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  1. Juicy-Juls

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    UTRECHT, Netherlands -- Utrecht police say a 21-year-old Dutch man is recovering after a "mooning" that went horribly wrong.

    A police statement says the man and two others had run down a street in Utrecht with their pants pulled down in the back "for a joke."

    It says that at one point the 21-year-old "pushed his behind against the window of a restaurant" that broke and resulted in "deep wounds to his derriere."

    The statement released Tuesday says police detained the three men after the incident Sunday morning. But the cafe owner decided not to press charges after the men agreed to pay for the broken window.

    The injured man was treated for his injuries at a nearby hospital.


    Bet he didn't think of that eh? [​IMG]
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  2. demon-dolly

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    eh, I bet not!
  3. kellybean

    kellybean New Member

    I wouldn't have thought about that either eh'
  4. Absy

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    His butt BROKE THE WINDOW? Daaaaamn. That's impressive.
  5. StLGaL

    StLGaL New Member

    ouch.imagine broken glass in your....(shudders)
  6. enough_already

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    This actually happened to a friend of mine back in college while he was mooning me. I never laughed so hard in my life. I was sitting in a study room that was surrounded in glass. He and his buddy stroll up and then turn their backs to the window. I'm thinking, "Isn't this the 1980s and not the 1950s? Why am I getting mooned by these two dolts?"

    Anyway, they proceeded and pulled their pants down and stuck their asses in the window for the appropriate "pressed ham," look and he broke a big giant plate glass window about three feet wide and eight feet tall with his drunk azz. Lucky for him, it was tempered plate glass so it didn't shard. Remember that his buddy was right next to him, too, and they tripped over each other trying to run with their pants down. He spent the next few minutes cleaning glass nuggets out of his shorts.

    Stupid, but funny!

  7. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls New Member

    OMG hilarious.....I could not imagine....
  8. GreenTea

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    One more for the dumb criminal files....
  9. Raunchy-Row

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    [​IMG] I just read a story about a guy in Australia who got fined (only fined?) for strapping his beer cases into the back seat, but not his CHILD.

    Whoever these people are, they make life awfully fun for the rest of us!
  10. StLGaL

    StLGaL New Member

    omg your kidding me..what a redneck lol

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