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  1. crstn1227

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    I had laprascopic surgery today to remove my essure coils and burn my tubes. I had this done due to being tested positive for a nickel allergy. I was tired of being nauseas all the time so finally opted to have surgery done to remove these. Hopefully everything goes good from now on. Essure is definately not for everyone. I'm glad that some people don't have problems like others.

  2. AshMarie

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    My doc never told me about the nickel in the essure coils. i have a really bad hypersensitivity to nickel. I cannot were any type of jewelry expensive or cheap if it has nickel in it.

    I just found out about the nickel in the coils this afternoon after coming from a visit at the std clinic. about 2 wks ago the doctor saw inflammation of the cervix (cervicitis) and since my partner was diagnosed with chlamydia they naturally assummed i had the same.

    Well all of my STD results came back negative (THANK GOD! n yes hes out of the picture now) but there is still the inflammation and cervical draining. When I asked what could cause it she said it could be from the Essure coils which triggered my search.

    Im going to see about getting them removed

  3. Tajshaj

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    how long have you had the coils in? The bad part i think is they may have to do a hysterectomy

  4. Cchapman

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    Firstly There are too many threads on the procedure it's hard to follow. Everyone seems to have their own experience. I think that theres also different situations that lead to different outcomes with this procedure too. I'm 27 and I just gave birth to my 3rd child the end of March and had the Essure procedure done June 2. I was 1 or 3 people done that day. I woke up and my stomach was full of 11 lbs of fluid I have never been so uncomfortbale in my life. i looked and felt 9 months pregnant again. After I got home I cried to my husband that i'd rather give birth over and over then feel like this. they said bc i was still postpardum i retained all the fluid. it took 4 days for my stomach to go back down. its been a week and im still crampy and soar. i thought my husband would beable to go to work the day after my surgery thankgoodness he took off a few days. im hoping that ill feel better soon and not have long term problems like im fearing. but like i said i was 1 of 3 done that day and i know the woman after me walked out fine and could have gone shopping. so im not sure why some are perfectly fine with the procedure and some are not. im hoping i dont have problems and end up on the threads looking to have the coils removed.

  5. Cchapman

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    also...My sisterinlaw is the office manager for my doctor so i trust my doctor completely and dont think my sisterinlaw would have let me have this procedire if she thought something bad would happen. and ive already asked about what would happen if they needed to be removed. You do not have to have a hysterectomy to have the coils removed so dont let any doctor tell you thats the only way.

  6. Moleary

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    Everybody's body reacts to things differently. Nickel actually is classified as a heavy metal and can be quite toxic to your body over time. How it affects your body is different for everyone.

  7. candycane

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    I just had my essure procedure done on Tuesday the 27th of July and the medicine they gave me valium, and that shot of toradol put me out so I slept through the whole procedure. I had bad monthly cramps that day and had some Wednesday but, today I am only having a few and they are managable so I don't need any more medicine. I did go back to work Wednesday the 28th of July. I guess it just depends on how well the doctor does the procedure because mine was a pro.

  8. candycane

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    I wonder why the doc that did the essure procedure did not ask about any allergies that you have? My doc asked me all about the allergies I have to medicine, jewlery, outside allergies. I think it is the doc's fault in your case that did not care about your body before doing this procedure because everybody is different and they react differently. I had the essure procedure done on 27th and went back to work on the 28th. My cramping is subsiding and so is the spotting.

  9. Moleary

    Moleary New Member

    The procedure it's self was cake, no pain, cramping, nothing. A month later I was admitted to the ER for severe abdominal pain and after only the second time I was admitted did they tell me that my left coil was in my uterus. I had it removed several weeks later. But I continue to have pain but it is now upper abdominal and I'm being monitored by a GI, they suspect that I have something called sphicter of oddi dysfuntion. I still think this is all related to the essure coil. I too think they should have tested me for a nickel allergy.

  10. candycane

    candycane New Member

    Did they tell you how the coil got in your uterus?

  11. Moleary

    Moleary New Member

  12. Moleary

    Moleary New Member

    Where is your pain?

  13. candycane

    candycane New Member

    In my abdomin. I believe I am going to start soon as well since the cramping is kind of different than yesterdays. Its not bad its just like my normal monthly cramping.

  14. Moleary

    Moleary New Member

    I had the nickel patch testing done today. They will read it Friday. Doc told me if I have a nickel allergy he will eat his tie. He told me my pain was in my head and it's from stress. Hope he's hungry.

