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  1. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Thanks, yes, P is fine now. Back to her cheery self. Yahoo, I'm so glad because she was such a pill for 5 days.

    Sorry to hear you were sick Bryony. Glad you got a little downtime.
  2. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Psst... DG You did the SAME thing I did with the ticker and birth year! Cute ticker though!!

    Glad P seems to be doing better! I am so nervous on what I want to do about vaccinations at this point! I mean he doesn't go to daycare or anything so really holding off until he is ready for school shouldn't be too bad right? I just hate that they have SO many at such a young age! Hmm.. How are things otherwise? Is she trying to talk yet?

    Bryony- Ick! Being sick with little ones is TOUGH!! Glad your mom was there to help! lol about the black out curtains! We do the same thing! (although we get about an hour extra now! ) Hope you are feeling much better now!!

    Not much here.... been giving N some homemade juices and rice milk and he is still doing pretty well with it ( has a bit softer stool ) but it is better! Going to call about the GI apt here in a minute and ask if the new insurance requires a referral or not!
  3. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Ash, I totally noticed yesterday after I made the new ticker! I even went back to change it, but the caterpillar was just too cute. You know what they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery!!

    Glad Noah is doing better! That's good news so far. How has Noah been sleeping lately? Hmm, the vaccination thing is tough. Personally, if he's not in daycare and you don't frequent very many play groups, I'd hold off. We've declined some vaxes, but I felt the MMR was important (the risk vs consequences, the vaccine won out). One of my biggest issues is that I frequent another board that is very anti-vax, and they are very influential and have arguments that are well thought out and seem very convincing taken at face value. They operate under some very false assumptions! When I'm on that site I have to break out of my trance and remember that these people are internet "researchers" basing most of their beliefs on faulty studies and group-fueled paranoia.

    I've been looking into daycares for P. It wasn't until I started visiting these places that I realized how traumatic (for moms) daycare can be! DH and I walked over to one today and I could barely even ask any questions because I was holding back my tears. The daycare is great, VERY affordable, close enough to walk to from work, staff retention is EXCELLENT (director has been there 6 years, 2 staff members for 12 years, and most everyone else for 3 or more years), they have wonderful outdoor yards, etc., but it was still daycare. Lots of chaos. The noise, the activity, all the kids--it is going to be very hard for P to adjust. And me as well. The ONE thing I didn't like is the food they feed the toddlers. They were having hamburgers on whole wheat buns, orange slices, and oven baked fries for lunch. That's not food we eat or give Piper. They won't feed P our food unless we bring in food for all the kids. But, it will give me or DH an excuse to spend lunch with P everyday. Yay!

    We haven't even had a discussion with my parents to see what they really want to do--I'm hoping they will want to watch P two days a week, and daycare 2 days a week. I do think 4 days a week with them is starting to wear them down. They (my parents) are also seeming more open to the idea of getting paid, and it would be a great to finally give them money for watching P (I've been trying to give them money since they started watching her, I think I'm wearing them down).

    Oh Ash, you asked if P is talking yet. Well, she certainly thinks she's talking clear as day! I can't understand but a few words. She'll have long rambling conversations, complete with pointing and arm waving. She's starting to get frustrated that I obviously don't understand her, so we're working on signs, which is pretty helpful.
  4. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    LOL!!!! No, no I meant the year P was born! At first I put 2010 on N's and when I went back I seen that you actually have to enter it twice to get the right year, once in the first part and again when you get part way through it. I do agree the caterpillar was the cutest of the bunch though! [​IMG]

    I almost think N sounds like an angry German at times [​IMG] It is so funny when they get into those long drawn out spats! I love it! Some words are getting better with him though he says Nana and fully understands that it is a banana ( HIS FAVORITE THING ON THIS PLANET!! ) He says quite a few others but that one is my favorite!

    Noah still sleeps WONDERFUL! Despite the rough batch we went through with his sickness, he is back to all nighters 8pm-7-8am (sometimes 6:30 but I can usually push him into sleeping for an extra hour! How is P doing with sleeping these days?

    Don't feel bad about the Vx I was told the EXACT same with N and the H1N1 that he was HIGHLY recommended to have it as the way he reacted to RSV the symptoms where similar but worse with the flu, so we opted for it... Trust me, that one was VERY opinionated by others! I would say if he where around other kids and daycare was in the future my mind would be in a different setting but I just don't see the point when he is mostly home with me.... Guess it is still a decision in the making..

    I hope your mom can at least watch P 2 times a week for a little longer so you can adjust and not jump right in! Wow the food sounds umm..... I guess cheap? That kinda sucks that they will not let parents send them with their own food! Geez! I guess it will only get worse as they get older though! Good thing you guys are close enough to visit for lunch!
  5. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Oh yeah, duh, I see what you mean! oops, might be a while before I get that changed!!

