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Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by glennashtree, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. glennashtree

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    I had the essure procedure in July '07. The HSG in October showed the tubes blocked. Positive pregnancy test in March 2008. Beautiful baby girl in November 2008. Second HSG in February 2009 shows coils in correct spot and blocked.

    The procedure itself was fine. No pain and quick recovery.

    How many other women have gotten pregnant after a successful procedure? Most of the posts I have read are about painful or unsuccessful procedures, does anyone else have a story simiar to mine?

    No real explanation from Conceptus or Doctor about how exactly this could happen.


  2. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member


    Wow...if a baby is what you wanted that is a huge feat. I have heard all the stories about them as well and to have them in place and still get pg and have healthy unharmed pregnancy is a true miracle.

    My doctor does tubal reversals and since the Essure is meant to be permanent as with all tubal precedures he had to try to find a way to undo it for women who later choose to have children. He has un-done 1 but no word on if his procedure to remove was able to allow her to achieve a bfp and fullterm pg.

    Congrats to you!

  3. glennashtree

    glennashtree New Member

    My husband and I had thought we were finished with our two girls and two boys. However, we went from two pair to a full house after what was termed a successful essure procedure. The doctor is still amazed that it happened. The two HSG films look virtually identical. God apparently thought my family wasn't quite complete and gave us our bonus.

    I just need to decide now how to handle contraception. Do I take a chance that getting pregnant was a miracle or do I try another procedure? I will be taking it up with the doctor in a month or so.

    I am really curious if this has happened to other people. A friend of ours was telling another doctor our story and the doctor basically called her a liar that no one had gotten pregnant after the procedure was deemed successful unless there were somekind of complication.


  4. kym4

    kym4 Member

    I strongly urge you to report your pregnancy to the FDA. As far as I can tell it has not been reported. Conceptus should have reported it to the FDA and your doctor should have. Reports of problems with essure metal coils are not being reported. Without the company or the doctors reporting the FDA has no way to know that the product is not as reliable as the company says it is. I think doctors do not make reports because they somehow feel if they do, they might look like they are admitting some sort of liability. The company is supposed to report.

    Go to maude FDA, click on report adverse event, the form is not user friendly, just type where it lets you what has happened. I really encourage you to do so. This is the only way for the info to get to patients and doctors that this procedure has problems.

    If you read the archives on essure on this forum, some women have reported pregnancy. There is also some other forums where women are reporting pregnancy even after so called sucessful HSG.

  5. kcokhy38

    kcokhy38 New Member

    I have never wanted to have kids and I would be totally pissed if I got pregnant. It looks to me like it happens more than it should with this procedure. I dont like the fact that doctors sugarcoat this procedure when it really isnt that easy. There are some pains you have to deal with (which my dr. did tell me) but as far as I am concerned, the HSG was hell. Again, good luck to everyone.

  6. Joy Massengale

    Joy Massengale New Member

    glenn ashtree- i think we are going through the same as you. the more we are looking into this the more pregnancies we are finding. this product is NOT what it claims to be.

  7. Nichole

    Nichole New Member

    Hey my name is Nichole and I had the essure procedure done about a year and a half ago after the birth of my twins. I also have a 3 yr old so more children was out of the question for us. About a week ago i missed my period and decided to take a home pregnancy test thinking it would just be negative anyway. To my surprise it was positive! I went to my obgyn the same day and they did an ultrasound. Looks like im six weeks pregnant and due on july 26th. We really didnt want anymore kids and are still in shock over this but either way we are going to be having another baby. When the doctor did the ultrasound they also checked my tubes and both of the coils are still there which means there has to be a leak somewhere. They have no idea how this could have happened though because my tubes were completly blocked three months after the procedure. Well I hope this helps.


  8. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Nichole, I hope that you do find joy in this baby. I also encourage you to make a report to the maude FDA about your pregnancy. I do not believe that this procedure is what they say it is and I believe there are way too many IF's with the procedure. I really think that with more long term info that this procedure will not likely last. We need for the FDA to take a 2nd look and I think that if they do, we will see the end of this procedure. We count on the FDA and our doctors to do what is best for us but it seems like it is more about profit now than patient care. If you have any trouble making that report just private message me and I will be glad to help you

    Good luck and keep us posted

  9. PRhodes

    PRhodes New Member

    Hi all! My name is Patty, I just found this site while looking up some info on Essure failures, etc. I had the devices implanted nine years ago next month, I was one of the guinea pigs during the trial when it was called the stop device. My ex forced me to get the procedure done because he didn't want anymore kids, and didn't want to have to pay for me to get sterilized so I had them put in during the clinical trial for free. Which I now regret, because my current hubby has no children and would have liked to have had at least one.