  15. candycane

    candycane New Member

    I hope it goes in your favor on Friday!

  16. SarahB

    SarahB New Member

    I just wanted to add a note about the Essure and the Nickel allergy topic. I agree that the Dr.'s should test for a nickel allergy prior to this surgery.I never even heard of nickel allergy untill recently nor did the Dr. discuss it with me 2 1/2 years ago when I had the essure procedure. I now found out I am allergic to Nickel after doing research and being extremely sick for the last couple of years. Now I need to have surgery to have them removed. If you have the essure or are thinking about getting it done, there is a simple test you can do at home to check for a nickel allergy(however you should also be diagnosed by a dr.) First you take an actual nickel coin and clean it with soap and water. Dry it and place it on the inside of your forearm and place non-latex bandaids over it and wear this for 24 hours. Take it off and clean the area. You may not notice a reaction right can take up to 48 hours for the reaction to occur. If you notice swelling, redness or little bumps that stay on your skin for days then you are most likely allergic to nickel. I used this test prior to seeing the allergist. I recommend using a coin between the years 1959-1990 to ensure that it is at least 25% nickel. Hope this helps and I wish everyone luck. Essure may work for some women but for those of us that have had adverse reactions it can be very rough. I have cried more in the past 2 years than in my whole life partly out of frusteration and the rest for not recognizing who I am anymore. I am patiently awaiting surgery so I can regain my health and get my life back. I would not recommend this procedure to my worst enemy, it is not natural to put foreign devices into your body and I wish I had thought about that before.

  17. kym4

    kym4 Member

    SarahB, I'd like to add that a woman may not be initially allergic but long term exposure to the nickel can eventually cause allergic reactions to occur.

    Also I've posted before about this but you can look it up. My husband had by-pass surgery. They used metal wire to wire his sternum back. Its been 14 years since his surgery. They feel that the metal that was wired to bone has either started to corrode or has worked itself loose. He will probably need surgery. This just reinforces that placing metal in soft tissue is not a good idea.

  18. acw

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    SarahB, I'm so sorry that nobody ever pointed out the possibility of a nickel allergy or tested you before you had the Essure. That's something that is blatantly stated by the manufacturer, and it bothers me that too many doctors gloss over this. I hope that you are able to find relief soon after having the coils removed.

    Just a comment about putting foreign devices into our bodies. It may not be "natural", but it's become a part of medical advancement. We put fillings in our teeth, stents in our arteries, screws and plates in our bones, wires in our hearts and pacemakers in our chests. All of these are not "natural" and carry risks. I think sometimes our expectations of these medical advances is that they are perfect. What we forget is that the human body is so complex, that messing around with it always comes with a risk. All of these devices are intended to save lives, or improve the quality of life. We need to weigh these benefits against the risks. Unfortunately, I think physicians (and the rest of the medical profession) are getting ocmplacent about many of these procedures and don't help their patients understand the whole story.

    Hopefully stories like Sarah's can be reminders to us AND our physicians to be more diligent about getting all the facts and trying to reduce the risks.

  19. SarahB

    SarahB New Member

    Thank you for your replies. One thing that has really been bothering me and no Doctor can seem to answer is this: these coils have been in my body for over 2 years, I have learned that I have a severe allergy to nickel and I know I have been ill for a long time. I have to wonder, is there any internal damage or is it like the skin that when removed the affects will go away eventually? I am really worried about any long term affects from the exposure. I believe i had an allergy prior to the essure becasue I could never wear earrings or cheap jewelery but I never knew what that meant. It was not until i found these boards that I knew about the nickel issue and began questioning my Doctor. I take responsibility for being ignorant to the facts and not asking enough questions. I trusted my Doctor, shame on me. However I feel the Doctors should be held accountable for the damage they do when this could of been prevented. They have taken the last few years of my life as well as profited from all my illnesses which required office visits that resulted in numerous tests and procedures, however a nickel allergy was never spoke of till i learned about it and questioned the Doctor. Something so simple as a conversation could have prevented all my suffering....I am extremely angry and want justice. Thank you to everyone for their posts, they have helped me enormously!

  20. SarahB

    SarahB New Member

    I am wondering if anyone else is having this sort of issue....I have the Essure and recently found out that I have a severe nickel allergy...I am in pain + My Doctors seem to keep putting me off saying there is no Surgeon available or they can't find one. I don't think they want to help me what can one do in a situation like this, I feel panicked at this point.


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