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  1. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Gutter, hope everything is okay with Audrey. Let us know how she is.
  2. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Gosh gutter youre about as bad as me with having one prob after the next!! I hope she gets feelin better quick! And you take care of yourself...Im sure its going to get exhausting adding work back into your schedule!
  3. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Hi all, how is everyone doing?

    We just got back from a 4-night camping trip. Went well, but geez, I did not get much adult time. Piper was everywhere but where socialization was happening. She's an adventurer. My best friend's baby, only 4 weeks younger than Piper, was totally content either sitting with his parents or within a 3' radius of them.
  4. TDG

    TDG New Member

    desert--evan is totally the same way---hell walk off to explore without a second glance at us, while brendyn is usually very content to be RIGHT next to us. lol.

    Ive decided to back off on potty training again..Ill keep him in pullups and ask him to use the potty whenever I do...but hes not ready for big boy undies yet. He didnt mind them being wet(or poopy!!) and still wouldnt tell me when he had to go--altho if I ask hell use the potty everytime. Maybe in a few weeks hell be ready to tell me when he needs to go(I know hes aware--just too stubborn). I still REALLY hope to get him potty trained before dec!
  5. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Yeah, tdg, sounds like he's almost there. December's a long time off (at least in toddler months), I'll bet he'll be using the potty like a pro by then.
  6. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    lol!! Yeah they are at a crazy - hard to keep up with age!! It does not seem to matter what so ever to N if he can see us or not while he is playing or exploring! We went to the goose/duck pond this weekend ( well, yesterday... ) and we are all throwing and feeding the geese some bread and he is getting so impatient he starts picking up there dried poo and throwing it to them! Ugh! So disgusting, he also found a dried up fish and tried to throw it to them as well. They would turn around and he would try and touch them or give these hight pitched squeels an try to run along with them ( little does he know they are running FROM him! ) I was nervous because there was about a 3' drop off into the pond with rocks in the bottom. He is a full time job to keep up with and daddy was not there to help which made it even harder ( not that he does much with out me instructing him any other time ..) We went to the park for a few minutes after and he just runs into the crowd of 100's of people not once looking back to see if I was in sight, so that was the end of that.

    Not much else going on around here, Noah is still fighting this summer cold that he has and we go for a surgery consult next Wed. He also has a ped apt next week ( OMG! 18MOS!!! [​IMG] ) I am anxious to see if he has gained some weight since the milk allergy drama he seems to be packing on some pounds for the winter!

  7. TDG

    TDG New Member

    desert--thats very true. When I think about it in MY time it freaks me out cuz itll go sooooo fast, but Im sure hell be very different in that "short" time.

    Ash--LOL our men sound too much alike! Everytime we are going out I tell DF ahead of time he NEEDS to keep up with Evan because its very hard for me right now...then he ends up not paying near close enought attention so I have to instruct him the whole time(he would do something stupid like let evan walk RIGHT next to a drop off) or I end up doing it myself!! Brendyn was never as much work as Evan is.
  8. Bron

    Bron New Member

    TDG you will probably get it right by December - only thing is it may then go backwards once baby arrives - they do seem to go two steps forward one back.

    Laurana has now been out of night nappies for more than a week with no accidents - at least not in the bed - she did get up one morning and peed in the passage - maybe she didn't get to the bathroom in time.

    Hope Noah and Audrey feel better soon.

    Laurana has been having fun playing in our now drained swimming pool - sure she will be very keen to swim when the water is back in and blue. Its getting hot here and I need to make sure she has a hat and suntan lotion everyday. She's getting so big - I keep wondering if I will remember what to do with a newborn. Laurana wants and insists that it is a sister - will find out the day after her birthday - still trying to sort that one out too, but will have a party on 18 September which is DHs birthday.
  9. brown eyed girl

    brown eyed girl New Member

    Well, hello everyone! It's been AGES since I posted!!!! I know I need to fix my siggy since Donovan turned 3 on August 3rd!

    TDG- I see you are preggy for a third time!!!! WOW! Exciting!!! Congrats!!!

    I don't know why I haven't been around. I miss you guys.

    We're working on potty training too. It has not been particularly fun lol.

    Donovan is in school 5 mornings a week. It's a blessing for both of us ha ha ha, although he's sweet and adorable as usual, but he needs time away from Mama and vice versa!

    Let's see- what else???

