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Discussion in 'Dieting and Weight' started by AS4U, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. AS4U

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    Has anyone tried HCG drops and did you find they worked for you? I have seen lots of info on the injections but I am reluctant to go down that route. Could you also tell me where you got it from?
  2. lovelyme200

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    The injections are better, but you MUST get is done by a doctor. I did mines when I was in Miami by a doctor name Dr pascual and she was with me the whole step of the way. but I do not think the drops are as effective. you can always do it the natural way, work out, eat right and you can look and feel healthy. heres a friendly tip, get and wear a booty wow, which is for your but to lift it and make it bigger. booty wow lifts and make is bigger instantly and can also be worn while working out. it will give you results faster. drink lots of protein,eat protein rich food and work you gluts and abs out.
  3. Agnes

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    Have you tried http://www.trimnutrition.com/? I had a friend who bought from there last year, and she has since lost around 35 lbs. I still know their site to this day because I remember looking at it and 'considering' trying the diet myself. The actual 'diet' is pretty strict though, so I guess it kind of depends on how committed you are. She seemed to manage.

    Oops! I didn't see your more recent thread about the HCG diet. I responded there as well.
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    The hCG weight-loss technique has a very low nutrient diet along with therapies of hCG, rather dental or handled. The normal hCG thinner activities quick weight-loss determining 1 to 3 weight per day. Moreover to loss of undesirable fat, the true benefit of the hCG technique is its capability to help change the dieter's connection with food and eating, resulting in easily handled, long-term weight-loss.

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