    Yeah, re: the food, they were so proud that they make all of the food on-site. I was like, uh, yuck, still nasty.

    That is great that Noah is sleeping so much better! I'd say P is sleeping better than the first 11.5 months of her life, but still not great. Not as great as she was just two weeks ago, but not as bad as the few nights after the MMR shot. All together, MUCH better since I gave up the gum and diet sodas--the aspartame stuff.

    Piper loves bananas too, but her all time favorite is blueberries. I have to chase her around with most foods, but ask her if she wants a blueberry and she RUNS over and then tries to shove as many as she can in her mouth. Funny.
  6. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Hey ladies. Big news at my house. Thanks to the the tv commercial with the new toy story pullups brendyn decided he wants to potty train! lol He pooped in the potty and attempted to pee twice today. I told him if he continues Ill buy him the buzz lightyear undies. I wont be too suprised if it doesnt last but man Im ready if he is. lol.

  7. Myste

    Myste New Member

    TDG - Yay for Brendan!

    As for vaccinations, I'm not sure I like having them done but DH is very adamant that Wes have them all. I've never seen DH put his foot down the way he did the one time I brought the subject up, so it's not even up for discussion here no matter what I think. I did flat refuse the flu/h1n1 vaccines though, both for Wes and myself.

    Wes doesn't talk at all yet although he's starting to really understand what we are saying more. He's also started walking a few steps - just today he started standing up in the middle of the room and taking a couple steps on his own. He's getting better at it and might be walking full-time before his birthday if he progresses like he did with crawling.
  8. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Ohh!! TDG- How exciting! Wouldn't it be so nice to have him out of diapers by the time the new one is here? Sounds like it! Plus new baby is still going to bake a while [​IMG]

    Myste- Wes is such s cutie! So glad we got to meet him! Yay on steps! They just take off once they get those first few and the fear out of the way ( at least for us it was that way! ) Any big plans for his Birthday?

    DG- lol! Funny they are proud of that! Really infants.... well Toddlers Burgers and fries? hmmm .....
    Glad P is doing better with sleep! Sounds like a relief! We are going to pick some blueberries soon, I wonder if N will like them... He seems to like the blackberries pretty well, guess we will see soon enough!

    Called about the GI apt and they need to dr to call them and set it up so it will be at least June 3rd before we can even set a date... ugh!
  9. Bron

    Bron New Member

    TDG that is exciting and when they choose to be potty trained themselves then it is usually easier than when we decide for ourselves that they must be. Good luck.

    Desertgirl vaccine reactions do vary though some vaccines seem worse than others. Laurana has only had a measles vaccine and needs a booster in a few months time (we have done it very late) so I am still debating whether to have the MMR or just another measles - she never had a reaction to the measles at all.

    Glad Noah is sleeping better. Laurana only started sleeping through at 26 months of age and the last month she has been waking in the night and climbing into our bed and staying there for the rest of the night - I'm too tired to get her back to her bed - really must work on that.

    Its been a week since the hojacking. I am still more jumpy than I used to be and suspicious of people. Laurana has heard too much and keeps asking: The bad men took our car? The police will get it back (said in all faith that only a toddler can have) They will find your rings to. (That would make me happy Laurana - totally unlikely ever to happen) Yesterday she said: "I like the bad men. I'm glad they took our car." I am guessing this was to see how I would react - I just told her I didn't like it and that no one likes to be robbed. She also asked me once (and where this came from I don't know): Will the bad men take me? That made me draw in my breath cause it is my biggest fear, but I told her that bad men wouldn't take her - that no one would let bad men take her ever.

    It has been a difficult week but all we can do is get on with life and be a little more cautious - we were unlucky with the timing and there was nothing more we could have done to prevent it.
  10. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Day two potty training is going OK. He pooped in his pullups once, but he has gone and sat on the potty attempting to go, and he refused to wear diapers this morning. This is big change from refusing to wear pullups. lol. Im not doing much yet other than ask if he needs to use the potty every hour or so.

    My kids get all the vaccines, and have never had any reactions other than maybe a mild fever for a day. Ill take the risk of the vaccines over the risk and complications that the illness' can have.

    Bron--Im glad to hear youre hangin in there! I would imagine thats something that would haunt you for quite a while! As awful as it is to lose your wedding ring and car, you didnt lose anything that really matters thank god.

  11. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Hey ladies I'm still alive and limited internet access and this computer at the library won't let me get on very easy. Hope you are all doing well, be back in a few weeks!!

    PS. Jasper and Audrey are doing better after having 2 different sickness's. I hope to enjoy my trip a little more now! Jasper is also going from a laying on his tummy to sitting on his bum [​IMG] Audrey is cutting her last 2 molars YAY!!

  12. TDG

    TDG New Member

    gutter--Im glad to hear the kids are feeling better and youre trip is goin good!