    Like others in other forums I experienced a lot of the pain, bleeding, cramping, etc. after the procedure. And have been experiencing heavier and more painful periods ever since.

    In November of 2007 I experienced what was possibly a miscarriage. I told my hubby, who was my boyfriend at the time that I was 4 days late, which is highly unusual for me, I am never late. I was experiencing severe abdominal pain and cramping, took a couple home pregnancy tests which came up negative, but was still late, and experiencing signs of pregnancy. I contacted the office where I had the procedure done and they said they highly doubted that I was pregnant because of how many years it had been since my procedure. And because my procedure was one of the perfect cases and that there had been no pregnancies with proper placement/blocking accomplished (ya, right!). Well, on day 6 of being late I had a faintly positive home test result, but was experiencing severe abdominal pain and cramping. And on day 7 at 6 am I was laying in bed in pain, and felt like I had to use the bathroom so I went in the bathroom and when I sat down I had a sudden thick bloody glob gush out of me. I'm pretty sure it was a miscarriage even though Woman's Health Research Clinic tried to claim that I was never pregnant, that it was just a late, heavy period. A- I'm never late, my cycles are always 26-28 days without fail. B- They always start out light the first day and get extremely heavy on the second, I've never had them start like that before in my life. C- The pain I had for about 2 days after that was worse than any PMS pain I have ever had, I felt like I was going through labor again. And I was depressed that I had lost it because I want to have a baby with my hubby.

    Well, April of 2009 I had an irregular period. It was at least 50% lighter and 2 days shorter than normal. I just said to myself light period for a change, cool! But then in May just before my period was due again I was experiencing signs of being pregnant again, and having those really bad pains. I told my hubby about the month before being irregular, which meant I could have been going on 8 weeks pregnant. And with the severe pains he immediately started worrying about an ectopic pregnancy. Then when my pain turned sharp and stabbing and I experienced the same heavy blood flow I had in November of 2007 with an added burning sensation in my abdomen he rushed me to the E.R. Again, because my hormone levels weren't where the doctor expected them to be he said that I wasn't pregnant, that it was just a heavy period. So I went home and dealt with the pains, which passed after about 3 days.

    Well, here it is December of 2009 and guess what? I'm 3 days late and experiencing more signs of being pregnant. Except this time I'm not experiencing nearly as many abdominal pains as I had the last 2 times. I'm not getting positive results on a home test yet, but am hoping that I am and that it is successful this time. I called a couple pregnancy centers yesterday and explained to them what's going on and about the Essure devices I have in me and they told me to retest myself in a couple weeks if I haven't started and call them for an appointment. Unlike the Clinic that I went to for the devices and the E.R. I went to last time they're admitting that women don't always pass pregnancy tests right away when they become pregnant, and that some don't pass them until they're 3 months pregnant. So now I am really anxious, I want to have a baby with my hubby so bad. My ex and I had a daughter, but due to his abuse she was placed for adoption when she was 6 1/2 to save her from him, it took me a few years longer to get away from him. I'd love to be able to have a family with my new hubby.

    I'll keep you posted as to what happens this time around, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one is a healthy pregnancy that stays and results in a beautiful baby. Reading this forum has given me much more hope that this can happen.

  10. DreamCatcher2

    DreamCatcher2 New Member

    I may have missed this...but do you still have the Essure implants in you??? If you get pregnant, is that safe? If this doesn't turn out to be a pregnancy, are you considering having them removed for safety issues? Again, I may have missed this in reading your post.

  11. tarahbeth

    tarahbeth New Member

    Hello all,
    This is VERY interesting. I had the procedure done in Nov. of 2008 and it was confirmed in Feb. 2009. I had hyperemesis quite bad the last pregnancy and severe post-partum depression so we decided it would be best to count my blessings with two health kids, 10 yr. old boy and new baby girl. Anyway, my youngest is one now and my husband would like more kids, I wouldn't, but at times think I reacted too quickly due to the discomfort of pregnancy and post-pregnancy so fresh in my mind. Now as it is more distant, I am not so sure I wouldn't want another. My husband is the father of my daughter, but the adopted father of my son.

    I am so curious to see how this turns out for you! I hope you have a little bundle of joy soon!!

  12. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    PRhodes, I just have one question for you: If you keep getting what you think are pregnancies, and are ok with that how come you just dont get the Essure removed????? I would think being pregnant while having the Essure would either set you up for a miscarriage or birth defects. If you are trying to have a child with your new hubby, just get it removed, no??

  13. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Ok, I just read up on Essure, and wasnt aware that it is a permanent form of birth control, so I apologize.

