second tubal ligation and had bells palsy. I credited all of this to the essure implants.

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    I spoke with a woman named Cadija at the lawfirm today and she is taking information from women who have had failed procedures but the original attorney that was going to file suit has since decided not to. If they find another firm that is willing to take it they are going to pass the information along. I had the procedure done 2 years ago and just found out this morning that I am pregnant again. I sure do hope that at some point the company that developed this bogus device is held accountable!!!

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    hi iam i nterested in getting in with a classaction lawsuit. i just had to have a hysterectomy on jan 14th 2012. due to having the essure procedure was done 5yrs ago. after one year i was having sharp; stabbng pain nly the right side i had a check they were claiming it was not because of the essure procedure. they claim ihave cyst during around my period is only when i had the pain. once cyst would popped the pain went so they were claiming, i believe my doctor was right as years past it was getting worst. make long story short it was the coil pirce out of the tube & attach my right ovary to my bowl. also alot leasions.

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    Wow, listning to your story is like hearing myself talk about my journey, only now they found I need a hysterectomy because the coils are lodged in my uterus but my fin assistance with UVA in va is about to run out and I can't afford the procedure. I should have had it six months ago but of course they screwed my records up and BS'ed me out of surgery because they thought I had 6 surgeries instead of just 3. I feel like I have a sign that says please destroy my life. I won't give up though. I will find a way to have my surgery. I have a husband and four great kids that want their wife and mother back and after 3 years of fighting I won't stop now. I'm so glad you were able to get some relief and I can not wait for the same.

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    Ladies please go sign this petition. Also take a look at the Essure problems facebook pages. I think there are two of them. One has over 500 women on it & the other doesn't have as many but it has the link also to go & sign the petition. You can't get any more real than women using their real names so you know our stories are true.
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    How do I sign this petition ?
    It keeps telling me it has closed !

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    I need to sign petition?

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    Where do I go to sign. I had the easier procedure done and its done more damage than good. I regret ever having it done. [​IMG]

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    How do I viva9988 sign this petition ?


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