Feelings towards BF/DH (2)

Discussion in 'Archived Discussions' started by Tempting Toffee, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Ali06

    Ali06 New Member

    I feel like i dont want to go. but i know i do. Usually when i get out - i feel sick too
  2. RosieSimpson

    RosieSimpson New Member

    I used to feel like that Ali.. its horrible. I used to sit near the door and stuff cuz I was so paranoid that Id want to run out and puke :| I never have done though, so just remind urself its anxiety. Most importantly though, you should go out, cuz if you stop doing stuff cuz of the anxiety, it takes over. Trust me I let it happen to me.. but I have improved alot in that area just simply by changing the way I think in those situations.. like telling myself its impossible to be sick/faint because theres nothing physically wrong with me. Its just stupid anxiety!! You will probably also find it does go away when you start enjoying yourself. I do defo know what you mean though, its horrible.

    Big hugs
  3. RosieSimpson

    RosieSimpson New Member

    p.s.. Im going out tonight too.. and im nervous about how Im going to feel!! [​IMG]
  4. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    period came today,wahey! 34 day cycle. last was 37!

    I feel good which is totally backwards i know lol. Was a PSYCHO a couple of times.

    On friday rich was on the phone to his mum,she is coming to visit him one weekend and his aunty another so it means i may not see him.And I totally freaked out lol i was like 'get your hand off me' yikes! and today before my period came through i felt great, really could see a future then rich said something and i was like well maybe im not good enough etc etc etc. Gosh....hormones eh!?!?!?! still no libido.
  5. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    its 3.30am and i cant get to sleep.i hate hormones lol.
  6. Ali06

    Ali06 New Member

    Yeah i used to get it really bad but its not as bad these days - its still bad though lol

    I always think im going to puke or faint and if i eat it makes it 10 times worse for some reason! and im constantly looking for an exit!

    How was everyones weekend?

    Jen - i do that sometimes! lastnight my bf said he didnt want to watch something that i did and i went in a mood - thinking we had nothing in common! ridiculous.

  7. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    Stupid hormones. lol. still atleast my periods here. Fifi,how did the weekend/parsley go?
  8. D 4 A

    D 4 A New Member

    My period has gone AWOL.... [​IMG]

    I took a test yesterday and it was negative, have to wait a few more days for it to show up....Im really scared!

    Hows everyone?
  9. Ali06

    Ali06 New Member

    Dont be scared! - you will make yourself more stressed.

    Im ok today! had a really good weekend so that took my mind of things for a little bit.

    I just hate the anxiety i get before i go out. Feeling really sick. its so frustrating!
  10. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    my periods are weird
  11. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    My period has been very strange. Came on yesterday and it was just a brown discharge at first which is what I've always had but then...

    it went red which is normal period came properly yesterday evening. Everything seemed normal but today its stopping and its brown.....what the hell?
  12. Ali06

    Ali06 New Member

    When i came off it was a weird brown colour too!
  13. Chloe1

    Chloe1 New Member


    Glad you had a good weekend [​IMG]


    I hope you get your period soon!!! Glad the test was negative though.


    I'm sorry about the insomnia. Hopefully it'll be better tonite.

    I'm still waiting for my period too. I'm 6 days late now [​IMG] I'm crampy, teary, and fatigued.

    How was everyone's weekend?
  14. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    I think I may be getting a bit clingy to be honest.
  15. D 4 A

    D 4 A New Member

    Hey everyone! Chloe sorry your feeling so bad [​IMG] I hope you get AF soon and get it over with. PMS is still bad but getting slightly better each month in terms of anger for me...

    I got my period everyone [​IMG]

    So happy. My poor BF hasnt eaten for 3 days because of me crying to him that I think im pregnant again, he also took up smoking again for like 2 days. I think I stressed him out :p

    I hope everyones ok and I just wanted to say...Isnt it SO WEIRD we are ALL either on our periods or due for our periods any day...Even FiFi but we havent heard from her.

    Take care all and speak soon [​IMG]
  16. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    yeah it is strange,v strange indeed!

  17. Ali06

    Ali06 New Member

    Yeeeeah very weird!

    Glad you came on your period D! hehe

    How is everyone?
  18. darkeyedgirl

    darkeyedgirl New Member

    I know I don't have a worry about being pregnant yet, but I sure hope I get my period long before my BF comes home from his military base. I'd hate to not get my first period yet, then he comes home and we get frisky with each other, then have to wonder.

    I guess we'll be using the condoms for a while!
  19. FiFi

    FiFi New Member

    Hey everybody!

    Don't write me off yet D, I only came back from holiday last night!!

    Period came, I'm not sure whether it was the parsley or not, but like you said D, I wasn't feeling any of the usual symptoms, no bloating or tender boobs or anything, but definitely moody! Then after a couple of days with My Pal Parsley, still nothing, then the next day I woke up and I had the lumpiest sorest boobs ever and my stomach was sticking out like I was 6 months pregnant! Then I came on my period the next day! So it was quite likely that the Parsley helped, I went from no symptoms at all to all of them then period in 3 days! Hurrah! thanks for the tip-off lovey, will def. try that again!

    Weekend was lovely by the way, weather was shocking, torrential rain but our cottage was really cute and we had lots of log fires and romantic meals etc! For our anniversary b/f made me a crossword cos he knows I love them (sad!) and all the answers were places in his house where he had made me little tokens for backrubs and cuddles and tea and toast and stuff (some a little more risque than that!) How sweet?! Feel loads better now my period's here too, more lovey-dovey and relaxed again, yay!

    D, I'm so pleased your period came, congrats! You too Jen! I think it's really weird that we all come on at the same time now.... have we spookily all started synchronizing with each other??

    Jen, my period is weird too and has been since I stopped taking the pill, it's really short, usually 2 days long! We're all blatantly still crapped up! Bloody pills!

    Chloe, lovely to hear from you! Hope your period comes soon, sounds like it's on it's way!

    Lots of love,
  20. Ali06

    Ali06 New Member

    Im so glad you had a good time Fifi! Just what you needed!

    I ended up going to that cockpit and i danced until 5am hehe - it made me feel tons better!

    How is Rosie??? not heard from her in a while

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