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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by biochemical, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. biochemical

    biochemical New Member

    this is pretty much the news I have for you guys:)

    after the last problems. my BF and I separated and didn’t see each other for over 5 weeks.

    I think it became a turning point in our relationship. we both had very good think and taste of how it would be not to see each other again...and we both decided that this would make a gap difficult to fill up by anything or anyone else.

    So here we are organizing small wedding party on September 26th! Open air ceremony in a beautiful Spanish villa. Sierra Nevada mountains in the background, Mediterranean sea in the distance...our parents who have never met before:) and a group of international friends from all over the world.

    Got my dress yesterday. Its stunning retro chic Claire Pettibone - style clara
    I’m 5 grand lighter, but This is The Dress!

    Bwt: what’s with the freaking ‘im a Princes/Barbie look?
    Most of the girls I saw in the Kleinfeld salon picked huge Princes/Ball Gowns with massive cathedral trains, veil’s, diamantes, and tiaras…Geeez I could not think about anything more horrific to wear…

    Anyways, back to my wedding planning:)

    Just wanted to share with everyone! Lots of love!
  2. ChooseToBe

    ChooseToBe New Member

    Best wishes. I hope its a wonderful day.
  3. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Congrats bio! Wow, this post surprised me but I'm really really happy that everything has worked out for you.

    Your dress is gorgeous and will look simply stunning with your slim figure. You'll be absolutely beautiful! Congratulations again.
  4. Jessucka

    Jessucka New Member

    Love the dress. And congratulations!
  5. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Wow! Congrats!
  6. FoolishGal

    FoolishGal New Member

    Love the dress, it should look a hell of a lot better on you since the model wearing it is a walking skeleton.

    Good luck and best wishes!

  7. biochemical

    biochemical New Member

    erm...about that...i dont think im much bigger:) maybe a 5cm shorter judging by her proportion...:) i does feel great on me though. very natural. very me, just the way it should:)

    thanks everyone for the wishes. it feels great i must say. BF and I feel closer than ever. could this be expalained as the next level? like two sisters, except in a lover kind of way..
    I guess we are becoming a family or we are in a proces of building one... i hope this feeling lasts:)

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  8. abc123

    abc123 New Member

    (i hope this feeling lasts:)

    I hope it last the rest of your lives together. Good Luck!
  9. kellybean

    kellybean New Member

    Congrats Bio - that's great news!

    Time does tell doesn't it. I'm glad you found your way back to each other and realized the reality of not being together.

    I wish you much love, laughter and memories~!!!

    Can't wait to see the pictures! Sounds like a perfect setting for a wedding.
  10. Jillpill

    Jillpill Member

    I'm so happy for you!! The dress really is stunning, you will make a beautiful bride. And whay a setting to get married in!!

    I know it will be a perfect day for you, and hopefully a lifetime of happiness!
  11. Bran.Muffin

    Bran.Muffin New Member

    Aw - that's wonderful news. Sounds like a perfect setting and the dress is indeed gorgeous.

    You'll post photos, right?
  12. enough_already

    enough_already New Member

    Bio, you will make an absolutely stunning bride. Your betrothed is quite the lucky man.

    Best wishes!

    Interestingly, the more conservative the government is, the more popular these styles are. I guess it goes to show that we are in a very conservative era right now.
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  13. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls New Member

    Awwwww.....Congrats hunny..I wish you guys the best!
  14. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

  15. biochemical

    biochemical New Member


    there is actually really funny story of how that happened.

    i went out for lunch by myself. this was day three of our break up. I sat down with my notebook, had a glass of wine and then it sank in and I started crying like stupid. I couldnt stop myslef so i decided to go to the bathroom, wash my face and hopefully get myself together. The washing basins were in between the girls and boys restroom,
    I spent there about 20min splashing my face with cold water and trying to stop, but every time another person came in and asked if im ok, I would go into even bigger crying hysteria [​IMG]

    Then this lovely man, I noticed before on a table next to me, came in and said that he and his friends were worried, so he came in to check on me. He grabbed my wrist in a nice friendly embrace and ..taaadaa my crying stopped:)

    We became great friends since then, but the real point of this story is, the moment of realization of really not wanting to loose my bf. Its great freedom to have this kind of clarity.
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  16. biochemical

    biochemical New Member

    bf and I are having great time plotting the plans as none of the parents are suppose to know about the wedding. im going to fly my parents over on a pretence of week holidays and to meet his parents who live now in Spain. Only our international friends, my brother and sister know about the wedding. Parents and our Spanish friends from the area will be invited to a ‘bbq party’ organized by our friend and the owner of the villa where the ceremony is going to take place.
    Once everyone is there, we will change into our outfits and taaaadaaa: surprise!
    The challenge is to get the guests that know about the wedding and those who don’t to the town without being found out.:)

    Its going to be great!

    as for pictures, i dont think i will dare to post them on the forum, but of course PM some to the closest group:)
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  17. clc

    clc New Member

    wow, i'm so pleased for you i was wondering how you were doing!
  18. biochemical

    biochemical New Member

    yes yes, very exciting!

    i never thought this would be so much fun!

  19. KongsANN

    KongsANN New Member

    Congratulations! and wishing you both many years of happiness together.
  20. StLGaL

    StLGaL New Member

    congrats and have fun is very stressful at times but it is also really fun.

    On the actual day, take a moment with your new husband to just stand back and take it all in..the actual day goes by so fast, it feels like before you know it they are turning the lights on and everyone is going home. After all that money and time spent planning its over so quickly, so just have a blast and enjoy every moment of it.

    Good luck with everything!

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