Help, don't know if i'm a squiter or just pee'd!!!

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by texasbeauty, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. texasbeauty

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    Hello! This is my first time in this forum and first time poster lol....and i've been wanting to ask someone about my recent it goes....

    During sex one time, I felt the whole 'wanting to pee' sensation and shortly after the moment was gone and I felt liquid going down my legs and quickly told my SO to stop. I didn't orgasm, so was it pee? Is it even possible to *** without an orgasm? I was soo embarrassed I just didn't bother to check if it was pee or not. I felt so bad for my SO, he was in the moment while I wanted to stop [​IMG]

    I didn't even feel it until it was going down my thighs. He told me not to worry about it, that it didn't matter to him if it was pee. (I instantly fell more in love with him.)

    I believe I remember feeling his bed sorta damp, it's been awhile and I never bothered to think about it until he recently asked me if I've ever ***.

    I'm worried It could have been pee...I dont know if there are signs to know if it was or not. I've read articles about the feeling to pee and just letting go but that was after it happened that i knew. I was want a second opinion if it in fact was *** or pee.

    I'm young but not THAT young and reading this it makes me sound even more but i'm just curious and have been isolated from the world...jk. Help! in any way.....thanks!

  2. ladyG

    ladyG New Member

    I felt the same way when I first figured out what squirting felt like.

    For me, it was pretty similar- I didn't notice that anything had come out until I felt it on me- my first clue that it was not pee. Since it's happened more and more often since then, I've been able to observe that it does not come out of the same hole where pee would- it's what my boyfriend and I have come to think of as female cum. I don't orgasm all the time when this happens though. Only about 50% of the times I "squirt" am I having an actual orgasm...

    hope this helps! The reason I found this site originally was to ask the same question!

  3. secondchance

    secondchance Member

    sounds like a squirt (or gush) to me.
    I literally tasted my first one on the sly to be sure... after it passed a sniff test, of course.


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