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    does it hurt to make love with them in have not whent there yet. still have 8 weeks before they check to see they worked and i am a little afraid of makeing love right now thanks

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    I am 99% going to do the Essure procedure next month. Being Catholic I was allowed to do this since I have a medical condition.

    Just wanted to ask if anybody has negative side effects that will stop me from doing this.


  3. TurtleyHoney

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    Please let us know what happened after your procedure, are you doing a lot better today? Thanks

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    No, not at all.
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    Hi All,
    Sorry it took so long to get back and post my follow up, life with a 3 month old baby, a four year old Diva and a nine year old game freak can get a little hectic!!
    Yeah, I'm feeling good, there was the slightest sensation of mild cramping for about 3 days, but I had to think about it to notice it, I didn't even bother to take a Tylenol, it was that mild, and it seemed to be noticeable after I breastfed, so I think my uterus is still contracting slightly when I feed. Hardly had any bleeding, I've just been wearing panty liners, not pads. I can't notice any cramping at all now, and the bleeding's stopped today, the nurse said I could have sex again as soon as the bleeding stopped, hmm should I tell my husband?
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    I am also looking for long term effects of the Essure implants. I had them done over a year ago, May of 06, and I believe I am having problems with them. The doctors aren't sure what the actual problem is. They say I have tender ovaries and put me back on birth control pills which defeats the purpose of having the essure implants. I've been having pain all the time, especially during sex. Since I've been on the bc pills again the pain isn't as bad, but still there. It feels like a pulling and pinching. It happens when I stand for long periods of time, when I lay on my sides at night and continues when I switch to my back. I never lay on my stomach any more due to other health issues. I was wondering if anyone else has had any issues like this after having them implanted? I didn't have any other complications after the procedure, mild cramping like everyone else. I am contemplating having them removed.

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    Hi, I'm a new member on this forum and I wanted to share my experience with Essure. I first had the procedure done on May 5th, 2007. It was done at the hospital under general anesthesia. I had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I was in and out within 2 hours. I had light spotting and a bit of cramping for about 2 days, but nothing Tylenol couldn't handle. Here's where things went wrong...

    I went in for the HSG 3 months later. My doctor did not explain the process so I thought I was going in for a regular x-ray and brought by 7 year old daughter with me. I sure hope your doctor explains the process. It is NOT just an XRay. They insert a camera and tubing into your uterus and inject dye while you're lying on a hard xray table. This was extremely uncomfortable.'s the good part: the right side was blocked just fine, but the left side coil was "MISSING". Yes, that's right - missing. They don't know where it went.

    I made an appt with my doc and she said it was the first time she had ever heard of it and then proceeded to tell me that she had a problem with the left side insertion in the operating room and that the Essure rep was called at that time. I apparantly had 11 coils sticking out of the fallopian tube that she could not get in and was told that it would be just fine to leave it like that. Obviously not.

    So we decided to re-do the left side. Unfortunately, my insurance wouldn't cover another procedure (of course). My doctor told me that she was getting very close to being able to do the Essure in house under local anesthesia and that the Essure rep had agreed to supply her with another coil. I agreed to be her "first" patient. I just had the procedure done yesterday in her office. First of all, I was told to fill 3 prescriptions: Misoprostol, Celebrex and Vicodin. The night before the procedure I was to take Cytotec and Misoprostol. She did not once warn me of the side effects of the Misoprostol and Cytotec. These drugs basically are used to induce labor and open the cervix. If you've ever had a baby, multiply the labor pain by 10 and that's what I felt because my cervix dialated fully within an hour of taking those 2 meds. The Celebrex had to be taken when I woke up the day of the procedure. Ever try 800 mg of Celebrex on an empty stomach? Ok, so I get there feeling really lousy to begin with. To my surprise, I had several visitors that were going to be present for my surgery since it was my doctor's first time. The Essure rep was there, 2 nurses, other doctors - to "observe." My guinea pig experiment was about to start. The shots I was given were even instruction-based. Once in the "operating room" (which was really just an exam room), my doctor had to be told to put on the protective gown and mask. No one else in the room had on any protective gloves or masks. From there on, everything was a medical lesson for my doctor. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life. Not only did I feel the pain and cramping, I heard all of the discussions around the room "Is this the right direction? Should I do it this way?" On and on...the procedure was even filmed!

