IUD appointment in 2 months, pill in the meantime?

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by Selena, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Selena

    Selena New Member


    This is my first post so I hope it goes well!

    I had my little girl March 2006 and when I was asked by my doctor later about BC, he asked if I wanted to go back on the pill. I did not want to since I have gained weight on the pill, then a TON of weight (30lbs) on Depro. I did some research and I think that Mirenda is the right BC for me.
    I had to make an appointment with a different doctor and due to confusion between the two offices, I finally now have an appointment in Feb 2007.


    Ok, I am getting to my question soon, really.

    I hate condoms and I have used the sponge but it makes me itch (sorry for the details) and honestly, there are times when my husband and I just start cuddling and kissing and then.... [​IMG] but getting up to use a sponge and wait 15 min just sucks.


    Can I take the pill for the next couple of months and then get the IUD? For you ladies that have it, were any of you on the pill first? Did you have to stop a few weeks before, or right up until the IUD??

    Dazed and confused in general
  2. Kem

    Kem New Member

    I took the pill up to the day I had my IUD inserted, then threw them all away.
  3. SCP

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    for that short of a time period, getting used to the hormones in the pill may make for a roller coaster. Are you breastfeeding?
    I just started the patch (two small kids with a sieve for a memory) and my lil guy is one now and still nursing, my doc thought that would be OK
    I did have a copper IUD but needed it out after 6 months of heavy periods and major cramps not only during my period but ovulation also.
    Really wish I'd had the money for a mirena, but the patch stopped my torrential downpour type period almost immediately so I'm happy
  4. Prostu

    Prostu New Member

    I just had a Mirena put in. No problems with it so far and I am happy with it.
    I was off BC pills for a few years because I did not want to take them anymore.
    So it has been a while since I have had any type of BC in my system.
  5. angimage

    angimage New Member

    Just know that if you want an IUD WITHOUT hormones, you want the copper Paragard NOT Mirena...The Mirena still has hormones that are released...The upside is alot of women stop getting their period. But, like you I have extreme weight gain on the pill. For years I went on b/c (pills, depo, patches, etc...)because my pms was so bad, then I'd quit taking them because I gained so much weight...usually like 20-30 pounds in mos to a year. I would go off them, lose the weight and go back on them.

    Well, now I am 34 and have been off all hormonal birth control for almost 2 years and STILL have the extra weight. The hormones in birth control have really screwed my body up.

    I too, hate condoms and have the irritation from foams, etc. On Monday (12/4)I had the Dr. put in the Paragard. Supposedly, the periods are a little longer and heavier, but to have that "no wait" freedom again..I am looking forward to that!LOL The Paragard also can be left in for 10 years compared to 5 or so on the Mirena...due to the hormones needing to be replaced.

    I hope that helped!!
  6. Selena

    Selena New Member

    angimage: I talked about it with my doctor and he recommended the Mirena over the copper IUD. He said the hormone level is low and the weight gain is non existant. Hopefully he is right. Thank you for your experiences though. It really does suck that we gain weight when we are just trying to be responsible. I would have rather eaten McDonald's and Pepsi everyday and gain weight the fun way!! LOL

    SCP: you make a good point about it being a short period of time to bother with it. I keep thinking that it is so far away, but I can just wait and use the sponge. I am not breastfeeding any longer to answer your question.

    Thank you all for your help and advice.

  7. angimage

    angimage New Member

    Did you say you tried the patch? I would think for a couple of months that might be an "easy" option. Other than the weight gain, the patch was convienient enough to do for a couple months.

    I wish I wasn't so leary of all hormones..it would sure be nice to have an IUD that would make me NOT get my period. Right now I am really working on getting my hormones back in order...to the point I am not using DRYER SHEETS...(xenoestrogens if you are wondering...if you are interested in my imbalaced state...Here is a good article..!LOL
    Anyway, I hope you have good luck. Like I said before this is a great way to get info across that doctors won't even tell you...But you have to think of all the success stories that don't get put on a message board. I came across this site because my doc didn't tell me anything about the cramping...UGH...doctors...

    Keep us informed!

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