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  1. Tempting Toffee

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    In my first few weeks on the pill, I had very mild cramp in my legs. It turned out to be nothing, my over active mind but please get checked out!

    JENNY ANN New Member


    i stopped taking the pill today. i am still suffering from severe aches and cramps from my pelvis down.

    my doctor gave me ultram to relieve the pain. so far, i feel the same.

    thanks for answering my question. i really appreciate it. i reacted to your advice immediately. thank you again.
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    i was on a couple of different pill before pregnancy. i was getting cists on my ovaries and then a new pill would take them away then they would come back and then they would come back. The last pill i took was making me so depressed. After the switch it was such a difference. luckily no weight gain.
  4. polly

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    Hi, I've read through most of the posts, so I have an idea of what the answers to this question might be, but I thought I'd check...

    I have just started (about three weeks ago) taking the progestogen only pill, and am getting a lot of the side effects that I was told about (increased appetite, spotty skin, etc.) as well as being incredibly upset and sad a lot of the time. I am pretty sure that it is the pill that has caused the unhappiness, because I'm normally quite a cheerful person, and I have been upset with, and insecure about, things that I have never worried about before. Also because these feelings manifested themselves at exactly the same time as the increased appetite and spots.

    The thing is, all of the information I have read refers to these as temporary side effects, and says that they should calm down within the three months that they give you an initial prescription for. Should I give the pill a chance for this three months, and hope that they do calm down? If the other side effects are temporary, is the unhappiness likely to be as well?

    So, I guess the question is, has anyone found that these side effects can be temporary? Or do they always seem to last for the duration of the time that the pill is being taken? I'm not sure that I even want to be miserable for a cuople of months, to be honest, but if this is likely to go away then it might be worth it.


  5. Tempting Toffee

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    Hey, it's hard to tell. Sadly the only way to know is to stay on them and wait it out. Sorry you're suffering these effects, depression is very common on the pill.
  6. Guest

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    Polly,it depends entirely on how YOU react to the hormones in the pill.If you are already reacting like this....who knows,it could calm down,could not,only way is to test it,are you willing to risk it?Thats up to you,you will know if you stop taking them and your side effects stop,or if you keep taking it and they either get worse,calm down or stay the same...Who know??there's not nearly neough research that's bneen done!Anyway...Its all up to oyou,no one can tell you how your body will react or continue to react,only way is to try and you will find out that way!Sorry!

  7. Yasin

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    I was on Yasmin for a year or more and I had no side effects, but then for financial reasons I had to stop taking it and still no problems. My problem developed when I began college and the school clinic put me on Desogen. They told me it was the closest to Yasmin. Not only was that a BIG FAT LIE, but I put on 70, almost 80
    pounds in 6 months and another 30 in about 3-4 more months WITHOUT changing my diet and I actually had my exercise increased. I also began losing my hair, I developed migraines, I was horribly depressed and moody. I had tingling sensations up and down my arms or on one side of my body and I developed hives, memory loss, fatigue, fogginess and heaven knows what I can't recall. I can go on and on about the symptoms while I was on the pill- I thought I was crazy!

    What really disturbed me was 1) The reaction of the school clinic- when I went back, they went into a bit of a panic- somthing about me being on the verge of a stroke, they also tested my thyroid and found nothing. I was doing research tonight and found out there is more than one test for thyroid issues and I should have been tested more than once and I was not, which leads to the second thing that disturbeds me- 2) It's almost a year later since I took the Desogen and got off it and about 5-6 months since the last of the heavy weight gain and I still have many of the symptoms OFTEN and my cycle is beyond irregular- I gave up on keeping track. I am fairly certain my period came 2x in one month on 2 separate occaisons and it did not appear for 2-3 months before and I still am nearly twice my original size! I honestly am not eating anymore- in fact I have and do eat a lot less than people recommend. I'm not anorexic, it's just my way. The school clinic told me that my body was not recieving enough noutrients and it was converting any junk food I ate into something it could use- meaning if I have a bag of chips the bag of chips will be visibly added to my weight. I think she was drinking but who knows! Especially since my diet consists of a lot more than junk food and my body did not do that the first 22 years of my life!

    I am beyond asking if I should be concerned- I am- but what I need to know is there any preliminary sort of at home testing I can do or find? I have horrendous luck with doctors, no health insurance, and I generally am fed up with being a guinea pig! (I once was put on ASTHMA medication for a problem with palpitations... because it was a doctor that prescribed it, it would not have disturbed me had it not been for the fact the side effects for it- if you don't have asthma is to give you asthma.) I think I need to check my hormones, my thyroid, and anything else that may be affecting my health...

