Female Low Sex Drive and Testosterone Gel

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by suebee, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. suebee

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    Hi. I had been having a dwindling sex drive for the past year or two and have a husband with a really high sex drive so it was really getting to be an issue. I went to a gyno locally who specializes in women's low libido and I got my results today. I have almost zero testosterone so I got a prescription for testosterone gel today and am going to start using it. It's a low dose -- .5 mg/day.

    I'm wondering if there's anyone already on it and can tell me if it helped them or anything to expect. I have high hopes -- and so does my husband!

  2. M-Chan

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    Have you looked into possibly raising your testosterone naturally?

  3. suebee

    suebee New Member

    How does one raise their testosterone naturally?

  4. M-Chan

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    Based on these articles, to sum it up I'd say do compound weight exercises like squats, get 8 hours of sleep a night, reduce stress, increase monosaturated fat intake (like olive oil, peanuts/cashews, others listed in the articles), eat plenty of protein, limit alcohol consumption, and have sex once a week.

    Getting into good shape physically would be an excellent start. Lose any excess fat and gain more muscle. Focus on working the legs.

    Some articles follow.

    This one is specifically for women.


  5. NancyE

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    Sorry, I can't help with the low testosterone issue and don't know about the cream. My situation is the opposite - currently in peri-menopause, low levels of estrogen and progesterone, but testosterone is still humming along - and I'm LOVING the side effects. I've had a huge spike in libido. My husband jokingly says, "there, now you know how it feels." haha
    But other than feeling like a cat in heat (and enjoying the benefits), I haven't noticed anything else related to this particular hormone shift. So I'd say - trust your doctor, read some good porn, and hopefully get some sex back in your life ... some really good sex and lots of it! All the best.


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