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Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by texasbeauty, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. texasbeauty

    texasbeauty New Member

    If I squirt and dont have an orgasm, is it really female ejaculation or pee?

    What are some ways to help me have both, the orgasm and the squirting?

  2. SAMiAM1611

    SAMiAM1611 New Member

    hey same here! i've never had an orgasm of any sort but when my boyfriend fingers me a certain way i squirt. i was thinking maybe this is an orgasm and i'm just unlucky in that it's not really all that great feeling. or else it's just a physical response to a certain kind of touching and isn't really an orgasm at all.

  3. brucewayne

    brucewayne New Member

    How are you able to squirt? Me and my girlfriend have been trying for a while now? I am open for any suggestions and advice.

  4. liljunebug

    liljunebug New Member

    I'm curious about this too. I've always thought it was a myth but now it seems everyone can go it! Can anyone give more info on the quantity?


  5. MissAngela88

    MissAngela88 New Member

    Hey guys, if you're interested in squirting in general, look in the archives - there's tons of info on this site already.

    As to the original post, I think I can offer some insight. Usually when I orgasm, it happens in two parts. Either I come from clitoral stimulation, then squirt after, or squirt then have a clitoral, or a more "fuzzy" feeling, orgasm.
    Men also orgasm in two parts, although usually it occurs so close together it is experienced at once.

    I think that you are receiving the necessary stimulation to squirt, but are not having a clitoral orgasm.

    How are you being stimulated when you squirt, vag., clitoral, or both?

  6. betterafter40

    betterafter40 New Member

    I highly recommend searching for squirting orgasm on Youtube. There is a great "instructional" video. It worked. I love to squirt. For me, I prefer the movement/stimulation to be more forcefull than soft. It is a very erotic feeling to experience with your partner. Good luck. Feel free to comment if looking for more info.

  7. brucewayne

    brucewayne New Member

    thanks i will try that

  8. Thonger

    Thonger Member

    MissAngela, what are the two parts to a male orgasm?
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  9. I'm assuming that she means the orgasm and the ejaculation.

  10. Thonger

    Thonger Member

    I guess I never thought of it being 2 different things, but I guess she's right.

  11. Lush-Luna

    Lush-Luna New Member

    Yes, it is possible for a man to ejaculate without having an orgasm, and vice versa, have an orgasm without ejaculating.

  12. Thonger

    Thonger Member

    Thinking back, I guess I have experienced both situations. Once when masturbating, I was nearing orgasm but didn't want to cum yet, so I squeezed the base of my cock and didn't squirt, but I did experience an orgasm. In the other situation, when my doctor gave me my last prostate exam, she caused me to leak out a couple of drops of cum but I didn't cum.

    I think it's more satisfying when you get to orgasm and ejaculate at the same time tho.
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  13. anziano

    anziano New Member

    <<<I'm assuming that she means the orgasm and the ejaculation.>>>

    As a guy, I'm not sure this is what you're talking about with the two part male orgasm, but when nearing orgasn, I feel it on the edge before it starts but it's at a point where I know I can't stop it. Then I have this large wave of pleasure, but it's usually a second or two before I actually start to ejaculate. I'm not sure I could hit that huge high but then actually stop the ejaculation without a terminal case of "blue balls".


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