How does sex feel for women?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by CuriousGuy1, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. CuriousGuy1

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    How does sex feel for women? How do you feel when you are being penetrated? Do you mainly feel pleasure because of the fullness or the thrusting or the position or something else? I want to know what your body is physically experiencing when you are having sex.

  2. PB & Jelly

    PB & Jelly New Member

    I've always wanted to be a man for a day for that same reason. I'd love to know how it feels for men!

  3. shanrocks888

    shanrocks888 New Member

    The fullness is what makes it enjoyable for me. It feels amazing being penetrated, especially if you hit the right spot. It is the position and the rythmic thrusting that make sex great for women.

    It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean.

  4. stardust

    stardust Member

    Well how I would explain to a man who doesnt know how it feels for a woman to be penatrated.

    First of all, I will let you know that it does'nt feel anything like the rectum!!!! We do not feel a need to take a Bowl Movement so its nothing like anal sex.

    It really depends if shes a virgin or non virgin.
    A virgin, it is scary and painful at first.She is not aware yet that inside will feel very passionate once he breaks thru .
    But breaking thru can feel kinda burning sensation, alot like a urinary track infection type of feeling, it can feel like the urethra is being penatrated, wich can kinda hurt, but if she is wet and aroused by her man kissing her and taking his time, she can also feel a passion at the same time along with the uncompfortableness.

    Then after shes no longer a virgin, it feels like,,,,,,
    depends how wet she is, if not wet enough it can be a slight burning sensation at first, then when he enters it feels like a sudden" shock",,, like you know how great it feels when you have your back massaged and someone rubs the right spot?
    One of the sensations feels like that, a wonderful back massage on stiff muscles.

    Also there are other sensations we feel at the same time with that sensation, the shock is not only a feeling of massage to a needing muscle, but also a sudden shock of passion, she feels very much in love, very deeply connected, it triggers deepest emotions that a woman can have, it can trigger, sad, horny, love, romantic, happy deep passions to flow all the way up pur chest, thru our breasts, thru our soul, sending shock waves all thru body.

    Also when you hit the right spots, it can feel orgasmic, like , an orgasm is cumming on, it can linger for a very long time, she can be close to cumming for maybe an hour, depends on the girl.

    We have pleasure spots all thoughout the inside of the vagina.

    The clitorus is a little different.
    The clitorus is just like the shaft of a penis, woman feel, the same orgasmic cum feelings as men do on their shaft of the penis, if you stroke and rub it fast, she will for sure cum.

    The vaginal clitoral nerves are connected to inside her vagina too , connected to her G spot, theres muh you can do different styles and techniques to please her.
    One wy is after she orgasms from clitoral orgasm, her vagina becomes tightly closed and wet, if you penatrate her , she will feel the most intense feeling of sexual intercourse, it can bring on waves of pleasure and bring her to squirt.

    Another way to pleasure is , you could stimulate her G spot at the same time you stimulate her clitorus, its a bit of a different sensation, that can send her into intense orgasm.

    Another way is G spot stimulation, though this is most challanging not all woman cum this way, some do all the time, usually woman will come this way on occassion, by surprise, it is always a great feeling even if she doesnt cum that way.

    Another way is a certain back massage that I have no idea how, but a proffessional back massager might know, some might know the spot and how to do this, its on her back somewhere that can send her into orgasm.

    Slow motions feel a bit different from fast deep mmotions because your hitting or rubbing against different sexual nerve tentsions.If my guy gos slow, it can feel sweet, passionate and can lead to orgasmic.
    If its fast and deep, it can be breath taking, very deep shocks extreem!

  5. OlderMan

    OlderMan Member

    Great post, stardust! You are very self aware and are so good at conveying what you feel.

  6. MSteele

    MSteele New Member

    What stardust said!

  7. maybeth

    maybeth New Member

    I could not have said it better myself. It's all about the fullness.
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  8. Sci-fi

    Sci-fi New Member

    Actually I disagree with stardust completely. Penetration does not feel anything like she describes. It's often similar to having multiple glass cuts painwise or just nothing. Either way penetration is completely useless, discusting and waste of time. Considering I'm 29 and not a virgin the word "fullness" does not ring a bell either. There are no connection, no passion, no sensations in penetration whatsoever, but it does sound good for a fiction romance or a hoax story to lure woman in bed. Such lies work only so long and eventually women refuse to endure sex to please men for good.


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