    Anything you can tell me will be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you all and sorry about the loooooonnnnggg post- I keep this bottled up a lot.
  8. Guest

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    I'm sorry you have had such a bad experience with this,did yu check the survey on the first page of this thread?there's link.There are some of the experiences transalted into facts for you to see.I 'm sorry to hear our experience is so extreme and dangerous,I wish more research was done before they handed these things out like candy!hugs"
  9. Stephanie

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    Another symptom for the list: I had blurred vision for the first month of Yaz.

    I took BC for only one year and a few months of my life. It had many benefits (my sleep actually improved if I took Yaz at night), but the testosterone affected me in the bedroom and in athletics.

    It's not a choice I'll make again. I'm five months BC free and the difference is astounding.
  10. Danigirl341

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    the fact that you are not eating in order to lose the weight you gain could also be a factor in your irregularity. It is a common symptom for a woman with an eating disorder (not that you have one) to stop having her period. Also changes in diet and exercise affect the timing as well. Starving and binge eating will only prolong the irregularity. A steady diet and an exercise program would be a positive step toward a healthy period.
  11. damg

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    Good Morning Ladies,

    I have been searching all morning for information and this seems to be a great place to start asking some questions. This is regards to my daughter who is 24 years old. I am going to talk with her this evening and investigate as to the possiblity of what she is experiencing is due to her pills. My future son in law was here last night just beside himself on my daughter's behavior and sad to say if we don't figure this out the wedding is off which the date is just a few months away. He spent the night here for the first time, though he has called me on several occasions recently on asking me to talk to her as she was out of control. It is genuine concerns of her raging. Gonna have to tell my daughter that tonight that she is going to have to make some changes otherwise she is going to lose him, her love of close to 5 years now.

    So here is the deal......she was on the patch, not sure of the amount of time, but over a year for sure. Going to question her tonight about some specific time frames from pill to patch to pill again. On the pill again, currently for around 6 months?

    When she went in about getting some anti-depressents, the doctor took her off the patch and switched her to the pill (going to ask the name of the pill tonight) and gave her anti-depressents (got to find out what they are too, I think Lexipro). I am familar with Lexipro, tried it this past year....sick for a week, helped for the next two weeks, then back to experiencing every side effect in the book. I just don't have a tolerence for most drugs, they don't like me.

    I have noticed her behavior changing as we are planning the wedding, I know it is stressful, but at the same time.....don't you be ragging on me! Yesterday I actually told her on the phone to stop that she is reminding me of my mother's treatment of me over the years and I don't talk to my mother any more going on 4 years. I know weddings can be stressful, I know my daughter, but this also seems over the top to me as well.

    She is going off on stupid stuff, thinking some one is saying something different that what they are really saying and jumping them! Last night she started physically attacking her boyfriend which he copped to what he contributed to the fight last night as well to us. Will hear her side tonight.

    So it popped into my head last night that this may be pill related side effects. He mentioned she has just started her period..I of course told him never to mention that cuz a lady will kill you! LOL! I explained to him, even if it is realated to that, you never say it in the middle of it as that is really saying "I am invalidating every thing your feeling right now." So I started questioning him about if this has gotten bad since she started on the pills. He couldn't say exactly, but said it does seem to fit.

    I did some investigating online this morning and found a lot of information that seemed to fit. I am in my 50's now and haven't taken the pill since I was 24 due to I started experiencing migraines. I had been on it for 5 years and never had any side effects except for acne when I first started. After my first child I went to go back on it, migraines appeared, and had to stop. Never had another one. So due to this had to update my information on the methods and side effects of today. I am experiencing menopause right now so have done a lot of research on hormones (depression and lack of energy), but not specifically on what my daughter is now going through, so know a lot, but searching in a new genre now.

    I have read through a couple of pages of this thread, saw the irritablity and depression mentioned, but nothing on raging/out of control anger?......anyone have anything to share on that issue in possible regards to taking the pill?

    P.S. Natural birth control methods (ovulation charting) worked great for me......only one (of 4) blessings came unexpectedly due to condom failure at unsafe timing.
  12. Stephanie

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    I am 31 so I feel like I'm a bit more leveled out, but I do recall always feeling angry while on Yaz. It was mostly in the morning and would get better. I don't feel that way now (I stopped 6 months ago).

    Honestly though, I think for me I had some unresolved issues and with the pill I couldn't reason those issues. I couldn't feel sane when something upset me.

    Marriage is a huge deal so maybe convince her to look into non-hormone BC and maybe get her into therapy. I think she's freaking out about the wedding or getting married. It's difficult to think clearly on the pill (for many, not all).
  13. damg

    damg New Member


    Thanks for the reply. Yep, wedding can be stressful especially when it is too big with too many details. Mine was simple and easy and still beautiful.

