High BBT, No PMS, BFN at maybe 13 dpo!!

Discussion in 'Reproductive Health' started by Regina_1, Feb 7, 2007.

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    Hi, Guys.

    I am really confused. I know I ovulated somewhere between between CD 16 and CD 22 (most likely CD 16 or 17). I am now on CD 30 and my temp was still up to 98.88!! It is usually only about 98.4 at its highest during the luteal phase! I normally have a 13 - 14 day luteal phase.

    I took a test this morning and it was a BFN. [​IMG] I thought I was due my period tomorrow, but my temp always drops the day before by at least .3 degrees (Farenheit). Todady it went up by .2, so I was just sure I was pg.

    I have been having sinus problems the past few days, mostly headaches and sinus pain in the maxillary sinuses on my cheeks. I don't think I have a sinus infection that could be altering my temps, but i don't know...

    Another weird thing is the lack of Post - O/ PMS symptoms this month. Usually I have post - o nipple soreness and this month, nothing! My back doesn't really hurt a whole lot like usual. My skin is breaking out a little though. I am just really confused!!

    If I O'd on CD16 then I am 14 dpo, but if it was the 17th day then I am only 13 dpo. I don't think I O'd much later than that!! Has anyone gotten a BFN at 13 dpo and then actually been pregnant? I don't know what else could be causing this huge temp difference from previous cycles.

    Any thoughts???

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    Hey Regina,

    I just had a peek at your chart for this month, and why are you so sure that you O-ed on CD 16 or 17 when FF is saying CD 22? Perhaps you had delayed ovulation this month?

    Apart from that, though, I know loads of ladies get a BFN before a BFP, so you are definitely not out yet! When you're in FF, do a search for pregnancy charts with a late BFP AND a BFN before BFP. I just did that search and found TONS of charts like this:



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    Regina - Where's your chart hun??? We can take a look for you!

    Babes - I just went on the hunt to look at your chart again and I have seen that AF has arrived so sorry hun!! Remember this is what we are all here for if you wanna vent, VENT if you just wanna take a back seat then please do just remember we are all here, all wanting the same thing!!


    x x x
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