    I have a lot more pain and bleeding today that I did the first time around as well.

    I'd like to know if anyone else has had this experience and I also wanted to share my story with those of you thinking about this. Make sure you have an experienced doctor and make sure they disclose everything to you first - not just about the initial procedure, but the side effects of the drugs and the follow-up HSG test.

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    Hmm the doctor that will do my procedure is has a lot of experience on Essure. In fact he has been teaching other doctors in our area to do the procedure. So as far as experience is concerned, I am confident about him.

    I have a lot of coils inside me now. I have pelvic congestion syndrome. In 2001 they implanted 7cm on my left ovarian vein and last month another 6 to 7 inches on my right ovarian vein. So what's new I am almost fully metallic LOL!!

    I am a bit hesistant just reading the other post. But in the event I get pregnant again it will be life threatening not only for me but the baby. Also since I have chronic venous insufficiency there is NO WAY I can take any form of hormones. Either I take my chance monthly at the age of early 40s or do the procedure.

    From what I have read the Tubal ligation done years ago has more risk than Essure. I hope I am making the right decision.

    Thanks to all.

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    Well I am back, bled and/or spotted nearly the entire month of Sept. stopped near the end then had my 1st period last week. Stoppped a couple days ago but still feel crampy and achey. Can anyone tell me if this is how they felt in month 2 post procedure? or post period? I am trying not to worry but it is very uncomfortable and I have been taking a lot of advil or naproxin...

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    This is the first time I have ever used a forum to chat. I had the essure procedure done this June. The procedure itself went well, painless and quick. I had it done at the Cleveland Clinic. However one week later when I had my first period I had severe cramping the first 2 days. I never cramp. And a very heavy flow for 7 days which normal is 1 day heavy, 4 medium to light. I continues to spot for the next 3 months but though this was normal and it was becoming less frequent. I went in for my 3 month check and everything was fine the coils were where they belonged and the tubes were blocked. They found 3 fibroids in the lining of my uterus that they say caused the complications and recommended a hysterectomy. I decided to wait. The spotting has stopped and my periods are back to normal finally. I researched the fibroids and found many women have them with no complications. I beleive my sistuation was aggravated but the coils. That now everything is fine. I am going for a second opinion but I am bothered that the web site and dr don't mention that this could happen. I am still glad i had it done and these were minor problems i just wish I could have been given peace of mind that this was normal for someone with fibroids.

  11. mom3

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    I think it is normal but it never hurts to give the dr a call and when you go in for your 3 month exam they did a internal ultrasound and that was how they found the fibroids and exactly where they were. I highly recommend it. Good luck with the discomfort.

  12. nikki71

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    My first post explaining my procedure was 8/6.

    I had the Essure procedure on 7/13. No problems.

    I had the HSG on 10/12. Both my coils are in place and my tubes are both blocked. I was a little nervous going in for the procedure because of the mixed reviews on this site. I went to the hospital to have the procedure, I had to strip from the waist down. There were two female assistants present, very nice and the doctor performing the procedure is someone I never met. I was under the impression my OBGYN had to deliver a baby so this guy stepped in. The assistants knew why I was there, to check the Essure, but the doctor thought I was there for the HSG used for fertility (which is more painful). It took me a couple minutes but I got it through to him it was for Essure, then he said "oh, then this will be easy".

    It was kind of like a pap smear, the only part that bothered me was when he was wiping my cervix to clean it. I did not feel him insert the tube through the cervic wall. The radiologist came in once everything was in position, he was very nice as well. They had my uterus on the monitor, I could see the coils in place. He told the dr. to inset the dye, nothing went past the coils. The radiologists said it is looks just the way it's suppose to.

    I did not take any medication before or after the procedure. I did feel some mild cramping later that day but not enough to take anything. I did start my period the next day so the cramps may have had something to do with that.

    I have been off birth control pills for 3 months and I feel better. My periods have not changed. I have bleeding for a few days and very minimal cramping, if any. So the coils have had no effect on my cycle.

