How do you REALLY clean your anus for Analingus?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by HotDreamer2011, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. hi there, I am opening this new subject.

    *RomanticMan* wrote a couple of days ago: "What happened to this site? Used to be that sex was discussed on here. And people were detailed about it. Now it's like be careful what you say. Come on folks! Lets talk about sex."

    I know is true. On 7/25 I opened =Boys and Girls, How do you clean after sex?=,,,,, one sensible reply.

    On the recent =Analingus for women= I wrote on 08/17: "most of you girls talk about doing it with "upmost cleanliness" or after "fresh-out-the-shower kind of thing". Really? so you shower the anus area that is visible and then let your partner's tongue play ball inside? Please, don't be shy to provide methods of cleaning that can be more helpful to others. I do not do it because of those lingering unanswered doubts. And the thing here is that if I learn to give myself the best possible cleanup job, I'd need to teach and demand of my DH to do the same or better."

    I thought it was important for me to clarify the mechanics of their "shower cleanup" or whatever, I dread to engage in Analingus because the only time my anus is touched is at the toilet and can't figure out how many others, apparently, are so sure they are cleansed and their partners too.

    In the context of SEX conversation/education/enhancement/enjoyment, is "doing it right and healthy" NOT that important to everyone?

    So, maybe we throw the old pages out the window and open a new one: Basically, cleanup for Analingus is the same as cleaning for Anal (I haven't done it yet, this and many other fears).

    Can you hundreds of anus lovers explain in great detail the ways you (or your partner) physically clean the area in and out to get your penis, finger, dildo or tongue in there with confidence? I find this very erotic if I could come to terms with the hygiene issues that paralyzes me. I have my doubts, but at least I would have a mental crouch to try and see.

    Piggyback feedback for the ADF administrators, please one of you forward this part to the right persons, thanks.

    1 I haven’t found a place where I can learn how to interact with the site, how to fully utilize it like when I made a question about if it was possible to conduct surveys, etc. Got 2 clarifications, great, but, is there an ADF101 .PDF file someplace?

    2. I must be thick, but it is not very intuitive to do things like quote sections of posts as reference when you provide feedback in a reply, which I see a lot done,,,,

    Any help to learn to navigate this site more easily and with less time spent will be appreciated. Thanks.
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  2. soygurl

    soygurl New Member

    Two words: Anal Douche.

    Also, keep in mind, that for most healthy individuals, the anus and rectum do not regularly store fecal matter. If your BMs are regular and healthy, there should only be poop in your rectum right before you need to "go." If you can empty your bowels fairly soon before engaging in anal play, you should be all clean inside. But an anal douche (not a full enema!) is a great way to be extra confident.

  3. GrahamS

    GrahamS New Member

    Before I had a colonoscopy, I was instructed to take 2 enemas 5 minutes apart. I imagine that makes you really clean.

  4. Strawberryfields

    Strawberryfields New Member

    I've just ordered an anal douche and anal beginners starter kit. So I'm hoping this will ease my mind on the matter before I give things a go. Little put off by the started butt plugs being black lol! I desperately tried to find some pretty pink ones or something but couldn't lol.

    I wish there were more details too. I mean i've never done an anal douche. Should I do it in the shower or...i mean how to do it? Hopefully it has instructions....? Or maybe some one on here can clarify!

  5. GrahamS

    GrahamS New Member

    On the toilet is best. Expect a flood.

  6. Strawberryfields

    Strawberryfields New Member

    Thanks for the response GrahamS. sounds messy :$

  7. Purdygirl

    Purdygirl Member

    Strawberry as long as you are "regular" kinda girl it will be fine and not too messy but what goes in...must come out. I then use the anal douche when I am getting ready for the night, right before I shower and change. le toilet is the ONLY way to use it. I only ever use water in mine.

  8. Strawberryfields

    Strawberryfields New Member

    Thanks Purdy. Seems to be the general consensus. [​IMG]

  9. taojonz

    taojonz New Member

    this is a good, use a bit of coconut is antibacterial, and can keep you clean and fresh for long enough!

  10. @ taojonz:

    so question:
    have you used coconut oil before anal sex or analingus on yourself or your sex partner?

    And of course you inserted it in the anus/rectum manually beforehand? (this is my guess, please confirm.)

    Are you recommending this out of "liking the natural aspects" of this oil or by personal experience?

    BTW<<< I made some research about the "antibacterial" aspect of it, only found anecdotal references to it signed like "Ross" or "Mike" or "Dr in such and such study...".

    Any comments about this?

