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Discussion in 'Contraception' started by novi, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. novi

    novi New Member

    Alright ladies, I have happened upon something that may help you recover from hormonal birth control. I was at my wit's end a short month ago. I've stopped using NuvaRing for almost 3 years and was STILL struggling with its AWFUL side effects. They were ruining my life. I felt horrible all the time. Severe joint pain. No sex drive. Couldn't smile. I knew I wasn't depressed. Even though my thyroid levels were tested and came back as "normal" I knew something was wrong.

    I was in misery for years after ceasing to use Nuva Ring (I cringe every time I realize it almost ruined my entire life). For the first time in more than 6 years I have actually wanted to have sex. For the first time in 6 years coffee actually affects me. For the first time I can smile in earnest at strangers or relatives. I no longer need 10 hours of sleep to feel like I can get out of bed. Mood swings are gone.

    All this within just days of first taking this. It's bovine colostrum. Mother's first milk. If you can get some from a raw organic dairy and drink 1/2-1 cup every morning on an empty stomache. It will reset your thyroid. That is exactly what it has done for me and I have my life back. I had forgotten what it was like.

    You can also get it in supplement/tablet form but I cannot speak about it's effectiveness. GOOD LUCK!!!

    Just a sidenote... I took about 3 quarts (over a couple weeks) and am now on hiatus... mostly because I gained 5 pounds in a couple of weeks because it's very rich. (It actually doesn't taste bad, basically like whole milk, with all the fats intact) I don't want to bulk up, and need to figure out how to cut calories elsewhere and will then proceed to take colostrum again as needed if I feel like I'm slipping again.
  2. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I've never heard that about the colostrum before, although I do drink raw whole milk, which never caused me to put on any weight despite being high calorie and an average of 6% milkfat where I get it from. You may be putting on the weight as a result of hormone re-regulation while things are starting to balance out. It may be a temporary effect, not a specific result of drinking the colostrum.
  3. junieB

    junieB New Member

    Hi, I just joined this forum looking for info on non-hormonal or natural family planning. When I read the symptoms you described with nuva ring I swear you were talking about me! I have been using organic pasture fed raw milk for about 6 months now and notice a HUGE difference in my overall health so, I am a big fan! Never heard of just the straight colostrum though, but I would imagine the milk contains similar stuff, just maybe more dilute.
  4. novi

    novi New Member

    YES You are absolutely right Junie. I FEEL AMAZING for the first time in about a decade. I am completely in awe that I suffered for that long.

    I am trying to help encourage people on other topic threads regarding birth control side effects to try colostrum or raw milk to fix their problems.
  5. quittingthepill

    quittingthepill New Member

    Novi, everything you're saying sounds so amazing but as always I'm skeptical - how long have you been using the colostrum? I wanna know if it really has lasting effects.
  6. novi

    novi New Member

    I AM AMAZED. truly in heaven having my life back.

    The protein-rich polypeptides in colostrum are known to reset and boost your thyroid. It is one of those miracle cures that truly works.

    I quit taking colostrum over a week ago. So far, I am still 100% NORMAL. which i have not been in years. so long as i don't go back on birth control, i would expect it to remain the same. I put a quart of it in the freezer just incase for some reason i have a lapse or want to boost my system again.

    yeah, it does sound too good to be true. i would be skeptical as well.

    I took 1/4 cup the first day, 1/2 cup the second day, then boosted to 3/4 cup on the third day. of course, i maybe could have stuck to the 1/4 cup dosage. you can make a smoothie or something if you want, but just don't boil it before consuming.

    I only know that on the third day i felt like a horny teenager so be prepared for that, lol!! Before that, I had not felt "horny" in years. i had almost forgotten what it felt like.

    ALSO to maintain, i'm going to start drinking the occasional glass of raw whole milk, which contains a lot of the same nutrients, just in a more dilute form. (when milk gets pasteurized most of the valuable nutrients are killed/altered to the point where you don't receive them, so raw is very important.)

    I hear that you can also try colostrum in tablet (dried) form, but I cannot attest to its effects.

  7. Bitter B*tch

    Bitter B*tch New Member

    Wow, I really want to try this now! I would think if I consumed it before my workout in the morning, I don't think I would gain weight from it? The reason being is, I have to have something before I work out as I have low blood sugar...maybe I will try this!!!!!???

    Thanks for the information:)

    I am doing well, but man would I want to feel like a horny teenager again! [​IMG]
  8. quittingthepill

    quittingthepill New Member

    FYI I got the colostrum tablets. I took them for a few days and they definitely didn't hurt! I stopped taking them because I got a little sick and I stopped taking any supplements for a bit.