  14. PRhodes

    PRhodes New Member

    sun22beam, yes, as far as I know the devices are still in me. I was a test subject up until a year ago when they canceled the study. I had them inserted in January of 2000, in April I had the HSG which confirmed proper placement and blockage. The doctor that performed the procedure was bragging quite a bit about how perfectly and quickly my placement went. Every year after placement I had either a follow up phone call or had to go in for an ex-ray to make sure they were still in place. As of a couple years ago they were still in place, whether they still are or not I can't be sure.

    Trust me, if I could afford to have them removed I would! But all the research I've done on reversal ranges in cost from approx. $6,000 - $12,000+.

    At this point I am hoping that I am and looking forward to hopefully having a healthy happy baby. I am not too concerned about birth defects as there have been several women at least who have conceived healthy, full term babies with them in. As for the miscarriages, I cannot be sure whether the devices are causing me to miscarry, or whether it might be an issue of incompatibility between my hubby and I blood wise. I know I am an O+, but he doesn't know what he is, I think he may be a negative of some kind. I know his mom had a total of 18 miscarriages before and after having him because her and his father were incompatible. And she had to fight to keep him on bed rest practically her entire pregnancy because of her and my hubby having different blood types.

    I'm just waiting and hoping for the best right now, and I will update what happens in the future. Please keep your fingers crossed for me and any prayers given would also be much appreciated.

  15. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    PRhodes, have you confirmed pregnancy?

  16. PRhodes

    PRhodes New Member

    Not yet, I took a pregnancy test this morning, but it came up negative. A center I called told me to wait one - two weeks and retest.

  17. mirciana

    mirciana New Member

    have u confirmed pregnancy yet?

  18. stillnotsterile

    stillnotsterile New Member

    I did not get pregnant but found out with a 2nd HSG that I am not sterile.
    On my first procedure one of my coils migrated and that side (left) was not occluded but the testing Doctor informed me that the right side was completely blocked. I returned to my doctor to have the left tube redone then 3 months later had a 2nd HSG with a different doctor. The 2nd HSG was much more uncomfortable than the first and took much longer. I was asked to roll from side to side and had not in the first test. This time the test showed that my right side was NOT blocked but the left side was. Note that it was the right side that had previously been blocked. Thank God I got retested.
    I also got no explanation from doctor or company re how this could happen. Doctor clearly does not intend to disclose my case to future patients nor does she seem concerned about the competance of the first doctor that preformed my first HSG.

  19. stillnotsterile

    stillnotsterile New Member

    When I suggested to my doctor that the Essure company might not be reporting all failures she said "You just want to ruin it for everyone and keep them from getting the benefits of this procedure". I tried to explain that I just wanted to keep other women from finding out that they weren't sterile by having ectopic pregnancies, which we are prone to with partial blockages but she was too angry to be reasoned with. I suspect that the only people I'd be ruining anything for are those who profit financially from giving us this procedure. I have reported my case to my state board of medical examiners on the advice of a lawyer. If your Essure has failed I hope you find a way to report it as well as I do not believe that the truth is being told.

  20. kym4

    kym4 Member

    I hate to say it but it seems your doctor might also be angry that you might ruin it for her if the truth about essure comes out. There are some references that I have found that suggest that the company is giving doctors huge incentives if they will perform at least 24 procedures per year. I am shocked that there is so little concern for the patients. I've said it before but I'll say it again. If you are considering this procedure you need to 1st realize that you may go thru a very uncomfortable procedure and they cannot place one or both of the metal coils, 2nd you may go thru the procedure and wind up with perforations or migration of the metal coils, 3rd you have to use an alternate form of birth control for 3 months, 4th you have to go back for a another possible very uncomfortable procedure to see if the tubes are blocked, 5th if your tubes are not blocked you have metal coils stuck in your body that can interfere with future procedures that serve no purpose, 6th there are reports that after so called sucessful HSG tests that the metal coils have migrated into the abdomen, 7th there are seemingly many reports of pregnancys and some women are developing allergic reactions after long term exposure to the metal coils and worst of all if the coils migrate, perforate or fail to work it takes major surgery to correct. Also if you have a problem most of us have had lots of trouble finding a doctor who knows what to do about it. The company and the doctors are not going to help you. There are too many things that can go wrong with this procedure. It doesn't seem that anyone can determine if the doctors didn't place the metal coils properly, if the coils are defective, if the person performing the HSG performed the test properly and if any of that cannot be shown to be the reason for the metal coil failure then they can claim that nothing is 100%
    There is a group of women who are pursuing legal action. You may send me a private message if interested.


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