  11. MissS

    MissS Member

    Anal douche with warm water works for me but I don't always feel like I need it. Having said that, when we do anal play, we don't poke our tongues inside, just lick around the outside and that area is definitely clean.
    Cleanliness is obviously important, but it feels so good, you have to find ways around the problem.

  12. OlderMan

    OlderMan Member

    Use standard cleansing wipes. For God's sake, you're not prepping for surgery. Your mouth is dirtier.

  13. Sorry OlderMan, you are (it seems) a man (it seems) with great and long fucking experience,,,, but when it comes to ME (HotDreamer2011) getting residue of somebody else’s sSHIT on my tongue,,,,, I would DEMAND to scrub his ass external sphincter with the strongest antibacterial chemical, for at least 20 minutes like the surgeons, then I would set my partner with his head on the couch seat and his thighs resting at the top of the couch back, and in that position, having his ass hole acting like a tiny cup, I would pour as much 97% alcohol as possible and lit it up to full combustion.

    …. Then once the alcohol is burning no more I would turn around closer to my partner’ head and ask with tender and loving voice,,,,, “honey, now moving to your internal chimney, how do you want me to cleanse it? An old tooth brush with diluted ammonia, a small rag with alcohol around the wooden spoon we use to cook chili, or a couple of spoonful’s of Drano?,,,, any other preferences for today?"

    Finally, after all that done and executed, I would definitely offer him to turn around and rest with his strong shoulders on the couch seat, keep his septic-free ass still perched on top of the couch back, then I would kneel on the couch seat around his head, put my kunt on his face and deep=throat his dingly to the fullest.

    I BET his fully cleansed ass hole would forget about my tongue in a split second.

    <<<<<<<<<< No. sShit is not my thing. >>>>>>>>>>

    However, I have to admit, at times I purposely look the other way when I see it coming,,,,, from people that want to run it by me…..

    PS: has anybody succeeded in inserting a wet standard cleansing wipe in a constricted ass hole sphincter? And cleaning the internal sphincter and portions of the rectum enough to insert your tongue or receive no residue that will be pushed out normally with physical exploration there?

    I initiated this threat back in August, so, is it the answer I have been looking for so hard?

    Please advice, anyone?
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  14. MissS

    MissS Member

    If the idea of analingus doesn't turn you on, then don't do it!
    For those people who do enjoy it, they find ways of making it clean enough for it not to cause them any anxiety and although there may be a potential risk, it can't be that huge a risk otherwise people who do it regularly, would spend a lot of time ill. After a lot of assorted anal play, I have never had any problems coming across @$#%^@.

    I love anal sex, not everyone does.
    I love a bit of spanking and getting tied up, others would be horrified by the idea.
    I love oral sex and swallowing my husband's cum, some people are repulsed by it.

    Each to their own :)

  15. OlderMan

    OlderMan Member

    HotDreamer2011, I'm not sure you understand the limitations of anatomy. Some things are not meant to be put inside the body - wipes with cleanser come to mind. Nor can I think of a man or woman who would let you do the things you've listed.

    I'd agree with MissS and say anal isn't for you.

  16. You both are soOOOO CORRECT !!!
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  17. Mighty.Rearrange

    Mighty.Rearrange New Member

    Try a toilet bidet or washlet.

    A toilet bidet simply installs under the existing toilet seat, is inexpensive, and is easily installed in a few minutes. Using one is accomplished by sitting on the toilet and turning a knob that controls a pressure controlled water spray on/ into your anal canal (depending upon pressure) which falls into the toilet bowl after spraying or discharging. Many washlets allow the user to control temp of water.

    A washlet may replace the seat of the toilet and sprays temp controlled water, blows temp controlled air, and often will wash all of your 'undercarriage'. Washlets are more expensive than a toilet bidet. Some washlets can be controlled via remote contdol or smartphone app.

    These end the need for an anal douche before analingus or anal sex as well as toilet paper all together. There is no substitute for these handy, dandy gadgets. I introduced my woman to them and she and I adore ours before or after sex or any other time for that matter.

    Many areas of the world view non-bidet users as sexually unclean/dirty. As she and I say: "Once you go bidet, life's almost not worth living without one."

  18. MissS

    MissS Member

    That is one of the most bizarre things I have ever read!
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  19. I wish I could disagree with MissS,,,,,, but I can't.


    However, I support the idea that having a bidet, not quite common in US, provides for much cleaner pussy and ass activities than for the rest of the _not-have-it_ population.

  20. MissS

    MissS Member

    Women need to be very careful not to over wash though.
    The vaginal area has a very delicate balance and washing the good bacteria away, can cause all sorts of problems.
    A daily shower is more than adequate to keep clean, with a freshen up before sex if needed.


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