  13. surgerytech

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    Hi, I don't mean to scare or discourage anyone about the essure...but it is not that great...I work as a surgery tech. and the procedure is not always that easy. I was going to have it done on Nov. 5. Well, my doctor just called me today, to tell me she just found out that the effectiveness of this is not 99.80% anymore. It just went down to 87.6% effective. They just found out that some of the women that they used in the clinical trials have gotten pregnant after 5 years. This is NO BULL!!! So, I am getting my tubes cauterized with a spinal block and a mini-laparotomy. I don't like general anesthesia. Essure might not post this on there website. I don't know if they will. If they do, they know the sales will go down...they don't want that.
    To me...that would be false advertising if they don't. So, I would suggest to anyone who has just got it call your DR and ask. They might have heard. The news just came out. You may want to get a tubal ligation in the long run. Tubals as i have seen are 99.98% if you get them cauterized.

  14. surgerytech

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    Hi, I also forgot to add that the nickle they use could possibly cause cancer...This is not proven...but to me a possibility. Over a 20 year period of time...the nickle can possibly seep into the blood stream...I also found out that besides the clinical trials on women...this essure coil material has been tested on laboratory animals. They only kept the nickle titanium implant in 12 new zealand rabbits for 3 months. They killed the rabbits...took out the implants to test for scar tissue. This was done before the clinial trials. Essure won't tell you this. So this product is not "Cruelty Free". Just because the FDA approves something, it doesn't mean that it is good. Look at all the recent recalls with prescritions lately...and the patch.

  15. workingmom

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    Surgerytech, thanks for the info. Very interesting. These are exactly the kinds of things I'm worried about. The short-term results of new technology always seem to look promising, but long-term, there are frequently problems. Good to know. Thanks for sharing.

  16. workingmom

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    How do you know for sure that scar tissue in that area of the body can't eventually heal and become functional again?
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    new to the group here....
    just reading up on essure, i am 30 and scheduled to have the procedure on nov.8th i figured i would get only rave reviews on the essure website and i wanted a realistic idea of what recovery is going to look like. i already have 2 children and have considered getting "fixed" for the last 4 years. i love my children dearly but i have 1 boy 1 can get family 4 packs to everything so why do i need more...haha! besides knowing that i do not want the physical exhaustion of a new baby, or financial responsiblility...i also lost my mother in june to breast cancer and another reason for not having children- i don't want any more if she cannot be here to see them.
    i am nervous about the procedure itself and recovery, but i am definetely going through with it!

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    Macknbrosmom, I highly recommend Essure. I posted my experience a page or 2 back. If you can, try for twilight sedation. That sounds like the best way to go.

    Workingmom, according to my doctor, there've only been 5 documented pregnancies so far. A few of those were due to the women being pregnant prior to the procedure and the rest were because of improperly read hsg results. Search legitimate medical websites(for doctors) and you'll see the same thing. We don't know the long term effects of Essure but all the materials being used in Essure have been used safely in other procedures for decades.

    The CREST study showed failure rates for tubal ligation that were much higher than Surgerytech said. Here's a link:

  19. TurtleyHoney

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    I am already 43 and in the event that you are saying that the scar tissues would dissolve hopefully I will be in menopause by then. I had 2 medical procedures call embolisations on my left and right ovarian vein. They had to put coils to prevent my venous insufficiency. I think Essure is the same concept. I took the risk instead of having a hysterectomy and having an inflamed huge vulva that gave so much discomfort during sex. Would I do that surgery again I did once in 2001 and once this year?

    So would I do Essure if that was the same concept? Yes I will have it done in November.

  20. Railbird

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    Hi everyone,

    I had mine done in May of this year and had my HSG in August - everything is blocked, my experience is posted earlier on this board. I am very happy with it and would recommend it. My periods are still getting back to "normal" whatever that is (I was on Seaonale for 3 years, and regular BC pills before that). One positive thing about kicking BC is that my desire for sex has returned....I had forgotten how nice that felt!

    As for the scar tissue dissolving - I not a medical person by any stretch of the imagination, but the coils don't dissolve and that's where the scar tissue grew - right? Something would have to physically remove the blockage. That's just my opinion.

    If I had to do it over - I would definitely opt for the Essure.



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