    Ummmm....still determined not to have anymore babies and so is DH. We're so good with just the one and he never fails to crack us up. What a character! I turned 35 last May and DH recently turned 37. Where did the time go????

    Donovan is still behind in expressive speech, though...he's getting there, but it's been a long journey (sigh)....I don't even want to get into it and bore the heck out of you girls. It's frustrating, though, b/c we cannot communicate as well as other moms with 3 year olds. However, it is SO much better than when he was 2! He can ask for things now- his vocab is huge, etc, but it's the conversational stuff that's not quite there yet, but is starting to emerge. He finally started with some "wh" questions.

    He's just lagging behind in this area for really no apparent reason. Our ped says he will catch up, but we don't want him to enter Kindergarten with a speech delay b/c he could potentially be teased and it could affect his self esteem. Trying to decide if we need to get back into speech therapy. We did it for 1.5 years and it cost me $6,000 and quite frankly, he progressed the same with as without it. OK- did I bore you enough? Sorry- b/c I could go on and on about this for paragraphs and paragraphs lol...I just wish the gap would close in.

    We're off to San Diego this morning for the week to take Dino to Lego Land. In November, we are taking him to Hawaii for 12 days.

    Oh, my goodness, and Bron, you're pregnant too!!! I guess that means you and hubby worked things out??? I'm so glad!!!! :)

    Gutter, hope Audrey feels better soon, and, Ash, you probably don't remember me it's been so long, but I hope Noah feels better soon too!!!

    P.S. Donovan can draw a circle, an oval, a straight line, but mostly scribbles as well. He's definitely no Picasso in the making lol!

    Hope you all have a good Sunday!!!

    I'll be sure to check in more often. I've missed so much!!!! :-(
  10. TDG

    TDG New Member

    hey brown eyed has been AGES!

    Thanks! We are excited to welcome ANOTHER boy to the family. lol.

    Potty training is the pits..but it has to work eventually! I never got the frustraitions of a slow talker with Brendyn because he was very advanced in that area..but now with Evan I am understanding the frustraition you(and others) have gone thru. My goodness parenting is harder when they dont talk!! lol. Im not worried about it yet--arent planning speech therapy yet or anything...but it sure can be difficult at times compared to raising Brendyn. I dont know what skills they "should" show at age 3 but Brendyn has no more artistic skill than scribbling, so maybe art will be donovans thing!

    That sounds like some fun vacations you have planned. We havent been able to do ANYTHING this year because Ive been on bedrest until the last few weeks with placenta previa. This weekend we are doing a "mini" vaca for Bubs Bday. Just goin to chuckecheese and getting a hotel room at a place with an indoor waterpark. Should be a good time and he is PUMPED about it. lol

    Can you believe our "babies" are three??? How on earth did that happen!! I was just ttc him yesterday I swear!!
  11. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    I don't ever worry about dh and piper together, he always keeps an eye on her out in public or camping or wherever. I wonder if it could be 1) an age thing, and 2) because P is a girl and he's a little overprotective? Most of the time, at least....when he's watching football, he's pretty oblivious to everything else, lol.

    Brendyn's bday sounds pretty fun! Hope you guy have a good time!

    Ash, Bron, TDG, hope your pregnancies are going okay!

    BEG, I'm 34--we're the oldies of the group! I'm about 75% sure I'm not having another child, but I'm leaving a little wiggle room. Some days I have a bad case of baby fever!
  12. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    BEG- Hey! Of course I remember you ( how could I forget all of the lovely animal prints! [​IMG] loved it! ) D sounds like he is doing pretty well, better now as to when you last came on and he was not talking barely at all. I know it is hard not to worry when I kids are not at the same rate as their peers but we have to remember that they will not always meet guidelines ( that is why we have them [​IMG] ) I bet he catches up in these next 6 months! My nephew was the same way! Have they checked his ears to make sure that he is hearing ok? ( I am sure they have but you never know! )

    Ohh, I am so jealous of the trip you have planned ( both of them ) sounds like loads of fun!

    DG- It could be an age thing but I don't really know... DH and I have been with each other for 11 years this November so he reads me pretty well and I think he is just a bit more lax in the letting N loose a bit department to explore... I am for the most part ok with it but sometimes it goes a bit too far and N really needs to learn some boundaries. He climbs everything and throws everything these days and thinks it is just the best thing ever but he is going to end up climbing to high and falling or hitting someone ( plus this is not a very good thing to learn with a new baby in Feb ) It's getting tough to decipher discipline with him because he is still so young for time out, and laughs if we firmly reprimand him like we are playing. He will run and if we yell at him to stop or go after him he tries to run faster ( of course he doesn't ) I just get a bit worried that we are doing something wrong with discipline because he is not one of those little well behaved children that stand at your feet and shy away from public and such... He blows kisses to EVERYONE doesn't matter who they are!

