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    Hi, I'm Questa or Quez for short. I'm 25 (for another month anyway). Female. Just found the forum 2 days ago while researching alternative birth control methods and saw that there's just a lot of info here as well as a healthy community, so it drew me to joining.

    I've had experiences with hormonal contraceptives in the past and I guess I was looking for a new alternative, natural family planning is sounding amazing right now. I've joined Fertility Friend, and I actually bought a thermometer yesterday but couldn't bring myself to use it this morning because it beeps loudly ten times after it confirms temp! Didn't want to wake OH. Ah well, I can start tomorrow I guess!

    I'm going to order TCOYF... A lady comp is fairly out of reach financially at the moment and I need to research, chart a bit and do some convincing of OH that it's all ok, etc. Maybe go to an info session or something. I have been reading reviews of TCOYF and it sounds amazing simply information-wise, so I'm really keen to get it and start learnin'!

    A funny thing I picked up on while researching Australian government/medical websites about NFP. There were some interesting statistics, such as "When used for a year by 100 women, the different methods have the following failure rates: the temperature method will result in 14-24 pregnancies; the mucus method 20 pregnancies; and the sympto-thermal method 16 pregnancies." (http://www.mydr.com.au/babies-pregnancy/contraception-natural-family-planning)

    Of course, that statistic does not tell you whether the couples involved were only permitted the one type for NFP. For instance, we'd be open to using condoms during red-light days, or if charting was mucked up for a set period of time, etc. I believe that would greatly decrease our likelihood of conceiving unintentionally. (I'm studying research methods at uni at the moment so any statistic is likely to cause me to lol slightly, especially when there's basically no other info backing it up!)

    Otherwise, most of those websites were fairly positive towards NFP, which I think is good info for OH.

    Hennyway... that's about it. Also, while out last night, I felt like I was in another world after all the info I absorbed yesterday. It's really empowering!

    cheers, Quez

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    welcome questa ! glad your here
    what negative side effects did you experiance while on hormonal bc ?
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    Hi [​IMG]

    Mood swings and depression effectively. I found they made me feel like my erratic, prone to either aggression or tears, pre menstrual self basically all the time. Caused a rift between me and OH which basically felt like the relationship was ending. Awful stuff. I was on Depo Provera when younger with an ex, I don't have very strong memories of that time, and more recently had Implanon. Haven't even tried the Pill, I suspect it would cause similar issues for me.
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    Hello Questa- May I ask you what TCOYF and NFP are?

    I currently came off bc pill due to craziness, I am looking for non-hormonal forms of birth control as well. I am currently using condoms right now, due to the fact that Canada discontinued diaphrams!

    Oh and this forum is AMAZING, love it and all the people are most fabulous [​IMG] Clark being one of them!
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    love u 2 bitter : )
    and our other girl alyss ; )
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    oh ya i will go to a pharmacy tomorrow and see if they sell diaphrams !!
    girl i will mail u one to keep u off those d*mn bc pills. lol

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    hey questa
    how long were u on hormonal bc ?
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    LOL, Awesome! Yeah keep me posted:) I might be able to order one online, so I am looking into that too:)
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    Hey [​IMG] It's my b'day soon and my partner has been told to buy it as a pressie!

    NFP - Natural Family Planning - Hmm, actually, apparently that acronym/phrase means the Catholic method of birth control. I don't subscribe to that - as I said previously, we'd use condoms during red-light days. I guess I mean, fertility-awareness birth control methods!

    I feel like I've learned a lot since I first posted here. I found out about ovulation pains today, through Fertility Friend's email lesson. I always wondered why I would get random, stabbing cramps well away from when my period was due! So cool. This learnin' is empowerin'!

    Hey [​IMG] - not entirely certain, the first time (Depo Provera) it was well over a year, maybe 2 years in total. The second time, with Implanon, it was about 8 or 9 months. They say you had to give it about 5 months for the implant and hormonal stuff to calm, which I did, but it never cleared away!

    I'm -so- thinking of putting aside $20 each pay check and slowly saving up for a LadyComp...

    Are you from Canada... We saw an excellent Canadian film the other day, called Twas awesome.

    I also think the ppl on this forum are funny and awesome! I am shy *sigh* so I shall stick to my li'l welcome thread for the time being [​IMG]
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    Yes, I am canadian I will have to check that out!

    Yes, I have learned a ton being on here and everyone is so willing to help and share which is most fabulous.

    I have decided that durex bare condoms and spermicidal foam are the way to go for me. They almost feel like the "real deal" my bf likes to say! lol, plus bonus they are so clean:)

    Oh, I am not a shy person just less time that I would like so if I don't respoond for a bit I am at work and busy and should get fired for all my not doing work at work! lol

    Now I want to know what Ladycomp is, seems like you know more than ever! [​IMG]
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    Nice to meet you ^^

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