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    YEs yes yes!I agree with the very first post!I do like it but it's never made me O.I prefer fingers or better still...hot beef injection!LMAO!I would also equate it to a back rub or something pleasnat but not earth shattering.ALWAYS THOUGH there was something wrong with me coz every other woman I have ever met LOVES it"Anyway...there my 2 cents!
  2. Jessucka

    Jessucka New Member

    I love oral sex. I don't think I could date someone who didn't like to give/receive it. Even if, for whatever reason, I can't climax during it, it's still my favorite.
  3. Tarsia

    Tarsia New Member

    I enjoy the h3ll outta oral sex. But it rarely gets me off. Still feels awesome, though. However we're starting to experiment more on how to get me off during. It's happened before...

    And I adore kissing him afterwards. *mrrrr* Something so d@mn sexy about that.
  4. mikesho

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    I feel exactly the way you've described feeling about getting eaten out. I guess I just prefer all the other things great sex has to offer. It's kind of humorous too...men always talk about how good they can eat pussy...little do they know that many women don't even want that as part of the adventure [​IMG]
  5. enough_already

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    Haven't met one--at least not after I was done with them. I think there are a lot of guys who don't do it well. I imagine that there are plenty of women who think they give great BJ's but they really stink at it. Of course, a great BJ to one guy is a terrible BJ to another, so the key is to really go by what your lover likes. Sometimes, this can take a while to figure out. You have to be willing to be schooled in some cases. But it's all worth it.
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  6. demon-dolly

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    I think many women on this site will agree with you, EA. After just reading what you do, many would be putty in your hands!
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  7. enough_already

    enough_already New Member

    Or on my face.
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  8. Charlie1

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    I need my husband right now, after reading page 1!!

    i can't believe your single ea from what what ive read (other tahn this) you sound like a great man.
  9. EnoughAlready

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    I'm just as astonished!

    Oh, I have my faults. Read some more of my posts. Allow me to direct you to the "Semen" thread.
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  10. Charlie1

    Charlie1 New Member

    Yes we all do have faults!!

    i did read that thread, but overall you still seem like a pretty decent guy.
  11. Bran.Muffin

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    I've said it before but I honestly cannot imagine lovemaking that does not include giving and getting. I want it, need it, crave it, fantasize about it. If I had to choose between giving up intercourse and giving up giving AND getting oral sex, I have no doubt that I would choose to give up intercourse.
  12. desertgirl

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    holy good god damn! That's the famous EA post?? Thanks for the bump, I think I'm going to go sit on my boyfriend's face now...
  13. cahuengagal

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    oh hello my little post! this was more than a year ago. oh the memories.
  14. Chromia

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    I'm new, but I want to add that my sweetie has over the last year shown exactly what "Curl up your whole body in ecstasy" oral sex really is.

    And I love it! Almost as much as I love giving him pleasure too.
  15. pearpocket

    pearpocket New Member

    Oh...My...God EA...(smoking cigarette, fanning self):)


  16. buck

    buck New Member

    Just read the posts from last night on this thread .... seems to be a small, or should I say large, ego situation.

    There are women who do not like oral sex because of prior sexual history, health reasons, or moral convictions. They are few, and far between, but they are there.

    Guess that I am expecting the next post on this thread to appear from a man who has a 12 inch penis which is three inches thick saying that he never met a woman who did not like it.
  17. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    Care to elaborate? I don't understand what you mean by this?
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  18. buck

    buck New Member

    Quote from EA ......

    "Haven't met one--at least not after I was done with them."
  19. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    Come on, buck. You know that statement was made in good humour.

    Stop being silly.
  20. ChooseToBe

    ChooseToBe New Member

    You doubt this statement, Buck? Does it not seem valid based on your own experience?

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