    We go for his urology/pediatric surgery consult today! I really hope they do not try and feed me the whole .... "Well just give it time" crap. I know it needs to be redone even if he "grows into it" it still looks choppy and not clean cut! UGhh, the joys.... At least I will not have to worry about this again! [​IMG]
  13. petal4

    petal4 New Member

    Hi all,

    Ethan will be 3 in six days time and I can't quite get my head round him being 3 already, I swear I only gave birth to him a few weeks ago!
    We are not doing him a party as such but I will organise a few nibbles for when family come to see him. I will also have to buy him a cake since I'm useless at making them, I really envy some of you moms who are very creative with cakes.

    Ethan started pre-school last week and really didn't settle too well, he's not used to being with unfamiliar people since I've never really left him with anyone except my mom or sister on very rare occasions. The pre-school staff suggested it may be a good idea to transition him slowly. He was supposed to be doing Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 9am-12pm (midday)but today I took him and told him I would be back in an hour, I phoned at 9:30am to check he was ok and was told that he only cried for 15 minutes which was a big improvement on last week. When he goes on Thursday I may wait until 10:30 or 11am to pick him up.

    Ethan has still been accident free with his toileting. I was able to take him out on Day 2 of training wearing underwear as long as I didn't stay too far from a toilet. So he has been dry (during daytime) for 3 weeks now and has had 1 dry night. I think if I put him in underwear he would probably be dry every night but I'm too scared to take that risk right now, think it's best I get him settled properly into pre-school first.

    Desertgirl - I'm 34 next month so I'm also an oldie, lol!
  14. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Wow, there are a lot of you born in 1976 - I'm 31 and will just manage to fit this next baby in a few days before I hit 32 and then I think it may have to be it - while I would love more this pregnancy has just been too rough and with the diabetes I think I am feeling that I am aging faster than I should.

    Laurana's birthday is today - we gave her a bicycle and she is enjoying riding it though battles to pedal a full circle - she reverses and then pushes again to get it to go forward. She took cake to school and party packs and they sang to her, but all very low key and we will have a family party on Saturday which is really DHs birthday so will try to combine them in some way.

    Hi BEG - D sounds like he is doing well. I think some kids just take longer with the speech - Laurana is not pronouncing all sounds correctly even now and she is quite a chatterbox, but I will leave it for now and only do speech therapy if she is still not right by 8/9 years of age - apparently that is when they can say all sounds properly.

    DH and I did work things out pretty well - this pregnancy has been so much better with his support (and I have needed it) and we barely ever fight now which I think is a relief for him. It took a LOT of work to get where we are now, but I definitely think it was worth it. I'm just grateful he was willing to do the work too else it wouldn't have worked.

    Hi petal - wondered where you have been. Laurana took about a month to settle down properly at preschool - she goes 4 days a week, so give Ethan time. I'm sure he'll be fine soon. Yay for the potty training - I was also scared to stop the night nappies and waited til 2nd trimester on purpose because I was not keen to wash sheets when feeling like puking all the time. Since I put her in panties at night we have not had a single accident in the bed - but I consider myself very fortunate.

    Bry I don't think it matters how old you or Rowan are - having another baby is scary - I am totally unsure about starting again - Laurana is very independent and easy and even though she sleeps badly its not waking quite every two hours. There are though advantages to having one over two or three. Don't count it out yet though - you never know what might happen.

    I'm having a gender scan tomorrow and have decided not to take Laurana with me - she does not behave when we are there and it is very stressful. She insists its a sister for her though everyone else has said boy. Me, I'll wait til tomorrow.
  15. petal4

    petal4 New Member

    You know kids are very intuitive Bron, I bet Laurana is right about having a sister, please let us know as soon as you can, I always get into suspense about things like that, lol.

    1976 does seem like a popular year of birth on this forum.
  16. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Right, Bryony, forgot our birthdays are on the same week, if not the same day. I understand alot of what you're saying, even though our circumstances are different. While I have baby fever some days, there are so many benefits to having an only child, for both me and Piper!