    Spoke with both of them, found some issues with the groom....scared of commitment due to his parents divorce. I had to tell him if he was waiting for every thing to be perfect it was never going to happen cuz that is life and it is really just a crap shoot as you don't know what the future holds. BUT if you don't jump on the ride you are destine to always be on the side lines of life. I came from a broken home, but never made me fearful of relationships, maybe a little smarter however. My husband and my daughter's father have been together 31 years now, I explained to him it had been rough through different years, but we are still here and doing well.

    Your sharing helps, unresolved in this situation is the fact the groom to be has backed out every time either as a date is going to be chosen or months before when a date has been set. This has been every year since 2004. So I can see where the pills helped send her over the top with just 14 weeks til the wedding. It was a stupid fight that escalated when he blurted out canceling the wedding. Dumb *** wonders why everything blew up! Of course for him that confirmed his fears, his own unresolved childhood. You know the saying "self fulling prophey"....making your fears a reality.

    Well, yesterday she went back on the patch (hopefully will help with the weight gain she has experiences over the last 6 months of taking pill as well), is slowly going off the Lexipro, and the situation last week seems to be working it self out, well with some insights from Mom for both of them. You know how hard it is to keep confidences on both sides for them so I can help? Jeez!

    Thanks again for your reply......it helps me help them!
  14. MyrtleWarbler

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    I experienced rage while I was on the pill... Specifically, I had been on one generic version of the pill Alesse, a common low-dose monophasic pill. I forget the exact name. I realize now that it was already giving me problems, but one month the pharmacy causually said "Oh, we had to change your pill to a different generic brand..." I thought nothing of it. That month, my usual mood swings turned to pure and simple rage. It was so weird, and so distinct, I marched right in there and asked them about it. They insisted that the generics are all the same. I started some research, found this site, and have stuck around for over two years! I have heard other women say that different generics had different side effects. I also learned, obviously, that emotional problems on the pill is SO much more common that people seem willing to acknowledge!

    And weddings... ah, yes, weddings... I've done that as well, though I'm glad I was off the pill by then! [​IMG]

    Regarding naturala methods and charting... you know, nowadays, they make that even easier! Maybe your daughter should look into a LadyComp (see the Natural Birth Control subforum).

    Hopefully the game of "musical methods" will be a short and easy one for her. Every woman reacts differently. There are new health concerns regarding the estrogen dosage of the patch, but if it was working well for her, that's a good sign. Good luck! Send her here if you think it would help!
  15. damg

    damg New Member


    And let her see what I have written? LOL! She knows I have posted on a forum as I told her I had found this site.

    She was on the generic for Otho-Novum, Necon. Yes, I have read some of the concerns about the patch now and that is why her GP took her off them cuz of his concerns. Well she went to her GYN yesterday and she switched her back to the patch. Found out she had been using the patch for almost 5 years without any trouble.

    This information will make her feel better about what has been going on. It is true that in the near future she may have to look into other methods if her body is just saying no from here on out. Hey, it worked for Mom!

    Thanks for sharing!
  16. An6e1luv

    An6e1luv New Member


    wow...so it wasnt just me...or my poor boyfriend.

    I was using the mini-pill for nine months. I thought that since it didnt have estrogen, it wouldnt be too bad.
    But, throughout it all, I kept feeling very insecured, anxious and just nervous. I kept blaming it on my boyfriend, wondering if he was the right guy for me, if he liked me etc. I never really thought it was because of the pill...

    Then, I missed two periods in a row. I freaked out thinking i was pregnant. On top of that, I was THISCLOSE to breaking it off with my bf (didnt help that my friends kept telling me to "trust my gut").
    I then switched to Ortho tryciclen. I immediately felt so much different. I was happy again and I was excited to be with my bf...finally, after 9 months. I also noticed how important events that should have made me happy, went by barely noticed. I was emotionally flatlining...

    Three days after starting Ortho, i woke up throwing up uncontrollably. Also, I had such a sharp pain in my stomach I couldnt unbend or even lightly touch it. It was so bad I almost fainted and my parents had to take me to the ER.

    There i was given a strong painkiller and IV. After a hellish day of tests, nothing came up. I told the doctor i felt it was bc of the pills. He said it couldnt be, that the pills dont cause that kind and intensity of pain.

    So i decided to quit.

    If the doctors dont even know the type of pain and injury those things can cause, we're in trouble.