    Potty training is still goin ok. Hes useing the potty but still has lots of accidents. Its worked out well. Being preg I pee every 10 mins, so he just goes potty every time I do. lol. Im just so thrilled he has an interest. He still doesnt want to wear diapers. Id like to get him potty trained so he can go to preschool for a couple days a week. He needs more play time with other kids.

    Bryony--I would wait til she has an interest. My kids ped said if a kids ready it can take a few days. If they arent it can take a year plus a few days. lol. It was funny because it was like a switch went off. He went from wanting nothing to do with it, to being ready to go in one day.
  13. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Glad the children are feeling better and that you could get out a bit.

    TDG sounds like you are doing a great job with the potty training - accidents are totally normal. Laurana has finally learnt to pull her pants down properly - she kept getting them down only half way and then they would get a bit wet which was very frustrating. She's not terribly interested in dressing herself despite the fact that she can do most of it, but will undress at bath time. Its getting freezing cold at nights here now so I have to help to speed things up.

    Bry it shouldn't be too long now til she is ready (girls are faster than boys usually) but don't stress it - even when Laurana was trained we had times when it went backward again (just like when they learned to talk I suppose) The other way you could try is to get her out of nappies for a certain length of time each day - preferably when you have the time to take her to the potty really often.
  14. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey guys, wanted to share an updated pic of Noah. Here he is at 14.5 Mos


    We have a dr apt this week ( Thurs ) at his new peds office hopefully this will get the ball rolling with the allergist and the GI.

    How is everyone? Hope you all had a safe and fun 3 day weekend!
  15. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Ash--thats too cute! love it!

    Bryony-Have a great bday!!

    Nothin new with my boys. Brendyns still doin OK with the potty. Im thrilled! lol. Evans learning to climb, everything. So thats been a pain! He is going to be a stuntman I think. lol. I can never get these kids to nap at the same time. Im just exhausted. For those who dont read the pregnancy section. I may be having a MC. Im having bleeding, but no cramps. Just waiting n seeing what happens right now. Its hard not knowing but the Dr wants me to wait til my regualar appt june 11th(unless it gets worse), and I want to wait til then so DF can be with me. So thats all thats goin on here.
  16. lucashem

    lucashem New Member

    TDG, I read your post in the Oct/Nov/Dec thread. The way you described your bleeding sounds very similar to what happened to me with my first pregnancy. I bled off and on from about 8-1/2 weeks until about 17 weeks. Had clots too. My Dr. put me on a low dose aspirin because I guess he thought my blood might have been clotting too much. I can't believe they don't want to get you in for a scan. They sent me in right away to make sure the baby was ok. I'm so sorry that this is happening and know how scary this can be. Hope that all is ok and I will be thinking of you.

  17. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bry- I would LOVE to see some updated pics of Rowan! How was the Birthday? I know you said you where having lunch or dinner with your mom today, how was that?

    TDG- I am thinking of you and hope that all turns out well!

    DG- Hope you are enjoying that trip!

    AFU: We had N's apt today and got a referral to see the GI, we will go on June 29th and follow up with our new dr on the 6th of July. They will be checking for milk intolerance or lactose intolerance. He also has a bit of a yeast infection so he is being treated with Nystatin for that as well as being put on some probiotics in hopes that they can bypass any kind of antibiotics they may want to use because he is still having soft stools. He weighed 21.2 lbs and was 31" in length. So now we move to the next level in hopefully finding out what his problems actually are!
  18. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Thanks ladies. Only a dot of brown blood today so Im very hopeful.

    lucashem--thats interesting. I thought asprin was a big no no while pregnant.

    Ash--Thats great hes growing so good despite all the GI issues! I hope they get it figured out for him!!
  19. BethnConnor

    BethnConnor New Member

    hey ladies so I wanted to give you all the link to connors 3rd birthday pictures we got done! I can't believe my son turns 3 years old in two weeks, June 20th! Just doesn't seem possible that this much time has gone by already. Still ttc #2, been off BC for 4 months so hopeful it will happen soon :)enjoy just wanted to share how big my little guy is :)All your kids are growing by leaps and bounds and so beautiful
  20. Spitler

    Spitler New Member

    Sorry I ahve been so absent ladies. Things have been insane here still. We found out that Leo has reflux. Cutting Dairy out of my diet wasn't enough so after doing a lot of searching myself we have decided to cut out gluten too (amongst other irritating things to reflux sufferers). I have been working on this since thursday. I am cranky though as I have gotten my first real period since having the little guy. ugh..

    Juniper is doing great@ She is starting to interact with Deigo (ezze BOBO's) ha/ha and Loves to do nursery rymes. She thought she was sucha big girl at the park when she could do down the tot slide by herself!! She is growing so fast and I feel like its slipping by!!

    I'll try and catch up with the posts, but just wanted to check in and say we are still here and still hanging in there!

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