    Petal, sounds like Ethan's got the potty training down. While Piper is much younger, she had a tough time starting daycare 2 days a week. It took about a month before she was comfortable with it, now it's been about 3 months and she's doing great.

    Ash, N and P sound so similar. Piper is all over the place and into everything (though she is shy with strangers). My best friend's baby is happy to sit in his parents' lap or stay basically within 3 feet of them. While I appreciate the differences, sometimes I really wish Piper would sit still so that I could too! Piper is learning and testing boundaries every chance she can get.

    Good luck at the urology appointment!

    Bron, happy birthday to Laurana! Good luck on the gender scan, keep us updated. I'm curious if L is right, seems like small children sometimes "know" these things...

  17. petal4

    petal4 New Member

    Also I meant to say Happy Birthday to Laurana, hope she has a great day!!
  18. TDG

    TDG New Member

    O my gosh--I forgot how close all our sept babies births were! I still cant get over Brendyn turning is that possible?? And hes 3 going on 13 I swear! lol. Happy Bday (again) to L! Sounds like a good bday! Brendyns party is all ready to go-just need to wrap the presents. and Im VERY happy to report the stupid pillow pet showed up yesterday. I had to pay $15 more than the website, but it IS an original pillow pet and its actually very cute. Its an alligator and it even has teeth. Thank God it came in time! LOL.

    I havent even looked into preschool for Brendyn yet, but I THINK he will do good with it. He LOVES other kids and doesnt get near enough time with them.

    I gave my "baby" his first haircut last night. Evan still barely has hair--but he had a major mullet in the back!! LOL!

    Ash--good luck with the urologist--I hope they can just get it fixed and be done! Poor lil boy!(and mommy! lol) Lucky you to be done dealing with penis issues for awhile---its never ending for me it looks like!! haha

    Petal--thats so awesome hes doing so well with potty training! Im still jealous...havent gotten anywhere with Brendyn lately.

    I guess Im the odd duck here..having my third baby doesnt scare me even a little, and Im certain this wont be the last either. Im planning to have all my kids before I turn 30.
  19. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey guys this is going to be a totally selfish post real quick as I am still trying to read and figure things out...

    Noah has what is called "Chordee"

    Here is a brief summary that best describes it...

    What is it?
    Chordee is a congenital downward curvature of the penis due to a strand of connective tissue between the urethral opening and the glands. It is often associated with hypospadius, which is a congenital condition where the urethral opening is not at the tip of the penis, but in another location along the ventrum of the shaft.

    Who gets it?
    Infant males are born with the chordee.

    What causes it?
    Chordee can be caused by a short urethra, fibrous tissues connecting the urethral opening, or both.

    What are the symptoms?
    Symptoms of chordee include the penis curving downward during erection, a dorsal hood deformity, and incomplete foreskin development. The penis curves downward severely enough to prevent satisfactory vaginal penetration in adult males.

    How is it diagnosed?
    A patient may be referred to an urologist to diagnose chordee. The most common symptom of chordee is the penis curving downward during erection. During the initial examination, if the patient cannot achieve an erection naturally, the doctor may inject saline solution into the penis after placing a tourniquet at the base may induce it. This technique may also be used during corrective surgery to be certain that the penis will be straighter after the operation.

    What is the treatment?
    A chordee may be surgically repaired anytime after six months of age. The goals of surgery are to improve the appearance of the penis for psychological reasons, to construct an organ that allows the patient to void in a standing position, and to produce a sexually adequate organ. If the chordee is the result of skin tethering, the doctor may shorten the dorsal foreskin and remove any fibrous tissue that is causing the curvature. If associated with hypospadias, chordee is corrected at the time of the hypospadias repair.

    They will fully diagnose him at the time of surgery to be sure but it is pretty clear once they showed me ( since he is so young he doesn't get erections so this is why I have not noticed it, but it does explain why it looked so strange with the skin... so they will be doing a re-circumcision as well as the chordee repair the good news is he does NOT have hypospadias.

    Surgery is Sept 24th so NEXT Friday!
  20. TDG

    TDG New Member

    wow Ash--never heard of that! My boys both have gotten plenty of straight errections(there is no too young for that---Evan got them as a fetus! LOL) so I know they both just have sticky skin we have to watch close. Thats awful he has to have surgery but its better now than later!! So...was this caused by a bad circ...or was the bad circ more caused by the genetic issue making for an odd penis?

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