Ladies, how much foreplay do you need before sex?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by CuriousGuy1, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. CuriousGuy1

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    For how long do you want foreplay to go on before penetration? What is just the right amount of time? How much would be too little? How much would be too much?

    What is your favorite kind of foreplay?

    How long do you want penetration to last? What is just the right amount of time? How much would be too little? How much would be too much?

  2. M-Chan

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    I'd like it to go on for about 10 or 15 minutes. Too little would be under 5. Too much, hard to say. I've had it last 45 minutes before and it's been great. Actually, I've had under 5 minutes before and it's been good, too. So it really depends.

    My favorite is for me to be focusing on my partners body and giving him oral sex. I wrote about that in the 'cock worship' thread.

    For penetration, 10 or 15 minutes is good. Too long would be something like an hour... too little, just a couple minutes!

    Keep in mind this is only 'typicaly', there are exceptions, as I briefly described above.

  3. Hmmm. What is the reason for your question? Are you conducting a survey to document some current perspectives? Or do you want to learn how to be a better lover?

    I've found as the years go by that I don't much care for the word "foreplay." It suggests that the really important stuff is still to come, and foreplay is a necessary step that should last just long enough to make the main event possible. That approach isn't remotely pleasurable enough to satisfy me.

    Not that penetration isn't incredibly wonderful. It is. But *everything* can be wonderful, and none of it is nearly as wonderful as it could be if none of the other things ever happen, or if they only happen once and in a certain order and for an average of 4.7 minutes or whatever.

    My favorite lovemaking experiences/routines/fantasies are the ones that play out over hours, sometimes flaming hot and passionate, sometimes relaxed and comforting, with each partner sometimes more active, sometimes more passive, and with lots of everything. None of it is foreplay. All of it is foreplay. No particular pattern, but familiar rituals and routines are just as welcome as exciting new experimentation. If we fall asleep before one or both of us reaches orgasm, so much the better... we'll be that much more ready to continue when we wake up.
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  4. Juicy-Juls

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    hmmmm.......... [​IMG]

    about as long as it a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes I just want to make out...

  5. OlderMan

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    Make her want you, need you, desperately grab for you to enter her three times. Tease her while letting her know it IS coming, getting her closer but not driving it to a conclusion. Get her through her first orgasm and about to go into the last 30 second lead-in to her second or third, and then rise up and enter her so she can finish with your cock buried inside her. Make her eyes roll back in her head and elicit her innermost self, and then give her what she needs like the strong, virile man you are.

    Deliriously aroused women cum very hard. :)

  6. GrahamS

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    I don't think there is any set amount because every woman is going to be different. So it's a matter of finding out what your partner likes.

    That being said, my standard play book with a new partner is to French kiss for a couple of minutes, paying attention to her breathing to gauge her excitement. Then fondling and kissing her breasts while moving down for oral sex. I like to perform oral sex for about 10-20 minutes but most women will let you know when they want you to penetrate them. You can tease them by delaying that somewhat. For example rubbing the head of your penis on their clitoris or opening of their vagina.

    How much time to spend on penetration is not in anyway fixed. Ideally both should be responding from each others signals and excitement levels. I generally take a long time and some women love that and some don't. If the women is satisfied and is chafing I often suggest she can finish me off manually and orally.

    Anyway unless you're doing a survey I don't think it's a good idea to be so scientific about sex

  7. Temptress Tally

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    Oh my my my! [​IMG]
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  8. OlderMan

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    Well thank you, ladies. [​IMG] Some things just need to be shared. [​IMG]

  9. TDG

    TDG New Member

    I dont think anyone could tell you a set amount of time for either! Each person and each encounter will be different. Sex isnt an exact equation...there is emotion, moods, chemistry, different outside factors. I could never give a set amount of day it might be 0 foreplay and 3.5 mins of penetration...other times much much more. What mood Im in to begin with, what went on that day, how tired I am...sooo much comes into play. Other times the time limits for those things are set n I dont even know WHY. I might enjoy a lenghy foreplay and quick sex or dont want foreplay but want long sex. In general 60 mins of pentration would be my limit because Id have gotten off a bunch by then n would be getting sore...but thats the only time limit I could even begin to set. You need to be able to either read your partner or talk about it to answer questions like these.

  10. pinkFlames

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    I don't clock watch in the bedroom.


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