    I am now waiting for the LC. Hopefully, im able to keep myself from getting pregnant and stay healthy and happy...and finally be happy in my relationship (So far so good!! :O) )

  17. Jennifer W.

    Jennifer W. New Member


    MAD about Depression CAUSED by the pill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Used Aviane for 3 months now after not using the pill for several years. This GD thing plunged me HEADFIRST into a depression--I was useless at work for 2 weeks. In bed for one of them.

    The pill weakened my will, my verve, my athletic agression and reduced me to a fkng PUDDLE!

    I am SO MAD at the medical community in general because I'm sure that the fkng pill has wreaked havoc on women's professional and private decision making capabilities. I almost feel like the pill is an agressive move to weaken women's will and faculties. Is our desire for sex without a condom SO STRONG that we should function in reduced capacity by day and cry by night?

  18. Jennifer W.

    Jennifer W. New Member



    I had not had a history of depression. And, this whole emotional mood swing thing gathered momentum over month 2 then tsunami'd me in month 3. Furthermore, during the off weeks of taking the pill, I remember feeling like myself again and regaining the competitive athletic side of me I have always had.

    Like many women who had mentioned in their posts, I looked for things in my life (not the pill) to explain these new mood swings. And like other women, after dragging a very kind bf through an emotional mud pit, came to realize that the pill was ruining my life.

    Now that I am quitting the pill, I look forward to catching up on many things I just could not get to because of the emo. turmoil I experienced on the pill.

    I often wonder if women in general get a bad rap for being too "emotional" because of the biochemical disruption evoked by birth control pills. One would think that after a half century, we would be further along with solving this problem. But no. Instead we have Viagra (and of course the lesser generic brands too).

    So I suppose we should be happy about the research dollars invested in providing incapable men the ability to produce erections. Great.
  19. yve

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    I have been on various brands of BC since 2003. I usually end up switching brands after 3 months because I start to spot. Well, in February I started on Triquilar which I never had before and with more than one week left in the second pack I began to feel completely depressed. NOT SAD, DEPRESSED. Sad is when you react to a situation. Depressed is a hopeless feeling for no reason at all. I struggled for a week before I went to see my GP on Friday and he told me to stop taking the pills. I felt better through Sunday afternoon but I am now feeling depressed again and can't sleep. I feel as though every nerve in my body is shaking, like some sort of miserable force is in me. Is it supposed to get worse before it gets better? I am so scared I will never get rid of this feeling. Like I'm outside myself watching a sad/worthless version of myself living the life I want. How long does it take for the average person's hormones to go back to normal? I now everyone is different but a guideline would be helpful. My GP said I would be feeling better rather quickly if the pills were the reason for my depression.
  20. Geraldine

    Geraldine New Member


    I took the pill for 10 years and believe it has negatively impacted both my mental and physical health. After a lot of research I believe it was responsible for issues which I didn't attribute to the pill at the time. Some of these issues were complete lack of sex drive, emotional instability and chronic constipation and bloating. I believe the digestive problems were caused by the pill killing off the beneficial bacteria in my gut. A complete change of diet has improved the situation.

    I highly recommend two books by Dr Ellen Grant:
    'The Bitter Pill: How Safe is the Perfect Contraceptive?' and 'Sexual Chemistry, Understanding Our Hormones, The Pill and HRT' and one by Barbara Seaman entitled 'The Doctors' Case Against the Pill'.

    These all highlight potential problems caused by the pill and Dr Ellen Grant offers suggestions on how to remedy nutrient deficiencies which the pill may have caused. You may need to get them from your library as they are no longer in print or buy them second hand from Amazon.

    The following link takes you to an interesting article about the dangers of oral contraceptives. It is pretty hard hitting and makes for scary reading but I think it speaks a lot of truth and the above books support a lot of what it is saying.


    I'd love to hear others thoughts on this article.

    I also suffer from Reactive Hypoglycemia which means I suffer with low blood sugar after meals which started a few months after I started on the pill. I have since learned that the pill can cause havoc with your carbohydrate metabolism. I now control it with a low GI diet.

    I now try and follow the Natural Family Planning Method - read 'Taking Charge of Your Fertility' by Toni Weschler. I use condoms for the first half of the month and then 3 days after ovulation I am safe to go without contraception.

    I really hope this information helps somebody as I believe taking the pill has really damaged my health and if I had known then what I know now I never would have taken it. I am suffering with numerous health problems which doctors can't get to the bottom of. It has been a nightmare to say the least.

    We need to get the word out there on what these drugs are doing to our bodies. I find doctors very dismissive of any negative reports about the pill and these are the people we are supposed to trust with our health and our life. Experience has taught me to become my own advocate on health matters and I hope others will learn from my experience and do the same.

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