    I have no idea if it helped or not but it CERTAINLY did not hurt. My anxiety is not gone but I have been having a lot more good days recently - no idea if it's related to colostrum or not.

    Also, the stuff novi got was fresh, unpasteurized, and probably full of good stuff. The tablets I'm sure are *slightly* different.
  9. LilMissNaughty

    LilMissNaughty New Member

    Now this is intresting. I have Transfer factor wich is the exstracted colostrum & use it to boost immune system. so take it whenever I feel like I might be coming down with something like a cold/flu...or anything like a cut that could get infected etc.. Havent been sick for years and nether has hubby (Who was always very supseptible to colds/flues & any other bug going around before we started using the TF)
    I also use it for the dogs and found its got a better result than antibiotics etc (probably one of the reasons why my vets never see me LOL)
    Id never thought to use it to ballance out my hormones as my cycle is still quite erratic (mostly temps all ove r the place & very short cycle)
    So will try it daily for a while...
  10. novi

    novi New Member

    Bitter: HEY!! I had ALOT of problems with low blood sugar when I was still screwed up too! You get all shaky and kinda dizzy... i really hated that. i have not had one single episode since taking the colostrum. sounds like it would be a perfect before-workout snack/nutrition supplement!! If it helps your thyroid you may gain weight initially like i did, but if in the long run it enables you to control your weight without weird issues, then it would be worth it!!

    To those trying the tablets:
    I wonder if the different manufacturers process them differently and there is different quantities of "stuff" in them. if i took about 1/2 cup liquid every day, what would the corresponding tablet quantity be? i felt like after i'd consumed atleast 1 cup of the stuff that was enough to jolt my system. i wonder how much of the "good stuff" in the colostrum stays intact during the drying process :-/ On the bright side, apparently enough to keep your immune systems up... :)

    I'll post this here but I already posted it on a different thread too... I have found that although i seem to be better, ingesting sweets really throws me into a tizzy and I experience alot of the achy and tiredness that I had for about a day or so after the sugar. a "sugar hangover" if you will. i have done a bit of general research and different websites say that sex hormones-thyroid hormones-stress hormones-sugar levels are all very much tied together. very interesting. so as long as i behave (which is usually not a problem as i don't much care for sweets anyway) I can feel great!! LOL
  11. Bitter B*tch

    Bitter B*tch New Member

    So I have been looking here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada....nothing:( I think I might have to do a supplement or powder form, can anyone recommend the best brand they use or organic??

    Thank a bunch:)
  12. Bitter B*tch

    Bitter B*tch New Member

    Novi, thanks for the info btw!! I sooo appreciate it, as yes it's a struggle to get your life back! Just back to ME, I would like to be! [​IMG]

    Yes, I hate the low blood sugar thing it makes you feel oh so sick!
  13. LilMissNaughty

    LilMissNaughty New Member

    The one I swear by is 4Life Transfer Factor Plus. they have others (some liquied supliments etc) that I havent tried but I can def vouch for the TF+
    If you google it, it should come right up. inc distributers in Canada
    Exspensive but wort it, has saved us quite a few Dr & Vet visits (for the dogs of course :p )
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  14. Bitter B*tch

    Bitter B*tch New Member

    Thanks a bunch, I will definately look into that one here:) As soon as I get it, I will tell you how it all goes!!
  15. Vicki1969

    Vicki1969 New Member

    Hello ladies..I'm new here but have been "snooping" around your posts for a few days now.

    After much shopping around, I finally found Colostrum powder. Has anyone tried this and if so, what is the best way to take it?

    I just want to feel better. I am 41 years old and stopped taking Seasonale about 3 weeks ago. I hated the way it made me feel but now I am a zombie.

    Thanks for any help
  16. meowCat

    meowCat New Member

    This is a really interesting thread. I have struggled with side side effects of the nuva ring for a while now. Luckily, most of the severe side effects went (like not being able to keep my eyes open and definitely needing two sleeps a day). 12 cycles on I am still mad irregular (and I used to be like a clock work before the nuva ring).

    Unfortunately, I am lactose intolerant. What can I do? Do you think the tablets would work for me?

  17. meowCat

    meowCat New Member


    I just got my transfer factor tablets and now I am worried. There is a warning sign on the package that says that it contains ingredients that are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and harm to the reproductive system??!!!

    I am very worried now! I wanted them to improve my reproductive system not to harm it!!


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